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The Importance of Listening When Developing a Product Roadmap


When it comes to product strategy and development at Anaqua, the key word is LISTEN. In developing the Anaqua 2022 roadmap for our AQX IP management platform, we listened to our customers, listened to the market, then we worked directly with our customers through two rounds of interviews, sharing and refining our thoughts with them, and listened again. The product roadmap process at Anaqua is always iterative.

Setting Industry Benchmarks Through Client Collaboration


Over the years, Anaqua has made it a priority to engage with customers and harness their valuable feedback to help create the market leading IPMS, as recognized by industry analyst Hyperion Research. Anaqua is taking us into the next generation of IP management with new levels of collaboration and productivity.” – Heidi Martinez, Chief IP Counsel and Associate General Counsel, Xerox Corporation. Over the years, we’ve made investing in product development a top strategic focus.


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Unleash Your Visual Superpower!

Boxes and Arrows

Meaning anyone who provides the vision for a product, whether it be in code, wireframes, comps, prototypes, or cocktail napkins. At a certain point, clients stop listening to the strategy—they just want to get to the pictures. But does that mean that designers should just make pictures and leave the strategy to others? The best designers transcend the gap between strategy and execution. Imagine getting two ideas for a new product. Design itself is a product.

Stop Building Products No One Wants: How to Experiment Your Way to Success

Moves the Needle

When it comes to the development and commercialization of new products , no one holds more accountability for the product’s ultimate success than the Product Manager. Product Manager” isn’t exactly a title that fits neatly into a box. In most cases, a product manager is someone who works cross-functionally with development, marketing, and customer support in order to map out use cases for new products.