The Energy Transition Needs A Structured Innovation Process

Paul Hobcraft

For that, we require ingenuity in our abilities to break through present seemingly difficult barriers in technologies, and this calls for breakthrough innovation. The importance of innovation is across the board. To do this, we must avoid the innovation emissions cul-de-sac.

Adopting a Rapid Digital Innovation Process

Paul Hobcraft

Often our innovation activities face the same dilemma. Innovation needs time, it needs evolution and resolution but also speeding up. The need for innovation results has sped up considerably. The belief that lean management principles will get the innovation out of the door quicker, has been one of those management adoptions that often trick us into believing we are achieving more than we actually are. Designing the complete rapid innovation application process.


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Five Barriers to the Innovation Process and How to Overcome Them


It would seem that the innovation process is simple: Get an idea, refine that idea, implement it, and repeat the process. Here are five common problems with the innovation process and how to resolve them. The innovation process needs to be crafted to fit each group.

We Need To Innovate The Innovation Process

Digital Tonto

While it may be more romantic to believe in lone geniuses and flashes of insight, truly exceptional innovation is a team sport. Related posts: We Need To Innovate The Science Business Model. All Posts Management TechnologyAn. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]].

Measuring Innovation Performance

Measuring innovation performance Our innovation campaigns prove that there is a way to. measure innovation performance. Innovation-active ?rms Along with balancing the innovation. aside as innovation spend. Innovation is di?cult innovation.

Digital technology is changing the innovation ‘game’

Paul Hobcraft

Digital technologies are beginning to have a real impact on the methods, approaches, and rates of our innovation outputs. Social technologies are giving us real-time understanding. We need to get closer to ‘real-time’ This reliance on rapidly out-of-date understanding cannot be the basis for any justifications for high-stake bets when it comes to innovation. This demands a radical redesign of the innovation process and the whole customer engagement process.

Inviting Your Prosumers Into the Innovation Process


Inviting Your Prosumers Into the Innovation Process While managing the risks involved In the first post, we introduced the idea or concept of how consumers have changed, morphed thanks to innovation in commerce and technology, into proactive consumers – or prosumers. Corporate Innovation innovation strategy Open Innovation Prosumers

Digital Technology MoshPit

Gregg Fraley

New Service Offering for Digital Technology Innovation. Discover Ideas for Long Term and Tactical Innovation Projects. Chicago, IL, August 1, 2018 — The MoshPit Innovation Service is an innovation project discovery service marketed by GFi (Gregg Fraley Innovation). It’s designed to uncover unlikely, but useful, combinations of technologies, products, services, trends, and insights that lead to breakthrough innovation.

Using Tech Scouting Software to Source and Manage Technologies [video]

Innovation Excellence

But, over time it has become harder and harder to find the next great innovation. Wellspring for Technology Scouting software was developed to deliver a simpler and more efficient way to find and manage technologies. It streamlines the process by addressing the hidden costs of modern innovation. Discovery used to be relatively easy.

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Trends & Technologies Shaping The Future Of The Automotive Industry


As outlined in our Where to Play 2021+ Report and the subsequent Masterclasses on our COFIM methodology, the end-to-end innovation process requires a thorough, intentional environmental scanning process.

Moneyball for Innovation Part 2 (Innovation Process): A New Set of Metrics for Measuring Real Innovation

The Vault

In Part One , we recently talked about the need for an Innovation Measurement system and how it might be developed. Part Two outlines the Innovation Process part of the system, which describes the “necessary but not sufficient” things that you need to do in order to innovate. Innovation Measurement System: How to Track Innovation Process. Here are the seven key metrics that need to be tracked in the Innovation Process realms: A.

Trends & Technologies Shaping The Future Of The Energy Industry


Our Where to Play 2021+ Report highlights how the end-to-end innovation process requires thorough environmental scanning as a key starting point.

Podcast S4E81: John Carter – Overcoming the hurdles of designing new technology

Idea to Value

We discuss how challenging it is to develop completely new technology, the difficulty in describing its value and marketing it, and getting buy in for innovation processes in your company. 00:08:00 – Innovation is not a team sport, it is usually done by one or two people. 00:10:00 – The three aspects required for innovation: leadership, governance and process. 00:15:00 – How he helped develop the Apple new product development process.

Six tools to improve your creativity during an innovation process

The BMI Lab Blog

When we introduce somebody to innovation methodologies, especially those focused on business models, the role of creativity topic usually comes up. The most common question is whether we need to use creativity or not to innovate. There is a short answer for this: The majority of the most successful innovation methodologies give creativity a strong role. From this basic statement we can go further into the topic of creativity in innovation.

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Why Google Open-Sourced Some of its Most Important Technology

Innovation Excellence

Google, many other cutting edge companies are sharing key technologies openly. Innovation Processes & Tools Profiles of Innovators R&D Strategy Technology Trends Artificial Intelligence Google IBM technology tesla TrendaSoon after Google released TensorFlow, Facebook announced it would open source its own library of AI tools. Tesla open-sourced its electric car patents. Even more recently, IBM shared its quantum computing platform on the cloud.

