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9 Strategic Thinking Questions – Helping Teams Execute Strategy


Many organizations are in the early stages of executing new strategies for this year. That is when you discover whether you have a solid, implementable plan or something that (maybe) looks good on paper, but doesn’t work well when you try to execute the strategy. 9 Strategic Thinking Questions for Helping Teams Execute Strategy. Do you personally believe in the strategy? Were serious, strategic people involved in creating the strategy?

113 Ideas for Strategic Planning Process Improvement


It is time for strategic planning across organizations. To make it a little easier to track down ideas for how you can approach developing strategy this year, here are nineteen Brainzooming articles filled with 113 techniques and ideas for improving your organization’s strategic planning process. If you are responsible for leading the strategic planning process at your organization, dive in and tweak your process to improve its efficiency and effectiveness.


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7 Collaborative Strategic Planning Process Impacts (Even if the Plan Sits on the Shelf)


Talking to executives, you hear the expectation that an organization should implement a solid strategic plan strategy-by-strategy. To the extent a strategic plan is not implemented in that way, it falls short in some fashion. This goes along with the idea that if you never remove the big strategic planning notebook from your office shelf, it is a complete failure: you might as well not even do a strategic plan.

Strategic Planning Exercises – Two Types of Structure, One Works


There are a couple of different ways to apply structure to strategic planning exercises : You can enforce using templates and forms participants have to complete so their answers are uniformed and structured. You can provide people with strategic thinking exercises, creative thinking tools, strategy questions, and ways to collaborate with one another, using structure to help imagine better strategies. Productive Structure for Strategic Planning Exercises.

5 Ideas for Simplified Strategic Planning this Year


Even if you’re putting off thinking about strategic planning for next year , it’s time to give it at least one thought. Here’s the one thought: How about identifying where you can roll out a simplified strategic planning process ? What are ideas to make strategic planning less cumbersome than it’s been at your company in the past? 5 Ideas for Simplified Strategic Planning this Year. Want one other idea for ensuring simplified strategic planning?

9 Big Strategic Thinking Questions to Start Addressing Now


This time of year, preparing for upcoming strategic planning exercises may seem like something far in the future. Whether strategic planning is months away or close at hand, however, it’s always smart to get a head start tackling big strategic thinking questions that warrant in-depth consideration. As we look ahead to clients’ strategic planning processes, we’re developing new strategic thinking questions to freshen our Brainzooming strategic planning exercises.