[UPDATED] List of COVID-19 Resources


We continue to learn more about COVID-19 every day. To help our network know what sources to reference, we created a blog post that lists out all the resources we found valuable. Since publishing our COVID-19 resource post on March 18, we have added sources daily to our growing list. To make sure you don't miss out on any updates, we are highlighting the most recently added resources below. If you'd like to see the full list of resources, check out our original post

Top Human-Centered Design Resources


Discover our guide to human-centered design books, articles, tools, and other resources. Learn more about this approach as well as the top books, articles, videos, tools, and other resources for human-centered design below. Human-centered design typically includes three phases, including: Inspiration: learn directly from the people you’re designing for. Find more helpful tips and resources on our blog.


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VUCA Workshop Training Resource


The field of design thinking , which is a creative problem solving approach to generate solutions for “wicked challenges,” could be a good field to learn to be able to adapt to and lead within a VUCA world. In our design thinking workshops , we focus on helping you learn how to apply a mindset that begins with empathy in a human-centered way, to begin to understand the real challenge, define it, and generate many ideas that can be analyzed, validated, prototyped, tested, and launched.

Where to focus your innovation resources for the most impact


We’re considering the damage done, contemplating recovery efforts, and thinking about lessons learned. Communities around the globe have been disrupted on an unprecedented scale. As a society, we continue to address the Covid-19 pandemic and its impact on both people and business.

The 2019 Technographic Data Report for B2B Sales Organizations

In this report, ZoomInfo substantiates the assertion that technographic data is a vital resource for sales teams. In fact, the majority of respondents agree—with 72.3% reporting that technographic data is either somewhat important or very important to their organization. The reason for this is simple—sales teams value technographic data because it makes essential selling activities easier and more efficient.

Innovation Capital Lies Within Organizational Learning

Paul Hobcraft

Innovation will lack that essential organization innovation rhythm, and it will stay disconnected for many and will be frustrating your own evolution in understanding if it does not become an organizational learning need. Let’s start with the vast knowledge inside the organization, as this forms learning capital. See how you can learn from these: These elements can be described as follows: Innovation strategy relates to strategic choices a firm makes regarding its innovation.

Failing Is Learning; Fail Fast to Learn Faster

Daniel Burrus

This is the idea behind my powerful strategy: Fail Fast to Learn Faster. But a Hard Trend that continues to be prevalent in innovation is the statistical interrelationship between failure and innovation—and, further, the value of learning to fail quickly.

A light-bulb moment in Innovation Learning

Paul Hobcraft

Over the past few weeks, or is it months or is it even years, I have been constantly thinking through how we are learning in our innovation understanding. I was reading an article by Josh Bersin, called “ the disruption of digital learning: ten things we have learned” Josh is the founder of Bersin by Deloitte and this article was on one of his LinkedIn Pulse views. ” It is a “way of learning” not a “type of learning.”

We need to shift from scalable efficiency to scalable learning.

Paul Hobcraft

We need to shift from scalable efficiency to scalable learning but how can we liberate creative energy, how can we achieve higher engagement? Learning from failures needs to be part of this. They are consciously advancing learning.

How Do You Learn How To Learn? Learn From Learners


Are you learning as fast as the world is changing? A constant state of change requires a constant state of learning. Only a handful of companies, and people, cultivate learning as a skill. Put simply: Cultures of innovation = Cultures of learning. With that said, there is one skill that will always be relevant in the future : continuous learning. There is a dominant belief that learning stops once you put your diploma to use and get a job.

The role Human Resources can play in Innovation and its needed Design

Paul Hobcraft

The management of human resource (HRM) needs to be replaced with the management of human creativity and ingenuity, as this is the triggering point to innovation success and delivering longer-term sustaining success. I believe within our human resource groups they must provide the people solution to building innovation capacity, they should contribute to providing lasting design impact and central engagement role in building innovation into the core fabric of the organisation.

