How Do You Define INNOVATIVENESS? Getting it Wrong Could Cost You


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Drive Innovation by Disrupting the Existing Management Norms


Before being acquired by Facebook for US$1 billion, Instagram was just another photo-sharing app operating with insignificant infrastructure and a dozen employees. With the ever-increasing potential of modern technology, the next billion-dollar business could start from the comfort of someone’s home.

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What NASA Can Teach Us About the Intrinsic Value of Connecting to Other Innovators


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Technology for Better Innovative Management


Enabling Factors Employee Engagement leadership remote work team building TechnologyIn today’s workplace, you’re expected to do as much as you can with a variable amount of resources. How can you keep an in-office, remote, or combination workforce engaged using technology?

Why Every Business Needs Female Marketers to Steer an Inclusive Strategy


Organization & Culture Employee Engagement leadership marketing team buildingDecision-makers can create a more equitable – and profitable – work environment by promoting gender equality – starting with the marketing business unit.

A Successful Product Improvement Workflow


Initial Review (Uses the Assessment Stage): A team charged with evaluating the most promising ideas reviews the idea for its merit and potential idea owners or advocates. More ideas require at least three other team members to get started.

Responsible and shared leadership

Norbert Bol

Leadership can be found at any level of an organization. Diverse teams are more successful and innovative than homogeneous teams, as diverse team are better at managing opportunities and threats to create more success in a sustainable way. Commonality is important because team members who are holding the same attitudes, arguments, feelings or beliefs can work successful together. Responsible Leadership. The Leadership Quarterly , 27 (2), 200-217.

Teamwork Quotes Part 3


This is the third installment of a four part series about leadership quotes. This section will cover inspirational quotes about teamwork and team building. Team Building team development team members teamwork

Improv for Business

Gregg Fraley

And it’s only partially about collaboration and team bonding. Improv schools like Second City and IO Theater in Chicago lead executive or team workshops, and their focus is on team building. Improv is a Swiss Army Knife for Problem Solving.

Innovation Training Under Utilized

Gregg Fraley

Teams and work groups don’t know how to be collaborative. Hiring a professional facilitator can be a big help, but facilitative leadership is something that needs to be around 100% of the time. Training Accelerates Innovation.

7 Ways to Boost Employee Morale in Your Workplace

Idea to Value

The ideal work environment will foster high morale on a regular basis, and this will feed high employee satisfaction ratings and motivate your team to be as productive as possible on a regular basis. Your team needs to understand what your goals are and how they were selected. When creating and managing workloads for your team, ensure that the workload is as evenly spread out as possible. Promote Team Spirit. Leadership

Why diversity is important to innovation

Jeffrey Phillips

I've long believed in the concept of diversity and what a strong and diverse team can bring to an innovation program. Rarely does any innovation team take a truly holistic view toward solving a problem. Instead we settle for limited scope and homogeneous teams.

Quest for the elusive Innovation Framework

Rmukesh Gupta

We do this in the hope that they can find their passions and build their lives around these passions. We try and create the right environment, help build the right practices, employ the right frameworks, bring in external experts to help our teams. We send our teams to conferences, to workshops and creative retreats, all in the hope that they learn something and can come up with interesting breakthroughs. Innovation Leadership innovation and parenting team

How AI and LMS are positively disrupting the workplace.


Workplaces across any industry should take this opportunity to refocus on the advantages they bring such as quality learning and development, team building, human connections and skills to safeguard jobs.

6 ways to grow your curiosity

Rmukesh Gupta

Holding a curious mindset is a great starting point when you’re leading your team or organization. Your team won’t either. And how can you help your teams build this ability? Share this with all your team mates. Innovation Leadership framing How to be more curious How to become more curious Origin story Potato chips Problem finding vs problem solving Steal like and artist

Leap When You’re “Almost Ready”

Rmukesh Gupta

We were at a team building outbound in an adventure camp. Out of the 12 odd people in the team, only three people were willing to jump. The instructor at the top of the platform first congratulated me for having the courage to be the first to attempt this in my team. Entrepreneurship Leadership almost ready bungee jumping Leap before we are ready the 80% ruleIt was almost 9 years ago.

The Benefits of Losing a Star Employee (Temporarily)

Michael Roberto

Might losing them, perhaps for a short time, actually be beneficial for a team? The scholars obtained statistical data on individual and team performance in the National Basketball Association from 1991-2015. We often convince ourselves that star employees are indispensable.

Strengthen 5 Dimensions of Your Culture for Innovation, Recovery and Resurgence

Values Centered Innovation

He wanted his executive team to experience what it means to “manage” the risks it took to maintain industry leadership. People are uplifting, with good character: Build the self-awareness, self-esteem, values, skill, and confidence for being innovative.

