Five Product Innovations that Evolved Over Time


The product innovations that generate the most excitement and public interest are the disruptive innovations. However, these innovations aren’t that common. The most successful, innovative companies strike a balance between core, adjacent, and transformational initiatives. To illustrate how this can happen, it’s helpful to look at innovations that evolved over time. Some product innovations aren’t created by the company at all.

Is Social Media Part of Your Product Innovation Strategy?


Social media can connect you to innovators of all stripes. That creates a truly powerful resource of creativity on which to draw for your innovation strategy. Here’s how, and when, to use social media as part of your innovation strategy. Passive Use One strategy is to use it passively; instead of soliciting ideas directly, listen for customer feedback and requests and then use social media to engage with those customers.


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Exploring the Role of the C-Suite in Product Innovation


One of the many problems with the “lone genius in the garage” view of innovation is that too often, the C-suite is stylized as the people who say “no” to a brilliant idea, only to regret it later. There’s even a small cottage industry of articles about the series Shark Tank, sometimes analyzing and sometimes mocking how business geniuses didn’t get in on the ground floor of hit products like Ring or Chef Big Shake. Best Practice product innovation

Improve Product Innovation with Internal and External Feedback


Customers are integral to the product innovation process.?. Product innovation is all about new ideas from both your employees and your customers. Trying to develop a new product without input from your customers is akin to shooting arrows in the dark. All those factors figure prominently in determining why, when, and how to innovate. Not to be overlooked, however, is the value of the input you receive from your employees regarding product innovation.

Measuring Innovation Performance

Measuring innovation performance Our innovation campaigns prove that there is a way to. measure innovation performance. Innovation-active ?rms tability and productivity, increased. Along with balancing the innovation. aside as innovation spend. From using the sales of new products as a percentage of the total sales or the number. to measure innovativeness, a task that was once considered next to impossible. Innovation is di?cult

Thinking about innovation and strategy

Jeffrey Phillips

I've been asked several times lately to write about, or perhaps more specifically, to opine about, innovation strategy. Innovation Definition Innovation, in its simplest form, is simply turning good ideas into some valuable action. Strategy is often difficult to define.

The Essential 4-step Product Innovation Process [podcast]

Innovation Excellence

I love hearing how companies are creating successful products that provide customers value, which is the topic of this episode. Gordon Stannis, the Director of Design and Strategy at Twisthink shares their approach to developing innovative solutions for their Fortune 500 clients. Gordon started his work as an industrial designer and then moved into product. Case Study Design Digital Innovation Design Thinking innovation process Product Management product managers

Rebuild Personas According to Your Next Product Innovation


In this article, Product Innovation Manager Alex Igor Sanghikian discusses the Adjacent Possibilities framework for product management. By exclusively focusing on your persona’s one main need and trying hard to fulfill that need with your product, you can build the next feature with a more focused vision. Enabling Factors Strategies adjacent possibilities brainstorm design thinking hidden needs personas product development prototyping unmet needs voice of customer

3 Ways to Align with Ethical Values and Accelerate Your Brand

Board of Innovation

The post 3 Ways to Align with Ethical Values and Accelerate Your Brand appeared first on Board of Innovation. All Consumer products Innovation strategyHand-curated takeaways to prove your worth in ethical consumption, utility, and sustainability.

Why Less is More: Product Strategy

Innovation Excellence

Innovation Product Innovation Strategy Competitive Advantage Competitive Strategy differentiation Marketing Strategy michael graber product strategy Southern Growth StudioAnxiety floods the boardroom, the conference rooms, every decision. Costs are rising. Returns are flat. Margins are thinning. Now, private label competitors are beating us in every area: technology, price, placement, design and sales.

What Product Managers & Innovators Should Know About Agile Strategy [podcast]

Innovation Excellence

Book Review Innovation Interviews Leadership People & Skills Processes & Tools Video Product Innovation agile Innovation Management Product Management product managersDan Montgomery is a practitioner of Strategic Agility and shares his simple and practical tools in this interview. He is also the co-author of The Institute Way: Simplify Strategic Planning and Management with the Balanced Scorecard.

Agile 60

Four Ways to Innovate Right Now


The post Four Ways to Innovate Right Now appeared first on InnovationManagement. Strategies Business Model Innovation decision making long term innovation paradigm innovation position innovation process innovation product Product Development product innovation thought leadership value creationWhile the pandemic has been difficult for all us economically, as business owners, we never run out of opportunities.

Innovation Roadmaps: What Are They Good For, Anyway?

Innovation Excellence

At the heart, product roadmaps show the major milestones of a project’s lifecycle. Maintaining Product Roadmaps is a useful discipline in just about any organization that has more than one product. But aside from capturing product timelines, what good are they? Innovation Management Product Innovation R&D Strategy Product Development Product Roadmap product strategy

Rituals – The Secret to Instant Innovation

Innovation Excellence

Consumer Innovation Creativity Innovation Product Innovation Strategy Consumer Insight innovation trends product innovation RitualsWhy does knocking on the table before eating a baby carrot make it taste better?

