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The Four Secrets of Innovation Implementation

Innovation Excellence

GUEST POST from Shilpi Kumar In today’s context, innovation is a different beast altogether!

Can Environmental Compliance Fuel Innovation?


Not to sound dramatic, but the Earth is on fire. NGOs and activists are pushing harder than ever to rescue at least a scrap of untouched forests for the future generations. Governing bodies are scrambling to implement more regulations and laws with an effort to undo decades of environmental damage.


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What impact does a Hybrid working model have on performance?

Idea to Value

Since the pandemic began, many companies had to allow their people to work remotely for the first time.

Study 186

How long from idea to innovation?


Usually the term ‘gestation period’ the time between conception and birth, is used for mammals, but it is just as relevant f (Feed generated with FetchRSS

What Not to Do When Onboarding Your Customer

Speaker: Jamie Bernard, Senior Product Manager and Product Management Practice Lead at Nexient, an NTT Data Company

In this webinar, you will learn principles and practices to simplify your customers' onboarding experience

How to Give Bad News

Destination Innovation

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay. Every organisation faces crises. Sometimes these can be existential and only drastic action can deliver survival. Sooner or later every senior manager has to give bad news to their team.

How To 139

Why The CHIPS Bill May Be A Turning Point For Innovation In America

Digital Tonto

Vannevar Bush’s vision during World War II helped the United States become a leader in science and technology. The Cold War helped further that notion that government should invest in science as a public good for private benefit.

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Mindset is Everything. Here’s How We Can We Learn And Teach Mindset


I recently trained my leadership team on mindset. Specifically, what it is and how we can develop one that is useful. Here’s a summary … What is mindset?

Here's Where Steve Case Believes Tomorrow's Most Influential Companies Will Start

Entrepreneur - Innovation

Hint: It's not Silicon Valley or New York City. Business News

Working in, Working on, Working for the business

Jeffrey Phillips

In a previous blog post, I wrote about the differences between working "in" the business for strategy and innovation versus working "on" the business for strategy and innovation.

The Power of Networks and Innovation Ecosystems with Mikel Mangold


After a little break, we are back with another The Innovation Room podcast episode. In today’s chat, Mikel Mangold shares his insights on the power of networks and innovation ecosystems. Mikel has previously worked to drive innovation for pharma and health companies.

The Real Cost of an Effective Learning and Development Program

Speaker: Cara North - Learning & Development Consultant, Speaker, & Researcher | Maggie Quigley - Senior Account Executive for US Market Userlane

In this webinar, L&D professionals Cara North and Maggie Quigley will discuss the various factors affecting training, and how you can stretch your budget to create an effective L&D program.

Leveraging Free Resources for Innovation

Innovation Excellence

GUEST POST from Mike Shipulski Since resources are expensive, it can be helpful to see the environment around your product as a source of inexpensive resources that can be modified to perform useful functions. Here are some examples. Gravity is a force you can use to do your bidding.

Continuous Improvement Project Management Fundamentals 


Organizations that wish to achieve operational excellence through continuous improvement execute many discrete projects to achieve this aim. The key to success is a structured approach to improvement and project management that helps every person in the organization contribute to positive change.

Recession Proof Your Business the Design Thinking Way

Tullio Siragusa

Recession Proof Your Business the Design Thinking Way. No matter the medium of transmission of the news, we know a recession could be imminent. We know that recessions are fearful and can be catastrophic to businesses and people.

If You're Struggling to Solve a Problem, You May Be Looking at Things Just 1% Wrong

Entrepreneur - Innovation

The good news is. you're 99% of the way there. Business News

Supply Chain Strategy (And Why Yours Isn't Working)

Speaker: Michelle Meyer, Founder and CEO of MatterProviders

Michelle Meyer is here to walk you through the future of supply chain strategy, and why your current approach is probably not working. In this exclusive webinar, she will explore ways to develop and perfect your new supply chain strategy in this post-pandemic era of uncertainty.

Strategy for a Post-Digital World

Innovation Excellence

GUEST POST from Greg Satell For decades, the dominant view of strategy was based on Michael Porter’s ideas about competitive advantage.

Scaling Agile Through Cascading Missions

Moves the Needle

I had a conversation recently with a few industry professionals who were expressing concerns about the idea of scaling agile. Their objection was that not everybody can be agile nor needs to be.

Agile 56

Will hybrid work last?


In June 2022, Elon Musk called all his employees back to the office to work 40 hours or more a week, under penalty of express dismissal. This practice has also been adopted by other large tech companies, and has been widely shared on networks.

Study 52

How To Use Humans And Machines To Perfect Curation


There are still some tasks that can only be accomplished by people. I remember going to Yahoo! back in 1995, just before everything exploded here in Silicon Valley.

