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Parkinson’s Law and the Peter Principle – are they relevant to innovation?

Idea to Value

10 people write 10 reports in 10 hours. If you hire 10 more people how many reports will all 20 people write in the same time? 20, right? Wrong! According to Parkinson’s Law it’s still 10. Published in 1942, the theory states that “work expands to fill the time available to complete it”.

Report 146

Why Innovation Is An Imperative in the Education Sector


Innovation is a constant in education. School systems regularly search for ways to create outlets that serve the diverse needs of students. The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly increased the need for new approaches to learning.

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Timing of Innovation – Getting the Odds on Your Side


When it comes to innovation, there are countless ways things might go wrong. However, one of the most prevalent ones is incorrect timing.

Scaling-up, the next frontier for innovation labs

Rapid Innovation in digital time

If all innovation projects become familiar with the whole process from exploration to exploitation and scale-up, then the program can host more projects, and scale in turn: as all projects cross-fertilize, the insights of some projects benefiting to others, the whole will definitely be greater than the sum of all parts!

Collaborate With a Strategic Alliance to Find Success

Daniel Burrus

Traditionally, the concept of success through collaboration in the business world has been focused on eliminating competition to find success in ways that benefit the industry the competitors share.

Masculine & Feminine Empowerment at work

The Future Shapers

Diversity is key for innovation, but despite an increasing number of women in the workplace, we – both men and women – are still abandoning feminine traits. For true gender diversity in the workplace and to co-lead we need to embrace our differences.

5 Best Practices for Leading A Geographically Dispersed Team


The war on talent seems to know no bounds. As organizations try to fill critical roles with people who have the right skills, they are constantly seeking strategies for attracting and retaining talent.

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Scenario Planning: Stay ahead of the wave

Innovation 360 Group

September 7, 2020. 2020 Events Client Event Event Webinars


What Does Power Platform Mean For Microsoft Customers?


What Does Power Platform Mean For Microsoft Customers? As an innovation leader, Microsoft rapidly updates its products and releases new ones to propel customers forward. Microsoft Power Platform, launched in October last year, has been the talk of the town lately.

4 Inspiring Ideas to Overcome Challenges when Testing Innovative Business Models

The BMI Lab Blog

Following our recent article about the most common challenges faced by companies when testing innovative business models , we decided to highlight 4 inspiring initiatives that seem to be effective practices to overcome these challenges.

#1,751 – Mask Rage

Greatest. Idea. Ever.

I have a new arch-rival nemesis. Four of them to be exact. This shouldn’t come as a surprise. I have lots of enemies and get new ones all the time. Granted, these people usually have no idea that I am feuding with them. Completely oblivious to my one-sided hatred.

Wrong Questions to Ask When Doing Technology Development

Mike Shipulski

I know you’re trying to do something that has never been done before, but when will you be done? I don’t know. We’ll run the next experiment then decide what to do next. If it works, we’ll do more of that. And if it doesn’t, we’ll do less of that. That’s all we know right now.

#1,753 – Frome

Greatest. Idea. Ever.

It’s official. I am OBSESSED. I want them all. Each and every one of them. Can’t live without them in fact. There’s just one problem: there are way too many choices. How will I ever choose?! What is it that I’m referring to? Only the Greatest Thing Ever. Frome!

Digital validations: it’s time to think about competitiveness and resume growth


From ideation to validation, there are many activities that require time and resources. Not to mention the frustrating process of prototyping. It turns out that all of this is necessary to optimize the company’s resources and deliver what will really be of value to the customer. The good news is that this whole process can be done digitally and remotely. In this way, organizations have accelerated their deliveries and kept their list of products and services in line with consumer needs.

#1,752 – 2020 Fantasy Baseball Considerations

Greatest. Idea. Ever.

I’m still not convinced that it’s actually going to happen. There’s a lot that could go wrong. Logistical hurdles cleared, issues ironed out, concerns rectified. So much so, that official schedules haven’t even be announced yet.

Qmarkets Winter Product Release 2019: With Great Responsibility Comes Great Power (Copy)


Attention all innovation project leaders, moderators, and campaign managers. Qmarkets’ latest product release is here to give you unprecedented flexibility and control over your innovation management system.

Microsoft vs. Apple: Vertical Integration

Michael Roberto

Source: In a matter of days, we saw two contrasting announcements by tech giants Apple and Microsoft. First, Apple announces that it will be making its ARM-based processors for Mac laptops and desktop computers. The firm will no longer be using Intel chips.