June, 2020

Best Practices for Engaging Your Innovation Community


Developing a broad and deep innovation community puts a wonderful resource at your fingertips. Yet tapping into that resource requires more than just cheerleading. Here’s how to bring your community together and work toward a common goal.

5 Ways Mindfulness Helps Improve Business Productivity

The Human Factor

source. For many of us, multitasking is the best way to increase productivity – or, we think. We all want to be superhumans who can juggle everything at the same time and still have the time to relax and stay healthy. While this is understandable, it is not the best way to stay productive. .

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Organizational Design: Clearing the Runway for Collaboration and Breakthrough Thinking

Innovation Excellence

Most industries in today’s world run on a balance of sophisticated computer systems and skilled people to use them.

Innovation Culture – The Ultimate Guide

Idea to Value

Innovation culture has long been one of the most challenging, and oft-discussed, topics in our conversations with business and innovation leaders.

Remote but happy together! Exago named one of the happiest places to work


When times are especially challenging, creativity, team spirit, lean work processes and life/work balance become even more crucial. For the fourth time, we at Exago are proud to be distinguished as one of the 15 happiest companies to work for in Portugal.

LEAN 130

Crowdsourcing Leads to Civic Engagement: Four Real-World Examples


Civic engagement is fundamental to good governance, and crowdsourcing is a powerful way to draw in an enormous range of constituencies to hear what they feel is crucial to making their city a better place. Below are a few examples of civic engagement accomplished via crowdsourcing.

5 Reasons Your Ecommerce Store Needs a Mobile App Today

Entrepreneur - Innovation

The convenience fueled by widespread adoption of smart devices has resulted in a revolution. Technology

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How to Reward Innovative Thinking in Your Company


Innovation is an essential aspect of any business. No matter your industry, there is an ongoing need for new ideas that put products into the hands of customers. Innovation management is about thinking outside the box. It involves creating new opportunities rather than waiting for them to arise.

In times of crisis, use jobs-to-be-done to spot new product ideas

Board of Innovation

How you can solve clients’ problems before they know they have them using the jobs-to-be-done framework. The post In times of crisis, use jobs-to-be-done to spot new product ideas appeared first on Board of Innovation. Business design Inspiration

How AARP is Pivoting Innovation in 2020 and Investing in Startups

Innovation Leader

At Innovation Leader’s recent online event for nonprofit organizations, Andy Miller of AARP discussed how his team helps build an innovative culture that permeates the organization — and how they’re making new investments in startups

How Data Analytics Can Help Improve The Accuracy Of Financial Reporting


How Data Analytics Can Help Improve The Accuracy Of Financial Reporting According to PwC, traditional financial reporting methods have become time-consuming and cumbersome as they typically involve analyzing an organization’s hundreds and thousands of transactions, individually, to form conclusions.

Welcome to the Age of Budget Innovation

The Future Shapers

The coronavirus pandemic is changing the way we live and work. and the rippling effect is crippling the economy. We have entered the era of low-cost, ‘budget everything’.

Low-Calorie Beer and Tobacco-Free Chew: Why 2020 IS The Year for Healthy-Alternative Startups

Entrepreneur - Innovation

Consumers are more cognizant of what they put into their bodies, and the demand for products that shake up the status quo continues to expand, exponentially. News and Trends

New innovation opportunities in the insurance industry

Board of Innovation

Change is always accompanied by opportunity. That's why we take a look at a couple of insurance-industry shifts that are being accelerated by the pandemic. The post New innovation opportunities in the insurance industry appeared first on Board of Innovation. Business design Inspiration insurance

What you can learn from history about innovating during a crisis

Board of Innovation

The companies that grew the most during the 2008 financial crisis were those that invested in innovation. Here are some of our suggestions for your strategy based on information from previous crises.

Craft compelling messages. Pick the right channels. Reach your audience.


Communicators need to think about crafting compelling messages and picking the right channels so they can reach their audience in the right places. When employees are already removed, you don’t want the systems they use to widen the divide. Employee Engagement Employee Experience

What Comes Back and When? Exploring Life After COVID-19

Innovation Leader

What’s changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic? What’s likely to come back? And when? Innovation Leader’s ”What the Future Looks Like” report seeks to answer that question

The future of AI in sports for players, broadcasters and fans

The Future Shapers

To some, the very notion of Artificial Intelligence may seem like a novelty- especially sport, but it is here to stay and will play an increased role in how we all watch and experience our favourite teams and events.?Deltatre’s Deltatre’s Head of Innovation, Pietro Marini, shares his predictions.

Solutions for Energy do need to be end-to-end and highly innovative

Paul Hobcraft

It is not just replacing energy sources; it is all about solution renewal end-to-end and that needs innovation. Within the energy transition, we must not lose sight of the final consumer. The final consumer of energy is going to be the ultimate arbitrator.

