Assess Your Innovation Program

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Such disruption, impacting companies regardless of industry, is fueling the sense of urgency behind innovation. Either your organization is innovating or it’s getting swallowed up by the competition. That’s why having an effective innovation program is so important to stay afloat. The challenge for many program leaders and their innovation programs comes down to their level of involvement in the idea implementation process.

4 Ways to Breathe New Life into Your Innovation Program

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You’ve done the groundwork for creating a successful innovation program. You’ve learned what mistakes to avoid , and even moved forward with adopting innovation management software like Spigit to enable innovation in a way that’s valuable and repeatable.

How Innovation Management Contributes to The Success of Digital Transformation


Innovation management is one of the crucial contributors to digital transformation, along with a few other factors. Digital innovation is driving increasing interconnection, giving unprecedented access to capabilities, resources and talent on a global scale.

Why do innovation programs fail


It is the failure to innovate that led to its “demise.”. In other words, it is because sometimes innovation strategies fail to produce products/ services that the customers want. Which brings us to the question, “Why do innovation programs fail?”. Programme manager.

11 Proven Ways to Turn Your Culture into a Culture of Innovation

a Culture of Innovation 2 // 19Spigit: 11 Proven Ways to Turn Your Existing Culture Into a Culture of Innovation 1 2 94% of senior executives in a research study by McKinsey said. innovation. innovation to build a culture of. innovation. sustainable innovation and.

Gartner: Innovation Management Software Nearing Mainstream Adoption

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Awesome new ideas are what make an innovation program…well, an innovation program. According to the people who spend their time researching this sort of thing, the importance of ‘managing innovation initiatives systematically’ (i.e.,

6 Steps to Getting Executive Buy-In for a Crowdsourced Innovation Program

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Engaging the “crowd” at scale in your innovation initiative has been proven to fundamentally transform companies. The advantages of crowdsourced innovation can’t be ignored. But what’s the secret to creating and sustaining a successful innovation program?

Enterprise Innovation Management Research Report


CIMdata Publishes Enterprise Innovation Management Solutions Landscape — Connecting the Dots. eZassi Participates in CIMdata’s Enterprise Innovation Management Solutions Landscape Report Findings. Interviewing Innovation Executives. Idea Management.

Crowdsourced Innovation Management Survey: Participate in Valuable Industry Research

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If you are reading this blog, you know that ideation and engaging the power of the crowd is at the heart of any innovation program. Planview Spigit is conducting the fourth annual State of Crowdsourced Innovation Management survey and study. The purpose of the survey is to gather data that highlights industry insights around ideation and crowdsourced innovation programs. The 2018 State of Crowdsourced Innovation Findings.

Use This Template as a Calendar for Innovation


One of the reasons why so many crowdsourced innovation programs struggle is because it is difficult for innovators to gather, process, select and implement ideas on a continuous basis. Strategies calendar idea management Ideation innovation planning template

How to Launch an Effective Innovation Program

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Innovation is much more than just ideation. To be an innovator, your organization needs to build on the new and novel ideas you generate to realize their expected benefits. Rapid, iterative experimentation and monetization – the often overlooked ‘back-end of innovation’ – can help you convert interesting concepts into useful innovations. Just as a startup goes through different stages of growth, we’ve observed innovation programs do the same.

Data From 3.5 Million Employees Shows How Innovation Really Works

INNOVATION Data From 3.5 Million Employees Shows How Innovation Really Works by Dylan Minor, Paul Brook, and Josh Bernoff OCTOBER 09, 2017 UPDATED OCTOBER 09, 2017 JUAN DÍAZ-FAES FOR HBR Sales and marketing were once disciplines ruled by emotions. ect ideation, we identi?ed

Capgemini Report on Innovation Centers: Top 5 Takeaways

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Innovation has never been as misunderstood, challenging, expensive, or transformative as it is today. Here are our top 5 takeaways on innovation centers from a recent report released by Capgemini. Innovation Labs Can Inspire New Ideas.

