What is Lean Innovation? Components and Examples

Moves the Needle

Lean Innovation Definition At Moves The Needle, we define lean innovation as “reducing waste in the discovery, creation, and delivering of new value to customers." We base Lean Innovation principles upon the 3 E’s of Lean Innovation : Empathy, Experiments and Evidence. And in practice, we combine three important ideas: design thinking, Lean Startup, and agile methodology. In this way, lean innovation and design thinking go hand in hand. Lean Innovation

Choosing Conscious Leadership: Our 2021 Impact Report


At Econic, we are committed to expanding our understanding of our impact and choosing conscious leadership. Much like our consulting practices, we leaned into a loose framework to build a customized approach to transformation.


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Empathic Leadership: What It Is, Why You Need It, How to Do It


The evidence is clear—now more than ever, empathy will be vital to an organization’s long-term success and a sought-after leadership quality. Empathic leadership is the ability to identify and understand the thoughts, feelings, differences, and experiences of others and respond accordingly.

4 Essential Change-Management Leadership Skills


Because change is inevitable in business, leaders must be equipped with the right competencies, specifically change-management leadership skills. Learn what these are and how you can begin applying them to yourself and your team. What Is Change Management in Leadership?

How to Lean in To Empower Your Team

Tullio Siragusa

How to Lean in To Empower Your Team. Organizations are shifting from the conventional authoritarian leadership model to more empowered workers. To achieve this kind of empowerment, it is essential for leaders to lean-in and engage actively and effectively across teams, in addition to arranging coaching sessions. Importance of Leaning in. The expansion of remote work demands much more empowered and learned team members today.


The 5 Most-Needed Qualities for Leadership in Healthcare


With the changing needs and demands of clinical care, technology, and spending, leadership in healthcare must stay agile to keep up with the shifting tides. Who Fills the Leadership Role in Healthcare? Many individuals fill leadership roles in healthcare. Business Leadership

Successful Innovators Apply Multiple Leadership Styles Simultaneously

Innovation 360 Group

Leadership styles are critical to innovation efforts, especially when working with uncertainty. In the recently published original research study , Cultivating Growth and Radical Innovation Success in the Fourth Industrial Revolution with Big Data Analytics , Dr. Soo Beng Khoh and Innovation360 CEO Magnus Penker set out to explore exactly how leadership styles are leveraged by successful innovators. Leadership styles used deliberately. Key characteristic of Leadership styles.

Lean Innovation in the Social Impact Sector

Moves the Needle

We work with city employees, non-profit professionals and philanthropic foundation leadership to inspire this new way of thinking and to tear down the divide between the solutions they offer and the people they aim to serve. What is the role of Lean Innovation in social impact organizations? How did you get into the social impact and lean innovation space? What types of organizations or projects is Lean Innovation best suited for?


Learning as We Go with the Power of Retrospectives

Grasshopper Herder

The post Learning as We Go with the Power of Retrospectives appeared first on GrasshopperHerder.com. Lean Startup Teamwork & Leadership Productivity RetrospectiveHow to use retrospectives so your entire team can get the most out of your experiments.

Leadership Development: What Skills Should an Innovation Leader Possess?

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Companies don’t grow to become large enterprises without systems and processes working at scale, backed by the executional prowess provided by strong leadership. Introduction to Leadership Development What is Leadership Development with regard to Lean Innovation? The phrase “leadership development” can mean different things to different people. However, learning how to flex this new muscle comes with practice. Leadership Development

Why We’re Digging Deep at Lean Startup Conference 2018

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Lean Startup Week - this year known as Lean Startup Conference - has traditionally been a staple in the innovation industry for bringing both startups and enterprise companies alike into the same sphere in order to discuss advancements in strategy, tactics, ideas, and social impact. We’ve planned out several events to enhance your Lean Startup Conference experience, all around the theme of digging deep to uncover new value for those who your organization aims to serve.

The Role of Lean Innovation in Mergers and Acquisitions

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You can use Lean Innovation techniques -- Empathy, Experiments, and Evidence to ensure the driving force is sustained through the integration. Lean Innovation empathy work is a great way to understand the human side of acquisitions and again, this is from both sides of the table, acquirer and acquiree. But, it didn’t occur to those on the buying side of the deal to think “What can we do to entice people -- especially leadership -- to stay on for a while”. Lean Innovation


Using Lean Innovation to Transform the Way the City of Hayward Solves Problems

Moves the Needle

Before and After Lean Innovation: Overview The City of Hayward, California wanted to break away from inefficient and ineffective processes for researching and launching programs, and remove organizational bottlenecks that stood in the way of serving citizens. Moves The Needle provided Bootcamps, Accelerators and leadership programs to teach Hayward employees the “three Es” of Lean Innovation : Empathy: understanding citizen pain points and desires.


Want Innovative Teaching? Apply Startup Principles to Reinvent Learning.


