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Excellent review of the latest 2015/2016 innovation consulting reports

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Originally published at Excellent review of the latest 2015/2016 innovation consulting reports. Believe it or not, this isn’t the only innovation website out there, and I’m not the only innovation consultant in the world. innovation

Are Insiders or Outsiders Better Innovators? [Report]

Innovation Excellence

Continue reading → Innovation Processes & Tools Research Uncategorized Challenges Expertise Open Innovation report research TalentA new study looks at the different ways that industry experts innovate when compared to those from other field.

Report Highlights Skills Shortage in Open Innovation

Innovation Excellence

More and more companies are engaging in some form of open innovation, but such an approach requires a new way of working that employees are often ill-equipped to undertake. That's the argument put forth by a new paper from The European Academic Network for Open Innovation. education Europe Innovation Management Open Innovation People & Skills skills Talent training

State of Global Innovation Report

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We hope this study serves as a useful tool for your organization to gather the insights it needs to be more innovative, and especially to help surmount the obstacles that typically hamper organization-wide innovation competence. Continue reading → Feature Of The Week Innovation innovation software Leadership Organization Change

Innovation for the SMB

workers report a birthdate after 1975, and another 20% were born between 1970-1975. Crowdsource participants report that they do. 
CROWDSOURCING FOR SMALL BUSINESS. IDEASCALE WHITE PAPER. Crowdsourcing  in  Small  Business   How  Small  Businesses  Benefit   Internal  and  External  Crowdsourcing   Banchile  Inversiones  Case  Study. In the. organization. Small business owners also.

Capgemini Report on Innovation Centers: Top 5 Takeaways


Here are our top 5 takeaways on innovation centers from a recent report released by Capgemini. 1. According to the report, having a physical innovation lab where employees and partners can assess ideas from “inception to prototyping using an in-house approach” is an excellent way to trigger ideation. Congrats to our partner Capgemini for authoring a great report. With $1.6

Report Looks at What Makes a Good Innovation Ecosystem

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A new study looks at the role nations play in the global innovation ecosystem, and what marks good from bad Continue reading → Culture & Values Entrepreneurship Europe Government Growth Innovation Intellectual Property Open Innovation R&D culture education Entrepreneurism ip Research and Development startups STEM universities

3 Open Innovation Reports You Need to Read Right Now


Read these three in-depth industry reports to find out the new rules of the collaborative economy, why the United States is leading the way in turning customer feedback into innovative products, and what challenges are soon to crop up in crowdsourcing. From the report: Sharers gravitate to well-known brands, whether those are traditional companies or trend-setting startups.

The State of Innovation Management in 2015 Just Released

Paul Hobcraft

The Surge of innovation reports in 2015. I am sure you have experienced that in 2015 we have seen a significant surge in innovation reports, many of these coming from large consulting firms or innovation publishers. Go to this link, which takes you to the landing page and simply register to obtain this free report provided by HYPE at the year-end. link]. link]. link].

Upgrade Your Innovation Program with Crowdsourcing Best Practices

generate real-time traffic reports and information. 
BEFORE YOU BEGIN. CROWDSOURCING BEST PRACTICES. Community Engagement. Innovation Management. Voice of the Customer. Crowdsourcing. Whatever you want to call it, communities are forming around companies, ideas, projects, start- ups, nonprofits, and people. presents a large variety of challenges and opportunities. Which is not to say that.

Go Big or Go Home: A Report from #CINONY2015

Innovation Excellence

Two weeks ago I joined several hundred others at the Sheraton Times Square Hotel for this year’s edition of the Chief Innovation Officer Summit, New York. As you’d expect, several powerful threads and themes emerged across the two days.

You can’t mandate innovation


Pretty much every “state of corporate innovation” report confirms what we already know about corporate innovation: Innovation matters more than ever and organizations view it as a priority. Imaginatik’s most recent state of innovation 2015 report isn’t that different. Innovation Leadership innovation reportAnd it can’t be mandated.

