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Digital Technology MoshPit

Gregg Fraley

New Service Offering for Digital Technology Innovation. Discover Ideas for Long Term and Tactical Innovation Projects. Chicago, IL, August 1, 2018 — The MoshPit Innovation Service is an innovation project discovery service marketed by GFi (Gregg Fraley Innovation). GFi guarantees its work.

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So Where Is Innovation Heading?

Paul Hobcraft

They point out that since 2014, only four types of innovation and that are all related to digital, have grown increasingly in importance in their pursuit by companies. So the need to innovate comes from digital as the source. It will fundamentally change the type of resources innovation requires.


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Key Issues in Innovation Management – Revisited – Part 1

Tim Kastelle

Reinvention through business model innovation. Accelerating dynamics and pace of disruption in most industries, in particular triggered by the perfusion of new technologies, lead to decreasing life times of existing business models. We can see that experimentation comes in different flavors, depending on the innovation context.

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Successful Innovators Apply Multiple Leadership Styles Simultaneously

Innovation 360 Group

Leadership styles are critical to innovation efforts, especially when working with uncertainty. In the resulting report, they identified several factors that were positively correlated with the successful execution of innovative concepts. Radical Innovators more adaptive. The Spiral Staircase. The Fertile Field.

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Balancing Large and Small Firm Capabilities

Integrative Innovation

The corresponding integration of incremental and radical innovation can basically be achieved in different ways: Building ambidextrous and lean startup capabilities. Established organizations with larger size usually target at extending their core business by incementally innovating their existing business model. .

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Innovation and Organizational Culture

Tim Kastelle

After studying innovation among 759 companies based in 17 major markets, Gerard J. Chandy found that corporate culture was a much more important driver of radical innovation than labor, capital, government or national culture. Breakthrough innovators (i.e. Top management is commited to radical innovation efforts.

Culture 100
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Improvement vs Innovation: Which Is Better For your Business?


Innovation can happen quickly, (known as radical innovation), or it can take place over time, (incremental innovation). Innovation requires creative thinking, imagination, and risk-taking. Business Model Innovation. LEAN method. LEAN Method. Continuous Improvement. The 5 Whys.