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Al-Hasan Al-Shaibani

Innovation 360 Group

Previous experience include General Manager of K3 Saudi, new foreign investment Joint Venture Startup Company providing retail solutions focusing to the retail market in MENA region. Hands on experience in developing procedures, service standards and operational policies, planning & implementing effective control measures to reduce running costs of the business. Project & portfolio Management. Based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

From MW to GW’s of Renewable Hydrogen using Electrolyzers

Paul Hobcraft

In the past two weeks, the Germany Government announced its new Hydrogen Policy, quickly followed by the European Unions Strategic Road Map for Hydrogen. The roadmap for Hydrogen announced by the European Union is looking to install at least 6GW of renewable hydrogen electrolyzers in the EU by 2024 and have in place 40GW of renewable hydrogen electrolyzers by 2030. It can address a wide variety of existing and new markets where electrolyzers can play a significant role.

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Managing Energy Transition through Innovation

Paul Hobcraft

This massive shift from our present reliance on fossil fuels projects to renewables (regarded as clean energy) can account for two-thirds of our primary energy supply by this 2050 mark. Innovation needs to be broader than just being conducted through technological research and development; it requires a more significant integrated innovation model that has business models, policies, processes, and market design as part of the solutions. Source IRENA [link].

3 User-Experience cases that we separated for you


In concise English, the User Experience is the art of putting the user in the center of the project. Gain a better understanding by reading our article on Big Tech in the insurance market. Now, why would a company invest in User-Centrism, having the user experience as a guide for its projects? They differentiate themselves from the competition and, as we all know, market competition is getting fiercer all the time.

How companies are innovating in the energy sector

Hacker Earth Developers Blog

According to the comprehensive report, these are the key findings: The world’s primary energy demand growth will slow, and per capita energy demand will peak before 2030 due to unprecedented efficiencies created by new technologies and more stringent energy policies. Policy experts, scientists, governments, and companies have been struggling for decades to make sure the lights stay on while trying to meet the needs of an ever-growing population and industrialization.

Getting Started with Innovation Management


Practices such as project management and total quality were introduced decades ago and have matured over time. There are good examples of organisations who approach innovation strategically and systemically such as Shell and DSM but many more still view innovation as a project and as a result, it falls in the nice to have category. Start with Innovation projects immediately and don’t wait for the Innovation System to be completely implemented.

The Root Cause for Innovation Theater and How to Avoid It


Innovation funnels, for instance, need at least 2–3 years to go from idea to product/market fit. Let me illustrate first with some examples from the product world: If you simply incentivize marketers to drive more leads, your ad budget gets spent and you get more leads?—?but Thankfully, we have done away with many of these policies. Think People, Not Funnels Yes, we all want more successful projects than failed projects.

Corporate Vision: How To Translate Strategy Into Meaningful Execution

The Future Shapers

Acts as a high-level roadmap, articulating what the organisation wants to become – guiding transformational initiatives by articulating strategic intent and setting a defined clear and understandable direction. The viral marketing of ideas depends first and foremost on stories… for an idea to pass from one person to another; it must be contained in something that can be easily transmitted, just as a disease will spread within a human population via a highly contagious virus.

Retail innovation: Trends, challenges and opportunities


Retail giants such as Amazon have literally eaten up thousands of stores world over, capturing considerable market share. Whether it’s changing the existing retail landscape or creating a new market like Apple did with iTunes, there has been huge upheavals in the way business is done. The project facilitated by the Danish Food Cluster is an attempt to iron out the creases in food innovation. “We Develop a roadmap and build a strong business case.