Strategic Thinking Exercise – Who Can You Trust?


I jotted down the questions since I saw them as a strong strategic thinking exercise. A Strategic Thinking Exercise for Determining Trustworthiness. Applying this Strategic Thinking Exercise Broadly. It is smart to collect strategic thinking exercises throughout your career.

Strategic Thinking Exercise: What’s Missing in what Your Brand Offers?


At an Idea Magnets workshop, we shared a strategic thinking exercise we call Rock-Paper-Scissors. In the post-workshop evaluation, one attendee asked about extending this strategic thinking exercise to identify things you aren’t currently doing that you should be doing.

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Saving Hours with Strategic Planning Exercises Galore!


We do not pretend to be able to imagine EVERY single situation where you might apply our strategic thinking exercises. One way we test that expectation is by working with the exercises ourselves to ensure their effectiveness and utility. Using Our Own Strategic Planning Exercises.

Strategic Thinking Exercise – A SWOT Analysis to Push Thinking


It received enough attention that we decided to share an additional strategic thinking exercise that puts a twist on the typical SWOT analysis. To add depth and breadth to the strategic thinking exercise, however, we add four probes to each area of the SWOT analysis.

Strategic Thinking Exercise – Use a New SWOT Nobody Expects


Here is a way you can turn a typical strategic thinking exercise into something new and fun that both adds variety to your strategy meeting AND could trigger some new ideas to get our strategy out of a rut! Use a New SWOT Strategic Thinking Exercise Nobody Expects.

Try Nook and Cranny Strategic Thinking Exercises for a Huge Impact!


Nook and cranny strategic thinking exercises. The nook and cranny strategic thinking exercises term popped into my head during a Brainzooming client workshop. Each strategic thinking exercise poster had four or five brand dimensions on the Y-axis.

Strategic Planning Exercises – 10 Questions You Must Consider


We’re getting a lot of questions currently about identifying the right strategic planning exercises. 10 Questions You Must Consider about Strategic Planning Exercises. These questions will help you evaluate the right types of strategic planning exercises.

Strategic Visioning Exercises – 14 Articles for Creating a Vision Statement


The search term “strategic visioning exercises” has been consistently near the top recently for what has bringing people to the Brainzooming website. 14 Articles on Strategic Visioning Exercises. Strategic Visioning Exercises – Group Collaboration the Right Way.

Strategic Thinking Exercise – 18 Ideas to Re-imagine a Threatened Business Model


The article inspired a laundry list of strategic thinking exercise prompts to re-imagine a threatened business model when your service offering is under assault from online offerings, bots, or some other form of complete automation. A New Strategic Thinking Exercise.

Strategic Thinking Exercises – Why Do We Give Away So Much for Free?


Why Do We Give Away So Many Strategic Thinking Exercises? My response is the more we share the Brainzooming methodology with you, the more you can improve your own strategy work on a daily basis in situations where it would NEVER be practical to engage us for help.

Strategic Planning Exercises – 7 Tools to Boost Strategic Impact


We have released a host of eBooks on strategic planning exercises and ideas to increase collaboration, creative thinking, alignment, and successful implementation. The SWOT analysis is the workhorse of strategic planning exercises.

Strategic Thinking Exercise – An Alternative Vision Statement Approach


During in-person and online strategic planning workshops , we regularly use a strategic thinking exercise that helps leadership groups quickly identify a shared future vision statement. Pushing Back on a Strategic Thinking Exercise.

Strategic Thinking Exercise – 4 Ways to Examine Brand Performance


Here’s an idea for a new strategic thinking exercise that can be a big help. 4 Ways to Examine Brand Performance as a Strategic Thinking Exercise. This is definitely a strategic thinking exercise idea from the Brainzooming R&D lab.

Strategic Planning Exercises – 6 Ways to Organize Lists of Ideas


We have been working with a client that had done a lot of strategic planning exercises about a new initiative. 6 Ways to Organize Ideas from Strategic Planning Exercises. 10 Keys to Engaging Stakeholders to Create Improved Results.

