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Creating Your Personal Mission Statement

Boxes and Arrows

You’re weird. In a good way, but weird nonetheless. Weird in the sense that people outside of work likely have absolutely no clue what it is you do. Maybe many at work as well. For me, this weirdness manifests itself at parties. Inevitably, a new acquaintance asks me what I do.

The Ultimate Guide to Running a Lean Startup

Grasshopper Herder

Do not click this link or read this post. Build Measure Learn is a process, not a bumper sticker. Don''t read posts with titles like "The Ultimate Guide to Running a Lean Startup.". Lean Startups


Soccer or Football, Anyone???DISRUPT | INNOVATE | LEAD

Linda Bernardi

Dear readers and friends, I promise many new blogs being planned as we speak and I will be publishing these in the weeks to come. But for now, it is time to talk about something else. Well, because it is FIFA-season! This is the first year that my family and I have missed the […]. Disruption Innovation fifa world cup