Process, Product, and Profitability: Everything You Need to Know

Speaker: Michael Cardy - Red Hat Chief Strategist, Jason Tanner - CEO of Applied Frameworks, and Mike Mace - VP of Market Strategy at UserTesting

Join us to learn how companies mitigate risks through usability testing and real-time qualitative feedback from customers to efficiently launch and develop digital products.

How marketable is your invention?

Innovation Excellence

GUEST POST from Arlen Meyers, M.D. Marketability may apply to things i.e. goods or services or people. When it applies to people, we are talking about making them attractive to potential employers or clients. People may study for a degree to improve their marketability.

How do you scale agile within your organization?

Moves the Needle

When it comes to scaling Agile, proper management is crucial. A core principle of agile is a “self-organized” team. This means that the team decides the best way to work together and how they will accomplish their mission. But, collaboration with stakeholders is also an agile principle.

Agile 52

Overcoming product management challenges by aligning goals and metrics


Product management success requires aligning goals and metrics and having the right tools to do it. The post Overcoming product management challenges by aligning goals and metrics appeared first on Sopheon.

Tools 69

Using the Three Horizons Model for Balanced Innovation Portfolios


Many business leaders might feel overwhelmed by the increasing complexity of today’s business world.

New Ways to Reach, Influence, and Close More Deals with Intent Data

Speaker: Ardath Albee, B2B Marketing Strategist and CEO of Marketing Interactions

Acting on intent data when applied to buyer context can be a game-changer for gaining attention by increasing relevance, which drives purposeful engagement toward purchase. But all intent data is not the same. In this webinar, learn the difference between interest and intent, and the best ways to use the right data.

The Phoenix Checklist – Strategies for Innovation and Regeneration

Innovation Excellence

GUEST POST from Teresa Spangler “The general who wins the battle makes many calculations in his temple before the battle is fought.” Sun Tzu As reference I love using Michael Michalko book, Thinkertoys. It’s been on my shelf since first released in the 1991, especially in the most challenging times. This book has gotten me and […]. Innovation Leadership Strategy change future

Here's Where Steve Case Believes Tomorrow's Most Influential Companies Will Start

Entrepreneur - Innovation

Hint: It's not Silicon Valley or New York City. Business News

Build Economic Resilience by Being an Adaptable Organization

Planview Blog

Being an adaptable organization is essential to your company’s long-term survival. Periods of economic uncertainty are one of the greatest tests of today’s business leaders. To survive, companies need to be able to confidently shift plans and funding with little time to prepare.

Agile 52

Tableau To Power BI Migration


As the world is scurrying toward reaching 175 Zettabytes of data by 2025 , organizations have begun to acknowledge and comprehend the value of data visualization and business intelligence (BI) tools. No wonder the combined market size of BI and analytics markets worldwide will reach $17.6

Product Market Fit: A Lesson from Sephora’s Head of Product

Speaker: Sneha Narahalli - VP, Head of Product at Sephora

In this webinar, Sneha Narahalli, Head of Product at Sephora (Digital, Data & MarTech), will give you an iterative method for identifying and developing Product Market Fit.

‘Fail Fast’ is BS. Do This Instead

Innovation Excellence

GUEST POST from Robyn Bolton “Fail Fast” It’s an innovation mantra uttered by everyone, from an entry-level programmer at a start-up to a Fortune 100 CEO. But let’s be honest. NO ONE WANTS TO FAIL! (at at any speed) The reality is that we work in companies that reward success and relentlessly encourage us to become […]. Innovation Leadership Management change leadership Thought Leadership

If You're Struggling to Solve a Problem, You May Be Looking at Things Just 1% Wrong

Entrepreneur - Innovation

The good news is. you're 99% of the way there. Business News

7 Benefits of Connected Services Organizations

Planview Blog

A connected services organization is one in which systems, data, work, people, and customers are integrated and aligned, in order to establish a critical link in the organizational chain that joins customer and solution value.

Crowdsourcing Funds to Power Sustainable Solar Energy in Emerging Markets

BPI Thought Leadership Commentary

CMO COUNCIL: Tell us more about Sun Exchange. What is it all about? SHARFMAN:& Sun Exchange is a crowd-based solar leasing platform for individuals and businesses around the world to earn a monthly income while funding solar power installations in climatically warm emerging markets.& & Members buy solar cells in solar projects to earn income from the electricity that is generated over

Discover the Secrets to Creating More Meaningful Training Experiences

Speaker: David Kelly - CEO The Learning Guild & Luke Talbot - Chief Product Officer at Userlane

During this webinar, you will learn how to streamline your software training, boost ROI for your systems, and increase employee productivity.