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2016 Year in Review: Corporate Innovation Trends and Implications for 2017


2016 was an eventful year, marked by unprecedented political polarization, hacked emails made public by WikiLeaks, Brexit, two huge Yahoo security breaches, and even exploding Galaxy Note 7 smartphones. But hidden among the uncertainty lies a year of unparalleled technological advances. 2016 will be remembered as a tipping point for artificial intelligence (AI), autonomous car technology and virtual/augmented reality—all of which was stimulated by corporate-backed rounds, accelerators and partnerships. Trends Artificial Intelligence (AI) Mobility

How this guy makes a living by stealing other people’s ideas

Idea to Value

“Nick, I have a great idea for an innovation, but I am scared someone is going to steal it!” ” I hear this from fear from entrepreneurs all the time. And it’s a tough problem to solve. Especially as it has become so incredibly easy to just copy what is working for other people. Or in some cases, like the one outlined here, even beat someone to market for their own product!

To Create Real Change, You Need To Do More Than Just Protest

Digital Tonto

It doesn't take much to join a protest or throw a rock. History is made by those who can define a path forward and persuade others — even those who are initially skeptical — that it is a journey. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]. All Posts Disruption Movements

Five Product Innovations that Evolved Over Time


The product innovations that generate the most excitement and public interest are the disruptive innovations. They could be a new way to call a cab, drive a car with little need for gas, or a completely new way to look at medical science, technology, or entertainment. However, these innovations aren’t that common. Sometimes, you have the perfect solution already created.

Three Keys to Accelerating Innovation through Connecting and Collaborating Outside your Organization

Speaker: Gordon Vala-Webb, Author, Speaker and Consultant, Building Smarter Organizations

From his upcoming book, Building Smarter Organizations, Gordon will do a deep dive into connecting and collaborating with those outside your organization to accelerate innovation. Gordon will provide practical strategies to connecting and working with the "nearside" of suppliers, partners and alumni in order to accelerate innovation.

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3 Reasons Why Intrapreneurs and Entrepreneurs Play a Very Different Game


Let's cut to the chase: Intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs are very, very different. An entrepreneur is someone who innovates by starting his or her own company (e.g., a startup), whereas an intrapreneur is an employee of a larger organization (e.g., a Fortune 500 company) whose job is to innovate within the corporation. Intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs are clearly not the same, so corporations looking to innovate need to treat them accordingly. Intrapreneurship Leadership Culture Innovation Models

The One Big Reason Every Business Needs To Embrace Complexity

Innovation Excellence

The underlying premise of any organization is to create value. Historically, firms have done so through engineering ever greater efficiency. By honing internal processes, optimizing the supply chain and reducing product inventories, managers could improve margins and create a sustainable competitive advantage. That’s created a bias for simple, linear thinking. Adding extra variables to any.

Build Your Career by Sharing a Crowdsourced Idea


Techtronic Industries , or TTi, created one of the most dynamic IdeaScale communities called the Idea Farm. The power tools giant runs quick one-to-four week challenges to solicit ideas on how to improve their product lines. Moderators say it’s a powerful tool for employee engagement and collaboration. It has spawned more than 8,000 ideas and become the de facto office social network.

Pairing at the Dojo

Information Playground

I spent the month of January pairing with the Dell EMC Dojo team at the Pivotal Labs facility in Cambridge, MA. As I've reflected on the experience there are three things that come to mind. Too Busy To Blog. The pace in the Dojo is designed to result in continually creating working code. Every morning the team holds itself accountable for it coding progress during stand-up. Steve. link].

Building A Collaborative Innovation Playbook

Speaker: Greg Satell, Innovation Advisor, Speaker and Author

For his upcoming book, Greg Satell has researched how people and organizations successfully innovate. We are excited to have Greg join us for a session that will draw upon these insights and provide a playbook for how to define the right innovation strategies for your organization to overcome the specific challenges that your organization faces and dramatically improve your innovation effectiveness.

Six Tips to Customize and Improvise your Presentation

Destination Innovation

Many speakers at conferences give a standard pre-packaged presentation. They prepare it in advance and give a competent performance but they miss the chance to really connect with the audience. Good speakers will research the event and audience in advance and will tailor their talks to include their most relevant stories, examples and messages. Ask the audience a question. Listen carefully.

