How to Hire the Best Corporate Event Entertainment in London


an event technology supplier, 52 per cent of respondents say their event budgets have increased year over year, compared with 32 per cent reporting increases in the prior year. In a recent study published by Cvent Inc.,

#1,541- Reverse Trailers, Film Tapas, and the Future of Entertainment

Greatest. Idea. Ever.

All in all, this technology wouldn’t just change the game, it would create a whole new one: a way to game the Hollywood system that has been meticulously engineered with an endless stream of sequels and remakes specifically designed to bleed our pocketbooks dry and consume our every waking moment.

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#1,596 – Best of CES 2020: Quibi, Sero, and the Future of Entertainment

Greatest. Idea. Ever.

New technology that makes it possible for videos to seamlessly shift between portrait and landscape orientations on the fly. Other than the shift from silent films has their even been a similar instance of technology changing the way that performers act? Technology

Driving force, thought leader, and entertainer


With 8 years of experience in technology and innovation management and as a paragon of digital pioneering, entrepreneurship, and science, Mike will show you which trends drive your business and which technologies will disrupt complete industry sectors. .

Life-Size Hologram for Speakers, Educators, and Entertainers

Daniel Burrus

We’ve seen it in sci-fi movies, television series, and the music and entertainment world. Before I delve into the benefits this technology has to offer, let’s first discuss ARHT Media. Of course, much like any innovative technology, the question remains: Will it be as good?

Embracing the Power of Blockchain Technology

Daniel Burrus

Digitally optimizing our lives has enabled us to remove shelves, cabinets and dust magnets while we get our entertainment fix from the likes of Netflix, Spotify and the endless list of streaming alternatives. We often forget just how much technology has changed our lives in the last few years.

How Technology Changes Our Home in the Most Unexpected Ways


Technology is constantly changing our lives. As we head towards a fully-automated future, w e can see many indicators of how technology changes our house. With technology, we can make our home a convenient place to stay. 2) Home Improvement Technology.

Technology Makes Us Dumber If We Let It


I believe technology is making us smarter, maybe not dumber; but dependent on it. Is technology making us dumber? One place we see a clear sign that technology stifles creativity is in social media. Anyway, I personally don’t feel as though technology is making me dumber.

Five Must-Attend Innovation and Technology Conferences in 2018


There are many great technology conferences in 2018, but these five are particular standouts for innovation this year: Chicago Ideas. SXSW may have made its name as a music festival, but its technology side has become increasingly important and even fascinating.

The Wonderful World of App-le Television

Innovation Excellence

And last week Apple announced a flurry of new products including: Continue reading → Apple Technology apple TV applications entertainment future ipad iphone ipod television Trends

Innovation Lessons from Bohemian Rhapsody

Innovation Excellence

Continue reading → Creativity Entertainment People & Skills Technology Bohemian Rha[sody Innovation music queen technology The Academy of Rock

Should Innovators Reveal How Much They Let Technology Make Creative Choices?

Innovation in Practice

But the reality is that the best innovators boost their creative output with the help of structured tools like patterns and even technology. David Pogue wrote a brilliant article in Scientific American titled, "Should Artists Reveal How Much They Let Technology Make Creative Choices?"

The Yin And Yang Of Elon Musk

Innovation Excellence

Innovation Profiles of Innovators Technology 3D Conspiracies Elon Musk entertainment future gaming Science Simulations Solar City technology tesla Trends Virtual Reality vr Xbox

3 Months in Virtual Reality, 6 Lessons Learned

Innovation Excellence

Change Cognition Consumer Innovation Creativity Disruption Entertainment Product Innovation Technology gaming Oculus product innovation technology Virtual_Reality vrSo now I finally have my own VR setup at home. I’ve spent many hours in VR. I visited the Himalaya.

Our Content Needs To Go On A Diet


books entertainment facebook Google strategy technologyTime to fight the bloat Did you know that FOMO has been around since the 16th century? Back in 1525, Erasmus, among many others, opined that due to the printing press, that there were just too many books to read — that one could never read all of the books out there in one’s lifetime.… … The post Our Content Needs To Go On A Diet appeared first on hellofuture.

#1,660 – Tom Cruise’s Space Movie

Greatest. Idea. Ever.

’ Those plans may include establishing a lunar base, mining asteroids, colonizing Mars, searching for life on Jupiter’s moon Europa, and even eventually developing technologies capable of getting us to the outer reaches of our solar system and beyond. Entertainment Space

#1,589 – 2020 Breakthrough Nominee: Bitmoji TV

Greatest. Idea. Ever.

Entertainment TechnologyAdmittedly, I was very late to join the Bitmoji bandwagon, only recently inserting my very own personalized avatar into the occasional text message after a friend started using one as well.

Video 38

2017 Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Awards

Innovation Excellence

Change Conferences Creativity Disruption education Entertainment Entrepreneurship Innovation Global Innovators Innovation awards Innovation Stories

The Top 5 Technology Trends That Will Drive Innovation in 2018


Innovation is never easy, and in today’s world where everything is becoming digital, innovation is technology first and quite complex. photo editing software), and technology push (e.g. Samsung Galaxy with touchscreen technology in 2012).

#1,347 – Artificial Reincarnation

Greatest. Idea. Ever.

The technology will be so advanced that you’d be unable to tell the difference between a real actor and a digital recreation. But that technology is almost two years old and only improving at an expedient rate. Entertainment Technology

#1,525 – OverDrive

Greatest. Idea. Ever.

We may also have books that are interactive, gamified, and filled with all sorts of technological tricks that increase reader engagement. Education Entertainment

Exciting Innovations at CES 2020


Our mission was twofold: to confirm trends we are seeing and hearing in the global market and to discover new companies and technologies that could be applicable to some of our tech scouting projects. Part of attending CES is getting to see cool, new technologies.