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Crowdsourcing Innovation: 4 Steps to Success

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Recently, Spigit CTO James Gardner shared some of his expert tips on using crowdsourcing software to build your innovation pipeline. But according to Gardner, you should be wary of staunching the flow too soon — especially if backing off on ideation is a result of feeling overwhelmed. Innovation is so often tied to never-before-seen ideas and inventions that it can be difficult to pull back from the grand picture and look for ways to innovate on a smaller scale.

Inspire Innovation with Our Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

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Are you an idea champion, ready to inspire innovation in your company? Do you love it when the things you care about (like ideation and presents) come together as one? Try these stellar innovation books, all under $20.

How to Build Careers with Innovation


There are a number of ways that participating in or administrating an innovation program can help build your career. If you’re wondering how to build careers with innovation, look to these three IdeaScale examples. How else has innovation built the careers of others?

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Innovation Fear


So we wanted to take a moment to talk about some common innovation fear that we see from first time innovators. It’s true that a poorly managed ideation community probably won’t generate the quality ideas that you’re looking for to propel your business or agency forward.

Top 10 Innovation Links of the Week: 12.4.15

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Welcome to Spigit’s weekly roundup of innovation links, where we feature a carefully curated selection of our favorite content on innovation, crowdsourcing, and more from around the web. Lean Innovation Management – Making Corporate Innovation Work.

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IM Award Lessons: Know Your Innovation Audience


This year, Amway won the Innovation Management award for best innovation engagement strategy. So we asked Amway a few questions about their program and here’s what they had to say: IdeaScale : Why is innovation vital to your organization?

Why Aren’t You Crowdsourcing?


Last year Gartner published an article entitled “ The 5 Most Effective, Least Used Digital Innovation Hacks ” which listed crowdsourcing, differentiated funding, differentiated metrics, startup innovation, and formal innovation management.

Top 10 Innovation Links for the Week of 1.8.16

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Welcome to the first 2016 weekly roundup of innovation links, where we feature a carefully curated selection of our favorite content on innovation, crowdsourcing, and more from around the web. A New Blueprint for Collaborative Innovation. TEDx Berkeley: The Art of Innovation.

Successful Innovation Means Finding Time to Make Decisions


Let’s not kid ourselves: being the project manager of an idea management process is a tough job and one that requires time, passion, consistency, and dedication. At the same time, for most project managers, idea management is probably not their full time job or primary responsibility. The ROI might not even show an immediate payoff—but when a project manager does a good job, the results are worthwhile for the organization. Innovation Program Engagement

Imaginatik Releases Innovation Central Spring 2018 to Drive Front-Line Engagement


New mobile experience makes ideation easy for employees across the enterprise. Innovation leaders understand the importance of engaging employees throughout the enterprise. Most employees are very busy – running programs, fighting fires, and delivering results every day.

5 Big Problems in Organized Innovation


When someone embeds a dedicated innovation group at their company or organization, there are several different approaches to managing research and idea stewardship and numerous problems to be solved. What problems are you solving using innovation management software?

Beyond Flavor of the Month: Managing Idea Challenges as a Repeatable Program


Though they often deliver some success, organizations often struggle to take the challenge beyond the initial project, and into a complete innovation program. Innovation management software can help you automate all of these to make your life easier.

How to setup an ‘innovation team’


To become really innovative, your company needs a special culture, a new mindset across all levels, disciplines, and functions. As a leader, you need to introduce and promote a solid innovation framework, which will gradually become part of the normal, day-to-day business.

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Crowdsourcing Case Study: Polaris Industries

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We’re proud to have an innovative culture. Planview Spigit lets us give employees an opportunity to create the next big thing.” – Joe Laurin, Visioneering Manager, Polaris Industries . Through their Ideate Innovation program, which the team uses to surface and develop ideas and turn them into award-winning products. But the company’s existing “innovation” process was entirely manual, making progress fragmented, expensive, time-consuming, and siloed.

4 Myths About Crowdsourcing Innovation

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You might have heard that crowdsourcing innovation is really hard to manage. Or that the business value won’t show itself right away, so it’s not worth the time and effort it takes to start a crowd-based innovation program. Innovations Only Come from Product Experts.