The 3 Big Technologies for the Next Decade: Genomics, Nanotech, Robotics

Innovation Excellence

Technology does not produce progress by itself, we need to find important problems for it to solve and then must change how we work in order to take advantage of it. So while smartphone apps are cool and add convenience to our lives, the real impact of digital technology lies in front of us. Continue reading → Book Review Innovation Processes & Tools R&D Technology Uncategorized

Hunting Innovation: Incorporating Tech Scouting & Corporate Venturing Into Your Internal Innovation Process


But perhaps above all, the scouting team's mission is to evaluate whether the direction of the potential company or technology to be bought matches with the strategy of the acquiring company. There are many different types of innovation. Some are internal ( involving employees , incremental innovation , etc.), and some are external ( involving customers , open innovation , etc.). Boost Innovation Outreach by Adding Tech Scouting to your Internal Innovation Process.

Hunting Innovation: Incorporating Tech Scouting & Corporate Venturing Into Your Internal Innovation Process


But perhaps above all, the scouting team's mission is to evaluate whether the direction of the potential company or technology to be bought matches with the strategy of the acquiring company. There are many different types of innovation. Some are internal ( involving employees , incremental innovation , etc.), and some are external ( involving customers , open innovation , etc.). Boost Innovation Outreach by Adding Tech Scouting to your Internal Innovation Process.

Best Practice Open Innovation - this is how the best are doing it

Lead Innovation

Open Innovation is the opening-up of innovation process es in order to allow ideas, new technologies or feedback from external partners to flow into the company. Innovation process

Technology Scouting Software for Open Innovation


Consumer demands have never been higher, and large organization who don’t innovate will eventually die (think of Blockbuster or Xerox). Large organizations like these can no longer exclusively rely on the internal R&D team or employee base to produce the product innovation and insights that will keep them in the game. Enterprises are increasingly turning to open innovation for their product development strategy. Open Innovation Technology

Inspiration – and a method for survival and growth in crisis situations

The Future Shapers

Through examples from three industries, two factors affect productivity, adaptability and being susceptible to technology. Adaptability Innovation Process TechnologyA real crisis is always dramatic and unusual, raising many global questions that must be answered urgently.

The Wearable Foreseeable Future of the Workplace

Innovation Excellence

Workplace Implications of Eye-interaction Technology in AR and VR headsets: As augmented reality and virtual reality technology advance, AR and VR headsets are, or will soon be, entering the workplace. Creativity Design Disruption Innovation Processes & Tools Technology AR Augmented Reality Biometric Indentification Eye-interaction Technology Hands-free Workers Virtual Environment Virtual Reality vr Wearable Technology

Fostering Innovation with Technological Solutions – Part 2


The Apollo program has been called the greatest technological achievement in human history. Apollo stimulated many areas of technology, leading to over 1,800 spinoff products as of 2015. Innovation and Idea management platforms. It isn’t too much of a leap into the darkness to see the similarities to the world of innovation management software and their ability to act as the starting-off point for organisational missions of discovery and innovation.

The Digital Transformation Canvas

The Future Shapers

Digital Transformation Innovation Process TechnologyThe Digital Transformation Canvas is a tool designed to help enterprises to digitally transform their businesses. It assists organisations to evaluate, plan and execute their digital transformation strategies more effectively.

The Innovation 'Function'


Innovation” is often discussed in terms of the “idea” as the product and the formation of that idea as somehow unique and ineffable …. There is a perception of serendipitous, Zen enlightenment related to ideation that is often accompanied by a thorough dismissal of “process,” as if they are mutually exclusive. In that vision of the “innovation funnel” the idea is at the end… the goal. Neither process, nor technology alone holds the key to sustainable innovation success.

What Innovation Can Learn From Science

Innovation Excellence

Scientific breakthroughs are often reported as being innovation. I’m a bit of a purist when it comes to definitions, so if science produces inventions, they only become innovation if they are implemented and add value. Continue reading → Change Consumer Innovation Creativity Innovation Processes & Tools R&D Science Strategy Technology culture change failure Innovation Mindset Leadership Process technology

Crowdsolving Unsafe Cities — Social impact winner Elsa D’silva: [video]

Innovation Excellence

Digital Disruption Innovation Processes & Tools Profiles of Innovators Social Innovation Technology Anti-violence Technology awards Crowdsolving Crowdsourcing Safecities Sexual Violence Social Impact

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Innovation Through Crowdsourcing and AI

Innovation Excellence

Build Capability Customers Disruption Innovation Processes & Tools Product Innovation Technology ai Artifical Intelligence Crowdsourcing data market research technologyIt takes a cross-sectional skill set to successfully implement good AI, and in order to do so, companies need to both understand their consumers’ motivations and capitalize on them using the right tools.

