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Transformation Is Always A Journey, Never A Destination

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A leader's role is no longer simply to plan and direct action, but to inspire and empower belief. Related posts: How Experian’s Digital Transformation Brought Its Business To An Entirely New Level. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]. All Posts Management Transformation

8 Design Thinking Problems and How to Fix Them

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Design Thinking attempts to extract the mindset of a designer, an artist, a creator, or even a child into a series of steps that can be applied to any discipline (even business or politics) to solve human-centered problems. Its steps are so logical that we can’t imagine anyone opposing them.

How sustainable consumption relates to knowledge, seriousness and culture

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As we probably all know, we are currently consuming more than the planet can reproduce. The annual Earth Overshoot Day is happening sooner every year. Last year this day was 1 August. Less consumption or more sustainable consumption lifestyle is therefore necessary, because we have only one planet.

Here’s Why You Should Seek Rejection Instead of Avoiding It

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None of us like rejection, but it may just be one of the most powerful weapons in an entrepreneur’s arsenal. I was watching Shark Tank the other night and was particularly struck by a budding young entrepreneur who was being skewered by the Sharks. At first she vigorously defended her product and strategy, but to. Entrepreneurship Leadership Rejection

Innovation: Five Signs You Might Be Faking It

Every company wants to be a leader in innovation, but how can you tell if your company is really innovating or just going through the motions? See the 5 signs you might be faking innovation and what to do if you are.

#1,459 – Aura Band

Greatest. Idea. Ever.

There are a lot of ways that you can go about monitoring your health to make sure that you stay fit.

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