Marketers Must Learn to Anticipate Content Trends

Daniel Burrus

Once mobile technology became popular, it didn’t take long for that age group to be on the move. As technology-driven change changes direction, it is easier, and far more profitable, to change direction with it. “It’s Technology will continue to grow.

Blockchain: Distributed Shared Ledger Technology in Banking


Over 90% of the world’s leading banks are either exploring, experimenting (PoCs), or formulating a strategy for leveraging blockchain technology, says an Accenture survey. Guarantees the integrity of the process and upholds coded guidelines.

10 Technology Driven Hard Trends Shaping 2016

Daniel Burrus

Technology has become everyone’s business as we enter the next stage of this digital transformation where even your next toaster or refrigerator will connect to the Internet. In this article, I’ll highlight ten technology-driven Hard Trends that I would like you to spend time thinking about and better yet, act on. Technology has become everyone’s business as we enter the next stage of digital transformation.

The Arrival and Potential of Knowledge Graphs into Our World

Paul Hobcraft

Most of what I have read and researched gives detailed explanations of how they work and throws around all the different jargon, protocols such as the need to understand the important semantic technologies, concepts, and methods like RDF, URI, SPARQL, SKOS, and OWL.

Blockchain Is A Disruption and An Opportunity

Daniel Burrus

As it happens, the enabling technology with which Bitcoin transactions are handled has gained far more traction. The rapidly evolving technology of blockchains represents a Hard Trend that will continue to grow.

WYOD: Is Your Organization Ready?

Daniel Burrus

Too many business leaders today are assuming that wearable technology is too new—and that it doesn’t pose a serious threat now. Sales in wearable technology, including smart watches, smart wristbands, and mush more is exploding.

What Are The Key Success Factors For Applying Innovation In An Organization?


Most importantly, there are general guidelines which any organization can apply. Willingness to replace legacy technology. How do you put creativity to work? How do you implement it so it delivers innovation? What does a culture of innovation look like?

Innovation Fear


Fortunately, it is easy to manage this problem by posting a provocative challenge statement and offering some guidelines that define what sorts of ideas you’re looking for.

What’s New in Corporate Innovation – Dec 18, 2017


In this piece, McKinsey consultants summarize the findings from a research study into corporate adoption of IoT technologies. He also suggests that by reading, getting to know the experts in your field and how they work, coupled with playing around with new trends, approaches and technologies. This article discusses the need to put the citizens, rather than the technology, at the core of the requisite changes. What’s New in Corporate Innovation – Dec 18, 2017.

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Be Innovative if You Want to Drive Innovation


This makes sense since innovation methodologies are often the result of extensive research and testing and provide important guidelines for implementation and operations. It’s influenced by everything from adoption rates of technologies to things like terminology and shifting corporate goals.

Sales Summit 2018: Get the Buy-In

Innovation 360 Group

We will focus on sales tactics and guidelines that will give you an advantage when getting clients and organizations interested in buying into and creating Innovation Management Systems. Join our innovation movement and solve grand challenges.

Why We Are Entering A New Innovation Era.

Paul Hobcraft

As new digital technology dawns for innovation. It develops a deeper understanding of all the critical enablers around innovation through the leadership engagement that can then ‘cascade’ throughout the organization to align the innovation activity to these guidelines and ideas.

The Top Reasons We Fail to Achieve Our Creative Goals (And How to Stop It Happening to You)

Idea to Value

As new technology becomes available, trends change, or new ideas come to light, you may need to alter your approach. By referring to the guidelines above, you can make an immediate difference to your ability to succeed.

#CyberAware for Small to Medium Sized Business: Cybersecurity is More Than Compliance


Most recently, the government has passed into law Bill S.770 “To require the Director of the National Institute of Standards and Technology to disseminate guidance to help reduce small business cybersecurity risks….” 5: Accept the Limits of Technology and Become People-Centric.

Mobile Device Management Tips

The Human Factor

Technology is a big part of what makes a business great and it is also something which can be confusing at times to manage. It is important if you will be providing a business phone to your employees that you make sure that you have guidelines in place. Contributed post –. image source.

