Adopting a Rapid Digital Innovation Process

Paul Hobcraft

Often our innovation activities face the same dilemma. Innovation needs time, it needs evolution and resolution but also speeding up. The need for innovation results has sped up considerably. The belief that lean management principles will get the innovation out of the door quicker, has been one of those management adoptions that often trick us into believing we are achieving more than we actually are. Designing the complete rapid innovation application process.

The Energy Transition Needs A Structured Innovation Process

Paul Hobcraft

For that, we require ingenuity in our abilities to break through present seemingly difficult barriers in technologies, and this calls for breakthrough innovation. The “baseline” of 80% reductions by 2050 is the minimum target, but that requires nearly the same amount of ingenuity in new technology, with the possible “lag” to 100% as likely to be more to do with scale and deployment. The importance of innovation is across the board.

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Podcast S4E81: John Carter – Overcoming the hurdles of designing new technology

Idea to Value

We discuss how challenging it is to develop completely new technology, the difficulty in describing its value and marketing it, and getting buy in for innovation processes in your company. 00:04:00 – The challenges were not just technical, but in convincing marketing and distribution channels to create a new product category. 00:08:00 – Innovation is not a team sport, it is usually done by one or two people.

Digital technology is changing the innovation ‘game’

Paul Hobcraft

Digital technologies are beginning to have a real impact on the methods, approaches, and rates of our innovation outputs. Social technologies are giving us real-time understanding. We need to get closer to ‘real-time’ This reliance on rapidly out-of-date understanding cannot be the basis for any justifications for high-stake bets when it comes to innovation. Competition is changing, markets are blurring and customers are becoming far more vocal.

Measuring Innovation Performance

Measuring innovation performance Our innovation campaigns prove that there is a way to. measure innovation performance. Innovation-active ?rms Along with balancing the innovation. aside as innovation spend. to measure innovativeness, a task that was once considered next to impossible. For example, if an innovative process (say automation) can save time and money and. Innovation is di?cult to market. innovation.

Digital Technology MoshPit

Gregg Fraley

New Service Offering for Digital Technology Innovation. Discover Ideas for Long Term and Tactical Innovation Projects. Chicago, IL, August 1, 2018 — The MoshPit Innovation Service is an innovation project discovery service marketed by GFi (Gregg Fraley Innovation). It’s designed to uncover unlikely, but useful, combinations of technologies, products, services, trends, and insights that lead to breakthrough innovation.

Technology leads, innovation exploitation is lagging

Paul Hobcraft

There is a growing, perhaps even an overwhelming business case, for transforming the innovation management structure. The new combination is the new connections through people and things (IoT) that we can achieve a new innovation potential. We will obtain increasing more powerful insights that have the real potential of being turned into new innovation outcomes, through the connected businesses we are presently needing to build. The Need to Automate the Innovation Process.

Digital Factory of the Incumbent: Software of the Mind


Technological changes are one of the leading advocators to shape customer value. They are characterized by a process of social technological variations, rooted in different disciplines e.g., economics, sociology, and psychology. The post Digital Factory of the Incumbent: Software of the Mind appeared first on Innovation Management.

Speed-to-Market vs Market Readiness

Business Innovation Design

When it comes to launching new products and services in the market, especially in the new market with disruptive innovation, the same mindset is applied - get to market as soon as possible, and perhaps be the first in the market. Usually, a barrage of new companies follow suit to enter the same market offering similar value propositions - all in pursuit of capturing the market share and mind share. Move fast, break things.

Innovation Through Crowdsourcing and AI

Innovation Excellence

Build Capability Customers Disruption Innovation Processes & Tools Product Innovation Technology ai Artifical Intelligence Crowdsourcing data market research technologyIt takes a cross-sectional skill set to successfully implement good AI, and in order to do so, companies need to both understand their consumers’ motivations and capitalize on them using the right tools.

“Business-ready” Big Data Insights: a new approach to data analytics

Innovation Excellence

This presentation from the Chief Innovation Officer Summit in NYC is focused on a new approach to data analytics that takes it out of the proverbial lab and makes it actionable for the boardroom. Continue reading → Innovation Processes & Tools Research Science Technology Video Big Data Data Analytics managing change Market Analysis marketing new product development NPD Trends

Hunting Innovation: Incorporating Tech Scouting & Corporate Venturing Into Your Internal Innovation Process


But perhaps above all, the scouting team's mission is to evaluate whether the direction of the potential company or technology to be bought matches with the strategy of the acquiring company. There are many different types of innovation. Some are internal ( involving employees , incremental innovation , etc.), and some are external ( involving customers , open innovation , etc.). Boost Innovation Outreach by Adding Tech Scouting to your Internal Innovation Process.

