April, 2008

Dave Gray » How to draw a stick figure


Cliff Atkinson asked if I would show how to draw a stick figure, so I decided to let you in on a little trade secret: All stick figures are not created equal. Today I'm going to teach you to draw a stick figure the way we do it at

Forms, fields and flows


In this short video (about seven minutes) I introduce some basic principles of visual language: Forms, fields and flows. I think of this as the “alphabet&# of visual language. This set of principles is the primary set of marks you need in order to create visual meaning. Did you like this? If so, please consider buying me a coffee

Video 81

The whirl


I talk about some of the cognitive challenges of the information age, and why visual language is an important tool for dealing with them. Did you like this? If so, please consider buying me a coffee

Tools 69

What is language?


Before we ask what visual language is, it makes sense to ask what language is. Here’s an attempt to visualize some current thinking on language. The image below summarizes my synthesis of some ideas from a book called Using Language by Herbert H. Clark. Did you like this?


Assessing and Fostering a Culture of Innovation

Speaker: Magnus Penker, CEO & Founder, Innovation360 Group

Welcome to an interactive empowering session on how to sharpen your future through innovation management, which can help guide your company’s goals. During this webinar, Magnus Penker, international thought leader and author, will dive into how to assess and foster culture and capabilities for innovation.

Connecting Across Borders


Global Communcations: Connecting Across Borders and Understanding Cultural Issues. I will be speaking on a panel at this day-long conference to be held in New York on 13 May 2008.

From presentations to conversations


Presentations need an overhaul. I don’t mean your PowerPoint or your presentation style; I mean our cultural approach to presenting. We need to take another look at it. Question: What is the purpose of the presentation? The overt purpose is to educate and inform.

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Dave Gray » Affinity mapping


Affinity mapping is a way to sort large amounts of data into logical groups. Existing items and/or new items identified by individuals are written on sticky notes which are sorted into categories as a workshop activity



This site is under construction. A few things we are still working on: To do list: 1. Fix issue at left margin (PC, Firefox AND IE have this problem). Three columns or five? I think one post. Photo on home page. How about a photo above each column? Metatags for home page. Events calendar (Would prefer a list to a calendar format). I prefer the square-cornered search box. Comment box extends into right-hand sidebar. Interface ideas from James: dgraydotinfo.

Dave Gray » Interview: User Experience podcast


i was recently interviewed on the user experience podcast: visual communication - an interview with dave gray. dave talks about giving ourselves permission to draw, about how the printing press led us to communicate in a particular way


Dave Gray » Is PowerPoint good or evil?


PowerPoint. People either love it or hate it. There is no doubt that Powerpoint has had an influence on the world — but is it a positive one or a negative one? And who decides? Here's what the experts say: The case for evil


11 Proven Ways to Turn Your Culture into a Culture of Innovation

Learn the 11 proven strategies that you can implement quickly to get every employee innovating and contributing to the growth of your company.