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Application of advanced analytics and machine learning in the banking industry


Banks have always been custodian of customer data, but they lack the technological and analytical capability to derive value from the data. Hence, leveraging banking data is no longer an ambitious technology project; it is a business imperative.

Applying the Three Horizon Thinking to a Fresh Perspective of Innovation Design

Paul Hobcraft

Using the 3H you have to have a ‘reasonable’ framing intent, those essential guidelines that can provide “ the Wireframe “ (a concept taken from thinking about a UX backbone) for establishing the basic design and activity process.

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Innovation Ventures: Separation vs. Integration

Integrative Innovation

In many organizations, no appropriate guidelines for this issue have been given up to now, although this poses a necessary condition to dual, integrative innovation success.

Achieving Innovations Capability Coherence

Paul Hobcraft

This is often not the fault of the innovator happily working away with no specific guidelines, apart from the general remit of “we need to be more innovative”, it lies in the boardroom not communicating the board’s needs clearly enough down the organization.

Digital Transformation: The Why, What & How For Transformational Leaders…

The Future Shapers

Furthermore, they understand that information technology is not the solution alone – instead, they think about the purpose, power and politics that go with the new technologies. Employers will want creative people who can apply the technology in new innovative ways.

Agile 80

The Office of "How" - not "No"

Michael Roberto

In the interview, Cappellanti-Wolf talked about making the transition to a technology firm (having worked at Disney and Frito-Lay previously). She notes: I had a couple of interviews where I was told, “You don’t have a technology background.” We have to give some autonomy to our people and trust them to make good decisions, given appropriate guidelines, training, and mentorship.

How to Protect the Assets in Your Business

The Human Factor

Put adequate measures in place to make sure that your competitors are not able to take advantage of your investment and your technology. If you are not able to comply with industry guidelines, government regulations, or legal parameters, you will quite likely find yourself quickly in trouble.

3 Ingredients Every Innovation Management Software Should Have…and Why

Planview Spigit

In the wake of new technological advances in pretty much every industry, a growing number companies have identified a new way to surface new opportunities for driving both business and societal value.

UI Pattern Documentation Review

Boxes and Arrows

The problem To date, the most common approach to propagating a single user experience standard is the development of UI guidelines and principles documentation within an organization. The first issue is ensuring developers are familiar with all the principles and guidelines.

New Humanism


They include: Pinnacle Technologies – A medical tissue bank that gives people longer, more productive lives. Infusionsoft – A technology firm that empowers entrepreneurs and enables small businesses.

How a Strategic Planning Process Impacts Communication Options


We worked with a client to facilitate an information technology strategy vision. The written format can concentrate on providing guidelines to operationalize implementation activities.

Embracing open banking and API ecosystem


In the series regulatory reforms accelerating open banking (referred to as Unified Payment Interface in India), the RBI has permitted the transfer of money between mobile wallets and has released the guidelines on interoperability between wallets.

Deeper read or quick summary? Depends on the time we have.

Paul Hobcraft

The sheer acceleration and changes in technology, customer desires and the need to build ecosystems is making the Business Model far more important to focus on than product and service innovations. We finish this with five guidelines for transformation on the edge.

Leveraging Organizational Identity to Foster Growth

Daniel Burrus

Rather, a corporate identity conveys value to consumers while also providing useful guidelines that drive both corporate and individual employees’ actions. Legacy hardware and software and other sorts of aging technology not only frustrate those trying to do their jobs, they may also compromise your security (older versions often can’t take advantage of the most current and effective security solutions).

3 Ingredients Every Innovation Management Software Should Have…And Why

Planview Spigit

In the wake of new technological advances in pretty much every industry, a growing number companies have identified a new way to surface new opportunities for driving both business and societal value.

15 Expectations for Servant Leadership


But if not for the blog, it would live in a file somewhere with no way to effectively retrieve it, even though it still holds up all these years later as a guideline for servant leadership and solid business behavior. Embracing technology and using it to further profitable revenue.