Tips 31

What Stops Us from Creating Breakthrough Innovations

Innovation Excellence

Why do well-intentioned people, who have all the motivation and incentives to create breakthrough innovations, end up watering down their intentions and at best come up with an incremental innovation and at worst have nothing to show for their efforts?

Leveraging Organizational Identity to Foster Growth

Daniel Burrus

A quote often attributed to Oscar Wilde urges people to be themselves because everyone else is taken. In In a way, that bit of wisdom certainly applies to organizational identity, where what you are serves to differentiate you from both partners and competitors. But in building and managing identity, anticipatory organizations are very much aware that a valuable identity is not a one and done proposition. It requires ongoing effort and, if necessary, adjustments to ensure that your identity remains both effective and relevant. SHARE. Identity Defined. What comprises an organizational identity?

Strategic Planning Process – Creating a Workshop to Develop Strategy


Suppose you are on the hook to put together a team meeting or workshop to develop a strategy. Maybe you have done something similar before, or maybe you have never led a strategic planning process. Is there something or some place you can go to get ideas on how to develop a strategy workshop? This list of articles from our blog contains ideas for: Selecting a location. Providing solid facilitation.

A Strategic Approach to Open Innovation

Speaker: Jeffrey Phillips, Senior Consultant, OVO Innovation

This action-packed session will examine the critical questions you should ask as you establish an open innovation framework: which technologies or ideas? Which partners and how many? Which methods? By taking a strategic approach to open innovation, you’ll find the right ideas or partners more effectively, and you’ll accelerate new products to market more quickly.

The Most Underrated Skill in a Salesperson

Rmukesh Gupta

I’ve worked in a sales job for the first 15 years of my career. And like everyone who has worked in a sales job for such a long time, I have my own war stories about how I won deals from the brink of losing them. But one of the best things that happened to me, happened really early in my career, which left an indelible mark on me and my sales career. This took almost a year to recover.

Why are Children more Creative than Adults?

Innovation Excellence

I came across an interesting article entitled 10 Great Inventions Dreamt up by Children.    They range from earmuffs to crayon holders to an underwater talking device.  The stories of their young creators are inspiring for anyone interested in innovation and entrepreneurship.     The article begs some questions.  Why are children so much more creative.

5 Most Influential Innovators of the 21st Century


Ever since the beginning of mankind, there has always been someone who pushes the human race forward, such as the cavemen who learn how to make fire or the Native American Indians who sharpened stones to create weapons. Column & Opinion apple effective innovator Elon Musk facebook inspiration Mark Zuckerberg serial innovators steve jobs Tesla

Project Management Techniques – 21 Articles to Better Manage Projects


The Brainzooming blog wasn’t originally focused on project management techniques. Successfully going from strategy to implementation, however, is critical to business success. Creating a strong, innovative plan is only part of the strategy equation. ” These skills go well beyond a project manager checking off items on a to-do list. Project Management Techniques for Starting Strongly.

Six Keys to Making Collaborative Innovation Successful – Webinar and Book

Speaker: Soren Kaplan, Founder of InnovationPoint

We are excited to launch the Collaborative Innovation Webinar Series with Dr. Soren Kaplan. His just released book, "The Invisible Advantage," provides actionable insights into how any organization can create a culture of innovation, an environment that promotes freethinking, an entrepreneurial spirit, and sustainable value creation at all levels and across all functions. By registering for the webinar, you will get a free excerpt from his book.

A decade of innovation teaches us this

OVO Innovation

I've been pondering for several weeks, at least since the start of the new year, the state of play of innovation in large corporations. think I can speak with some knowledge about this, having conducted innovation activities and projects in a wide array of Fortune 500 companies, having talked and been in sales processes with far more, and having conducted innovation programs, training and presentations in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Central and South America, as well as North America. If you want innovation, teach people and encourage them to explore and experiment.

Sarah Miller Caldicott (1957-2017) Illuminating Collaborative Innovation

Innovation Excellence

The innovation community has unexpectedly lost a dear friend, colleague, and collaborator. Sarah Miller Caldicott was a great-grandniece of Thomas Alva Edison and, in several books and insightful presentations, she illuminated Edison's collaborative genius and further reignited his relevance today. Sarah Miller Caldicott (1957-2017) will be dearly missed.