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How to Manage Early Stage Innovation

Innovation Excellence

Product concepts are the lifeblood of your company. Flowing through your company’s system, like blood through the veins of a human body, new product concepts are the future of your company’s health and the source of its growth. Unfortunately, many companies lack a strategic planning process for innovation, or they manage it poorly. Innovation Management Product Innovation R&D Product Portfolio Management product strategy Product vision

The Eco Lux Trend – Is Your Brand Missing Out?

Innovation Excellence

Innovation marketing Product Innovation Social Innovation Strategy Sustainability Trends product innovation social innovation sustainabilityLike it or lump it, the “eco” market is not going anywhere. 66% of global consumers say they are willing to pay more for sustainable brands (Bain & Company). Despite global economic instability, last year the luxury market grew by 5% to an estimated €1.2 trillion globally (Bain).

1 Definition of Innovation & 4 Strategies to Achieve It


What is your definition of innovation? An article in The Wall Street Journal about food companies innovating to raise prices features this definition of innovation from Kroger CEO Rodney McMullen: “Creating something I didn’t know I needed is innovation.”. We tell new product development leaders all the time that generating innovative ideas isn’t in any customer’s job description. 4 Strategies this Definition of Innovation Suggests.

Does culture eat strategy for breakfast?

Innovation 360 Group

Innovations are infinite, even within a finite market. However, not all innovations start with the same chance at a fully productive lifecycle. Innovations that survive are most often those that are supported by an organizational culture that plans innovation strategically and maintains a portfolio of ideas that function well in relation to each other. In fact, strategy, leadership and capabilities are the foundation but culture is the enabler.

For whom do you create new products?

Innovation Excellence

According to AcuPoll more than 95-percent of new products fail each year. This harrowing statistic should sound an alarm, one that says the way we approach the conceptualization and launch of new products does not work. Every year, billions of dollars shrivel down to zero. Careers and jobs lost. So much talent and energy gets.

Driving Business Impact from Retail Innovation Labs

Innovation Excellence

As retailers strive to reinvent their customer experience and drive loyalty, many are opening innovation labs or centers that are focused exclusively on digital efforts or product innovation. Innovation Product Innovation Strategy Product Development product innovation retail Retail Innovation Retailers

Why the Test & Learn Approach Does Not Work

Innovation Excellence

The in-market test & learn approach to innovation is becoming increasingly common, because it meets the cultural needs of modern businesses to behave entrepreneurially. At The Strategy Distillery we believe (and have witnessed) this approach is life threatening to the future success of a newly launched product or service.

Amazing PLM Governance

Innovation Excellence

We have come a long way – we have developed a defensible strategy, picked technology, and developed a change campaign. Governance Innovation Product Innovation Strategy Business Results Governance Models Governance Team Medical Device PLM PLM product innovation Product Lifecycle Management

Marketing and Innovation are Inseparable

Innovation Excellence

So, how does your Marketing serve your innovation? Build Capability Consumer Innovation Innovation Leadership Management marketing Product Innovation R&D Sales Strategy Technology Creativity Customers Disruptive Innovation Innovation Management technologyDoes it define clearly and collaboratively? Does it integrate desirability, feasibility and viability in an optimal manner? Does it communicate with clarity and impact?

Want Great Insight? Then Experience It!

Innovation Excellence

Consumer Innovation Experience Innovation Product Innovation #designthinking #innovation #innovator #leadership #culture #cultureofinnovation Breakthrough Ideas business transformation Consumer Behavior Consumer Insight Creativity culture experiences growth ideation impact Innovation Innovation Management Innovation Mindset Innovation Transformation insight Leadership Strategy

The Opportunity Cost Of Not Innovating

Innovation Excellence

when considering a new innovation, but rarely do they ask, “what’s the size of the opportunity we miss if we don’t do this?”. Business history is unfortunately plagued with examples of companies that have paid a high price for not innovating. Creativity Innovation marketing Product Innovation Strategy ideas innovative thinkingIt seems to be ingrained in businesses to ask, “what’s the cost?”

3 Problems With Positioning Statements

Innovation Excellence

Consumer Innovation Innovation Product Innovation Strategy Brand Positioning branding ideation Innovation Barriers marketing planning positioningThe concept of positioning statements has been around for decades, however just because you know what positioning is, doesn’t mean you understand how to do it.

Succeeding with Outsourcing? Time to Reinvest for Success!

Innovation Excellence

collaboration Customers Innovation Product Innovation Strategy Apparel footwear and apparel manufacturing outsourcing PLM product innovation Product Lifecycle Management retail Retail Footwear Apparel RetailersWith a hypersensitivity towards profit margins, too often companies justify outsourced manufacturing with lower costs and better-looking accounting numbers.

How Do You Make It Difficult For The Competition To Copy?

