The death of the 20th Century corporation

Matthew Griffin

While their older rivals were operating Business as Usual Models these Millennials were busy building attractive Platform products and designing new 21 st Century Business Operating Models free from legacy that encouraged people outside their walls to work with them for everyone’s’ advantage but there were additional benefits too.

The rise and rise of Entrepreneurs

Matthew Griffin

Entrepreneurs have faster and easier access to funding, expert resources, advanced manufacturing and prototyping techniques and rapid routes to market and when you connect billions of people together the next great idea and the means to resource, develop and sell it are merely a click away. Google’s new product initiatives though have helped it increase earnings by $6 billion over the past 5 years but during the same period small start ups have created new markets worth over $1.5


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The Banks Guide to scouting Fintech

Matthew Griffin

But wait up but are the banks and other industries that scout in this way actually in danger of missing out on valuable new innovative solutions and products? Business Models Disruptive Innovation Entrepreneurship Ideation Innovation Open Innovation Product Developments Start Ups banking blockbusters business strategy cio disruption disruptive innovation fintech

Have the Banks already been Disrupted?

Matthew Griffin

Their founders are busy scouring the markets, listening to consumers and using agile, low cost 21st Century technologies to design new, easy to adopt financial products and services like Peer to Peer lending, Bitcoin and blockchain virtual currencies, AI driven Wealth Management solutions without the Wealth Management advisors and elegant API driven Personal Financial Management solutions that give consumers new investment choices and more control over their family fortunes.

How Apple created two giants

Matthew Griffin

Over the next ten years Apple sold over 320 million iPods and as they introduced more products such as the iPhone in 2007 and the iPad in 2009 which, at the time of publishing this article, have both respectively sold 421 million and 170 million units their annual revenues grew from $5 Billion to an eye watering $171 Billion. __. Click & Connect with Matthew: LinkedIn . mgriffin_uk . +44 44 (0) 7957 456194.

The secrets behind building a Unicorn

Matthew Griffin

You’ve heard their names and you’re already using their products and in many cases they are now the new market leaders, the companies everyone wants to be or to beat. Development. Over the years I’ve found that there is a common misconception that creative types – innovators and inventors are born and that only a small subset of society are deemed capable of being able to conceive great new products but that’s myth. Stage 2: Development.

Start With Mindset


Yes, it was a little over 10 years ago that Eric Ries started sharing a series of blog posts and giving talks on a new way of building products?—?ideas By now, “almost everybody building products” has at least heard the term and has been exposed to the big ideas. Adopting a fundamentally new product development process is no different. This is exactly how I wrote all my books and developed tools like the Lean Canvas. entrepreneurship innovation lean-startup

Case Study: Regional SME Development Project Brings Innovation Lift to Manufacturing Hub

Innovation 360 Group

These businesses are close to the action and markets, allowing them to easily adopt a need-seeker approach, a strategy highly correlated with radical innovation, the kind that shakes up markets and innovates from the inside out—from operations and processes though to business models and products. The EU funded-development project was launched in 2016 with 8.2 It brought together a coalition of regional business development organizations from Nässjö, Vaggeryd, Sävsjö and Jönköping.

Idea Champions Helps All Kinds of People Originate Great Ideas

Idea Champions

The best of these will guide AT&T's development for years to come." - Robert Rubin, Product Development, AT&T. Brush, Chair: Entrepreneurship Division, Babson College.