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The Perfect Conditions for Entering A New Innovation Era in 2017

Paul Hobcraft

So if there was ever a time to clear the existing innovation agenda and rework the entire space for innovating, it is about to become the pressing reality as we enter into 2017. There are so many forces coming together that require this reworking. The Merging Conditions and Forces. Any renewing needs innovation to become more central but it will be different. It is becoming the network economy.

When You Punish People for Asking Questions They Stop Asking


Questions invite collaboration and shared responsibility. Great leaders understand that it takes new questions to create a new future , and they’re not necessarily the ones asking those new questions; employees are. Unfortunately, it’s more common that leaders seek answers than questions from employees; blocking their development by resisting new ideas.

Can We Teach Algorithms Right From Wrong?

Digital Tonto

We need to treat the standards by which artificial intelligences will operate just as seriously as those that govern our legal systems and how we educate our children. Related posts: Here’s Why. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]. All Posts Technology Artificial Intelligence Philosophy

Mapping the customer journey is the top driver for digital transformation

Paul Hobcraft

Organizations are struggling to understand the behaviors of the ‘connected’ customer. Partly it seems executives don’t engage with their brand or business in the way that their customers do. There is often a difference in understanding the value creating points between them. The vital map of the customer journey. There is some real catching up taking place to justify any transformation. In summary.

Work Like A Startup Flash Cards: 15 Inspiring Case Studies and Principles

How can your team innovate faster? What are some inspiring examples and principles to follow? Download these flash cards for a "mini" workshop with your innovation team. Share these principles with your team and discuss how these can be put into action!

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Making innovation a habit – the birth of the creative leader

Innovation Excellence

“The traditional way we’ve thought about leadership—which I would describe as leading from the front, this idea that someone is at the top making all of the decisions—is not the most effective way of unlocking the creativity of an organization, whether it’s a traditional design organization, like an Ideo, or a company that’s trying to.

Without Experimentation There Is No Innovation


Established organizations want to better their operations, find a new way to go to market, increase customer loyalty or any other positive outcome that betters the business; with a predictable strategy. But better and different outcomes are not achieved in a straight line ; chaos is the norm. What got you here won’t get you there. Next, is pitching it to the rest of the C-Suite.

Time Is an Invented Thing. Invent It!

Idea Champions

Reality check time. What do YOU need to make more time for? And WHEN will you make it? Idea Champions. What's your story


Now, Anyone Who Wants Can Access The World’s Most Advanced Technology

Digital Tonto

Tech giants like Microsoft, Amazon, IBM and Google are making some of their most advanced resources available to anyone who wants to use them. Related posts: How Technology Can Save Government. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]. All Posts Technology Artificial Intelligence Innovation Open Innovation

Why Innovate

Innovation isn’t just good for your business, it can be good for the planet. Download this complimentary infographic with the nine key reasons that innovation is absolutely indispensible.

Why We Are Entering A New Innovation Era.

Paul Hobcraft

Credit: Acacia Communications. wrote this recently in a post entitled “ Bringing New Innovation is Stretching the Mind “ It opened with this view: “There is a profound shift taking place, relating to innovation. Increasingly we are seeing a growing dissatisfaction on the impact that innovation is having; in growth, in returns, in market and customer impact. Posted on May 19, 2016.

Why Social Skills Are Trumping Cognitive Skills

Innovation Excellence

From roughly the time of Jesus to Napoleon, life changed little. Then the industrial revolution replaced muscle power with steam power and human existence was transformed. Incomes, life expectancy and population, which had long been locked in Malthusian conflict, began to reinforce each other and rise in tandem. It’s hard to overestimate how profound that change was.

Is A.I. The New Buzzword?


Kevin Kelly is quoted as saying that “The business plans of the next 10,000 startups are easy to forecast: take X and add AI”. Indeed, and 2017 may well be the year A.I. becomes a buzzword because just about every new product and service is pitching it as a strength and point of differentiation (more on that below). related startups at over 2 billion dollars. That’s changing today.

Your ultimate innovation challenge – what works and what doesn’t


When it comes down to planning and developing your collaborative innovation initiatives, the way you identify, frame and share your organisation’s challenges with your targeted community is a key determinant of the success of your initiatives. The post Your ultimate innovation challenge – what works and what doesn’t appeared first on Blog Insights

Transform your Company and Rethink Innovation – A Report by Stefan Lindegaard

Innovation professionals around the world talk too much about “innovation” and “innovation culture”, the terms are blurred. It’s time to rethink. In the face of digital transformation and the threat of disruption, companies have to change. But how?

Cargo Cult Strategy

Digital Tonto

Good strategy leverages your own unique blend of capabilities and culture. Related posts: Cargo Cult Marketers. How Your Mission Drives Your Strategy. Why Digital Marketing Strategy is so Hard. The. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]. All Posts Management Strategy

Creative Thinking Skills and Place with Chuck Dymer at The IdeaLoft


If you’ve read the Brainzooming blog for any length of time, you’ve seen Chuck Dymer’s name multiple times. Chuck has been an incredible influence on my career, especially as it comes to creative thinking skills. As someone said to me at one point, “You’ve changed your job into Chuck’s job.”. That was definitely true. He captivated me his message. Chuck is closing his ideation space, The IdeaLoft.

Should the Manager be in the Ideation Meeting?

Innovation Excellence

You want to hold a meeting with your team in order to generate some really creative ideas. You would like the group to challenge assumptions, think differently and come up with plenty of radical proposals.  Here is the dilemma. You naturally want to lead the meeting but should you be in the room at all?