Strategic Thinking Exercises – 11 Things Running through a Facilitator’s Head


From a facilitation standpoint, it was the most arduous couple of days of going through strategic thinking exercises I recall. What questions or exercises can I eliminate to save time while still getting enough input in all the areas we are covering for each innovation strategy?

5 Strategic Thinking Questions to Engage Employees in Reorganization


5 Strategic Thinking Questions to Engage Employees in Reorganization. Strategic Thinking Exercises: Reimagining the SWOT Analysis” features eleven ideas for adapting, stretching, and reinvigorating how you see your brand’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

9 Ideas on How to Involve a Team in Group Strategy Exercises


Whenever possible, we try to help clients select a mix of people to participate in group strategy exercises. We are also proponents for reaching beyond familiar people that are always involved strategic planning meetings and drive the outcomes of group strategy exercises.

Content Marketing Strategy – 5 Exercises for Audience-Oriented Topics


Here’s an overview of each of the strategic thinking exercises : 5 Content Marketing Strategy Exercises to Generate Audience-Oriented Topics. The initial exercise explored three phases of an audience member’s journey.

Strategic Planning Exercises – Two Types of Structure, One Works


There are a couple of different ways to apply structure to strategic planning exercises : You can enforce using templates and forms participants have to complete so their answers are uniformed and structured. Productive Structure for Strategic Planning Exercises.

The Secret to Making a Strategy Development Exercise Faster and Easier


That realization was a breakthrough in how we would create a strategy development exercise back when I ran strategic planning for a Fortune 500 corporation. To them, a strategy development exercise involved PowerPoint slides with boxes and grids to complete.

3 Keys to Team Building Exercises that Create Impact


I was the “interviewee” for an “Inside the Executive Suite” article from Armada Corporate Intelligence about how to plan team building exercises that create impact for work teams. 3 Keys to Team Building Exercises that Create Impact.

Customer Engagement Is More Important than Ever

The Human Factor

That’s why most companies spend a significant part of their budgets on marketing and advertising to develop customer engagement among repeat and new customers. To measure the quality of customer engagement, Gallup breaks it down into three categories: Fully engaged.

Branding Strategy – 14 Articles on Engaging an Internal Brand Team


I am in New York today delivering a Brainzooming branding strategy workshop on Engaging Your Internal Brand Team. Our content addresses collaborative ways to strategically engage employees in creating and delivering the best brand experience.

Employee Engagement: The Must Know For 2019

The Human Factor

Keeping your employees engaged is key if you want to boost morale, decrease retention, and experience a host of other benefits within your business. VR could be put to use in training scenarios, such as machine use, customer service, and other simulation exercise. Contributed post –.

Branding Strategy – 3 Keys to Engaging Your Internal Brand Team


3 Keys to Engaging Your Internal Brand Team. With that change in perspective, you introduce possibilities for engaging employee in shaping branding strategy.

5 Employee Engagement Ideas When Turnover Is High


I debuted a presentation on “Results – Creating Strategic Impact,” our mini-book on employee engagement ideas to boost an organization’s strategic thinking. 5 Employee Engagement Ideas for High-Turnover Employees. 10 Employee Engagement Ideas to Improve Strategic Results.

5 Keys to Engaging Employees in Innovation Strategy – Our Buy-In Manifesto


Here are five keys we’ve found for successfully engaging employees in innovation strategy. The Brainzooming Buy-In Manifesto – 5 Keys to Engaging Employees in Innovation Strategy. Rapidly deploy effective strategic thinking exercises to spur innovation.

eBook 69

Strategy, Creativity, Innovation – That’s What Brainzooming Do


The reason is that working from the incredible resource of strategic thinking exercises, creative thinking tools, and collaborative models The Brainzooming Group has created, what Brainzooming does can vary dramatically for each client engagement.