Tips 74

Redefine Risk in the Face of the Unknown

Daniel Burrus

We have several digital technological options available to us today, and mixed with some exponential thinking , you can leverage Hard Trends to better manage that risk. Now, consider video technology and how this industry is growing already for educators and speakers alike.

Learning to Manage Opportunity in the Unknown

Daniel Burrus

For example, the Las Vegas entertainment industry, which makes up nearly all business in lower Nevada and relies on in-person contact much of the time, must reopen safely. We all manage something in our lives.

The Four Main Types of Collaboration

HYPE Innovation

Healthcare, education, entertainment, spending habits, thinking patterns … The Information Age has revolutionized all of the them. Fortunately, the process of partnering for innovation has not remained immune to technological progress either.

15 Must Watch TED Talks on Creativity

Innovation Excellence

You may already be familiar with TED (short for Technology, Entertainment and Design), but in case you are not, it is a media company that hosts talks by thought leader with the purpose of igniting change and innovation.

Records So Good We Bought Them Again (and Again)


Dolby Surround played an album so impossibly fantastic I had bought it at least five times with each subsequent technological improvement, including the remastered scratch tracks on the latest Expanded Edition, which chronicled the development of each song.

6 Trends Reshaping the Hotel Industry


However, the fact is that cutting-edge technologies and shifting customer behaviors are hitting the slopes and transforming the winter and ski industry. Alternative entertainment.

#1,643 – Micrashell

Greatest. Idea. Ever.

That’s where Micrashell, a suit specifically designed for nightlife and entertainment, comes into play. ” Considering the time crunch that we find ourselves in the concept for the suit was developed entirely with existing off the shelf technology in mind.

The best is last

The Inovo Group

a technology often produces its best results just when it’s ready to be replaced – it’s the best it’s ever been, but it’s also the best it could ever be. Commentary innovation technological innovation diffusion S-curve S-curve short take short read commentary

Industry 4.0: How to guide organizational change


refers to the phenomenon of adopting innovative tools, resources and technological services to optimize the management of the most varied industrial aspects. transforms the way we communicate, learn, entertain and relate to each other, as well as how we understand ourselves as human beings.

Discover New Opportunities Never Before Available

Daniel Burrus

Here are three that come to mind: Sports Entertainment. Will this be the push to use more affordable, online education technology to cut down on student debt?

Use Anticipation to Turn Disruption Into Opportunity

Daniel Burrus

For the longest time, cable television was a miraculous technology that not everybody had in their homes, mostly because not everybody could afford it. Which technology innovations could be a game-changer for your industry?

Stop Itemizing Everything: Move Beyond Competition

Daniel Burrus

Human beings are competitive in all circumstances, and it has only intensified in today’s predominantly technologically advanced world. This Friday: Don’t Miss Daniel’s Live Webinar, “What’s Causing The Retail Apocalypse?”. Friday, February 14th at 10am PT / 1pm ET. Click to Register.

#1,593 – Best of CES 2020: Parallel Reality

Greatest. Idea. Ever.

There are a lot of different versions of reality that technological progress has made possible. Giving them the ability to only see information or entertainment that is relevant to them. One thing that’s not clear to me at first glance is how this technology actually works.

Innovation in the Automotive Industry


The automotive industry is undergoing massive technological and social change. By having an accurate picture of the state of innovation, these companies can better assess and incorporate new technologies into the long-term business and product strategy.

Virtual Reality and Subliminal Marketing

Daniel Burrus

There is little doubt that VR has the potential to revolutionize the entire entertainment, tourism and even learning industries if audiences adopt the concept of strapping a device to their heads. At the same time, there will be those who feel instantly compelled to compare the technology to such fads as the first 3D television. Before becoming paranoid about what’s to come, it is important to understand how this technology can also be used for the greater good, too.

8 Trends Driving Innovation In The Ski And Winter Sport Industry


However, the fact is that cutting-edge technologies and shifting customer behaviors are hitting the slopes and transforming the winter and ski industry. The 8 recurring trends we identified are: alternative entertainment, augmented reality, customization, intelligent wearables, platforms, slope analytics and sensors, smart protection and finally sustainability. Alternative entertainment.

Stan Lee: 3 Lessons To Unlock Your Inner Visionary


Nowadays everyone worries about technology taking away their jobs. Whether it’s for the purpose of entertainment or another reason, how you view what you do shapes how others perceive you. Stan Lee helped change the way we view comic book characters: Entertain possibilities.

Responsible Artificial Intelligence

Norbert Bol

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is growing rapidly as it succeeds to improve productivity and customer experience in every domain of our society such as education, industry, agriculture, healthcare, finance, transportation, entertainment, security, energy, communication, etc. Clarke (2019) also indicates that organizations should evaluate the appropriateness of AI technologies to their own operations through risk assessment and risk management processes.

#1,616 – The Future of Everything

Greatest. Idea. Ever.

It may even mark a turning point for mankind, one that ushers in new technologies and a new way of looking at things; new ways of doing business and new ways of living. Technology

#1,518 – Promethean AI

Greatest. Idea. Ever.

Technological advancements have already democratized most of society, lowering the barriers of entry to a multitude of fields while turning millions of everyday people into content creators. Truly game-changing technology. Technology

#1,582 – The Coolest Ideas of 2019

Greatest. Idea. Ever.

Thankfully I may have finally gotten my wish thanks to a new technology on the horizon known as Photo Wake-Up, that brings static images to life, enabling photographed subjects to walk, run, sit and stand up, all in 3D! In fact, I may not even have to wait for stem cell technology at all.