Mon.Apr 05, 2021

Here's What AI Will Never Be Able to Do

Entrepreneur - Innovation

While artificial intelligence and data-driven technologies are powerful, they can never master the mysterious impulses of human creativity that lead to breakthrough innovation. Artificial Intelligence

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The Double-Handed Approach to Innovation

Destination Innovation

Most new products and services are developments or combinations of existing offerings. But just adding features can lead to a product overloaded with ‘feature bloat’ Instead try giving with one hand and taking away with the other.


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The Innovation Wheel

The Future Shapers

You need to think about innovation holistically. Some people confuse strategy with goals, while others think it’s a detailed plan. A strategy is much more than simple goal setting and quite different from a detailed plan. Think about it an innovation wheel.

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How Moderna’s CDO Leverages Software & Automation for Speed

Innovation Leader

Moderna’s Chief Digital and Operational Excellence Officer shares insights on how the company’s digital infrastructure supported the design and production of the company’s COVID-19 vaccine

Is Your IoT Pilot in Danger?

Take our short quiz to determine if your IoT pilot is set up for success, or at risk of being delayed.

How to Sharpen Your Intuition to Make Better Decisions

Tullio Siragusa

How to Sharpen Your Intuition to Make Better Decisions. Intuition can be described as something that helps one make decisions from instinctive feelings rather than conscious reasoning. There are some people who have what is often referred to as an inner voice, that guides them about what to do and when to do it. That little voice is often right, and it is an art learning to listen to it and follow it.



In last month’s blog at ImagineNation we opened the door to a threshold for a new kind of co-creative, collaborative and cohesive team spirit to catalyse change through “innovation evangelism”.

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Video: How Mature are Your Innovation Metrics?

Innovation Leader

What are innovators at big organizations measuring to prove their value? And how mature are those metrics strategies? Innovation Leader’s Kaitlin Milliken and Scott Kirsner discuss findings from “Developing Innovation Metrics and Reports That Really Matter

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How Can We Change The Retail Sector?

The Human Factor

The pandemic has forced many established and renowned retail brands to take extreme measures to survive. However, it would be unfair to pretend that all the issues experienced by the retail sector are linked to the pandemic.

Video: How Frequently Should You Report on Metrics?

Innovation Leader

How Frequently Should You Report on Metrics? Innovation Leader’s Kaitlin Milliken and Scott Kirsner discuss findings from “Developing Innovation Metrics and Reports That Really Matter

Innovative Ways To Cut Costs Within Your Business

The Human Factor

Running a business isn’t always as profitable as you might expect.

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Rightpoint Launches Cadillac's Reimagined In-Vehicle Experience

Every company is either an experience company today or will need to reinvent themselves to become one. Learn how Cadillac is using research, experience design and organizational change to deliver a next-generation user experience.

Want To Stop Your Delivery Drivers From Putting On The Brakes?

The Human Factor

As we’ve all learnt this past year, treating employees right when they’re out of the office is much harder than many of us imagined. As wonderful as it would be to say that we’re proactive enough to keep on top of every single member of staff when they aren’t in view, it simply isn’t practical.

How To Have the Best Employees

The Human Factor

source. When hiring and getting the most from your employees, there is more to consider than just teaching them the business of your business. . Your employees are one of your biggest assets, so managing them well is crucial to the success of your business. .

Essentials That Will Help Your Business Thrive in 2021

The Human Factor

Trying to run a successful business is one of the key things that you have to look into right now, and there are quite a few ways of being able to achieve this. Make sure you come up with strategies that are going to help you when it comes to developing a thriving and successful brand.

Your Business Needs An App: Here’s Why!

The Human Factor

When it comes to your business being online, there is a piece of the puzzle that you may well have forgotten: an app. We are living more of a digital life now than ever before, and your business needs to be seen on the app store – whether you are Apple or Android inclined.

How Micro-Innovations Can Drive Breakaway Results

How do micro-innovations affect businesses' way of thinking? Those small acts of 'everyday innovation' are the stuff of greatness. Download the eBook today to learn more about micro-innovations and how they have influenced some of the biggest companies to date.

Why UX Research Needs To Be Approached With Empathy

The Human Factor

source. The biggest issue when carrying out UX research is that you approach the task at hand with a sense of empathy, need, and integrity. Making sure that you approach the research in the right way is often overlooked, and as a consequence, this is where a lot of people can end up going wrong. .

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