Build New Capacity Thru New Leadership Capabilities

Focused Momentum

Implementation of a new strategic direction typically starts strong when the energy unleashed from the fun of strategic thinking is fresh. One factor in lagging strategic focus is that leaders slide back to their comfort zone forgetting that they too must evolve.

4 Disciplines Essential to Strategy Implementation

Focused Momentum

With a strategic plan complete, the leadership challenge switches from strategic thinking to strategic management. Strategic Management

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3 ways to put your mission statement to work

Focused Momentum

A mission statement can inspire and fulfill a unique role in your strategic management toolkit , but they often play a boring role in the organizations that have them. It is because when given the chance, groups tend to want to spend our precious strategic thinking time wordsmithing.

12 Reasons Budget Meetings Aren’t Strategic and 3 Ways to Fix Them


While everyone hopes these meetings are smart, strategic, and have a meaningful impact on the business , that rarely seems to be the case. 12 Reasons Budget Meetings Aren’t Strategic. Too often, budget meetings aren’t strategic. It’s that time.

Strategy Quotes Part 4


This is the fourth installment of a four part series about leadership quotes. This section will cover inspirational quotes about strategic management. Strategic Priorities Strategic Success Strategic Thinking Strategy

7 Strategic Planning Process Challenges You Can Fix!


Are you involved with the strategic planning process for your organization? That could involve leading it, participating in it, or trying to influence the strategic planning process so it delivers more value and better results for the organization?

How a Strategic Planning Process Impacts Communication Options


We wanted a strategic target to align IT strategy and innovation initiatives to support the organization in realizing its overall vision. A Narrow Strategic Planning Process. A Broad Strategic Planning Process. Take on leadership and responsibility for decisions.