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Innovation Product Innovation Strategy Competitive Advantage Competitive Strategy differentiation Marketing Strategy michael graber product strategy Southern Growth StudioAnxiety floods the boardroom, the conference rooms, every decision.

Branding Strategy – The Best Brand Promise EVER


Great branding strategy examples abound. If your organization specializes in one particular area, your branding strategy discussions should include the question: “If our customers can think it, can we make it?”

What Hidden Segments Exist In Your Market?


Market segmentation is a method that companies use to target unique offerings to groups of customers that will value them. Over the years, many methods of market segmentation have been developed and implemented. What meaningful differences exist in a market?

Branding Strategy – 3 Keys to Engaging Your Internal Brand Team


I’ll be presenting a Brainzooming workshop on internal branding strategy at the Brand Strategy Conference in New York, April 6-8. The workshop, while drawing on material from my Fortune 500 work, springs from multiple conversations at the 2015 Brand Strategy Conference.

Why a Thought Leadership Strategy Isn’t What Your Brand Needs


I’m scheduled for a background interview today on creating a thought leadership strategy. While I’m sure it was a completely sincere gesture, I think pursuing a thought leadership strategy isn’t something a brand or an individual shouldn’t do. Value Leadership Strategy.

Brand Strategy – Giving Employees Time with a New Brand Promise


When a brand strategy change is planned, what happens first? An earlier “Inside the Executive Suite” article from Armada Corporate Intelligence addressed this important brand strategy question about how changes are rolled out to the public.

The Marketing Stakeholder Interview

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The Marketing Stakeholder Interview. Marketing stakeholders. Marketing stakeholders (such as marketing executives and most product managers) are usually responsible for promoting the company’s brand, identifying new market opportunities and products that could address them, or both. Most marketing people will immediately view designers as allies who will promote a customer-centric point of view. The Marketing Stakeholder Interview.

5 Keys to Engaging Employees in Innovation Strategy – Our Buy-In Manifesto


Reviewing the innovation strategy challenges business executives identified when downloading Brainzooming eBooks , they frequently mention gaining “buy-in” for significant change initiatives. Here are five keys we’ve found for successfully engaging employees in innovation strategy.

3 Big Differences between Branding Strategy and Advertising


The talk prompted several conversations about the distinctions between branding strategy and advertising. I surprised several attendees by discussing branding strategy as a fundamental element of business strategy for any organization. Advertising relates to marketing strategy.

Strategic Thinking Exercise – A SWOT Analysis to Push Thinking


Yesterday’s post on using a new type of SWOT analysis to stimulate bolder strategic conversations in strategy meetings garnered quite a bit of attention. This helps a group inside of a strategy meeting work harder and more effectively to generate ideas.

You need a why and a how, not a what, for innovation

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It can be a new product, a new process, a new way of working or thinking. But what many companies really need is not a "what" - things, products, services are easy to create. By why I mean a good strategy that defines where they want to compete, what they hope to win.

Community Collaboration Workshops Come in All Sizes


On Wednesday, I delivered the closing keynote at the Real Time Marketing Lab with a mini-workshop on using strategic thinking super models to help C-suite executives understand social networking and content marketing strategy.

Strategic Objectives – 3 Questions to Decide What’s Strategic


We are working with a client to develop a content marketing strategy for multiple business units in the organization. With that information, we will be in a strong position to identify a content marketing strategy specific to each business unit’s needs.

5 Keys to Streamlining Strategic Planning


Most executives can’t write a strategy plan, so don’t make them. Since strategy planning is an infrequent activity, it is difficult for executives to master it. This implies focusing participants on contributing in ways that they can be most productive.

5 Ideas for Simplified Strategic Planning this Year


Prioritize the time you invest in creating specific product/service marketing plans based on each one’s expected contribution to revenue and profit growth. 10 Keys to Involving Employees In Your Strategy. Actively engage stakeholders in strategy AND implementation success.

Innovation’s New World Order

Innovation in Practice

The shifting map of global innovation In the 2015 Global Innovation 1000 study, Strategy&, PwC's strategy consulting group, provides new insights into the ways corporate innovation spending—which totaled $680 billion last year—has been changing in recent years, and examines the implications both for the future course of global economies and for corporate performance. AUTHOR BIO: Barry Jaruzelski is a thought leader on innovation for Strategy&, PwC’s strategy consulting business.

Study 66

10 Steps from idea generation to implementation


Every successfully implemented idea/product is a result of a long and painstakingly supervised innovation process. Feedback: obtaining opinions from people aware of the market, competitors, business model and similar business experience.

Strategic Planning – 3 Surprising Ways Online Collaboration Works


When discussing a strategic planning or innovation strategy engagement with a client, we use the graphic below to design our recommended approach. Sometimes they proceed an in-person strategy planning meeting, but not always.

