The Industry 4.0 Advantage

Daniel Burrus

This visceral image of “industry” being gritty and exclusively blue-collar is true to some degree, but when “4.0” advanced automation and robotics, 3D printing, and other industrial Internet of Things (IoT) advancements often replace mundane tasks in manufacturing, Industry 4.0 Industry 1.0 Manufacturing in every industry has evolved as four distinct industrial revolutions since the 1800s. The current industrial revolution is Industry 4.0,

Consulting Industry Being Attacked on Three Sides

Braden Kelley

Killing Zombie Projects


Killing Zombie Projects By Nick Milanovich, PhD, Director Bio: Nick is a rare combination of scientist, speaker, and presentation coach with a head for marketing and sales. His distinguished career in science and R&D has exposed him to a wealth of fields and industries, from quantum mechanics to aerospace software and consumer products. The post Killing Zombie Projects appeared first on Xinova.

The most common innovation project failures

RTI Innovation Advisors

No, the reasons that corporate innovation fails are many and varied, almost as differentiated as the number of industries and business models and management styles that are in evidence. I had the opportunity to speak to a leadership team that is considering building an innovation capability in their business. I was asked a question I get infrequently, but one I enjoy answering. The question is: what keeps businesses from innovating effectively?

Quantifying a Culture of Innovation

ideation projects), engagement (more. We saw the same patterns across multiple industries, from. employee base of 77,000 employees represents a wealth of industry. business in ideation projects decrease their idea concentration, which increases the number of ideas accepted.

The Packaging Industry is Massive, and It’s About to Be Disrupted


This article is one in a series I’m calling Everything Transformed that highlights the various technologies disrupting just about every industry on the planet – and today’s focus is packaging. That’s not surprising given the packaging and packaging materials industry is expected to exceed $1.3 If any industry must live and die by the mantra “disrupt or be disrupted,” it’s packaging. Transforming the packaging industry isn’t just about start-ups.

Growkomp project yields a promising model for regional transformation projects

Innovation 360 Group

The industry is a job engine, particularly for businesses in the Småland region. This ambitious development project was launched in 2016 with 8.2 The project has some exciting implications for how regional transformation projects can be structured and managed for maximum impact.

The Case for Ambiguity – How to Set Your IT Project Up For Success


However, that is exactly what happens to an overwhelming number of leaders on a regular basis with their technology projects. A McKinsey-Oxford study found that large IT projects go over-budget 45% of the time, over-schedule 7% of the time, and under-deliver 56% of the time¹.

Optimism in Innovation, Thinking About Risk Differently

Paul Hobcraft

This specific one had an opening theme in innovation being described in more revolutionary terms such as the fourth industrial revolution, the second machine age, the cognitive age and these are adding more pressure to innovate or search for “greater innovation.

Consulting Industry Caught in the Crossfire

Innovation Excellence

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Keep Project Delay From Turning Into Project Failure


When a big project goes off the rails, it can turn into an acrimonious fight, with lots of finger-pointing and accusations lobbed from all directions. And if the project is big enough, the press may even shine a spotlight on that trouble. Analytics Product Management Project Managemen

Capturing and supporting innovation in the building industry

Innovation Excellence

Whilst the construction industry is not one that is renowned for being particularly innovative, there are in fact a number of fascinating technologies emerging in the sector. Competitions Industry Innovation Open Innovation building construction

10 Characteristics of Great Project Brief’s

Rmukesh Gupta

One of the first things that we need to start a project is a project proposal or a brief. I think that what is applicable to advertising agencies and brands is as applicable to all of us who want to start a project and work with a team.

A Project Management Methodology Evolving: Agile EVM


Project management methodologies are very rarely one size fits all for every project. Program managers often must customize methodologies to suit their needs, occasionally even blending methodologies to satisfy all project and stakeholder requirements.

The Hospitality Industry and its quest for innovation

The Future Shapers

Innovation is at the top of mind of most senior management executives across industries- be it healthcare, banking, insurance or retail. While it is vociferously debated in corporate boardrooms and companies have aligned deliverables to be met on a quarterly basis with most industries we associate digital transformation with, there are a number of others which are surprisingly slow in the adoption curve.

The Evolution Of Project Management — Trends For 2018


Increasing productivity is an ever-present goal for project managers, and the evolution of the project management discipline is positioning PMs for success. Managing the performance of a project is one of the biggest challenges project managers face.

Leveraging talent in the fourth industrial revolution


The world is now entering the third wave of digital innovation, levelling up out of the internet & connectivity era into what the World Economic Forum is calling the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”.

How Can You Use Innovation to Become an Industry Leader?

Destination Innovation

This will allow you to focus on growth, instead of fighting to stay relevant as industries evolve. When you are running a large organization, it can be difficult to track the progress and potential
of each employee and make sure that they are matched up with the right projects. You have to rely on project managers to put together dream teams, and make sure that everyone feels comfort- able sharing ideas in a corporate hierarchy where it can feel intimidating to make suggestions.