Agile 52

Creating Digital Entrepreneurs 


Instead, their drive is to achieve their KPIs – and which often requires strong leadership, focus and discipline. How do we build a culture that embraces innovation – and can successfully face the challenges of the digital age? Build and Grow your Group of Digital Evangelists!

Agile 65

Stop Slowing Down Your Innovation Projects

Peer Insight

Here are six affordable steps you and your team can take tomorrow to accelerate your time to market: 1. Framing facilitates decision-making and helps to align broader teams, build confidence, and make decisions with leadership.

Motivation of remote teams: 9 essential tips that every leader should know


That is why more and more leaders are looking for ways to motivate remote teams. Leadership that acts as if it were in a traditional work environment is very demotivating for remote teams. Difficulties in feeling part of a team. Plan and manage team demands.

Tips 52

Business Innovation Using LEGO Models

Innovation 360 Group

That includes activities such as drawing, writing what-if scenarios, fleshing out conceptual designs, building working models, guiding collaborative flights of fancy and throwing out all assumptions. Business Innovation Using LEGO Models.

How to Run a Hackathon that Spurs Real Innovation


The following tips should be part of your hackathon innovation strategy: Get executive buy-in because, without the active support of organizational leadership, even great ideas have little chance of being pursued. Assemble teams that encourage mixing and working with new people. Otherwise, it’s the same work teams in a different environment, which makes genuinely new ideas less likely to emerge.

Driving Open Innovation Through a Culture of Collaboration


Organizational leadership must reflect the new corporate culture in every aspect of their work behaviors and actions. Open Innovation is the grounded in the belief that great ideas can come from any source and an organization’s internal expertise will transform those ideas into market value.

Rethinking the measuring of innovation

Paul Hobcraft

This side of the innovation balance sheet gives the commitment and sense of belief that can encourage investment, as the people side equates to the measurement of the team within a new venture. Those that are leading to improving the softer aspects of innovation (our left side of the innovation balance sheet) that would contribute to its build and health. The value of good leadership & distinct culture creating the linkages.

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Building an Idea-Driven Organization at HCA


I instantly knew that the book contained the foundation of the culture I would hope to build in MidAmerica—my only question was whether the MidAmerica team was ready for it. In preparation for the first offsite meeting I would have with my senior leadership team, I asked them to read the first chapter of the book so we could discuss it as a group. From these “simple truths”, my team and I worked to develop a structure that would support an Idea-Driven Organization.

WANT TO LEAD A GOOD MEETING? Begin with Facilitative Presence!

Idea Champions

These meetings have been variably referred to as leadership development programs, creative thinking trainings, innovation workshops, team building off sites, brainstorming sessions, strategic planning pow wows, senior team retreats, annual conferences, and business simulations.

The Evolution Of Project Management — Trends For 2018


Arvind Rongala , head of global training delivery at Invensis, explains that the waterfall methodology is more of an assembly-line focused methodology, with a phase-based approach and minimal communication between individuals and teams.

Building Your Innovation Team: Jobs, Roles and Proficiencies

The Inovo Group

“The strength of the team is in each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.” The first step for a leader tasked with creating this innovation system is to build his or her support team. A Framework for Building an Innovation Team.

How Good Time Tracking Data Creates Fair and Balanced Workloads


When a PM has accurate estimates of a team’s capacity and employee utilization, then the PM can ensure everyone has workloads they can handle. Without accurate timesheet data, it becomes too easy to lean on superstar team members. Use Performance Data to Give Your Team Space to Work.

How to Ensure that Your Next Conference Will Be a Big Success

Idea Champions

Our Project Manager will work closely with your conference team to make sure that all of the puzzle pieces fit together and that nothing falls through the cracks. On site, the Idea Champions team will do everything possible to ensure that participant engagement is at an all-time high.

Building the In-house Design Agency

Boxes and Arrows

The first article discussed the pros and cons of different UX team structures. For companies that depend on user experience for business success, a strong internal team is essential. The hardest part of building an in-house design agency is answering the basic “Why?”. They can be fantastic partners who drive real change, but their needs are very different from a product team. The team has to do good work, every time. Team member burnout is a real problem.

Great Teams: An Interview with Don Yaeger

Michael Roberto

His newest book is titled, Great Teams: 16 Things High Performing Organizations Do Differently. You focus in the book on the notion that great sports teams build a strong high-performance culture. In considering how the word specifically applies to a team setting, I came up with two possible definitions: 1) the conditions within the organization that promote either growth or failure and 2) the shared understanding of what to do in adverse situations.

WANT TO LEAD A GOOD MEETING? Begin with Facilitative Presence!

Idea Champions

These meetings have been variably referred to as leadership development programs, creative thinking trainings, innovation workshops, team building off sites, brainstorming sessions, strategic planning pow wows, senior team retreats, annual conferences, and business simulations.