This guest article on innovative teaching shares ideas and strategies from the The Startup Teacher Playbook: Turn Your Ideas Into Actions, Personalize Professional Development, and Create Innovative Learning Experiences for You and Your Students. That’s where lean methodology comes up.

Office of Naval Research (ONR) Goes Lean

Steve Blank

Now they are starting to use the Lean Innovation process (see here and here ) to turn ideas into solutions. Test if the Lean Innovation process actually accelerates technology adoption and an innovation ecosystem. Today ONR has taken the Lean Innovation process , adapted it for their agency, and is running pilots for defense innovation teams. Lean Innovation is a Process. The Lean Innovation process is a self-regulating, evidence-based innovation pipeline.


How SAY San Diego is Using Lean Innovation to Create Real Change

Moves the Needle

Co-Authored by Heather Hiscox and Amelia Klawon Get the full case study to save for your records or to show to your leadership team here: Download Case Study. So much more can be accomplished when organizations embrace the unknown, shift their perspective to focus on their different customers, learn from valuable insights gained via empathy and experimentation, and ignite the innovative spirit within their culture.


How Edmunds.com Used Lean Innovation to Make Their Mission a Reality

Moves the Needle

Lean Innovation Case Study: Bringing a New Product to Market Don’t have time to read the whole article? This is the story of how Edmunds.com used Lean Innovation practices to make their mission a reality. Leadership was uncertain whether the necessary data from dealers existed in digital form, the level of effort involved in building a tool that could make use of this data, and even whether dealerships would use the tool if built.


Eric Ries interview: 4 Seeds for planting lean startup in the enterprise

Moves the Needle

Perhaps the most common question we hear is, “How do you get started doing Lean Startup in the enterprise?” We always get a kick discussing enterprise lean startup challenges with The Lean Startup author Eric Ries, so welcomed the opportunity to do so during his recent Kickstarter campaign. We hosted Eric on our April live Lean Lunch Google Hangout, who revealed some secrets to getting senior management—and then everyone else—onboard when adopting lean innovation.


Gemba Walks: The way to see what is actually happening in your business

Idea to Value

Coming from the Japanese word Genba , meaning “the actual place” , a Gemba walk involves going to see the actual process, understand the work, ask questions, and learn. The most important reason to do the walk is to observe and learn. Leadership

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Modern leadership styles and innovation: The boss doesn’t always know best!


But not all businesses are run in this way and leadership comes in many different forms. Let’s explore the nature of modern leadership in business, look at how extending crowdsourcing beyond the executive teams impacts a business and how this all ties into building and fostering a culture of innovation. The nature of modern leadership. The post Modern leadership styles and innovation: The boss doesn’t always know best!

Key Issues in Innovation Management – Revisited – Part 1

Tim Kastelle

Leadership through vision and influence, rather than command and control, is required. In the first place, experimentation is about testing assumptions and hypotheses by means of a scientific learning approach. It requires a more deliberated approach, such as the lean startup process, design thinking or a combination thereof. Tip: Tim Kastelle has posted a worthwhile series on how to implement lean startup for innovation initiatives.

The Root Word of Contemporary Is Temporary


Sometimes I wonder if the advancing of age and a leaning toward old-fashioned values are a hindrance to relevancy in our contemporary workplace. It was bosses and colleagues advancing in age and leaning toward old-fashioned values.

The 5 Jobs to Address Uncertainty

Moves the Needle

Businesses need to adopt learning strategies in order to improve, adapt, or even reinvent their execution strategies. . The biggest obstacle leaders face in adopting learning practices is fear that the work takes away from normal execution. . They must also learn before executing. .

Towards Better Innovation

Moves the Needle

To one leader, it means adopting a learning and exploration mindset; to another, “innovation is not my job.” The innovation mindset is characterized by behavior reflecting learning and exploration. But leadership should be agnostic about how they achieve the desired outcomes.

What are SLAM Teams?


They are self-organizing, lean, autonomous, and multidisciplinary. Basically, the people who are closest to the problem can work on solving it, but they have to be small enough and have enough freedom to function to test ideas and learn more about their potential. It has even more legs if someone in leadership has bought into the concept and is validating it to the community at large. Best Practice autonomous lean multidisciplinary self organizing teams wolters kluwer

Learning Something New. Without Forgetting the Old

Michael Roberto

Kristin Wilson and Scott Rockart have published an intriguing paper titled, "Learning in Cycles." In this article, the scholars examine how firms learn and adapt over the course of business cycles. Firms must learn and apply new lessons and skills at different points in a business cycle, but they must not forget old lessons and capabilities. Yet, this research shows that can't discard our learning completely. How can we learn without completely forgetting?




Whilst these represent the core and foundational business management and leadership roles essential to successful organisational performance, the world has changed significantly, and traditional organisations are being severely disrupted.


We Can’t Stop Disruption

Moves the Needle

As luck would have it, human beings are learning machines. Humans evolved to be continuously learning. From taking her first steps, to learning to walk, or ride a bike, children naturally “try, try again.” Employees need the time, space, and safety to learn.