50 Ways to Stifle Innovation

Destination Innovation

(With apologies to Paul Simon). Say goodbye with a wave, Dave. Just get up and leave, Steve. Go for the kill, Bill. When you hear an idea. Don’t try something new, Stu. Just do what you know, Joe. Don’t mess with success, Jess. Treat failure with fear. Don’t share your concern, Bern.

Podcast S3E64: Jonathan Courtney – What it takes to build a successful digital product

Idea to Value

In today’s episode of the Idea to Value podcast, we speak with Jonathan Courtney, CEO of AJ&Smart. We speak about what it takes to run successful workshops, his experiences with companies who are failing at innovation, and how to successfully develop digital products.

Can social distancing optimise innovation in a 21st-century pandemic?


At such a difficult time for everyone, it is not yet clear what the real impacts of the pandemic will be on economies, companies and individuals.

How Inflection Points Define The Future

Digital Tonto

The most important inflection points are often the ones that we create ourselves through the choices we make. No future is inevitable. We can’t predict the future but we can prepare for it. Related. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]].


Trust and Transparency: Twin Keys to Engaging Citizens in Government Innovation Initiatives


Governments need the trust of their stakeholders to function. Such trust is built through transparency, in every sense. Both trust and transparency become especially important when pursuing an innovation strategy at the government level.

The Innovation Intensity needed in the Energy Transition

Paul Hobcraft

The level of innovation intensity within the Energy Transition is a fascinating one and one I continually place more and more a focus upon. One really critical source of reference for tracking clean energy progress comes from the International Energy Agency (IEA).

How to Design a Strong Experiment that connects to your Value Proposition Canvas


We work with teams all around the world to help visualize their business idea using tools such as the Business Model Canvas and Value Proposition Canvas. Ideally, teams should quickly test their canvases using experiments, as we’ve documented in the book Testing Business Ideas.

Design 113

Podcast S3E65: Céline Flores Willers – Expanding your reach on Linkedin

Idea to Value

In today’s episode of the Idea to Value podcast, we speak with Linkedin Top Voice of 2019 and innovation vlogger, Céline Flores Willers. We talk about what it takes for companies and individuals to better get their message out there on Linkedin, and the importance of brand authenticity.

Exago partners with Inovatie to maximise innovation results


Exago is proud to announce a new partnership with Inovatie in its efforts to speed up and streamline innovation management for businesses and organisations. The post Exago partners with Inovatie to maximise innovation results appeared first on Exago.

What Transformational Leaders Learn From Their Darkest Moments

Digital Tonto

Transformation is always a journey, never a destination. We don’t idolize Einstein just for his equations, but also for his humanity. We remember Gandhi not for the violence he unleashed in 1919, but. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]].

The Innovation Manager’s Quintessential Reading List


As an innovation manager, you are always looking for the latest trends. Drawing inspiration from innovators who have come before you is a great way to learn. According to a recent survey, high growth companies apply innovation strategies that look far beyond the immediate future.

6 Cyber Threats You Can't Afford to Ignore

Entrepreneur - Innovation

Investing in cybersecurity infrastructure now can mean big savings down the line, but you have to know what you're up against first. . Technology

How Consulting Will Likely Change Because of the Pandemic


The consulting industry was already being disrupted before the coronavirus. Now the disruption is accelerating. If you work with consultants or have your own consultancy, take note: Things are changing, fast. Right around the corner are threats or opportunities, depending on how you respond. I’ve already written about how the management-consulting industry is being disrupted by various trends like emerging technologies, the commodification of knowledge, and outdated business models.

Podcast S3E66: Mark Metry – Overcoming social anxiety and shyness

Idea to Value

In today’s episode of the Idea to Value Podcast, we speak with Mark Metry, host of the popular Humans 2.0 podcast and author of Screw Being Shy: Learn How to Manage Social Anxiety and Be Yourself in Front of Anyone.

The Art of Distance Management

The Future Shapers

As we slowly emerge from the lockdown, we hear people describing this as the new normal and wondering whether things will ever go back to precisely the way they were before.

The Last Thing America Needs Right Now Is A Vision

Digital Tonto

Nothing about a multi-ethnic, multicultural society is simple. Building anything worthwhile takes work and no small amount of pain. Still, we need to try harder. We need to rebuild our society, [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]].

Change 113

3 Keys for Breakthrough Innovation in Government


Innovation in government is often incremental, with multiple smaller steps adding up to larger ones over time. Yet breakthrough innovation is highly possible in government; it just needs the right resources to happen.

Why Underinvesting in Innovation is Riskier Than Ever

Innovation Leader

As the world grapples with the current public health crisis and its long-tail impacts on society and the economy, many CEOs and their boards of directors are looking for reasons not to invest in innovation. That’s riskier than ever, contends Ali Geramian, a Managing Director at KPMG LLP