The 2015 Breakthrough Innovation Report

Innovation in Practice

Nielson released its 2015 BREAKTHROUGH INNOVATION REPORT that features best practices from winning brands – with seven specific case studies from Pepsico, Kraft, MillerCoors, Kellogg’s, Nestle Purina, Atkins and L’Oreal Paris. The report is based on a two year study examining over 3000 products launched in the US. Twelve brands were awarded this year, with seven highlighted in this year’s report. Download the report at [link].  . It debunks conventional wisdom that new product success is random. DISTINCT: Delivered a new value proposition to the market.

Please forget best practice, it is all about next practice

Paul Hobcraft

Just take a look at the recent report I compiled on digital transformation. This is a meta report I have written and was released this last week, on the recent developments in digital transformation. The intention of this report is to provide data for orientation for people dealing with this difficult topic. We desire the “one-size fits all” as a comfort blanket. link].

Data 80

The 2016 CES Report: The Trend Behind the Trend

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Hot off the press, we’re bringing you our annual CES recap report. Our team scoured the showroom floor, and explored the week's hottest topics in social media, to bring you the best of the 2016 International Consumer Electronics & Technology Show. Continue reading → Presentations

The State of Crowdsourced Innovation in 2016: Multi-Industry Benchmark Study.

managers report results to C-level executives according to data from Innovation. Leader's “Innovation Benchmarking Report 2015.” wrote this report to present some of these benchmarks so you and your team can. they report results of those programs to the executive leadership. ownership and reporting. Frequent reporting keeps innovation initiatives. clarity.

Are Corporate Innovation Centers The Last Hope for Companies Too Big To Fail?


Enabling Factors Reports AI asia big data cloud competition cyber-security digital era digital innovation digital platform disruptive innovation ecosystem europe fintech global market innovation center innovation hub innovation strategy IoT MNC silicon valley startup talent management technologyCompanies once deemed “too big to fail” are increasingly exposed to failure.

Report Highlights Increased Open Innovation Activity


That’s one of the conclusions of the 2016 State of Innovation Report: Disruptive, Game-Changing Innovation by the Intellectual Property & Science business of Thomson Reuters. And it reports that it is in rude health, claiming that 2015 was one of the most active years in history. To get access to the full report, click here. Open innovation is thriving. 

The State of Innovation Management in 2015 – Just Released

Innovation Excellence

Continue reading → Build Capability Innovation Perspectives Publishing Research education business innovation reports checklist of innovation requirements Information Sharing innovation and thought leadership innovative thinking knowledge sharing reports on innovation thought leadership on innovation

REPORT SUMMARY: The New Formula for Business Innovation


According to this 2015 report by Edelman , the answer is age-old: build trust. The report highlights five “performance clusters” that businesses should focus on: integrity, engagement, products and services, purpose, and operations. Read the full report or view the infographic. Business innovation is a major focus for all companies. Key Drivers and Actions.

How Does Employee Engagement Serve Innovation

something else: reported improved employee morale – which is one of the leading tangential benefits. 
The City of Atlanta is the most populous city. in the state of Georgia. The city itself is. home to more than 450,000 people, many. of whom hail from countries all over the. globe.

Crowdsourcing Reporting of the Iraq War


Last week in the UK, the Chilcot Report delivered a devastating critique of Tony Blair and his government’s handling of the war in Iraq.  It said that the threat posed by Saddam Hussein was overstated and the plans for the aftermath were “wholly inadequate”. The report was the culmination of a 7-year investigation and is some 2.6 To read the Chilcot Report, click here.

Spigit Recognized as a Leader in Innovation Management in New Report


In their 2016 report The Forrester Wave™: Innovation Management Solutions, Q2 2016 , they discovered that 69% of surveyed companies are currently using innovation management solutions. In the report, Forrester states, “Spigit is a strong advocate for making innovation an integral part of doing business. Spigit What does this mean? Who leads the innovation management pack? Innovation

Digital or Dead – An Expert Study


Reports Strategies budget competition digital innovation digital platform digitizing disruptive innovation disruptive technology emerging technologies IoT IT research technologyNearly all executives have acknowledged the relevance of digitization and related trends, such as the Internet of Things, connectivity, and industry 4.0. However, the full impact of digitization has usually not been understood in detail. Moreover, most firms struggle to implement digitization initiatives successfully.

Study 27

Designers as Innovators: A Report from the 2016 AIGA Awards!