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Hunting Innovation: Incorporating Tech Scouting & Corporate Venturing Into Your Internal Innovation Process


But perhaps above all, the scouting team's mission is to evaluate whether the direction of the potential company or technology to be bought matches with the strategy of the acquiring company. There are many different types of innovation. Some are internal ( involving employees , incremental innovation , etc.), and some are external ( involving customers , open innovation , etc.). Boost Innovation Outreach by Adding Tech Scouting to your Internal Innovation Process.

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Fostering Innovation with Technological Solutions – Part 2


The Apollo program has been called the greatest technological achievement in human history. Apollo stimulated many areas of technology, leading to over 1,800 spinoff products as of 2015. Innovation and Idea management platforms. It isn’t too much of a leap into the darkness to see the similarities to the world of innovation management software and their ability to act as the starting-off point for organisational missions of discovery and innovation.

ITONICS as Product Challenger in the Market Segment “Accelerated Innovation”


In the recently published study by ISG Provider Lens – Digital Transformation Services & Solutions 2018 , ITONICS’ innovation management solution is listed twice as a “High Product Challenger” in the area of Accelerated Innovation (Information & Transformation) among other industry leaders. The market segment focuses on the holistic approach and integration of interdisciplinary innovation management and processes in companies.

Bringing better Ideas to market faster with AI

Innovation 360 Group

The challenge lies in capturing, organizing, and testing ideas to bring new innovations to market fast enough to realise value. . The chaotic process of creativity is difficult to predict, yet is often the essential fuel for new idea generators. While organizations have an ability to gather ideas, many still struggle with the remaining phases of the innovation process. Using Technology to Push the Boundaries of Creativity . Too many ideas?

The Innovation 'Function'


Innovation” is often discussed in terms of the “idea” as the product and the formation of that idea as somehow unique and ineffable …. There is a perception of serendipitous, Zen enlightenment related to ideation that is often accompanied by a thorough dismissal of “process,” as if they are mutually exclusive. In that vision of the “innovation funnel” the idea is at the end… the goal. Neither process, nor technology alone holds the key to sustainable innovation success.

Idea Drop listed in Gartner Innovation Management Tools Market Guide

Idea Drop

According to Gartner, “The major benefits associated with innovation management tools are stimulating engagement and participation in user-friendly, social and mobile environments (such as through gamification techniques), and directing creativity toward business needs. They also help in structuring and managing each stage of the ideation process with clear objectives, metrics and decision-making tools. Idea Drop makes the innovation process effortless.

Tools 46

Marketers must reclaim the word ‘innovation’ before it dies – Marketing Week


Innovation has become an overused buzzword, according to marketers, but what can brands do to reclaim the term and showcase true innovative ideas and ways of doing business before the word becomes redundant? Innovation is everywhere. Speak to any brand and they will be looking to innovate, have innovation as part of an overall strategy or be looking at ways to weave innovative thinking into their business. Innovation does not equal technology. “It

Future-Proofing Financial Market Innovation – Fighting Digital Disruption with Digital Disruption


The term ‘Digital Disruption’ describes the situation where an existing industry is being altered by emerging digital technologies. These new technologies lead to innovations, often creating new markets and value markets that can impact the established leaders in the industry. Financial organizations of all shapes and sizes are being disrupted by small, agile, innovative and technology-oriented companies which offer convenient and efficient services.

Valuing digitization alongside innovation

The Future Shapers

Much of our innovation work today is caught up in out-of-date information, poor and inadequate data, restricted research and limited market understanding. Our innovation insights are badly lagging, with the effect being the solutions offered are not ‘tuned’ into the present and anticipated needs, as they often lack dynamic data. It has become necessary to digitize our innovation activities fully. The need for speed has become paramount in responding to market changes.

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Do You Know What Open Innovation Is?