Leadership Training – Walmart Hopes for Big Impact


That does not mean everyone determines and forms strategy. Instead of simply knowing something is working or not, strategic frontline employees can provide valuable feedback on early warning signs when strategy that appears fantastic in the boardroom is not working in the field.

Strategic Thinking Exercise – An Alternative Vision Statement Approach


The descriptions are purposely neither good nor bad; they simply represent ways an organization could pursue the strategy. Creating Strategic Impact” Leaders need high-impact ways to develop employees that can provide input into strategy and then turn it into results.

Strategic Thinking – 16 Ideas for Creating an Entrepreneurial Environment Inside Your Company


At the 2016 Brand Strategy Conference, Antonia Dean, Director – Marketing, Brand Development, & Strategy at The Estée Lauder Companies covered the strategic thinking ideas behind creating an entrepreneurial environment in a large company.

Trend Timing - The Innovator's Secret Weapon

Legacy Innovation Group

wearable technology), and sometimes they remain nascent until "actuated" by a particular event that creates a new market. This brings us to the subject of trend timing and innovation strategy. Trend Timing — The Innovator's Secret Weapon. Aug 14, 2014 | Anthony Mills.

Innovation in the Automotive Industry


Automotive manufacturers, companies in the automotive supply chain, and technology startups eyeing the automotive market need to understand the innovations that are taking place today – and those that will take place tomorrow.

The Innovation Generation Has Arrived

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They got to be a part of the steady execution of the company's slowly evolving product line, happy to help develop and launch the next version of the company's stayed and true products. Today's young marketers, designers, and engineers are very different.

UX Design Careers in 2018 and Beyond: The Future of the UX Designer

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Onward Search provides a useful overview of the UX design job market in infographic format. If we go by the stats, the market for UX designers could not be hotter. Product design.

Strategic Thinking Exercises – 3 Responses to New Ideas


The objective was to help them become better strategic thinkers and marketers. Since all the companies competed with one another, each one needed to determine its own business strategies. Increase focus for your team with productive strategy questions everyone can use.

3 New Year’s Resolutions Every IP Portfolio Manager Should Make for 2018


By Vincent Brault, Senior Vice President of Product & Innovation at Anaqua. Below are three resolutions that that IP portfolio managers should consider for 2018 to help them devise a high-impact IP and business strategy. 1) Align your IP with business strategy.

How Should Customer “Needs” Be Defined?


The marketing team needs to know the customer’s needs in order to define the company’s value proposition, segment markets, position products and services, and create marketing communications. Companies receive thousands of inputs from their customers every single day.

The Transformation of IP Technology


All companies, high-tech or not, need to constantly innovate and push themselves in order to maintain a competitive advantage in an age where product features and capabilities are no longer enough to differentiate a company and create lasting value. By Erik Reeves, CTO of Anaqua.

Unleash Your Visual Superpower!

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Meaning anyone who provides the vision for a product, whether it be in code, wireframes, comps, prototypes, or cocktail napkins. At a certain point, clients stop listening to the strategy—they just want to get to the pictures. Imagine getting two ideas for a new product.

Bring Startup Speed to your Innovation Team with Personas

Your Ideas are Terrible

Ever been in a product strategy meeting and unable to answer this simple question: So who is our customer? Or perhaps you have a 2-sided market – consider Uber drivers and Uber passengers. Personas (or buyer personas, marketing personas) are fictional representations of key customer characteristics. Marketing professionals use personas to help teams empathize with customers as real humans. So… just who is our customer anyway?

A Stakeholder Interview Checklist

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The Marketing Stakeholder Interview. What is this product going to be? Who is this product for? Marketing stakeholders. How does this product fit into the overall product strategy? How do you expect to differentiate this product? Using a few key words, how do you want people to see your brand (both the company brand and the product brand)? existing products only). Other product team members.

Ideation: Anatomy of a New Product Idea


Ideation: Anatomy of a New Product Idea. Getting New Product Ideas Flowing. If you have teams close to customers, working in the field, using your product everyday – they’ll often be a great source for early indicators of where existing products are missing the mark.

Stop Building Products No One Wants: How to Experiment Your Way to Success

Moves the Needle

When it comes to the development and commercialization of new products , no one holds more accountability for the product’s ultimate success than the Product Manager. Product Manager” isn’t exactly a title that fits neatly into a box. In most cases, a product manager is someone who works cross-functionally with development, marketing, and customer support in order to map out use cases for new products.

Make the Commercial First

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Today, digital products like apps and sites require marketing. This is also a great opportunity to do market research. Too often the team gets all the way through building the product to find out they can’t explain the product. Product detail shots.

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