12 Strategic Thinking Exercises to Stretch Executive Perspectives


One reader asked recently about stretching a senior executive team’s thinking during strategic planning. She is seeking strategic thinking exercises to include in her organization’s executive committee senior retreat. 12 Strategic Thinking Exercises to Stretch Executive Perspectives. Here are our suggestions for strategic thinking exercises to lead an executive team to consider its current situation and future opportunities in dramatically different ways.

3 Keys to Team Building Exercises that Create Impact


I was the “interviewee” for an “Inside the Executive Suite” article from Armada Corporate Intelligence about how to plan team building exercises that create impact for work teams. As described in the article, I’ve been on the good and bad side of various team building exercises during my career. 3 Keys to Team Building Exercises that Create Impact. Building trust.


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All Work and No Play May Not Help Your Bottom Line

Daniel Burrus

The purpose of this game is to explore the virtual world, construct buildings and, yes, survive. It is no secret that children are attracted to video games like moths to light.

How to Demonstrate Teamwork in the Workplace


It’s impossible for a team to innovate, stand out, or add superior value without superior teamwork skills. If you’re leading a team and want your team members to practice excellent teamwork, how would you define it for them or explain how to demonstrate it?

How to Build Emotionally Intelligent, Productive Teams


However, because the focus tends to be on individual performance, the EQ of teams as a whole can easily be overlooked. First, the average EQ of employees on a team affects that team’s performance. Second, we are now learning that teams can be trained to incorporate high-EQ practices into their daily activities and the ways they interact with others. Why Is Emotional Intelligence Important for Team Performance? Imagine another type of team, such as a sports team.

How to Build Emotionally Intelligent, Productive Teams


However, because the focus tends to be on individual performance, the EQ of teams as a whole can easily be overlooked. First, the average EQ of employees on a team affects that team’s performance. Second, we are now learning that teams can be trained to incorporate high-EQ practices into their daily activities and the ways they interact with others. Why Is Emotional Intelligence Important for Team Performance? Imagine another type of team, such as a sports team.

36 Articles to Explore Strategic Planning Process Activities


Interacting (Networking, meeting, team building). 3 Keys to Team Building Exercises that Create Impact. Strategic Thinking Exercises – Group Collaboration the Right Way. 3 Strategic Thinking Exercises to Spot Emerging Competitors. Strategic Thinking Exercises to Better Anticipate Strategic Issues. Strategic Thinking Exercises – Finding Your Brand’s Strategic Analogs. Strategic Thinking Exercises – Who is the Positive Devil’s Advocate?

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Encouraging A Group Dynamic In Your Office

The Human Factor

Businesses are made up of teams. It’s hard to encourage a group dynamic if your teams are spaced out around the office. It creates distance between members of the team, not to mention the fact it’s wildly unproductive. Here, you can bring teams together in a more confined space. Set team goals. To encourage a group dynamic, you should give your teams goals that they have to achieve. Each team has a specific weekly goal that they must attain.

It Takes The Village To Raise A Child

Innovation Excellence

You don’t get this in job interviews anymore: how are you as a Team member? In my first interview, some twenty years ago, I spent way too much time describing the ‘me’ and the ‘we’, and how I was going to align with the team. Marketing was wearing suit and tie everyday, and teams were operating by consensus and under the tight control of one leader. Technology is now asking teams to work under pressure, fast and remotely. So, self-development fosters team success.

How to Run a Hackathon that Spurs Real Innovation


Assemble teams that encourage mixing and working with new people. Otherwise, it’s the same work teams in a different environment, which makes genuinely new ideas less likely to emerge. Prepare brainstorming exercises in advance so that your hackathon team can hit the ground running. These exercises should push people to think differently and open their minds to new concepts.

4 Tips for First-Time Managers


This means that you accept feedback from your team and work with them to mold the direction in which you’d like to move. It’s more effective to have team members feel like they have an active stake in the decision-making process rather than just being told what to do.

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How to Improve Your Next Brainstorming Session


When that happens, people go into brainstorming sessions feeling they’re about to engage in a time-wasting exercise. Have people turn off their phones and be 100 percent present at your brainstorming venue, which could be a park, a café, or even just a conference room in another building. Simple team-building games or creativity exercises are great for breaking everyone out of their “business as usual” mindset so the ideas can flow.

Patent 10 Million Arrives Tomorrow. Will it be Yours?


We know some patent owners and law firms have friendly contests underway to see who gets closest to 10M without being under as a team-building exercise. by Matt Troyer, Director of Patent Analytics. David Isaacson, Sr. Director of Product Marketing. The USPTO is set to unveil utility patent number 10 million on June 19, 2018, along with its newly redesigned cover.

Innovation is too easy

Jeffrey Phillips

Corporations assign teams without skills or experience, rapidly conduct "brainstorming" exercises based primarily on current opinion or past experience and move as quickly as possible to present a small handful of ideas to a wary executive team. Third, as the product development and commercialization teams get burned by inadequate or poor concepts from the innovation activities, these teams downplay and "back burner" new concepts and focus on existing products.

11 Effective Workplace Hacks To Ensure Employee Motivation Is At An All Time High

The Human Factor

Flexible schedules encourage a better work/life balance, and your team will often work harder when they are at work as they feel they are being treated fairly. These rewards don’t need to be complicated, but they can make a huge difference to the performance of your team! Arrange Team Building Exercises. Team building exercises can be a lot of fun and help your team to understand one another better. Have A Space Your Team Can Relax.

