Overall Innovation Program Health


The IdeaScale reporting dashboard offers you a snapshot of your overall innovation program health so that you can make choices on where your innovation program needs to be improved. Here are just a few of things that you can learn about your program from the reporting dashboard. What the top of the innovation funnel looks like. This shows one of the innovation input metrics that you can use for planning.

Examples of Great Innovation Engagement Videos


When participation from your crowd is critical to your innovation program, you’ve got to have a multi-channel engagement strategy that works. It also includes some guidance on criteria – ideas should help the city be more entrepreneurial, creative or innovative.

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Engaging People in Innovation


Engaging people in innovation is at the heart of what we do at IdeaScale. We asked some of our top crowd innovators for their advice on how to increase engagement in IdeaScale communities and this is what they said: “Keep People at the Center.

Employee Engagement Propels Innovation

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Most companies will agree that innovation is critical to sustaining growth and remaining competitive. Creating a culture of innovation is seen by most business leaders as the number one way to drive innovation for the business. Employee Engagement

Death by Spreadsheet: Avoiding Innovation Program Failure


Recently we had a customer come to us for help with running a strategic nationwide innovation campaign. Better connected employees is definitely essential to any successful innovation program, but idea submission isn’t just a function of having software to connect people. Idea submission in an innovation program—and participation in general—hinges on the existence of a feedback loop that helps employees understand what happens to their ideas and why.

5 Innovation Engagement Best Practices


Companies that do this contribute to overall innovation program health by ensuring a healthy top of the funnel stocked with ideas and allies. And if you’re not investing in communications, then you’re not maximizing the value of your crowdsourced innovation community.

Why do innovation programs fail


As painful as it is to watch a much-loved brand vanish, this example is a testament to the fact that there is no safe play when it comes to business. It is the failure to innovate that led to its “demise.”. Which brings us to the question, “Why do innovation programs fail?”.

Feature Friday: Enhanced Engagement Metrics


When clients decide to hop on the innovation management train, they are often driving towards some pretty broad goals like “creating a culture of innovation,” “identifying a new revenue stream,” or “uncovering process improvement opportunities.” Developing an innovation management program to achieve these goals takes time, so demonstrating incremental results along the way becomes critical, especially in the realm of how employees are receiving an innovation program.

6 Steps to Getting Executive Buy-In for a Crowdsourced Innovation Program

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Engaging the “crowd” at scale in your innovation initiative has been proven to fundamentally transform companies. There are plenty of examples that show this. The advantages of crowdsourced innovation can’t be ignored. Increased employee engagement and retention.

Hackathons – 3 tips for getting started quickly


Now, corporations are lining up to use them as a means of developing ideas and driving engagement around innovation programs. Here’s an example from this month – just one of many. engagement Hackathons Innovation Programs

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Measuring Innovation Program Success: 3 Lessons from Bechtel

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Measuring the success of an innovation program is a critical step in determining the impact it has on a company’s bottom line. But how do you know if your innovation program is delivering value? It was moderated by Spigit’s VP of Innovation Strategy, Maggie Riad, who spends a lot of her time speaking with clients about measuring the success of their programs. For example, is increasing employee engagement and involvement a top priority?

Spigit Product Release Employe Engagement

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Meanwhile, research shows that investments made by organizations to increase employee engagement have barely had an impact over the last 15 years. $7 7 trillion in costs and employee engagement stagnation for the past 15 years…the status quo isn’t working for companies to say the least.

The Total Economic Impact of an Innovation Program Driven by Spigit

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When establishing an innovation program, business leaders often struggle with forecasting the potential economic impact. To quantify the complete value of innovation program that leverages Spigit’s. Monetary benefits of building an innovation program that leverages Spigit.

Innovation SOP: Tips for Today’s Leaders on How to Launch an Innovation Program


Qmarkets’ Innovation Standard Operating Procedures (SOP): In this series, we will present different guidelines on how to bring innovation theory to practice. When senior leadership says they want ‘innovation’ within the company, what does that mean?

9 Ways to Engage Your Crowd

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As an innovation practitioner, ensuring that program leaders can motivate people to participate in their innovation programs is something I spend quite a lot of time thinking about. The obvious: when an activity is enjoyable, it is inherently engaging.