So Are You Thinking Crowdsourcing?

Paul Hobcraft

They are working constantly on rules, language, technology, outreach, listening, content provision and focus intent, through a robust platform and analytical ability. this source: [link].

So Are You Thinking Crowdsourcing?

Paul Hobcraft

They are working constantly on rules, language, technology, outreach, listening, content provision and focus intent, through a robust platform and analytical ability. this source: [link].

Finding the Advantage in Regulation

Daniel Burrus

Thanks to the increasing speed of transformational changes driven by exponential technologies, new legislation and regulation will be needed. Will we see increasing regulations around rapidly growing technologies such as autonomous vehicles and drones? By anticipating both problems and opportunities from new government guidelines—and from there, identifying ways to leverage those new rules—you can be a government regulation disruptor rather than just the disrupted.

Corporate Survival Book – The Importance of Innovation

Robert Brands

Even in this age of technological advancements and startup culture, real innovation is a rare thing to find. For more in-depth guidelines on how to promote innovation in your business, refer to Robert’s Rules of Innovation.

Occupying Terra Incognita: How Governments can shape the Future

The Future Shapers

With vast expanses of white spaces representing the terra incognita (the unknown lands existing beyond documented coastlines,) cartographers were forced to go beyond the strict guidelines of map-making and represent the ‘great unknown’. We can choose to be passive in the face of technological change, governing without acknowledging or adapting to the new world in which citizens live.

Keep the Kitchen Cabinets from Overflowing

Boxes and Arrows

I’d start with a few guidelines from Heather Hedden’s “Accidental Taxonomist” 4 (pg. Specific guidelines for handling feedback and change schedules. Then, using Mike Doane’s top ten guidelines 5 , you’d be able to build a solid starter document for taxonomy governance. If an organization doesn’t have a taxonomy in place already, having fully-decked out guidelines at the start is a sign of the taxonomy falling flat on its side.

Network Operating Model: How To Design, Build & Embed An Agile Operating Platform Geared For Mounting Complexity & Rapid Change…

The Future Shapers

But, with business changing quickly and technology even faster, the traditional organisational structures and processes are no longer capable of responding to a world of mounting complexity, rapid change and ambiguity. It’s Not The Technology Holding Us Back. Setting The Scene.

Agile 62

Gray Space: How to Develop Valuable Ideas and Get Them Across the Finish Line

Planview Spigit

You’re not locking these decisions in, but rather providing some guidelines or initial assumptions for how the idea will take shape. One way of streamlining and tracking progress throughout this process is to take advantage of technology. Ideating and selecting winning ideas – ideas deemed worthy of further development – is half the battle when it comes to crowdsourced innovation.

World Open Innovation Conference 2015: Final Program

Open Innovation

The #WOIC2015 program has been finalized, with last minute changes in titles and (alas) a few last-minute cancellations. Never having done this before, we (Marcel Bogers, Solomon Darwin and I) now have great sympathy for those that do this every year. Attached is the PDF we will be distributing, and below is an HTML version of the academic program.

Trusting the Process

Boxes and Arrows

The project goal was to identify process and technology challenges that negatively impacted the R&D personnel, then to recommend ways to address those concerns. In this case, the goal of the project was to craft a content strategy and governance model for a client’s technology help platform. I am a firm believer that success starts with the statement of work (SOW).

Identifying Opportunities for Disruptive Innovation


Netflix and Dollar Shave addressed a rising demand for more convenience, leveraged developments in technology and solved a consumer problem: the frustration of paying more than is needed.

An Open Letter to Project Managers

Boxes and Arrows

When you asked me to apply standard guidelines and industry best practices, you are asking me to ignore what users have to say and to treat them like everyone else. Standards and guidelines abound, but not all of them apply. If a particular technology is incompatible, we can modify it or find an alternative. Dear Project Managers, It has been a very enjoyable experience working with everyone over the last couple of months and sharing our ideas on UX design.