Lessons Learned About Innovation Communications from the City of Calgary


If you’ve been following IdeaScale’s Innovation Management Awards , you know that this year saw some really thrilling innovation come from some unexpected places. In this case, the City of Calgary was a leader in generating engagement with their innovation program.

The role of hackathon in the process of innovation


Companies such as Facebook and Cognizant use hackathons as tools for sustained innovation. Even smaller companies with a shoestring budget for innovation find hackathons as a safe and promising bet. Process of Innovation. Let’s take a typical innovation process for example.

9 Ways to Engage Your Crowd

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As an innovation practitioner, ensuring that program leaders can motivate people to participate in their innovation programs is something I spend quite a lot of time thinking about.

How to enable inclusive innovation


The innovation system would meet the needs of every person. Inadequacy or inaccessibility should not constrain people’s innovative ability. What is inclusive innovation? Here, the excluded groups are both producers and customers of innovations. Innovation Management

innovationHUB 2018 places innovation at the center of corporate and social innovation


Main points: – innovationHUB 2018 highlighted the central importance of innovating with clients and analyzed the state of innovation in Spain with COTEC and Fundación I+E. When market players are included, resources are gained for innovation” , Marrón highlighted in this respect.

Rules of enterprise innovation


We know from our history that while promotions may win quarters, innovation wins decades.”. But for an innovation program to be efficient and successful, there are certain guidelines or best practices an organization needs to abide by. Embrace Open Innovation.

Employee Engagement Propels Innovation

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Most companies will agree that innovation is critical to sustaining growth and remaining competitive. Creating a culture of innovation is seen by most business leaders as the number one way to drive innovation for the business.

Taking a Risk on Vulnerability: 4 Ways to Create an Idea Sharing Culture at Work


Recently I’ve been reading a lot of Brene Brown, psychiatrist and vulnerability specialist, and was struck by a statement in Daring Greatly from renowned business leader Pete Sheahan: “The secret killer of innovation is shame”. Risk aversion kills innovation.“. Putting this structure around innovation lessens the risk of sharing because it provides the opportunity for people to address all of your criteria up front. Culture Innovation Management

Common Innovation Pitfalls


Recently, IdeaScale’s own Jeff Wong wrote about how he knows first-time innovators will be successful. Here are a handful of common mistakes I see first-time innovators making. A successful innovation effort requires a well-thought-out, cradle-to-grave communications plan.

Sincerely Sima: Finding Time for Innovation


Don’t have time for innovation? This third entry in the “Sincerely Sima” Innovation Q&A series provides some tips for fitting innovation into your schedule, whether you’re an employee participating in an innovation program, a manager who’s leading one or a senior leader who’s tracking and expecting results. Dear Sima, we want to be a more innovative company but find that the biggest roadblock to that is time. Innovation Management

The Importance of Decision


Implementation is a challenge shared by all innovation managers. For the first item, our goal is to make decisions that are accepted by all the key stakeholders and are consistent with the goals of your crowdsourcing or innovation program or the goals of your organization overall.

IM Award Lessons: Rapidly Iterating on Promising Ideas


This year, QED won the Innovation Management award for best innovation realized. So we asked QED a few questions about their program and here’s what they had to say: IdeaScale : Why is innovation vital to your organization?

Corporate Innovation – How To Overcome Unique Challenges


The biggest challenges in corporate innovation and how to navigate them. Corporate innovation is hard. More and more, we’re seeing innovation programs close their doors after only a few years, with few senior leaders in the organization recognizing any real value from their efforts.

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Silvia Heras (Zurich Insurance): “With ‘Imagina’ we have placed all employees on the same level”


That is the aim of ‘ From employees to customers’ , the corporate innovation program that Zurich Insurance has launched in its Spanish division as a pilot experience to create a culture of open collaboration throughout the company.

Winning Ideas and Beyond: 4 Steps to Effective Product Concept Development Workshops

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Are you utilizing concept development workshops as part of your ideation processes? So, you just ran an innovation challenge, captured ideas—some good, some not—and selected the ideas you believe will immediately impact your business. Innovation