Driving Open Innovation Through a Culture of Collaboration


Look for ways in which the old culture is codified in policies and procedures, or reflected in everything from team building exercises to corporate retreats, and change them to reflect a collaboration culture. Open Innovation is the grounded in the belief that great ideas can come from any source and an organization’s internal expertise will transform those ideas into market value.

Innovation SOP: How Chief Innovation Officers Can Develop Trust Between Work Teams


Breaking down barriers and building trust is vital for free-flowing innovation and process improvement. As many Chief Innovation Officers have discovered, however, forging positive bonds between individuals and teams is not as easy as it sounds. In the course of our experience running idea management platform software for scores of enterprises, we’ve found that there are five main challenges that face CINOs in increasing collaboration between work teams.

Team Players: Subtle Ways To Boost Employee “Togetherness”

The Human Factor

Employee outings don’t have to be the traditional methods of team-building exercises. The post Team Players: Subtle Ways To Boost Employee “Togetherness” appeared first on The Human Factor. Contributed post –. source. We hear so much about the notion of company culture. When we’re growing a business, we need our employees to be actively engaged so they can work their best but also feel happy in the office environment.

Master The Art Of Being A Good Boss

The Human Factor

To master the art of being a good boss, you need to be willing to put yourself in your team’s shoes and empathize with them. Instead, chat with your team, have conversations about things other than work and enjoy getting to know them. Send out a weekly email to celebrate your team’s successes and name check those individuals who have performed well that week. This more modern decor will allow your team to enjoy coming into work in the morning. Contributed post –.

Strengthen 5 Dimensions of Your Culture for Innovation, Recovery and Resurgence

Values Centered Innovation

He wanted his executive team to experience what it means to “manage” the risks it took to maintain industry leadership. So he had them join in a set of team building exercises – one of which involved climbing a 30’ pole with a safety harness on, and then standing on a 12” disk at the very top (with nothing to hold on to!). . People are uplifting, with good character: Build the self-awareness, self-esteem, values, skill, and confidence for being innovative.

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Transforming workplace culture with your innovation management program


At a high-level, what we’re talking about is building organizations where employees are productive, personally fulfilled and able to respond adaptively to the dynamic work environment of a 21 st century organization. When it comes to Innovation Management, there are two key concepts, “Autonomy Support” and “Job Crafting” that you can think of as building blocks of workplace well-being. Building Autonomy Supporting Environments.

Motivation of remote teams: 9 essential tips that every leader should know


That is why more and more leaders are looking for ways to motivate remote teams. Leadership that acts as if it were in a traditional work environment is very demotivating for remote teams. It is important to exercise a decentralization of power and focus on goals and well-organized deliveries. Also, everyone has different communication styles so it’s important to talk to your team members and set up some general principles. Difficulties in feeling part of a team.

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Strategic Planning Activities – Preparing Mini-Plans for Uncertainty


With the immediacy and flexibility imperative for success in challenging situations, brief plans tied to specific trigger events or event-based outcomes provide the ability to make decisions almost as a football team builds and executes a game plan. While a football team has an expectation of running certain plays to start a game or in specific situations, the team has command of a larger number of plays (or mini-plans).

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Unexpected Business Decisions

The Human Factor

Your team will respect you more for it as well, seeing the boss walking around helping with the ‘real’ work can be pretty inspiring and motivating too. It’s always good to know you’re part of a team that pulls together in adversity! If you have an important meeting with a new client, it’s best to get your suit jacket out, but if it’s a Friday and you have a team-building exercise, it’s possibly ok to go with something a little less formal. contributed post –.

6 ways to grow your curiosity

Rmukesh Gupta

Holding a curious mindset is a great starting point when you’re leading your team or organization. Your team won’t either. And how can you help your teams build this ability? Share this with all your team mates. Even if this is done just as an exercise in thinking, we are better off doing this for every project and every challenge that we set out to solve or resolve.

Nine Ways to Play at Work

Gregg Fraley

An emerging trend in busines s is using improvisation games as the basis for team building and problem solving. If you have a team that gets what you’re doing, do it. Or, just use a game from the Improv playbook as a way to warm up the group and get the team having fun. These nine items and the stories and hands-on exercises are meaningful fun. Nine Ways to Play At Work (see list below).

Key Motivational Ideas For Your Team

The Human Factor

Motivation is a key building block for success in an office setting and if you want to find success in your work place this year you will need to motivate everyone in your team effortlessly. Today we want to share some of the best tips we have for motivating your team this year. Let’s say you have a sales team. Giving your workers a sense of freedom is something which is crucial for you and it will allow you to work with a much happier team. image source.

Are Design Patterns an Anti-pattern?

Boxes and Arrows

As a user experience group manager and an observer (and sponsor) of design pattern exercises, I’ve come to have serious questions about their actual utility. Should your team invest time in making a pattern library as a training tool, or just change the way they work? “ Should your team invest time in making a pattern library as a training tool, or just hire more experienced staff? Build off of the current running projects.

When innovation led to a reversal of fortunes


The disruption rebels even meet in Spain for a week-long team building exercise and brainstorming, concluding it with a 24-hour hackathon of designers, programmers, business managers, Lego geniuses, and more. In place of the static gaming experiences XBOX and PS offered, the joystick feature of Wii ensured that the players would get some exercise too! The term innovation has been much bandied about this decade.