In case you hadn’t heard, open innovation was defined by Henry Chesbrough as “a paradigm that assumes that firms can and should use external ideas as well as internal ideas, and internal and external paths to market, as the firms look to advance their technology.”. It means that the process of innovation and competitiveness has been democratized. No company can corner the market on great ideas, because they can come from anywhere.

Qmarkets Named Idea Management Market Leader in Winter 2020 Customer Success Report


With outstanding scores across a wide variety of criteria, Qmarkets was recently recognized as a ‘Market Leader’ by FeaturedCustomers – a top customer reference platform for B2B business software and services. Offering a detailed analysis of innovation and idea management tool vendors, the report is intended to assist potential B2B buyers make informed purchasing decisions through validated customer success content – such as testimonials, success stories, case studies, and videos.

Transform Your Organization with Process Innovation


Process innovation is perhaps the “classic” form of innovation. Finding a better way of accomplishing necessary business tasks is low-risk, can lead to other types of innovations, and helps companies maintain and sharpen their competitive edge. Processes must evolve with changes in markets and technologies. Process innovation ensures that it does so effectively. Ideally, process innovation should be built into the company DNA.

The Potential of Qualitative Research in B2B

Gregg Fraley

Qualitative Studies Leads to Insights, and Innovative Results. Qualitative research is an effective way to understand your market better. It’s an integral part of their innovation process. It’s the perfect start to an innovation process. They’re missing the boat — qualitative is arguably more effective in B2B markets. People ask “how can you infer what just a few people said to the broader market?”

How to Speed Up Your New Product Development Process by 30%

Innovation 360 Group

A new product development process that works at lightning speed requires new ways of working plus new ways of innovating. The fastest growing companies interpret innovation through multiple lenses. Horizon Two (H2) is your adjacent business arena where innovation is driven by new uses of existing technology and ideas. Thinking about how to invest in the different horizons is like investing in the stock market. Linking innovation horizons to time (e.g.,

The 3 Pillars of Manufacturing: Anticipation, Innovation, Collaboration

Daniel Burrus

Disruptive digital technology will transform every industry in one way or another. In the last decade, manufacturing in the United States faced intense international competition, increasing market volatility and complexity, a declining workforce, and a host of other challenges.

Entrepreneurship or intrapreneurship? What do you think?

The Future Shapers

The only thing that large companies don’t seem to be able to crack are the ideas that startup come up with and the initial market sensing. If you are looking for models on how to manage innovation, I would strongly recommend “ Zone to win “. Because I would maintain that innovation and/or intrapreneurship are crucial for your business survival. Hence “Transforming Legacy Organisations: Turn your Established Business into an Innovation Champion to Win the Future”.

Transformation and innovation: There is no quick fix: Part 2

The Future Shapers

Transformation B : As explained in Part 1: Transformation and innovation: There is no quick fix , there is no doubt that transformation A is difficult. Such as identifying constrained markets, identifying consumption barriers and consumption mapping. To what degree does it fit your capability set and market trends? . The innovator receives the punch when the plan that looked so good on paper ends up resting on shaky assumptions.

Bring Markets Into Perfect Focus by Defining Them Around the Customer’s Job-To-Be-Done


Companies often define the markets they serve around the technology in their product offerings… a technology that one day will become obsolete. They spiraled to their death when MP3 technology came along. Define your markets around the customer’s job-to-be-done. A market, which is the target of everything a company does, should not be defined around something so unstable that it is only valid until the next product iteration.

Overcome resistance and capture growth in the Financial Services Industry

Innovation 360 Group

Dealing with uncertainty demands innovative ideas. Combatting uncertainty demands innovative ideas. Innovative ideas are purchased externally and often not well integrated. Difficulties with speed to market. It drives innovation to a transactional level and leads organizations to seek the perceived lower risk of acquiring new ideas vs developing them in house. Recent discussions with industry players have underscored the issue of speed to market.

Product Managers Are Obsolete; Focus on the Job-to-be-Done


The product manager role is anchored in the product–which in our opinion contributes to a myopic view of the market. Since a primary function of the company is innovation, this key role should have a broader orientation than just the company’s products (see our prior article on this). This role should take on a market perspective that fosters new thinking, discovery and development that extends well beyond today’s products. Institutionalize Market Knowledge.

