How to Create the Maximum Major Innovative Solutions Using the Four Elements of Quantum Idea Generation 2.0.

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Here is a brief review of quantum idea generation. Quantum idea generation produces at least 12 times more ideas than brainstorming. To generate these powerful results you need to use four elements – diversity, stimulus, brain type, and eliminate fear and have fun. Today we’re going to dive deep into the topic of how to pull coordinate the four elements of Quantum Idea Generation 2.0.

BMO Disproves Studies: Leverage the Intranet to Engage and Involve Employees in Innovation


If the company portal is such a tough sell, why does Julian Mills see the Intranet as a launch pad for employee engagement throughout the organization? Idea Generation Customer StoriesMany companies struggle to get employees excited about the corporate Intranet.

Study 52

80% Of Brainstorming Sessions Don’t Work

Gregg Fraley

Seven Idea Generation Fails. I might be getting to old to hold back on saying this about ideation, aka idea generation, aka brainstorming. Based on my experience, about 80% of idea generation doesn’t work. Again, this is about engagement with the topic.

Empower Operational Employees to Innovate

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Engaged support for strategic and tactical innovation initiatives developed by others. When asked to support innovation, or integrate new ideas from an innovation team, they resist — because they are being paid to execute, not experiment. The “ideas” become complaints.

Seven Innovation Fundamentals for Leaders

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Frameworks assume: engaged leadership, talent on the team, day to day creativity, curiosity, and domain knowledge. Creativity, and creative ideas, are essential ingredients, and, without other fundamentals , like projects and implementation — great ideas are a waste of time.

Digital Technology MoshPit

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Discover Ideas for Long Term and Tactical Innovation Projects. GFi is now offering a new version of MoshPit to discover ideas that exploit new digital technologies. Ideas for innovation projects emerge from the intensive sessions.

Recognizing an innovation need

Paul Hobcraft

We need to shift from ideas into impact and that needs a different delivery approach. For the way, we undergo innovation and its development of turning ideas into winning concepts of value, the principles of platforms and ecosystems make a “compelling” sense.

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Innovation Strategy – 4 Ways to Celebrate Risk Taking


While an innovation strategy that suggests throwing a party to celebrate a failed idea seems outrageous, the message from the pharma companies is that it’s smart business. To further engage its team, Ironwood asks staff to submit clever early-stage names for products in development.

Practical Ways to Improve Employee Engagement

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Editor’s note: Last month, Maggie Riad, VP of Innovation Strategy at Spigit, held a webinar: ‘10 Ways to Increase Employee Engagement in your Innovation Program’. Q: How do we make it easier for employees to understand how their engagement affects our innovation program?

Mash-Ups for Innovation, a How To Guide

Gregg Fraley

If your looking for a quick way to jostle up fresh ideas, go with the simpler ones. Mash-Ups are a bigger idea than musical creations. The idea of a scanned, or traced field on a cathode ray tube came to him when he was plowing a field. Breakthrough ideas are elusive.

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Nine Ways to Play at Work

Gregg Fraley

The idea that one should invoke a sense of play around challenges is not a new one. All that said, simple more straightforward ideas for play in day-to-day behavior are harder to come by. DO NOT do this to an idea that’s just come out of someone’s mouth.

Engagement Is the ROI on the Front End of Innovation

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In this article innovation architect Doug Collins explores how engagement serves as the return on the front end of the practice—and why engagement matters. During the back end, people choose to pursue certain ideas or concepts to test their potential and their viability.

Engagement Is the ROI on the Front End of Innovation

Planview Spigit

In this article innovation architect Doug Collins explores how engagement serves as the return on the front end of the practice—and why engagement matters. During the back end, people choose to pursue certain ideas or concepts to test their potential and their viability.

Innovation SOP: Driving Corporate Innovation by Bettering Employee Engagement


This week, we take a look at Employee Engagement - the benefits of employee engagement and how to successfully create employee engagement in your organization. To learn more about how Qmarkets can help you create employee engagement in your company, contact us

Challenge Deployment Toolkit: A Strategic Approach to Scaling Innovation Program Engagement

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This results in more ideas generated, including diversity of ideas, and ultimately more output. So, to engage more employees and partners in your innovation efforts, here are a few options to consider: One Spigit client recently launched over 100 challenges (to 100% unique audiences) , during their “Innovation Week”, an annual company event focused on…Innovation. Happy New Year to you!

Shifting Radically the Innovation Business Model

Paul Hobcraft

I get the distinct impression the focus of most innovation consultants is still locked into product innovation or improving the process of the pipeline / portfolio, the idea generation and project execution model. Shifting Radically the Innovation Business Model.

What do we expect from Innovation? Mostly disappointment

Paul Hobcraft

There are so many obstacles and uncertainties as you take an idea or concept through to eventual release. A promising idea did not foresee a roadblock that cannot be resolved. My thought is what do you expect if boards are not as engaged as per the HBR report above stating?

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Gregg Fraley - Untitled Article

Gregg Fraley

The focus is on the front-end-of-innovation, where challenges are identified, ideas are generated, refined, and pitched to management for further development and resourcing. Involving and engaging a wide group (Open innovation concepts and use of virtual ideation platforms).

