Sat.Jun 15, 2019

Cooperation in Teams: How do you know people are not cooperating?

Innovation Excellence

So, my name is Sari van Poelje, I’m an expert in agile, innovative design and I fly all over the world helping businesses innovate as quickly as they innovate their products. One of the questions I often get is, “When do we know that a team is not in a cooperative mood?”

Agile 78

Improv for Business

Gregg Fraley

Improv is a Swiss Army Knife for Problem Solving. I just completed another workshop for high level executives in the use of Improv for Problem Solving. Most of the group were skeptical at the start.

#1,516 – Giant Inflatable Telescopes

Greatest. Idea. Ever.

We’ve come a long way when it comes to peering into the Universe, going from thinking that everything in our solar system revolved around the Earth to being able to find potentially habitable exo-planets orbiting around stars hundreds of light years away.

#1,515 – Quantum Money

Greatest. Idea. Ever.

When it comes to quantum physics there is still much we don’t understand.

The 5 Competencies of Highly Innovative Organizations

Speaker: Dr. Ankush Chopra, Professor of Strategy, School of Management Fribourg

Professor Ankush Chopra studied over 100 companies in North America and Europe to seek answers to the above questions. He found that companies across the world use the same set of competencies to become successful innovators. In this webinar, he shows how you can use these insights to develop and lead an innovative organization.