How to Engage the Business Units to Lead Innovation


One of the main challenges in leading innovation processes in a large corporation is to engage the Business Units’ leaders and the employees of the company and persuade them that although everything works great (for now), doing things differently might be the right thing to do.

Sincerely Sima: Keeping Participants Engaged


This is the second entry in the “Sincerely Sima” blog series which takes a look back at the most frequently asked innovation management questions our customer success team encountered in 2015. In our last post we discussed how to keep executives involved in your innovation program. Our emphasis on engagement continues here with a look at what it takes to keep participants engaged as active contributors to the conversation.

Practical Ways to Improve Employee Engagement

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Editor’s note: Last month, Maggie Riad, VP of Innovation Strategy at Spigit, held a webinar: ‘10 Ways to Increase Employee Engagement in your Innovation Program’. Q: How specific should innovation challenges be to get a high level of engagement?

Qmarkets Fall Product Release 2019: Making Innovation Engagement Easy


Discover how these new features and developments – both big and small – can have a dramatic impact on helping your organization deliver repeatable, value-driving innovations. Engaging Smart Recommendations. This is why engagement is such a crucial aspect of any innovation project.

Qmarkets Product Release Fall 2019: Making Innovation Engagement Easy…


Discover how these new features and developments – both big and small – can have a dramatic impact on helping your organization deliver repeatable, value-driving innovations. Engaging Smart Recommendations. This is why engagement is such a crucial aspect of any innovation project.

95% of new products fail: make sure yours isn’t one of them


For example, Inez Blackburn, professor at the University of Toronto, speaks rather of 70-80% of failed products. Vicky Foods, committing to innovation, with and for the consumer. A product is innovative if it is distinctive and reaches the market at the right time.

Why Are We Making Innovation So Complex?

Paul Hobcraft

It always amazes me how we limit growth by not investing fully in innovation. While most large companies want to become more agile and innovative, many of them fail to turn this wish into a reality. Innovation as a dedicated activity still sits uncomfortably within many organizations.

Innovation SOP: Driving Corporate Innovation by Bettering Employee Engagement


Qmarkets' Innovation Standard Operating Procedures (SOP): In this series, we will present different guidelines on how to bring innovation theory to practice. An organization’s employees are vital components in a successful corporate innovation delivery plan.

Incentivizing Innovation: Should I Offer Rewards for Good Ideas?


Convincing your employees to submit ideas to an innovation program is a challenge we’ve written about extensively , but we usually discuss the problem in terms of preventing loss of engagement. That’s probably a consequence of our perspective—we're always thinking about innovation and understand that the value it adds for organizations is essential, rather than optional, so we often offer advice to keep participants from losing interest in submitting ideas.

Successful Innovation Means Finding Time to Make Decisions


In the comments on Kindling’s blog post “ When Does Creativity Become Innovation? many members of some of our favorite LinkedIn innovation groups echoed the same sentiment: “Anybody can have ideas, but managing them effectively—that’s where innovation happens.”. Creativity is coming up with multiple ideas to solve an issue, whereas Innovation is the one which becomes a commercially viable [idea] of value”. Innovation is making that idea useful or taking it to market.”.

How KBC Bank Used Crowdsourced Innovation to Create Massive Employee Engagement

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KBC Bank, a European bank and financial services leader , is an example of a company that experienced disruption first hand. To do that, we must understand our customers’ needs, which means having all of the information we can get from the employees that directly engage with them.”

Making Innovation a Habit


Even for routines at work, intention doesn’t equal results: it is not enough to simply say that your company is building a culture of innovation. You have to turn innovation into a habit. We hear from new customers all the time that their intangible long-term innovation goal is to create a culture of innovation. Customers who are successful haven’t just expected innovation, but have actively helped their employees develop innovation habits.

Align Innovation Incentives to Goals


A lot of crowdsourced innovation programs will tell you to offer incentives to your community of participants in order to drive engagement – but sometimes that’s a challenge for organization either because of budget restrictions or company regulations.

Deadline for the 2018 Innovation Management Awards Extended


IdeaScale is offering innovators from around the world an extra week to complete their submission for the Innovation Management Awards. Well, every year we ask our customers what it is that they would most like to learn about in order to support their programs. Engagement.

My Innovation Management Summer Reading: Ideas are Free.