Exploring frameworks and methods you need to know as an Innovator

Paul Hobcraft

Partly it seems executives don’t engage with their brand or business in the way that their customers do” The difference between DMAIC, DMADV, and Innovation Management (tackling a critical part of Six Sigma).

The future innovation core lies at the edge.

Paul Hobcraft

We need to start constantly at understanding the customer, their needs, their individual journey by discovering and engaging with them. Boundaries seem to be continually pushed in business, nothing seemingly stands still, yet many things stay caught up in not being changed.

The Catalyst Network: Expanding the Reach and Impact of your Innovation Team


Enter Innovation Catalysts: natural champions who are believers, idea generators, problem solvers, mentors and sponsors in your organization.

The Rise of the Innovation Department


The reason for this is because a great deal of research has emerged that proves the power not just of valuable ideas, but connections between valuable ideas. Nearly 40% of IdeaScale’s customer base is managing their idea management program from an innovation department.

We are pushing away from the old innovating core

Paul Hobcraft

The combination effect is changing the starting point of innovation, it is not beginning in idea generation found inside the building, and it is discovery found outside brought in, to then turn into potentially commercial ideas.

There are Knowns and Unknowns in Innovation: Let’s Manage Them Differently

Paul Hobcraft

We need to treat ideas the same on how anything needs assessing but it needs to pass through a different thinking about knowledge understanding, as there are ‘known knowns’ and ‘unknown unknowns’ and we need to prepare for both within our innovation activities. For me, a good idea management system needs to be set up for all known and unknown possibilities to capture their potential. Thankfully having a good idea management system can greatly support this.

Assess Your Innovation Program

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The challenge for many program leaders and their innovation programs comes down to their level of involvement in the idea implementation process. Only about one-quarter of innovation teams are involved in implementing ideas in every challenge they run. Additionally, innovation leaders struggle to master full lifecycle idea management —the process of moving great ideas into execution. However, employee engagement is often stagnant, if not declining.

The Most Important Secret to Successful Innovation


In our practise at Ideanote, we saw time and again that the best organizational home for such initiatives is an idea management platform. In fact, when it comes to innovating, idea management is a helpful tool in each phase of the innovation process.

The Challenges being Faced by Innovation Consultants

Paul Hobcraft

Consultants are not addressing many of the changes occurring and ignoring opportunities to adapt to different circumstances, they are simply not putting up a strong case of their engagement by redesigning their business models or opening themselves up to different forms of collaboration.

Scaling-Up: Crossing the Internal Chasm in Corporate Innovation

Integrative Innovation

The race is on for companies to find big, explorative or even “disruptive” innovation ideas. There is a huge noise around what companies should do to find the big ideas. However, there are only few reports that ideas coming out from these approaches really moved the needle.

To accelerate innovation, focus on culture

RTI Innovation Advisors

Intent focus on the unimportant In an effort to be seen doing something, when innovation is a priority most organizations will respond with alacrity, gathering teams to conduct idea generation. There will be hack-a-thons, crowdsourcing, open innovation, encouragement of "wild ideas", pizza parties and a host of other short term activities leading to a small subset of interesting ideas.

Spigit’s 2018 Fall Product Release: Machine Learning, New Use Cases, and More

Planview Spigit

Here are a few highlights in the release: Drive engagement with a user experience that’s more more personalized, which helps maximize participation in challenges facilitating increased cross-company collaboration. The wait is over.

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6 Lessons from Our 2018 Innovation Management Award Winners


Queensland Police Service was recognized for Best Engagement Strategy, Covia won the award for Best Innovation Process, and the Transportation Research Board won for Best Innovation. Serving the Australian state of Queensland, the QPS set out to create a collaborative process for all 15,000 staff members to speak outside the chain of command to submit ideas, ask questions, or share knowledge. Respond to Every Idea. Workflows Can Help Tremendously when Prioritizing Ideas.

How to Get More and Better Ideas From Both Left and Right Brain People for Any Innovation Need.

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This blog addresses how you can get the best innovative ideas from both groups for any need, at any time, for any kind of business. Quantum idea generation – overview. Here is a brief review of Quantum Idea Generation 2.0. In the previous blogs I have covered the following: Quantum idea generation produces at least 12 times more ideas than brainstorming. I will now share an actual left and right brain idea generating exercise.

Idea Competitions and Why Your Business Needs One


They all swear by in-house innovation programs which give every employee a chance to pitch their ideas. So, if you want to join the innovative crowd and get some fresh input for your new product, internal idea competition is your answer. But wait, what exactly is an idea competition ?

The Importance of Celebrating Success


Generating, collating, analysing and implementing ideas successfully – as part of a wider innovation strategy, calls for celebration and recognition of your triumph in innovation. Keep initial users engaged whilst building momentum and attracting new interest.

Leveraging the Crowd – Guide


Although the terms “crowdsourcing”, “open innovation” and “ideation” can sound complex and novel, they are merely new methods of engaging larger crowds to gather ideas and input. Crowdsourcing implies a larger stream of ideas flowing into and through the organisation.