The D&I Garden: Seeds of Innovation that Grow into Creative Breakthroughs

Speaker: Donald Fan, Senior Director of the Global Office of Culture, Diversity & Inclusion at Walmart Inc.

In the digital era, rife with uncertainty and ambiguity, innovation plays an essential role in sustaining organic growth and outperforming the global competition. Research proves time and again, there exists a robust bond between innovation and diversity & inclusion (D&I); our challenge is to help our leaders understand how to plant the seeds of innovation in the fertile D&I garden in order to drive a strategic and competitive advantage from the office and in the digital landscape.

The role Human Resources can play in Innovation and its needed Design

Paul Hobcraft

The management of human resource (HRM) needs to be replaced with the management of human creativity and ingenuity, as this is the triggering point to innovation success and delivering longer-term sustaining success. I believe within our human resource groups they must provide the people solution to building innovation capacity, they should contribute to providing lasting design impact and central engagement role in building innovation into the core fabric of the organisation.

Innovation Leadership: Managing Your Resources

Innovation in Practice

As an innovation leader, you are now responsible for a bundle of resources that you’ll need to get the job done. Those resources include human resources - your team - and also include financial resources in the form of a budget. But a good leader thinks about resources beyond just human and financial. You may have tangible resources like physical products and distribution outlets. You may have intangible resources like brand reputations.

6 Resources to Help You Learn Design Thinking | Collective Campus


A recent research report prepared by Commonwealth Bank, appropriately titled “Jobs and Skills of the Future Report”, outlines the new types of jobs that will be created in Australia

6 Resources to Help You Learn Design Thinking | Collective Campus

Collective Campus

A recent research report prepared by Commonwealth Bank, appropriately titled “Jobs and Skills of the Future Report”, outlines the new types of jobs that will be created in Australia

Don’t Give Learned Helplessness a Chance

Innovation Excellence

It answers to the name “learned helplessness.” Learned helplessness is not a hip term from yet another best-selling management book; it is a concrete and scientifically proven phenomenon in the behavior of both people and animals. Continue reading → Leadership Psychology culture change collaboration Creativity HR hrm Human Resources learned_helplessness Learning Organizational Learning

Game-Changers 911™: How to Change the Game in 2020

Speaker: John Storm, President, BrainStorm Network

Join John Storm, President of the BrainStorm Network, to learn how to identify game-changing opportunities within your company and industry, and then brainstorm ways to capitalize on these ideas. Get ready to change your game in 2020!

How To Allocate Resources

Mike Shipulski

How a company allocates its resources defines its strategy. But it’s tricky business to allocate resources in a way that makes the most of the existing products, services and business models yet accomplishes what’s needed to create the future. Then, sit next to the CFO for a couple days and allocate last year’s actual spending to the three buckets and compare the actuals with how resources will be allocated going forward.

BCG 2020 Report: Three Steps to Organizational Learning


In BCG’s recent report , they outlined three critical steps for leadership to take to improve organizational learning. The world’s best corporate learning ecosystems have a few characteristics in common – what BCG considers the framework of five domains and 18 dimensions.

4 Resources for Growing and Transforming Your Enterprise

Moves the Needle

For that reason, we’ve complied a short list of the resources we’ve found to be useful at inspiring organizational transformation and shifting mindsets away from traditional thought processes in order to create deeper value and growth. So sit back, get comfortable, and enjoy this brief list of enterprise resources to get your wheels turning as we speed into the new year. Want to get the top corporate innovation resources, articles and updates straight to your inbox?

Crowdsourced Innovation: Three Things I Learned


During my first two weeks as a Marketing Intern for IdeaScale, I learned about how the business world operates, particularly how an organization uses crowdsourced innovation with tools such as IdeaScale. Here are the three things I learned about crowdsourced innovation from my two weeks working alongside everyone at IdeaScale. To learn more, contact us here or subscribe to our newsletter! The post Crowdsourced Innovation: Three Things I Learned appeared first on IdeaScale.