I was introduced to these innovation management resources a few months ago when two clients, both referencing The Idea-Driven Organization , came to Kindling looking for a software solution to evolve their innovation strategy. An eight-step process for developing an innovation management strategy. The book is broken down into eight characteristics that round out a structure for innovation management. Innovation Program Culture

When Does Creativity Become Innovation?


There’s a lot of emphasis in the idea management world on being creative—see Fast Company’s Most Creative People in Business 2015 , for example—but it’s not always obvious that being creative is only step one. Innovation requires creativity, but creativity on its own isn’t enough to move a company forward. To be truly innovative, we need to harness and structure the creativity that we already have. Innovative ideas are ideas that have an impact.

Backchanneling Innovation


Engaging the organization’s employees from various Business Units (BU) in innovation efforts is a great challenge, but also a key to achieving cultural transformation. In my previous blogpost, I focused on systematic approaches to engaging Business Units in the innovation mission.

How the Kindling Team Uses Idea Management


When we say "ideas," we don't just mean major new product concepts or earth-shaking strategy innovations—Kindling is useful for managing ideas on any scale and from a huge array of sources. Recently, we used Evaluations to engage customers in our decision making process around a series of releases last quarter. Finally, Kindling provides a central hub for sharing success best practices and real examples of customer strategies that work.”.

Do Good Ideas Come from Collaboration or Conflict?


Amazon employees all share a fundamental drive toward improvement—they’re innovative, and accordingly, they're successful. Amazonians take harsh feedback as fuel to improve, but to many people (ex-employees of Amazon, for example), this strategy feels excessive. It is possible to seek innovative success in collaboration rather than competition and from humans rather than data. continuing to innovate [.]. Innovation Innovation Program Culture

Innovation Management Award Spotlight: City of Calgary


At IdeaScale, we host the annual innovation management awards in order to honor the accomplishments of some truly groundbreaking organizations, but also so that some of our smartest clients can share their best practices with others. IS: What are you most proud of in your innovation program?

Adventist Health: Unleashing the Entrepreneurial Spirit to Drive Healthcare Innovation

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In a recent issue of Healthcare IT News , Adventist Health – whose innovation program is powered by Spigit – was profiled for its ability to unleash their employee’s entrepreneurial spirit to drive innovation. Broadly, innovation falls into two buckets: growth and incremental.

How Innovation Management Contributes to The Success of Digital Transformation


Innovation management is one of the crucial contributors to digital transformation, along with a few other factors. Digital innovation is driving increasing interconnection, giving unprecedented access to capabilities, resources and talent on a global scale.

The Four Types of Innovation Metrics


Innovation metrics are hard. Casual observers typically assume that innovation, as a “fuzzy” art, can’t be measured at all. This is an unfortunate belief, because it unduly complicates innovation’s crucial role in driving firm-wide value. Innovation is inherently unknown.

How to Achieve Repeatable Innovation: A Chat with Spotless


Innovation is about teamwork at Spotless. asks Bridie Scott, Innovation Manager at Spotless. A repeatable innovation process is a key driver for its business. “I Here are some lessons Spotless drew from its experience as the company created a repeatable innovation process.

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Top Themes from Open Nation DC


More specifically, Contreras was an integral part of the success of DOE’s SunShot Catalyst program. Contreras dived into the importance of goal-setting and quantifiable metrics to any innovation program.

Unique Ways Successful Startups are Changing the Corporate Innovation Landscape

Idea to Value

The word ‘corporate innovation’ is becoming an increasingly popular buzzword, but for the most forward-thinking companies, it represents the future of the business and a significant spend on research and development. Corporate innovation nurtures unique thinking within corporate settings.

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3 Tips for Measuring the Impact of Your Innovation Platform

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When the metamorphosis includes an innovation platform, leaders are typically left to determine not only how to leverage the solution, but also how to measure its impact. Crowdsourced innovation” —the process of inspiring, collecting, and accelerating ideas from the “crowd,” such as your employees, partners, and customers, at scale—has proven to be incredibly effective. From the start, program managers should be thinking about direct financial value. Innovation

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Three Flavours of Open Innovation: breaking down institutional boundaries through the X-Factor, Speed Dating, and iOT


A great deal of activity has been happening under the topic of ‘open innovation’, however we have found very different initiatives launched by our clients that challenge a common definition of the term. Financial services companies and FinTech start-ups provide the most high profile example.