9 Strategic Thinking Questions – Helping Teams Execute Strategy


Many organizations are in the early stages of executing new strategies for this year. That is when you discover whether you have a solid, implementable plan or something that (maybe) looks good on paper, but doesn’t work well when you try to execute the strategy.

9 Big Strategic Thinking Questions to Start Addressing Now


This time of year, preparing for upcoming strategic planning exercises may seem like something far in the future. As we look ahead to clients’ strategic planning processes, we’re developing new strategic thinking questions to freshen our Brainzooming strategic planning exercises.

4 Disciplines Essential to Strategy Implementation

Focused Momentum

With a strategic plan complete, the leadership challenge switches from strategic thinking to strategic management. In this series, I will take you through four steps to guide any organization through the first critical months of strategy implementation.

Strategy Quotes Part 4


This section will cover inspirational quotes about strategic management. The post Strategy Quotes Part 4 appeared first on CMOE. Strategic Priorities Strategic Success Strategic Thinking Strategy

5 Advantages of Strategy Statements with Simple Language


We are big fans of strategy statements incorporating simple language an organization uses to talk about its daily business activities. Strategy statements should not be filled with complex jargon that most people cannot understand or with generic language that could apply to ANY business.

Branding Strategy – 14 Articles on Engaging an Internal Brand Team


I am in New York today delivering a Brainzooming branding strategy workshop on Engaging Your Internal Brand Team. The event is the Brand Strategy Conference. Our content addresses collaborative ways to strategically engage employees in creating and delivering the best brand experience.

Strategy and Boxes


During my readings I came across two very different quotas about the problem with strategy and boxes or categories. Strategic thinking and mental boxes are two things that don’t fit together very well. It is hard to think outside the own mental box.

113 Ideas for Strategic Planning Process Improvement


It is time for strategic planning across organizations. If you are responsible for leading the strategic planning process at your organization, dive in and tweak your process to improve its efficiency and effectiveness. 113 Ideas for Strategic Planning Process Improvement.

12 Reasons Budget Meetings Aren’t Strategic and 3 Ways to Fix Them


While everyone hopes these meetings are smart, strategic, and have a meaningful impact on the business , that rarely seems to be the case. 12 Reasons Budget Meetings Aren’t Strategic. Too often, budget meetings aren’t strategic. It’s that time.

9 Things to Deliver in a Strategic Planning Process


What can you expect from a strategic planning process ? As I explained it, our objective when leading a strategic planning process is to make sure the result is an innovative, implementable strategy. 9 Things to Deliver in a Strategic Planning Process.

7 Strategic Planning Process Challenges You Can Fix!


Are you involved with the strategic planning process for your organization? That could involve leading it, participating in it, or trying to influence the strategic planning process so it delivers more value and better results for the organization?

7 Collaborative Strategic Planning Process Impacts (Even if the Plan Sits on the Shelf)


Talking to executives, you hear the expectation that an organization should implement a solid strategic plan strategy-by-strategy. To the extent a strategic plan is not implemented in that way, it falls short in some fashion.

Strategic Planning Exercises – Two Types of Structure, One Works


There are a couple of different ways to apply structure to strategic planning exercises : You can enforce using templates and forms participants have to complete so their answers are uniformed and structured. Productive Structure for Strategic Planning Exercises.

80 Fun Strategic Planning Activities and Ideas!


Do you dread strategy meetings ? Really, we’re among friends, so you can be completely truthful in your answer: Do you REALLY, REALLY DREAD strategy meetings? Every executive dreads strategic planning. 80 Fun Strategic Planning Activities and Ideas!

7 Ways a Strategic Plan Becomes Disconnected from the Business


These are just a few of the ways your strategic planning process can produce a plan that is disconnected from your organization. Your strategic planning process does not have to fall into this trap. Strategic Thinking Exercises – 5 Questions to Test Vision Statement Impact.

How a Strategic Planning Process Impacts Communication Options


We worked with a client to facilitate an information technology strategy vision. From before the engagement’s launch until near the completion, we asked for strategy documents spelling out corporate priorities, objectives, and expectations. A Narrow Strategic Planning Process.