Tue.Apr 20, 2021

The Power of Noticing

Rmukesh Gupta

Premise: One of the key skills that we need to develop if we want to be leaders, in general, is our ability to notice things. This is a meta skill, that once we learn, can be extremely useful in many spheres of our lives (work, home, community, etc).

How this 1976 French wine tasting disrupted an entire industry

Idea to Value

How sure are you that your products are better than the competition? How confident are you that your company will not be disrupted by a smaller competitor? This story shows how an entire industry was so convinced of their superiority that they weren’t even aware that they were being overtaken.


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SNP Case Study Highlights Plan for Creating an Integrated, Global Workforce


Product innovation moves companies forward. It helps leaders collaborate to drive change and promote growth. . Business leaders constantly work to define new trends and increase the time it takes to get products out to customers.

What Are The Six Traits of Highly Innovative Organizations?


I love meeting innovators. You meet all types: some of them are blue sky thinkers, some of them are feasibility buffs, some of them are incredible networkers and presenters, and some of them are shy and fascinatingly deep thinkers. The post What Are The Six Traits of Highly Innovative Organizations?

Is Your IoT Pilot in Danger?

Take our short quiz to determine if your IoT pilot is set up for success, or at risk of being delayed.

This is What the Small Business Model of the Future Looks Like

Entrepreneur - Innovation

Smaller companies need to be digital-first to succeed. Entrepreneurs

How Herman Miller’s Chief Strategy Officer Sets Priorities

Innovation Leader

How does Herman Miller’s Chief Strategy Officer look for opportunities outside of the core? Megan Lyon shares best practices and tips for other innovators in charge of strategy

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The Importance of Management in 7 Skills | CMOE


In today’s flat, lean organizations, many individual contributors assume that they don’t need to be led or managed. We sometimes think that people can work alone, motivate themselves, and figure out every problem without input from others. So why is management still relevant?

Announcing Momentum Creative Problem Solving (MCPS)

Gregg Fraley

A highly creative new method for solving difficult problems. Accelerate the Momentum of Work and Life Projects With Focused Creativity. Improvisation works for problem solving AND comedy. MCPS Training Available on April 29th, 1 to 4:30 Eastern.

Slauson & Co. Paves Way for Overdue Inclusion in Funding Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneur - Innovation

The upstart VC founders discuss how economic empowerment and inclusion will help build a new generation of tech-enabled companies whose values are aligned with the customers they serve. Technology

Green IT: what is it, and why is it in the spotlight?


The growing popularity of adopting ESG criteria is redefining priorities in companies. The issue is monopolizing the corporate agenda and encourages greater participation by organizations in promoting actions that reduce the environmental footprint – including the active participation of technology sectors through the so-called green IT.

Rightpoint Launches Cadillac's Reimagined In-Vehicle Experience

Every company is either an experience company today or will need to reinvent themselves to become one. Learn how Cadillac is using research, experience design and organizational change to deliver a next-generation user experience.

Why creativity will be our solution (and salvation)

Entrepreneur - Innovation

People suffer from exhausting confinement with endless chores at home. Uncertainty and fragility are sensations that persist. Innovation

6 Credit Card Tips You Never Knew

The Human Factor

Credit cards are an exceptional financial tool that helps for day-to-day purchases for many people across the globe. While for some people, securing a credit card can be a milestone in their life and for some, it can be a burden because of mismanagement in the finances.

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A New Perspective on Foresight and Innovation: Harnessing Managerial Leverage


TL;DR? Got no time? No problem. The key takeaways from this article are: Innovation Management Agile Innovation

Agile 36

Employee Spotlight—Luca Pugliano


Meet Luca Pugliano—resident nutrition and running enthusiast. When he’s not on the clock as Brunner’s new Display/Social Specialist, you’ll catch him outside golfing, kayaking, or hiking. Q: Why did you choose Brunner? A: Brunner is a great place for me to learn and grow from knowledgeable people who will help me grow in my career. I am very excited to be a part of such a fast growing team. Q: Where were you born? A: Right here in Pittsburgh. Q: What hobbies did you have in high school?

Study 40

How Micro-Innovations Can Drive Breakaway Results

How do micro-innovations affect businesses' way of thinking? Those small acts of 'everyday innovation' are the stuff of greatness. Download the eBook today to learn more about micro-innovations and how they have influenced some of the biggest companies to date.

5 Clever Ways to Expand Your Online Business Visibility

The Human Factor

Source. If you’re involved in the growth of a business anyway, gaining new eyeballs on your brand is nothing new to you. . Whether your business is B2B or B2C, gaining month over month new traffic is one of the critical goals of any marketing team.