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Do We Need Managers or Management?

Tim Kastelle

In the early days, a management consultant used the familiar chiefs/Indians line to predict they’d fail. If the structure of the management committee was a problem, they would have failed by now. Their software is proprietary. It’s time to start reimagining management.

Killer of change? ‘Idiot policy’


I wasn’t surprised when I discovered that the word Policy is derived from the French word Police. It’s true existing policy reflects a great deal of organizational learning, but the reality is that stagnant policy has unintended consequences. I read of a bank that elicited feedback across the organization in an attempt to identify ‘idiot policy.’ Amending policy just doesn’t appear to be getting enough air time.

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Can project managers be innovative?

Values Centered Innovation

This year’s Project Management Conference in Dallas focused on all things innovation. As project managers, you are always innovating with each project you manage, no matter how small or large the scope is, and no matter what the topic is.

Innovation Management: Importance, Ideas, and Examples


In less than a decade, innovation management got recognized as one of the most powerful strategies an organization can use to streamline internal processes and boost their business productivity. What is innovation management? Importance of innovation management.

What is the use of innovation software?


The first benefit a company seeks when using innovation software can seem the most logical for such software: innovate with new products, services or processes that may make the organization more competitive in its market, staying ahead of its competitors.

Do We Need Managers or Management?

Tim Kastelle

In the early days, a management consultant used the familiar chiefs/Indians line to predict they’d fail. If the structure of the management committee was a problem, they would have failed by now. Their software is proprietary. It’s time to start reimagining management.

Do We Need Managers or Management?

Tim Kastelle

In the early days, a management consultant used the familiar chiefs/Indians line to predict they’d fail. If the structure of the management committee was a problem, they would have failed by now. Their software is proprietary. It’s time to start reimagining management.

How to Rescue a Troubled Project


Every project manager takes on a new assignment expecting the best outcome. In a perfect world, careful planning would lead to high-quality projects that are submitted on time and on budget. Review the Project As Soon as You Start Missing Milestones.

Why users are constantly disappointed by your software


In all the year’s I’ve been developing enterprise software I’ve experienced several projects that have met all the ‘requirements’ but had users disagree with the experience. It’s a representation… In enterprise software this is often completely ignored.

I would recommend applying the Innovation Value Proposition

Paul Hobcraft

That now seems like ages ago, and a lot has changed in how we manage innovation since then. The Value Proposition to the Management and Staff. The Value Proposition to Management and Staff. Advances resource management capabilities. Adapted from original source [link].

Report 247

Scope Creep Fail Safes: Using PPM to Keep Your Projects On Time


Together, these minor changes can add up to a more stressful project and a weaker product. As projects become increasingly connected within companies and vendors, there are more opportunities for scope creep. Here’s how you can prevent this phenomenon and guard your projects against it.

An Innovation Management Solution that Meets Your FedRAMP Requirements


For those in the dark, as I was, FedRAMP is an acronym for the “Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program,”which is “a government-wide program that provides a standardized approach to security assessment, authorization, and continuous monitoring for cloud products and services.” (See [link].)

Mobile Device Management Tips

The Human Factor

Technology is a big part of what makes a business great and it is also something which can be confusing at times to manage. However for a business you can use a handy tool called mobile device management to keep everything organised and helps you to manage the devices in your business.

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Idea Management in the Public Sector


Idea Management in the Public Sector. A solid way to counter negative issues evolving from a purely top-down decision or purpose is to begin any public project with a bottom-up approach. As in business, I view public sector development projects as establishing relationships between authorities and end-users. The long-term outcome of many, many projects is to a wide extend based on the relation between authorities.

10 Ways to Empower Employees to Manage Workloads Effectively


For project managers, self-reliant team members are more than a nice-to-have. If you think about it, the people that you hire to do this work are freakishly smart,” Joseph Flahiff at Whitewater Projects Inc. Project Management

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What is change management and why is it essential for digital transformation

Hacker Earth Developers Blog

“When it comes to change management, “implementation” isn’t the end—it’s just the beginning.” What is change management? The “change” may be a simple process change or a major change in company strategy or policy. The different levels of change management.

Eliminating Uncertainty: How to Manage Innovation Risk in 3 Easy Steps


By understanding how to manage innovation risk, companies can help strike this fine balance. The report illustrates how important professional training can be when it comes to managing innovation risk successfully. Our Blog Guest Post Innovation Management

How to Create a Cross-Cultural Onboarding Plan for International Vendors


Companies are increasingly turning to international vendors to assist in project completion. Both parties need to be aware of each other’s needs and the policies for effective cooperation. Use these 12 tips to help shape your own policies. Project Management

An Insight In to Public Sector Innovation – Australia


This report drew on a mix of interviews from agency heads, to senior public servants to highlight areas that would need more management. While this was being developed, a project was also being developed for the Management Advisory Committee.

How Good Time Tracking Data Creates Fair and Balanced Workloads


Sure, no one likes tracking their own time, and no one likes having their time tracked — especially on projects in the private sphere, where things like FLSA requirements don’t apply. But it’s important for project managers to understand precisely how long it takes to finish a task.

Al-Hasan Al-Shaibani

Innovation 360 Group

Currently functioning as freelancer and promoting Innovation Management in both public and private sector. Previous experience include General Manager of K3 Saudi, new foreign investment Joint Venture Startup Company providing retail solutions focusing to the retail market in MENA region.

5 Simple Steps for Finding the Right Business Idea

The Future Shapers

Just like with any other project, getting started is usually the psychologically most demanding part of the journey, but sticking with the idea long enough to make it work is what really counts. For example, I have a background in software engineering.

The enemy is already within. The flood gates are open. Can GE recover?