Digital Factory of the Incumbent: Software of the Mind


Technological changes are one of the leading advocators to shape customer value. They are characterized by a process of social technological variations, rooted in different disciplines e.g., economics, sociology, and psychology. The post Digital Factory of the Incumbent: Software of the Mind appeared first on Innovation Management.

Transform Your Organization with Process Innovation


Process innovation is perhaps the “classic” form of innovation. Finding a better way of accomplishing necessary business tasks is low-risk, can lead to other types of innovations, and helps companies maintain and sharpen their competitive edge. Processes must evolve with changes in markets and technologies. Process innovation ensures that it does so effectively. Ideally, process innovation should be built into the company DNA.

That sudden surge within the crowd

Paul Hobcraft

The concern for me is as we have this greater access to technology, crowdsourcing is spawning everywhere. The ones that can separate rhetoric from building an increasing “governance of understanding” that works constantly on rules, language, technology, outreach, listening, content provision and focus intent and a robust platform and analytical capability will emerge stronger to be a partner of choice, the venue the crowd wants to ‘surge’ towards.

The lost innovation pathway

Paul Hobcraft

I was recently working through a set of older presentation files today and came across this extract concerning innovation again and thought I must share this. Are we making real progress in our innovation activities? The Innovation Pathway. Innovation touches everything.

Innovation in the IT Legacy World

Innovation Excellence

Build Capability Data Innovation Processes & Tools Technology Information Technology IT Modernization risk technology“Legacy” seems to be a “bad” word in the business world, and it tends to denote antiquated; methods, software, hardware, etc. Yes, I refer here to many IT Systems that drive businesses. But many “legacy” applications that keep dominating the IT Business world—are Mainframe and Mid-range based. They still manage the bulk of the business.

Drive Innovation by Disrupting the Existing Management Norms


With the ever-increasing potential of modern technology, the next billion-dollar business could start from the comfort of someone’s home. To stay on top, established organisations need to stimulate innovation. The post Drive Innovation by Disrupting the Existing Management Norms appeared first on Innovation Management.

Do You Know What Open Innovation Is?


In case you hadn’t heard, open innovation was defined by Henry Chesbrough as “a paradigm that assumes that firms can and should use external ideas as well as internal ideas, and internal and external paths to market, as the firms look to advance their technology.”. It means that the process of innovation and competitiveness has been democratized. If you want to learn more about open innovation, download our complimentary Open Innovation Guide.

Innovation Ecosystem Understanding through an AI-driven approach

Paul Hobcraft

I like to think I am often colliding at the innovation intersections where I keep finding lots of synergies that feed my research and innovative curiosity to support others. I am a great admirer of the work that Itonics offers around Innovation Management. Innovation Ecosystems.

Stop Treating Innovation as a Meaningless Buzzword


Nowadays innovation is talked about more than acted upon. Instead, it should be treated as an important business channel and seen as a continuous process. The post Stop Treating Innovation as a Meaningless Buzzword appeared first on Ideanote. Idea Management creativity idea management innovation innovation process new ideas technology

Is innovation a dirty word?


A friend of mine, let’s call him Dave, is the Director of Emerging Technologies at a F500 company. innovation success Innovation innovation management innovation processThe week after Thanksgiving, he told me something remarkable.

Valuing digitization alongside innovation

The Future Shapers

Much of our innovation work today is caught up in out-of-date information, poor and inadequate data, restricted research and limited market understanding. Our innovation insights are badly lagging, with the effect being the solutions offered are not ‘tuned’ into the present and anticipated needs, as they often lack dynamic data. It has become necessary to digitize our innovation activities fully. These all rely on connected technology.

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Transformation and innovation: There is no quick fix: Part 2

The Future Shapers

Transformation B : As explained in Part 1: Transformation and innovation: There is no quick fix , there is no doubt that transformation A is difficult. The innovator receives the punch when the plan that looked so good on paper ends up resting on shaky assumptions.

“Business-ready” Big Data Insights: a new approach to data analytics

Innovation Excellence

This presentation from the Chief Innovation Officer Summit in NYC is focused on a new approach to data analytics that takes it out of the proverbial lab and makes it actionable for the boardroom. Continue reading → Innovation Processes & Tools Research Science Technology Video Big Data Data Analytics managing change Market Analysis marketing new product development NPD Trends

How to Speed Up Your New Product Development Process by 30%

Innovation 360 Group

A new product development process that works at lightning speed requires new ways of working plus new ways of innovating. The fastest growing companies interpret innovation through multiple lenses. Linking innovation horizons to time (e.g.,

The Critically Important Innovation Narrative

Paul Hobcraft

A story has limited value; for me, it is the more powerful narrative that drives innovation, inspiring and gaining identification in multiple ways. So defining stories and narratives, you see the growing potential of having a good narrative for your innovation activities.