Media mention: Priya Bates' Communicator Tool Box - Making employee recognition social


How TemboSocial Recognition fits into Priya Bates' Communicator Tool Box. Award-winning communication executive (and 'TemboSocial Hall of Famer') Priya Bates , started a new blog series focussing on the Communicator's Tool Box. Her Number 1 rule of this series is that she only features proven solutions that she's personally excited about applying. News & Press

Tools 20

Why Corporate Accelerators Fail — and What to Do About It

With more than 230 independent accelerators, it can be challenging to offer a value proposition that is compelling enough to startup founders. Large companies will need to change their accelerator strategy and design to be successful moving forward.

5 Challenges for the Next Economy


A world of ubiquitous technology is here, we have to accept it. Understand that there’s no stopping the push of technology into our lives. There are many emerging technologies that will drive the Next Economy , creating the industries and jobs of the future. Here are a few I’m thinking about: Automation. What’s our role when robots can do our jobs better? But, A.I.’s

Three Playgrounds for Dual Innovation and Transformation

Integrative Innovation

Here is a chart, shown by Scott Anthony from Innosight during a worthwile  talk on “Dual Transformation” in July this year. It puts in a nutshell what he refers to as the “hardest challenge in business today”: Simultaneously strengthening today’s business while creating tomorrow’s. Transformation B: Create Tomorrow. Capabilities Link C: Flip the Dilemma.

As the Manager, should you be present in the Brainstorm meeting?

Destination Innovation

You want to hold a meeting with the team you manage in order to generate some really creative ideas. You would like the group to challenge assumptions, think differently and come up with plenty of radical proposals. Here is the dilemma. You naturally want to lead the meeting but should you be in the room at all? Unfortunately for managers,  your presence in the room can inhibit people.

The Only Difference: Mindset

Innovation Excellence

The same truths not brought into action present themselves as lessons, on-going themes. This one rings with more truth every time I encounter it. Mindset is the real pivot point, the only true sustainable, competitive advantage (other than exclusivity, which is always temporary) for organizations that want to flourish.

Innovation in the Finance Industry

Many companies are using crowdsourcing to find their innovative edge. This white paper discusses the crowdsourcing landscape, the different applications of crowdsourcing, common challenges and ethical considerations, and tips for getting started.

Sometimes things need to get worse before they can get better.

Mike Shipulski

All the scary words are grounded in change.  Innovation, by definition, is about change.  When something is innovative it’s novel, useful and successful.  Novel is another word for different and different means change.  That’s why innovation is scary.  And that’s why radical innovation is scarier. And different means change.  And when that happens their jobs go away.  And then there’s disruption.

Is One-Stop Shopping a Good Thing?

Michael Roberto

When many firms pursue diversification strategies, they argue that they can provide one-stop shopping for clients. This logic implies that one-stop shopping adds value for the customer, and that the multiple business units inside the corporation are more valuable together than apart. For many firms, cross-selling becomes a key initiative, to try to provide that one-stop shopping experience (Wells Fargo, anyone?). Does one-stop shopping make sense though? Do customers actually want to purchase a series of related services from one supplier? Synergies seemed readily available.

An Extraordinary Delivery Service

Idea Champions

Most companies trying to get a "competitive advantage" eventually realize that the key is customer service -- the ability to differentiate themselves from the competition by delivering their product or service in unforgettable ways. Great concept. The only problem? forget to carry the large bag of 14 sandwiches to the car and it took me 30 minutes, on the highway, to remember I forgot. Amazing!

Why radical and disruptive innovation might not always be the answer


I was looking through the Freakonomics podcast episode list the other day, and one title really worked me up. Praise of Incrementalism.” Surely, in a time where terms like incremental and sustaining innovations are seen in a negative light, who would glorify them? Isn’t there a risk of next radical or disruptive innovation blindsiding the […]. Innovation change management disruptive innovation incremental innovation radical innovation

Here Are Some Weird Ways to Become More Creative

Only one in four people today believe that they’re living up to their creative potential, even though the majority of people say that being creative is important to them. Download this infographic to find twelve ways to generate new ideas.

Innovation Needs a Home

Innovation Excellence

Innovation Needs a Home An innovation program needs a home. Many believe it should be as close to the business units or revenue source as possible. While occasionally this works, I have found if the innovation program is placed inside the business unit, typically it results in improvements vs. innovation. Innovation based in the individual.

How to Interpret Truth From Facts


When is a fact true? This is a major question we’re asking given the pre/post-election. Sometimes, the answer isn’t a simple yes it’s true or no it’s not true. Sometimes the caveat “it depends…” provides critical insight into the context, constraints, veracity and therefore, applicability of the fact. and New York as one of safest big cities. Bottom line? Both facts are true. Are there outliers?

5 Ways to Still Complete Your Strategic Planning for 2017


Are you still working on your strategic planning for 2017 ? Or, are you still waiting to launch your strategic planning for 2017? Or is strategic planning for the next year something your organization just neglects to do? If you answered “Yes” to the first or second questions, or even to the third one, but you know you SHOULD do planning for next year, time is running out.

Where there’s fun there is no fear.

Mike Shipulski

For those who lead projects and people, failure is always lurking in the background. And gone unchecked, it can hobble. Despite best efforts to put a shine on it, there’s still a strong negative element to failure.  No two ways about it, failure is mapped with inadequacy and error.  Failure is seen as the natural consequence of making a big mistake.  And there’s a finality to failure. 

The 5 Traits of High-Performance Corporate Innovation Teams

Companies need more than a cookie cutter approach to building their corporate innovation teams —which is why it’s easy for initiatives to get stuck as one-off projects that deliver minimal ROI. See the top 5 traits to look for in your team.