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Designing at an Innovation Management Company


Here’s what I’ve learned about designing at an innovation management company so far. I’m outnumbered by sales reps, account managers, and overseas developers. Besides my manager, there aren’t team members I can easily turn to for feedback and guidance. — Being the only designer can be rough.

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All You Need to Know About Roadmapping in Innovation | ITONICS


One such technique is roadmapping, which can help broaden a culture of innovation and reap greater rewards. To ensure success and outpace competitors, companies must employ tools and techniques that reduce friction between concept & execution to help move seamlessly from now to next.

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Innovation Roadmaps – The What, Why and How


So, the visual communication responsibilities also extended from specialized roles to managers and professionals who need this additional skill to make sense of their work. So, next to the all-too-common charts and graphs, roadmaps have become a key tool in showcasing and guiding the journey of a business, product, or project.

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AI in Foresight & Innovation Management


However, how can one apply complex AI algorithms to steer innovation management in a company and add value to the business? Why AI in Foresight & Innovation Management. For many companies innovation is one of top priorities. AI-powered innovation management platform is a fit for this need.

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Getting Started with Innovation Management


What is Innovation Management? Innovation Management involves all activities that provide the right conditions for innovation to repeatedly deliver value for customers, competitive advantage and growth for the business as well as benefits for employees and all other stakeholders.

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Spotless: An Innovation Roadmap


Bridie Scott is an Innovation Manager at Spotless and she’s taken the business on a journey from a large-scale company with big goals to a company that is listening to and empowering all of their frontline employees in the innovation process. The post Spotless: An Innovation Roadmap appeared first on Innovation Management.

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The Forrester Wave™: Innovation Management Platforms, Q1 2020


Forrester Reveals The 13 Most Significant providers in Innovation Management “Wazoku has a differentiating vision for idea sharing and innovation collaboration.” Wazoku featured as one of the 13 Most Significant providers in Innovation Management in “The Forrester Wave : Innovation Management Platforms, Q1 2020”.