Innovation Excellence

Businesses can get so wrapped up in all the excitement of an innovation idea they tend to give very little time to what the competition might do once the innovation has launched. Creativity Innovation marketing Product Innovation Strategy ideas innovative thinkingInstead it gets waved aside with justifications like: “The trade and consumers will stay loyal to the first to market.” “It It will take.

Quality, Speed, and Cost: How to achieve all three in Innovation

Innovation Excellence

A long-standing belief across chemical and industrial product companies is that it’s not possible to rapidly produce low-cost, high-quality products. Many companies dedicate their best manufacturing equipment and people to quickly develop and launch a high-quality product, but these additional resources drive up costs unexpectedly. Innovation Product Innovation Strategy Industrial Products manufacturing new product development NPD Product Development quality

What Innovation Is and Isn’t

Innovation Excellence

Are you confused about what innovation really is? So in an attempt to get a few things off my chest…… Continue reading → Creativity Innovation Intellectual Property Product Innovation Strategy Technology Innovation Management Innovation Mindset innovative thinking ManagementIf so, it’s probably not surprising.

Have You Tried New Ways to Innovate?

Innovation Excellence

After relying on cost and operational efficiencies to grow the bottom line, many businesses are emerging from an innovation slumber post-recession. The importance of innovation in driving this growth is resurfacing to the top of the agenda. Business Models Innovation Inspiration Leadership Management Open Innovation People & Skills Processes & Tools Product Innovation Strategy Corporate innovation Holacracy ways to innovate

Myth Busted: Does Creativity Need Resources?

Innovation Excellence

The importance of resources to company success was emphasized in the resource based view theory: “firms obtain sustained competitive advantages by implementing strategies that exploit their internal strengths, through responding to environmental opportunities, while neutralizing external threats and avoiding internal weaknesses” (Barney, “Firm resources and sustained competitive advantage”, 1991).

5 Growth Strategies CPG companies should follow in 2019 and Beyond


It also has a varied range of products in its purview, such as packaged foods to sanitary products to daily essentials. The following strategies can prove to be very useful, in that endeavour in 2019. In order to win customers in a CPG market, your products need to have an omnichannel presence. Innovation at the Forefront. Businesses focused on innovation tend to study shifts in consumer demand to understand what the trends are and where the market is heading.

Is Your Innovation Pipeline Full of Junk Food?

Innovation Excellence

Continue reading → Customers Growth Innovation Product Innovation Strategy Innovation Management Innovation Pipeline innovative thinking Insights Leadership Management marketing researchAre you using the right discovery tools and methods to uncover the insights you need to make “health food”? Make sure you are. Your customers will thank you. Especially if you happened to ignore their voice.

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Design Thinking Grows Up – Welcome to Experience Thinking

Innovation Excellence

Design Experience Innovation Innovation Brand Experience consumer experience innovation consumer-experience Customer experience Customer Experience Design customer experience innovation Customer Experience Strategy design and innovation Design Engineering design innovation design process Design Thinking designing experiences experience alignment experience design experience maps human experience Human-centered Design product innovation Service Innovation

What Types of Innovation Projects Should Be Included In Your Portfolio?

Innovation Excellence

Question: We’re a very large, well-known consumer products company, and our portfolio is actually quite complex, as we have many different types of initiatives included, all at vastly different stages. Consumer Innovation Innovation Product Innovation Strategy consumer products cpg Innovation Strategy new product development Portfolio Management Portfolio Optimization Portfolio scope Portfolio Views Product Development

Chasms, Criteria… and Innovation

Innovation Excellence

It describes companies who can innovate in the current business at the same time as creating new business options for the future. Build Capability culture Disruption Finance Innovation Leadership Management Open Innovation Product Innovation R&D Strategy Business Models collaboration Disruptive Innovation growth Innovation Management organizationThe concept of the ambidextrous organization is gaining traction.

When More Innovation Isn’t Your Best Option

Innovation Excellence

The more innovation, the better. One where more innovation doesn’t help a business. Consumer Innovation Innovation Product Innovation Strategy behavior change Capacity consumers Customers innovation pacing innovation pipeline management market launch new product launch Retailers sales teamThat seems to be the going mantra. After all, who wouldn’t want to come up with something new?

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Jumpstart Your Innovation Results Transformation with Portfolio Management

Innovation Excellence

Do you have a clear innovation strategy that directly links your innovation investment decisions to expected results? Innovation Product Innovation Strategy Innovation Results Innovation Results Transformation Innovation Strategy Innovation Transformation ip Pamela Soin Portfolio Management PPMMany companies don't. Here's how to get started and close the gap quickly with Portfolio Management.

Innovation Strategy – Pat McGauley and a New Beer in Town


What’s the story on the innovation strategy for beer? Former Vice President of Innovation at Anheuser-Busch, Pat McGauley , shared stories of his past twelve years creating the company’s innovation team. Rather than playback the various innovation strategy stories Pat McGauley shared, here is a sampling of quotes and points he made that stood out as great thought starters: Not all innovation strategy inside a company is created equal.