Creative Thinking Exercises – 2 Ways to Create Innovation Workshop Inspiration


We facilitated a follow-up innovation workshop for an industrial client. In previous workshops, a large group convened and re-imagined a manufacturing process to improve quality, while maintaining costs and production efficiency.

Community Collaboration Workshops Come in All Sizes


On Wednesday, I delivered the closing keynote at the Real Time Marketing Lab with a mini-workshop on using strategic thinking super models to help C-suite executives understand social networking and content marketing strategy.

If You Want To Learn Problem Solving, Learn From Designers


He wanted to know my thoughts on the best way to learn how to solve problems. My response: If you want to learn about problem solving, learn from designers. This is why I believe you should learn from designers if you want to learn problem solving.

Design 149

Innovation Workshop Lessons – 6 Keys to Facilitating Executive Interviews


We’ve said it before, experience its confirmation repeatedly, and will thus say it again: One of the best ways to learn more about what you know is to teach it to someone else. Learn all about how Mike Brown’s workshops on creating strategic impact can boost your success!


The workshop from hell


Today I like to share with you the story of a workshop I was supposed to lead. It was a true workshop from hell. I am sure you’ve been to your own workshops from hell. This process ended with a 3-day strategy workshop with about 30 participants from top management. Every business unit (in this case: product group) had to carry out a strategic analysis, derive proposals for strategic options, and present its findings in the strategy workshop.

Innovation requires learning, relearning and unlearning

RTI Innovation Advisors

While people are attending the "mandatory" training to learn material of vague importance to their day to day jobs, their inboxes are filling up, cat videos are going unwatched. In response, many organizations are turning to innovation training and innovation workshops. Learning The fact of the matter is that most of us have spent the last 20 to 30 years learning to be efficient, to succeed at our first attempt.

5 Ways to Lower Risk in an Innovation Strategy Workshop


Right after that article, The Brainzooming Group facilitated a small innovation strategy workshop with a client. We discussed the approach for the client’s upcoming thirty-person new process innovation strategy workshop. 5 Ways to Lower Risk in an Innovation Strategy Workshop.

6 Guidelines for a Great Strategic Thinking Workshop


We put this infographic together for a client today to distill The Brainzooming Group approach into a few images depicting what we do to pave the way for a great strategic thinking workshop. 6 Guidelines for a Great Strategic Thinking Workshop.

The DNA of Idea Champions Workshops and Trainings

Idea Champions

Know Thy Customer: Long before we ever get into a room with participants, we do our due diligence -- learning about WHO we are serving, WHAT they expect, and HOW our time with them will be the most significant.

Creative Thinking – 13 Unexpected Benefits of a Strategic Thinking Workshop


Last week, we presented a creative and strategic thinking workshop for a Brainzooming reader who leads the national sales division of a global industrial manufacturer. We integrated the Brainzooming strategic thinking workshop into their annual sales meeting.

Strategic Thinking Workshop Success – Beware Too Much Creativity


Interestingly, the most challenging situation for Brainzooming strategic thinking workshop success is when it includes TOO MANY individuals viewing themselves as creative. Talking with someone about the most difficult Brainzooming strategic thinking workshop EVER inspired the blurb below.

Creative Thinking Skills for Sales – A Workshop Approach


We’re with a client today, delivering a strategic and creative thinking skills for sales workshop. We’re scheduled to have more than 120 of the client’s sales team members participate in an interactive, half-day Brainzooming workshop in the Chicago area.

My strategy workshop from heaven


I recently wrote a post about my workshop from hell and what I learned from it. Of course, not every workshop ends up as a disaster. Today I want to tell you about my workshop from heaven. I still worked in the same company as in my workshop from hell – a producer of high-precision metal components. We in the strategic planning department were given the task to conduct a strategy workshop in order to determine.

First Enterprise Data Value Workshop

Information Playground

  Next week, as a result of Dr. Short's year-long study of data valuation, he is hosting the First Workshop on Enterprise Data Value in order to create one of the first-ever industry/academic data valuation communities.

6 Ways a Strategy Workshop (or NFL Practice) Is Most Productive


Not wasting time is a major part of why a Brainzooming strategy workshop is so focused on effective time management. The moves the Buffalo Bills are making and the associated reasons and benefits match closely to how The Brainzooming Group designs a strategy workshop.

Upcoming 2017 Innovation Conferences, Keynotes, and Workshops


is sure to be a rich and fulfilling learning experience.

Sydney Innov8rs conference: Come and learn from me and 40+ live innovation speakers

Idea to Value

It’s my honor to announce that I will be one of the featured workshop leaders at the upcoming Innov8rs conference in Sydney , Australia, from the 25th -27th September 2018. Work on your actual challenges, guided by experts and learning from peers.

Strategic Planning Workshop Ideas – The Brainzooming Process Is 10 Years Old!


We introduced the first Brainzooming strategic planning workshop resembling what we do today as The Brainzooming Group ten years ago, June 19-20, 2006. The First Brainzooming Strategic Planning Workshop. Since we were learning as we went, some sessions worked better than others.