Earned Value Management Improves Project Performance. Here’s How.


Part of a program manager’s role is to constantly seek ways to improve project performance. Is there a better way to manage this project?”. Program managers can quickly become overwhelmed with project improvement plans. Accurate Project Performance Measurement.

Bridging Your Skills Gaps With Project Management Software


The people within your project can make or break your success. The best team players can still ruin a project, however, if they lack the right skills to get the job done. These tools can also help evaluate gaps mid-project and prevent future problems. Before You Begin a Project.

Too Many Experts Can Hurt Your Innovation Projects

The Inovo Group

Any less and the company will lose sight of what its customers need; any more and the group will tend to converge on old ideas … Industry insiders are invaluable, but so are outsiders who can see industry challenges and opportunities with fresh eyes.”.

How Integrating EVM and Risk Management May Provide Better Project Control


One of the biggest challenges for a program manager is to maintain control of projects. Scope creep, overspending, missed deadlines and lack of communication are all common pitfalls to project completion. It helps managers keep project changes within the scope of a project.

Technology Is Rebuilding the Construction Industry

Daniel Burrus

The construction industry is notoriously slow when it comes to adopting and utilizing technological solutions. However, Google’s Project Tango could be about to change all that if its self-3D mapping software becomes impossible to ignore, as expected. Our thirst for faster and more accurate data is increasingly leading all industries to finally reach the eureka moment of how digital technology can and will revolutionize their industry.

An Open Letter to Project Managers

Boxes and Arrows

Dear Project Managers, It has been a very enjoyable experience working with everyone over the last couple of months and sharing our ideas on UX design. When you asked me to apply standard guidelines and industry best practices, you are asking me to ignore what users have to say and to treat them like everyone else.

Improve Your Project Management Systems With the Five Levels of Maturity


The success of project management strategies within an organization can be measured in five stages of maturity. Even companies that seem to hit their deadlines and complete projects on budget can lack maturity without the right management systems. Better Project Estimates.

In defense of industry-agnostic innovation management

David Marks

Are your assessments industry specific? ” Should I design the assessments to be industry specific taking account of the peculiarities of each industry, it’s unique pressures, opportunities and technology? There is clearly a need for industry specific innovation services.

The 5 Funding Traps of Corporate Innovation Projects | Collective Campus

Collective Campus

In an age where the time between disruptions is getting shorter and the exponential growth of technology threatens the upheaval of almost every industry, certainty is fast becoming a distant memory. Yet, when it comes to deciding which projects to invest in at most large organisations, we often rely on projections and estimates based on assumptions about the same uncertain future.

The Benefits of Incorporating Earned Value Management Into Your Project Management Approach


When it comes to making project decisions, the more data available, the better. For program managers, earned value management (EVM) provides data beyond that provided by traditional project portfolio management (PPM) methodologies, allowing program managers to make more informed decisions.

Application of advanced analytics and machine learning in the banking industry


Hence, leveraging banking data is no longer an ambitious technology project; it is a business imperative. The post Application of advanced analytics and machine learning in the banking industry appeared first on HackerEarth Blog.

7 innovative ideas that changed the retail industry


Retail industry has come a long way. Thankfully, retail industry is always on the go and looking into the future when it comes to new ideas, trends and innovations. Besides retail, this system is used in other important industries and areas of life.

Innovation and digital transformation of the healthcare industry


The lenses were projected to begin testing in 2016. Soon, the healthcare industry may see a needle-free solution for diabetes. The digital transformation of the healthcare industry has empowered patients greatly. Global healthcare spending is currently estimated at US$ 7.83

Scope Creep Fail Safes: Using PPM to Keep Your Projects On Time


Together, these minor changes can add up to a more stressful project and a weaker product. As projects become increasingly connected within companies and vendors, there are more opportunities for scope creep. Here’s how you can prevent this phenomenon and guard your projects against it.

Executives: We’re Not Ready for Industrial IoT Yet

BPI Thought Leadership Media Coverage

Lack of technical skills and analytics capabilities are seen as challenges to Industrial IoT projects although executives anticipate a range of benefits from their industrial IOT efforts

How to Get Buy-in for Your Innovation Project


Getting (and retaining ) buy-in from decision makers for innovation projects is often the stumbling block that many a corporate innovator and intrapreneur faces. Are there examples of similar organizations in the same industry successfully implementing these strategies (competitors maybe)?

How Corporations Can Manage New Ventures and University Projects as Extensions of their Advanced Product Development

Corporate Innovation

In this manner, companies are now more symbiotic with new ventures and university research projects than ever before. And finally, there is no mapping between the internal portfolio of innovation projects and the external portfolio of ventures and technologies.