Paul Hobcraft

Managing cash, balancing this out with your liabilities and obligations, knowing your market dynamics, and equally, having a good understanding of where the future growth lies, are all essential for managing any healthy business. The top management is put on notice.

Continuing the Energy Transition Journey

Paul Hobcraft

Technology innovation, suggested new business models, outline proposals for changing policies, processes, and market design all are being “sketched out.” Buildings are also going through a digital revolution for managing heating, cooling lighting, and occupant movement. Source: [link].

Report 169

How companies are innovating in the energy sector

Hacker Earth Developers Blog

According to the comprehensive report, these are the key findings: The world’s primary energy demand growth will slow, and per capita energy demand will peak before 2030 due to unprecedented efficiencies created by new technologies and more stringent energy policies. Innovation Management

A strategic overview of Human Resources: the Latin American challenge


According to a 2018 survey by Deloitte on Human Resources management in Latin America , people are “an essential asset to achieve an organization’s goals”, but one must invest in those people in order to obtain results. Human capital is one of the most valuable assets a company can have.

Collaboration During Pandemics Through The Modern Digital Workplace


have been canceling their events and implementing travel restrictions and work-from-home policies. Cloud applications today support all your digital workplace needs – right from document creation, project management, app development, to real-time collaboration and many more!

Follow-Through Is More Important than Vision

Tullio Siragusa

In business, meeting deadlines, honoring commitments, growing staff, tracking projects and maintaining relationships, all demand constant follow-through. Scheduling software and calendars can be useful to remind you of meetings, project deadlines, certain milestones of your business or even personal life commitments. If you are perpetually overbooked, use productivity apps to manage your commitments. Follow-Through Is More Important than Vision.

Cybersecurity Is Everybody’s Business

Daniel Burrus

Further, things are only projected to get worse. For instance, John Sapp, chief information security officer at Orthofix , issues monthly written reports on the company’s security status to top management. Have firm policies in place—and make certain they’re followed.

Edge Data and Trust Insertion

Information Playground

Open Ingest Software: the use of an “open” IoT data ingest platform (like EdgeX Foundry ) can give a level of confidence to applications that process edge data. the version of LINUX) or software elements that guard against intrusion or threats (e.g., RSA’s Iris project). 

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Digital Civic Engagement in the age of Covid-19, BLM, and Economic Recovery


Thus, Civic Engagement has promptly become top of the agenda for many authorities looking to gain valuable insight into communities when prioritization and management of their activities is vital due to strained budgets.

50+ Business Cases on Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Open Innovation EU

Nike Lean Manufacturing: An Example of Good Policy Deployment Nike Lean Manufacturing: An Example of Good Policy Deployment is an article documenting Nike’s Lean Journey thus far. Source:

Open Innovation: A 2014 Research Agenda

Open Innovation

the June 2014 special issue of Research Policy and the forthcoming New Frontiers in Open Innovation ), and thus are directly tied to some of the latest work. Journal of Product Innovation Management (West and Bogers, 2014) This article was previously summarized on this blog.

Digital Civic Engagement in the age of Covid-19 and Black Lives Matter, and Economic Recovery


Thus, Citizen Engagement has promptly become top of the agenda for many authorities looking to gain valuable insight into communities when prioritization and management of their activities is vital due to strained budgets.

Executives Meet to Discuss the ROI of Innovation

Moves the Needle

Currently, Kent is living the “funemployed” life playing poker 5 nights a week and pursuing other resurfacing hobbies after many years spent building a successful career as a software engineer and author. Those in Expand have found some traction and are, therefore, “emerging” H2 projects.

How to Incorporate Client Feedback into Your Product Roadmap and Plan for Iteration


Regardless of the project’s scope or your company’s size, product development requires client feedback. Feedback is the Basis of Agile Management. Top companies use client feedback as a roadmap to complete a project on time. Keeping Clients and Account Managers Accountable.

Get the most out of your Continuous Integration & Continous Delivery (CI/CD) workflow using Automation


It is a set of practices that automates the process between software development and IT teams. The process involves building, testing and releasing the software faster and more reliably. Build: Build compiles all the source code of the project to create a final package. DevOps.

How China Creates the Strongest Innovation System

The BMI Lab Blog

Nevertheless, those achievements could not have been possible without proper innovation policies and practices being responsible for the creation and growth of an economy capable of creating and sustaining big, innovative, companies.

Silvia Heras (Zurich Insurance): “Listening to our employees has allowed us to gain credibility”


I: Focusing on that first stage with employees, how did they receive the project and what have been its effects? I: How does the company ’ s management value this data? The company’s management highlights the suitability of digital channels to approach this contact with customers. "In

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How companies strangle innovation – and how you can get it right

Steve Blank

— I just watched a very smart company try to manage innovation by hiring a global consulting firm to offload engineering from “distractions.” Internal projects already in existence. In addition, innovation projects not only carry technical debt, but also organizational debt.

The Root Cause for Innovation Theater and How to Avoid It


If you simply incentivize software developers to write more lines of code, more lines of code get written, but performance and quality suffer. Thankfully, we have done away with many of these policies.

The role of design thinking in fixed price contracts


The life of many ‘simple’ fixed price projects. An example of this is a CRM implementation, or any other customer data management system. These ‘simple’ projects are often ugly, painful, political and expensive. A mobile app, a physical space, a public policy, a service.

Future-Proofing Financial Market Innovation – Fighting Digital Disruption with Digital Disruption


Simply put, innovation management is the management of product and organizational innovation processes within an organization. With regards to dealing with the threat of disruption, innovation management provides a set of tools that promotes cooperation within the organization towards a common understanding of processes and goals. Thus, innovation management helps existing financial industry organizations treat disruption as an opportunity for change and growth.