Getting Practical at Spigit’s Idea Implementation Success & Value Measurement Workshop


At a recent Spigit customer-only workshop in Washington D.C., This interactive workshop was led by Spigit strategists, each of whom have experience launching innovation programs at hundreds of well-known multinational Fortune 500 organizations. Throughout the workshop, the group discussed the barriers they face when it comes to idea implementation and measuring value, and the solutions they could implement to get them over the hump.

Method Mondays: Never stop learning

Boxes and Arrows

Benjamin Franklin once said: “Tell me and I forget; teach me and I may remember; involve me and I learn.”. However, as it is not always possible to conduct very deep field research, we use the “day in the life” method as an alternative in the workshops we hold at the SAP AppHaus.

Can You Learn To Be A Leader?

The Human Factor

Take another skill, tennis, as an example: some people are seemingly born with a great, natural ability at tennis, and these people will likely learn faster and improve their game quickly. How can you start to learn leadership? . The post Can You Learn To Be A Leader?

5 Videos for Learning about Design Sprints

Innovation Excellence

It’s an important concept to learn for designers, product and service developers, and organizational innovators. These design sprint videos are resources I include with my training workshops.

Video 65

Lessons learned from RocketSpace's Corporate Membership Summit in September


With two days of workshops on topics like practical innovation and presentations from entrepreneurial leaders such as Dirk Ahlborn, CEO of Hyperloop Transportation, the event gave attendees a practical toolkit to bring their ventures to market faster.

Best Of The Bonn Forum: John Bessant On Learning The New Innovation Game

HYPE Innovation

It also broke last year’s attendance record by attracting no fewer than 180 innovation management practitioners from around the globe for 2 days of experience sharing, workshops and networking. In case you were wondering: the 2016 Innovation Managers Forum in Bonn was a blast!

Agile Innovation Workshop – July 16-17, 2016 in San Francisco


Our sister company FutureLab is offering a workshop on Agile Innovation that is sure to be a fascinating and powerful learning experience. Based on the contents of our breakthrough book Agile Innovation, the workshop covers both the high level philosophy and the practical implementation details to help you and your organization adopt the latest thinking […].

Agile 30

The DNA of Idea Champions Workshops and Trainings

Idea Champions

Know Thy Customer: Long before we ever get into a room with participants, we do our due diligence -- learning about WHO we are serving, WHAT they expect, and HOW our time with them will be the most significant.

GrowKomp 2.0: Building Innovation Connectivity Across Regional Business Ecosystems

Innovation 360 Group

By implementing structured innovation, harnessing innovation connectivity, and leveraging collaborative learning strategies, deeper learning and better outcomes result. The collaborative learning bootcamps and ideation sessions are some of the most popular aspects of the program.

The DNA of Idea Champions Workshops and Trainings

Idea Champions

Know Thy Customer: Long before we ever get into a room with participants, we do our due diligence -- learning about WHO we are serving, WHAT they expect, and HOW our time with them will be the most significant.

Customer, Culture, and Learning: Takeaways from the Lean Startup Conference

Moves the Needle

In his workshop, Brant discussed how to use the customer journey to uncover the “diamond nugget” and which metrics can be used to bring a customer from intrigued to passionate. Brant Cooper’s Workshop at Lean Startup Conference. Did you learn something new?

The DNA of Idea Champions Workshops and Trainings

Idea Champions

Know Thy Customer: Long before we ever get into a room with participants, we do our due diligence -- learning about WHO we are serving, WHAT they expect, and HOW our time with them will be the most significant.

10 Survival Rules for Workshop Facilitators


For some years now I’ve been seeing my role of designer gain a new dimension: I’m facilitating workshops more and more where we co-design brands, products and services. Bringing workshop facilitation into my design practice results in a number of changes. 1) Build your workshop brand. Define and design your Workshop Brand, this will help you to have clear vision and be coherent with what you’re delivering and how you’re delivering it.

Learning Design Thinking By Design Doing

Rmukesh Gupta

So, there were no post-it notes, no charts, no empathy maps or customer journey maps, yet, the participants were able to experience and learn about Design thinking. ?. via GIPHY.

Learning 5 Innovation Strategy Lessons as an Entrepreneur


Given that, moving to an entrepreneurial environment in 2009 was new territory when it came to learning innovation strategy lessons. 5 Innovation Strategy Lessons Learned as an Entrepreneur.

30 Ways to Boost an Audience’s Energy Level


We have a call with a client about an upcoming Brainzooming innovation workshop. One question (which we think MAY have been included by mistake on the list of topics they sent us) is what we do when energy is diminishing during a workshop.

Teaching/Learning UX: Considerations for Academic-Industry Partnerships

Boxes and Arrows

At the same time that knowledge in the academy is often chopped up into discrete units called disciplines, however, there are other obstacles to establishing UX as a real concern that are specific to state- and federal-funded institutions of higher learning. service-learning or volunteering). Following this trend, my recent technical writing course featured a series of learning modules that focused as much on traditional modes of documentation as it did on content strategy and IA.