Building Agility – Meta Skill that Organisations Need to Learn #FutureOfWork

Rmukesh Gupta

One of the key skills that organisations need to learn in a VUCA world is organisational agility. In order for this tactical decision making to work at the frontline, the frontline teams need to be able to sense and learn fast. They need to be able to observe all that is happening in the environment and share it with other front line teams quickly and seamlessly so they can learn together and grow together as teams. As a leader, what is your leaning towards?

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5 Tips on How to foster Psychological Safety on your teams

Idea to Value

Ask questions with the intention of learning from your teammates. Be aware of your body language; make sure to lean towards or face the person speaking. share team’s work with senior leadership, give credit to teammates). Leadership

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15 most important Innovation Theories your company should be using

Idea to Value

However, in every case, it is beneficial for a company to look inwards and see whether their people, processes and leadership are acting more as innovation enablers, or bottlenecks. bringing to light inefficiencies which leadership would not be aware of). Suggested reading: I would recommend you look at the website and blog of Wazoku , an Idea Management system company I have worked with and which produces a lot of thought leadership on the subject.

Toward a New Horizon Model

Moves the Needle

They will come from a combination of efforts: Scouting technology to learn how existing needs will be solved in the future. Keeping tabs on startups to learn about technology applications, new marketing channels, business model experiments, etc.

Innovation Lessons from the Troublesome Start of AIRBNB

Innovation Excellence

There are at least 3 important lessons learned from its troublesome start. Feature Of The Week airbnb Disruptive Innovation incubator Innovation Leadership lean startup Management StartupWhat began as a simple idea to earn some extra income and help out travelers from out-of-town eventually took off globally. AirBnB started in 2007 and is valued now at over $ 25 billion. Here's their story.

Getting out of the Building, Going Cross-Industry for Seeking Out Radical Ideas

Paul Hobcraft

Then in turning these into a hypothesis that moves this idea into the customer validation process and then you can unleash your lean management process of building prototypes, experiments and iteration, to take this “out of the building” for that empirical build and customer testing built on constant validation and testing, blending radically different ideas with customer needs.

Getting out of the Building, Going Cross-Industry for Seeking Out Radical Ideas

Paul Hobcraft

Then in turning these into a hypothesis that moves this idea into the customer validation process and then you can unleash your lean management process of building prototypes, experiments and iteration, to take this “out of the building” for that empirical build and customer testing built on constant validation and testing, blending radically different ideas with customer needs.

Tune-In To Taster Tools On Thursday

Gregg Fraley

Gregg Fraley is a highly experienced facilitator who’s been learning, developing, and inventing group facilitation tools for many years. He’s familiar with tools in Lean, Agile, and DeBono’s Thinking Hats. Free Weekly Webinar of Facilitation Tools with Gregg Fraley.

Tools 52

Catalysing change through innovation teams


Reinforcing and validating the importance and role of collaboration, where a range of new, inspirational, and adaptive models that lean into complexity and catalyse and embed innovative workplace culture changes, have emerged. Education and learning interventions.

Rapid Experiment Map

Moves the Needle

This makes it easy to communicate progress to team members, investors, advisers and senior leadership. It can also be extremely useful for improving existing products, or other situations where you are using a “build-measure-learn” loop to make rapid progress. Lean Innovation Tools

Surfacing the real barriers to innovation.

Guide 4 Innovating

Many holding leadership positions in our organizations are uncomfortable with innovation, it is too intangible, it often seems to ‘sit’ outside the normal processes and structures. To ‘hone’ an organization into a lean efficient and effective ‘machine’ is one thing, to allow diversity and conflicting signals to pervade and challenge this is extremely uncomfortable territory, so ring fencing often seems to this keep it at bay! Can we learn new approaches to this?

Webinar | How One Community Hospital is Creating a Culture of Continuous Improvement


He is a Lean Six Sigma black belt and is a 2014 graduate of The Ohio State University with a Master’s Degree in Business Operational Excellence. He also reflected on the leadership behaviors necessary to achieve cultural change. Learn how Memorial Health System uses training and five specific roles to build and spread a culture of continuous improvement. Discuss the leadership behaviors necessary to accomplish a culture change. Lean Healthcare Webinars



In last month’s blog , we reinforced and validated the importance and role of collaboration, and described the range of emerging new, inspirational, and adaptive models that lean into complexity and catalyse and embed sustainable innovative workplace culture change.

Eleven Innovation Bullets to Dodge

Gregg Fraley

What You Should Be Learning in Innovation Training. Design Thinking alone will not guarantee success (or any other framework, Agile, Lean, etc.). B to B organization’s need to learn what qualitative research is all about. B to C organization’s need to learn to interpret qualitative data more creatively. But you probably are not! Eleven Innovation Bullets to Dodge, in no particular order.

Innovation is a Company Wide Responsibility


We learned that teams developed much more successful products when they could help each other build a deeper understanding of the problem, and draw upon the organization’s knowledge base to find better solutions.