Supporting Innovation with Autonomy and Accountability


Innovation tends to thrive in an environment where there are less bureaucratic restraints and an appetite for calculated risk. However, without a structured management system in place, experimentation can go awry and great ideas risk falling by the wayside. This is where accountability and autonomy can provide the essential framework to support the innovation process to its full potential. Organization & Culture accountability autonomy failure hierarchy HR idea management innovation culture leadership project teams talent management teamwork top-down

5 Challenges Tijuana Must Overcome to Become an Innovation Hub


This is part 1 of 2 on my view of the Innovation Ecosystem in Tijuana. In part 2 two I’ll share with you what we’re doing to approach these challenges. Every city around the world that aspires to be relevant in the Next Economy by potentializing the talent of its citizens goes through growing pains, Tijuana is no different. It sounds great, to an outsider. So where are we?

The Leadership of Open Innovation

Speaker: Paul Sloane, Director, Destination Innovation

Paul Sloane is a well-known author and speaker on open innovation. In this session, Paul will take us through examples of successful open innovation programs to explore the breadth of what open innovation can be for organizations and the value it can bring. This is a session you don’t want to miss.

Nike Founder Phil Knight explains his Crazy Idea

Richard Hughes-Jones

I’m a sneakerhead. In English, that means that I collect trainers. love the aesthetics of the shoes, but perhaps more so the dynamics of the collectibles market which Nike effectively created. Phil ‘Shoe Dog’ Knight’s book was therefore primed to be a great read and it didn’t disappoint. As the founder, former CEO and now Executive […]. The post Nike Founder Phil Knight explains his Crazy Idea appeared first on Richard Hughes-Jones. Startups

Three Paths to Successful Organic Growth

Innovation Excellence

The inconvenient truth that most leaders understand yet neglect to appreciate is that organic growth is a 'one size fits one' endeavor and best practices will only get you so far. Growth Innovation Management People & Skills organic growth Performance success

The Frustrated Innovation Team: What Should They Do?


Many executives talk a lot about innovation, but they don't really know how to make it happen. corporate innovation team asks themselves: How do we "educate" our executives on innovation management and develop stronger corporate innovation capabilities together? Organization & Culture execution of innovation HR innovation strategy innovation training problem solving strategic partnership teamwork top-down

Aligning Organizations for Digital Transformation

Integrative Innovation

MIT Sloan Management Review and Deloitte have recently published a joint report, titled “ Aligning the Organization for Its Digital Future “ Some key findings (quoted and depicted in an infographic) as well as conclusive remarks in the following: Creating an effective digital culture is an intentional effort:   Digitally maturing companies are constantly cultivating their cultures.

Models, Strategies and Tactics for Accelerating Innovation through Collaboration Outside the Organization

Speaker: Paul Campbell, VP of Innovation, Schneider Electric

We are excited to have Paul Campbell, an expert in corporate entrepreneurship, covering some of the strategies and tactics he has repeatedly used to transform corporate innovation programs. In this session, Paul will share his experience innovating in new and adjacent markets through a deft deployment of open innovation, business accelerators, venturing, M&A, R&D, business development and strategy team leadership.

Strategy Questions – 5 Characteristics to Make Them Quick


Many executives perceive developing strategy as a long, slow process. In fact, senior executives that contact The Brainzooming Group for help in developing strategy often do so because previous strategic planning efforts drug on for almost a year. So it was no surprise the other day when we received several inquiries about quick strategy questions. Download our FREE eBook! Branding and Marketing.

eBook 16

How Product Managers and Innovators Can Speak with GRAVITAS

Innovation Excellence

Have you ever wondered why some people earn attention and respect when they speak, and others don’t? Such people are said to have gravitas. With gravitas, you can express yourself clearly and with the passion and confidence to persuade, influence and engage listeners. While a few people appear to be born with a natural influence.

Strategies for Employee Engagement in a Gig Economy

Rmukesh Gupta

EY recently announced the results of a Contingent Workforce Study that unearths key insights into the nature of the freelance or contingent workforce (the “gig economy”). The gig economy is going to continue to grow, by 2020 almost one in five workers will be contingent workers. Two in five organizations expect to increase their use of contingent workers over the next 5 years. How You Hire.

Creative Strength Training


Creativity: a highly sought-after skill which can be illusive in times of need. The big question is what can we do about it? Whether you’re a professional artist, dancer, comedian, scientist, inventor or entrepreneur, you will experience the highs and lows, inspiration, frustration, self-criticism, doubt, and problem solving within your personal creative process. In the end, we’re all bringing something new into the world and hoping it will find its place and be well-received by others.

What your definition of innovation says about your company [INFOGRAPHIC]