Business Models Changing the Landscape of Growth and Innovation

Speaker: Cheryl Perkins, Founder and President, Innovationedge

Companies these days cannot afford to stand still! Cheryl Perkins, Founder and President of Innovationedge and a visionary business leader, will share best practices of companies who are defining and implementing new business models. These business models are used to create new pathways to value and deliver growth in today’s business climate. She will lead you on a journey through business model basics and describe how companies are taking innovation strategy to the next level while tackling the current challenges of talent management and innovation fatigue.

How Human Resources Can Drive Innovation?

Ankush Chopra

One department that does not often come up in the list is Human Resources. So let’s understand how Human Resources can drive innovation? To understand it, consider how learning takes place. The post How Human Resources Can Drive Innovation? If you ask someone the question “which function drives innovation in a company?”, ”, the most likely response will be R&D. After all, R&D spends the most time on inventing and improving products.

Rule 1: Allocate resources for effectiveness.

Mike Shipulski

We live in a resource constrained world where there’s always more work than time. Resources are always tighter than tight and tough choices must be made. At this stage, the best way to allocate your resources is to define the system as it is. If yes, allocate your resources to test your model. If you have sufficient confidence in your model, allocate your resources to define how things could be. How many resources will be required to reach the finish line?

Overcome Fears and Learn to Delegate in the Workplace


All great managers must learn to delegate in the workplace. Many workers today are eager to learn new skills to make themselves more valuable as employees and enhance their professional skills. What Resources Are Available to Help You Learn the Skill of Delegation?

Developing continuous learning


In the same way, new platforms, products and services, business models and other emerging creative surprises are, disrupting the learning game. To promote this “sold out” event, The Churchill Cub shared “keeping up with our changing world of work requires access to continuous learning and micro credentials to attain the bite sized chunks of knowledge we need. To also develop the skills required to surmount future challenges, so what then, is the role of continuous learning?

Innovation Hacks: Lessons Learned from Successful Startups


Here are some lessons to learn from how startups innovate quickly and turn into established companies. Allocate the Right Resources Startups are famous, and in some cases infamous, for their “cash burn.” Established businesses don’t have to throw out everything the accounting department says, but while you can seek VC for some of your innovation, you should also be your own VC and make sure your team has the necessary resources to innovate.

Those that learn to frame the Strategic Innovation discussion are the big winners

Paul Hobcraft

The direction you go requires the organizational focus to build the type of capabilities, resources, and processes to match this.

Content Marketing Strategy – 43 Resources from Our Curaçao Workshop!


The workshop and the entire trip generated a lot of questions, learnings, and lessons. Look for a variety of blogged posts planned for the near future to share more about content marketing, branding, and customer service learned going to and from this wonderful island. 43 Resources for Strategic Branding and Engagement with Social Media and Content Marketing. Learn all about how Mike Brown’s workshops on social media and content marketing can boost your success!

Idea Management: Learning When and How to Say “Enough”


This way they avoid falling for the sunk cost fallacy of throwing more resources at a failing project because of how much has already been invested. Learn to Separate Projects from Egos (Including Your Own). Find Ways to Pivot Based on Lessons Learned. There are always lessons that can be learned, many of which can deliver commercial or operational benefit. If you would like to learn more, we invite you to download our Crowdsourcing to Innovate Products white paper.

Allocating resources as if people and planet mattered.

Mike Shipulski

Business is about allocating resources to achieve business objectives. Medium: move from global sourcing to local sourcing, move to local production, move from business models based on non-renewable resources to renewable resources. Long: create new business models that are resource neutral. Longer: create business models that generate excess resources. Culture How To The Future Competitiveness Lessons Learned Trust-based approach

Five Strengths of Innovation Leaders


Innovation Psychology Leadership asking questions Creativity flexibility innovation competencies innovation leader Innovation Leadership innovation success innovative people inquisitiveness inspiration intellectual curiosity leadership leadership competencies learning learning process resourcefulness Success versatilityHighly innovative leaders need to share a clear vision, practice effective communication, and make a commitment to roll imagination into reality.