35 Ways to Use Idea Management Software to Drive Business Results

The Future Shapers

Process improvement. Every organization has plenty of business processes. These processes were all created for a reason but very few of them are perfect. So, if you’re not sure where to start with idea management, asking your employees how they’d improve the current processes related to their own work is a brilliant way to do that. Just like processes, no product is ever perfect. Identifying new geographic markets to enter. Marketing is a very tough job.

Evaluating Crowdsourcing – offering a bright future?

Paul Hobcraft

Crowdsourcing has been growing in interest for some time to change our thinking in innovation discovery. Crowdsourcing does have both the potential to point towards disrupting possibilities, extends the concept of open innovation into a wider source of participation from a diverse community not possible to reach by other means as effectively. All in all, if applied carefully it can provide you with a leading edge of innovation knowledge and insight.

Evaluating Crowdsourcing – offering a bright future?

Paul Hobcraft

Crowdsourcing has been growing in interest for some time to change our thinking in innovation discovery. Crowdsourcing does have both the potential to point towards disrupting possibilities, extends the concept of open innovation into a wider source of participation from a diverse community not possible to reach by other means as effectively. All in all, if applied carefully it can provide you a leading edge of innovation knowledge and insight.

5 Simple Steps for Finding the Right Business Idea

The Future Shapers

In the last five years that we’ve ran Viima, we’ve helped a good number of organizations better manage their ideas and turn them into innovations, which has taught me quite a bit about working with ideas. I’ll now share a simple five-step process for finding an innovative business ideas that you can use to figure out the right idea for your business-to-be. Thus, working on an innovation management software service is quite a natural fit for me.

Focusing on Innovation for our Energy Transition we are all undertaking

Paul Hobcraft

When you are undertaking such a transformation in any system like energy, innovation becomes vital to inject new forces of dynamism and creative thinking to tackling such a change. The energy transition that the world is undertaking is one of the most critical areas where innovation needs to be at its very best, that top of the game to make the level of change necessary. Where can innovation help? Innovation needs to resolve different part of the energy transition.

System 136

The innovation value lies within the new system

Paul Hobcraft

As many of our business organizations seek to optimize their processes across the company, they are constantly reaching more outside to gain growing partnerships and greater innovation interactions. They are looking to complement and reinforce existing capabilities through more open innovation thinking and approaches. Building new innovative collaborations. Technology is transforming so much, it is the catalyst for change. The evolving innovation lab.

System 133

The Perfect Conditions for Entering A New Innovation Era in 2017

Paul Hobcraft

So if there was ever a time to clear the existing innovation agenda and rework the entire space for innovating, it is about to become the pressing reality as we enter into 2017. We are moving from diverging into one of converging, we are at a changeover point for innovation; let me explain each of the contributing factors but firstly, a brief overview. Any renewing needs innovation to become more central but it will be different.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All Innovation

Integrative Innovation

Yesterday, I was quite delighted to see my post Integrating Lean Startup and Design Thinking ranked #11 of the Top 100 Innovation Posts 2014 at Innovation Excellence. My conclusion: many of us are aware that innovation tools, even up-to-date ones, have a limited scope and that they can benefit from being complemented with other approaches. In fact, the real power lies in combining different innovation approaches to fit a unique context.

Tools 85

Desirability, Feasibility, Viability: The Sweet Spot for Innovation


The ideal innovation process is the trifecta of desirability, feasibility and viability. So, lets delve into the elements of the framework of this innovation process. Desirability tests whether your innovation is solving the right customer problem. As an example, let’s look at two emerging markets, car sharing and electric cars. Feasibility tests whether your innovation strengthens your business.

Tips 40

The Collaborative Economy and ODI


Airbnb and Uber fundamentally improve consumers’ access in their markets by selling outcomes. And while the clever use of app technology democratizes the experience, it is not the secret sauce. Airbnb and Uber solved jobs-to-be-done on both the supply and demand sides of the market. Markets reward highly satisfied outcomes. Because ODI is solution agnostic, it is not swayed by appeals to traditional vs. new technology.

Connecting Innovation is the New Order of Play

Paul Hobcraft

There is a lot of change occurring in our innovation abilities. We are seeing profound shifts that technology and digital transformation are bringing us to deliver innovate differently. These changes are influencing all of our worlds, allowing a very different “connecting” innovation to come into play and provide ‘greater value’ Nothing succeeds in isolation anymore, it needs fully connecting up, to bring increased value to the market and customer needs.