The Role of Play in Innovation

Innovation Excellence

You have to engage your people so that they can engage prospects and customers with a lively sense of mission and purpose. Innovation Creative Thinking innovation execution Innovation Exercises michael graber Product Development Southern Growth Studio

Change Management: Combating Resistance and Driving Adoption Through Innovation

Innovation Excellence

As I’ve stated in the other change management articles on LaunchStreet, change management should be more than just a point-in-time exercise. Business Models Change Innovation Leadership Management change management culture engagement work culture

Change 104

The 6 Types of Strategic Planning Activities for a Workshop


Iterating – Using specific creative and strategic thinking exercises in a sequence to help the group generate many possibilities and ideas. Engage employees and customers with powerful questions to uncover great breakthrough ideas and innovative strategies that deliver results!

eBook 88

9 Strategic Thinking Skills to Create Clarity for Great Ideas


Engage employees and customers with powerful questions to uncover great breakthrough ideas and innovative strategies that deliver results! Brainzooming - All Posts Communication Innovation Performance Strategic Thinking Tools strategic thinking exercises

36 Articles to Explore Strategic Planning Process Activities


3 Keys to Team Building Exercises that Create Impact. Strategic Thinking Exercises – Group Collaboration the Right Way. 3 Strategic Thinking Exercises to Spot Emerging Competitors. 5 Employee Engagement Ideas When Turnover Is High.

eBook 71

The Brainzooming Blog at MM, 2K, 2000 Posts


While having a daily deadline has become less stimulating creatively over the years, I shudder to think of how much experience and the number of strategic thinking exercises that would have come and gone without any documentation if not for the Brainzooming blog.

eBook 112

Ways We Innovate: Take the Hour Off


In many of our ideation sessions, we hold specific exercises to trigger new thinking. We almost always keep the attendees to a schedule and have a rigorous set of exercises that we put them through. These range from physical movements, to mental games, to postulating concepts.

Strategic Planning Workshop Ideas – The Brainzooming Process Is 10 Years Old!


Chuck facilitated multiple engaging, high-energy strategic innovation sessions for us at Yellow Corporation. We had the processes and exercises needed already developed buy had never put them all together to move from ideas to plans within a day or two.


Michael Michalko

Provide a special area for people to engage in creative thinking. Encourage weekly lunch-time meeting of three to five employees to engage in creative thinking. Articles and Techniques Exercises

Do you need Role Clarity?

Focused Momentum

Role clarity is one of the most productive management exercises a team can engage in, so why it is so rarely used?

Strategic Planning Process – Creating a Workshop to Develop Strategy


Using structure, exercises, and strategic thinking questions effectively. Engaging participants. Strategic Thinking Exercises – 11 Things Running through a Facilitator’s Head. Structure, Exercises, and Strategic Thinking Questions. Engaging a Team to Develop Strategy.

Solvitur ambulando – A Great Creativity Hack

Tim Kastelle

Smith focuses on not so much on the exercise part, but on engaging directly with your environment as you walk. It’s an oblique approach to engaging with your problem, which is the most effective way to deal with complex systems.

Strategic Planning Process Ideas –  9 Ways to Keep Things Fresh


Someone downloading the new 11 Ideas for Fun Strategic Planning eBook when we released it stated his biggest strategy challenge as coming up with fresh ways to do the same strategic planning exercises with the same executives every year.

Creating Strategic Impact – 4 Critical Factors for Successful Executives


The four characteristics relate to quick decision making, engaging employees, anticipating forward-looking change, and delivering consistent performance. Strategic Thinking Exercise – Simply Making Big Decisions. Engaging Employees.

How to Get More and Better Ideas From Both Left and Right Brain People for Any Innovation Need.

Innovate2Grow Experts

As you plan for an important innovation idea generating meeting, make sure you plan to understand the makeup of brain types in your session so that you can bring in the best idea generating exercises that best fit the brain types in the session. This blog covers important “must haves” in planning idea generating exercises based on brain types and provides some real brain type idea generating exercise examples. Left brain exercise example.