Proactive versus Reactive Innovation: Learning from Nature

Innovation Excellence

I’ve always believed that we can learn how to innovate, and organize our businesses by learning from nature. One example is to question Wall Street’s obsession with short-term results, by understanding how giant redwoods maximize long-term growth by embracing variations based on short-term changes in resources. [link] I also believe that we can learn a.

12 Resources to Lead a Strategic Planning Process When You’re New


While leading strategy development in a new company poses challenges (including needing to learn a tremendous amount as you go), it has a comparable number of advantages (Including not laboring under preconceived ideas about how the organization does things). Additionally, here are four areas we recommend exploring right away (and 12 resources to support your work): Identify what has been done previously.

Design Thinking New Ways of Learning & Working


Since then, I’ve seen many people that I learn from about working and innovating virtually post some of their favorite tools to use. Please share the resource collection with those who are new to working remote. New Learning & Development. I learned a lot from working to apply design thinking for myself in response to the new COVID-19 challenges. Learn a New Software. If you really want to learn and develop, don’t just read, consume, or listen.

A Minimum Viable Product is an Object for Learning

Tim Kastelle

From the name, people often think of it as a prototype, but really, it’s a learning object. I think that the best way to think about a low-fidelity MVP is a pretotype – and pretotype.org has a bunch of great resources to help you test and validate your ideas quickly and cheaply. That Resources page includes free.pdfs of two books on the topic, and they are both excellent. The Lean Startup approach is based on the Build-Measure-Learn loop.

How to Engage People with Ideation and Challenge-based Learning


Learning and sharing knowledge in the Be-novative Partner Ecosystem After the high energy and high attendance kick-off of the Be-novative Partner Hub on the 24th November 2020, we have gathered again online on the 10th of December for our second session.

Unlearning Is the New Learning

Innovation 360 Group

To Learn or to Unlearn – that’s the question. Board members, C-Suites and executives of all stripes are attempting to apply the lessons they learned 10 years ago (or more!) Fail to learn. Failing is part of learning, but the most successful innovators identify the signs of project failure early enough to redirect resources ASAP. The post Unlearning Is the New Learning appeared first on Home of Innovation.

Harvard Business Review Learning & Development Articles


By taking small steps every day, and following some of the key lessons learned in the articles below, you can begin to focus on yourself and your goals for the future. These top Harvard Business Review articles on learning and development are a great place to begin to grow personally and professionally: Take Control of Your Learning at Work. Make Learning a Part of Everyday Work. How to Help Your Employees Learn from Each Other. Develop a to-learn list.

5 Videos for Learning about Design Sprints

Innovation Excellence

This article is a republished selection from InnovationTraining.org’s recommended resources: Design Sprint Videos. It’s an important concept to learn for designers, product and service developers, and organizational innovators. These design sprint videos are resources I include with my training workshops. Running a “design sprint” is a trending design thinking approach to innovation that is agile in nature.

Video 56

How To Drive and Sustain Innovation With Learning and Development Training


Recent research suggests that some key learning and development (L&D) strategies hold the answers you’ve been searching for. For VP of Learning and Development at Wyndham Destinations Anthony Sandonato, agility has been the key to building an L&D program that stays aligned with Wyndham’s needs. These strategies are exciting, but may also be more than you have the resources to implement.

Elements of Learning Experience Design

Boxes and Arrows

The purpose of an experience and the platform on which the experience takes place will vary: purchasing a plane ticket on a tablet to vacation, enjoying a musical performance in a theater, or learning to code in a classroom. While Garrett’s “elements” are most relevant to digital product design, I’ve been able to use them as a roadmap for developing learning experiences for adults. Elements of learning experience design. Imagine you’re learning how to drive.