Innovation Excellence

Lou Killiffer reports from, and share the distinguished profiles of, this year's AIGA Award Winners. Continue reading → Feature Of The Week AIGA artists Cultural Impact culture Design Design Awards Designers Graphic Artists Graphic Arts The Arts

Innovation in the Finance Industry

earnings surprises, above and beyond what was evident from Wall Street analyst reports. 
CROWDSOURCING IN FINANCE. IDEASCALE WHITE PAPER. Crowdsourcing  in  Finance   Changes  in  the  Last  Decade   Today’s  Crowdsourcing  Landscape   Crowdsourcing  Applica:ons  in  Finance   Banchile  Inversiones  Success. Entering  the  Conversa:on. ten years. financial investments and decisions. others.

Why Innovation Leaders are Running Into Brick Walls of Opposition

Innovation Excellence

And a just-released report by Boston-based membership organization Innovation Leader did exactly that. Continue reading → Innovation Leadership Management barriers Interviews Obstacles reports researchEvery now and then, a study crosses my desk that causes me to assault my assumptions on almost everything I thought I knew. Let me explain.

Study 47

10 Skills You Need to Nurture in Your Innovation Group


Strategies accountability collaboration employee engagement goals implementation innovation culture innovation fitness leadership open innovation reporting skills management trendOrganizational innovation requires discipline. And like any other discipline, it requires monitoring and training to make sure that you’re on the cutting edge of your capabilities. But what skills should you focus on building and how can you track your progress?

No Company deserves to survive with apathy in its future

Paul Hobcraft

Following on the heels of reading and then reviewing reports from Accenture on how US big business was treating their innovation as left to chance in cloudy execution, it felt not so good for my beliefs that we were actually not making progress. Both reports, as I was reviewing them, left me a little depressed to say the least. Innosight in this report has a great passage.

Rethinking the measuring of innovation

Paul Hobcraft

Polymers hidden assets for innovation intangible capital integrated reporting for organizations intellectual capital measurement of innovation. I’m a little tired of the lack of original thinking that goes into measuring innovation. Most trot out the same old chestnuts, including ‘return on investment’ as always, as near or at the top. Leaders want to hear this, the sad true is getting a ‘decent ROI’ for innovation constructed (note constructed) is really hard. If the innovation is new to the world, how can it have a clear financial return on investment until much later?

The Buyer's Guide to Innovation Management Software

MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS THE BUYER’S GUIDE TO INNOVATION MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS 2 1 2016 Gartner CIO Agenda Report 2 The Forrester Wave™: Innovation Management Solutions, Q2 2016 In less than a decade, innovation. Ask Your Vendor 05 06 Does the software automatically generate and send reports to help you connect innovation activities to. Can you modify the reports to match. Can each.

Constructing Innovation as Value Management

Paul Hobcraft

To help me here I want to acknowledge the work going on over at the IIRC with their <IR> reporting. Integrated reporting will progressively change the way organizations will be reporting in the future. Innovation needs to create value, both short-term and progressively over time. It fuels the growth and fires the imagination. There is a need to change this. think not.

FORRESTER: Financial Services Innovation Requires Digital Tech, Matchmaking, and Discipline


Forrester Research has published a number of recent reports covering the future of financial services innovation, the technology platforms shaking up the industry, and the most effective strategies for riding the banking innovation wave. ” Get the full report>> How To Organize For Digital Financial Services Innovation. Banking is an old business. The best way to do that?

How Business Intelligence Software can Help you Increase Operational Efficiency


Life Cycle Processes Strategies accounting analysis analytics bi software big data business intelligence business model database business process customer engagement customer experience management data data management idea management software infographic inventory marketing metrics OLAP reporting risk management software startup strategic thinking trendBusiness Intelligence software is an essential tool for analyzing your company's strengths and weaknesses.

How Traditional Planning Systems Failed Microsoft, and Its Board

Adam Hartung

The work of governance has a lot of procedures related to compliance reporting, compensation, financial filings, senior executive hiring and firing – there’s a lot of rote stuff.  Really?  This is news? So just now, after all this time, the Board is waking up to the need to change the resource allocation?  But, again, these numbers are almost wholly historical data. 

6 Ways to Create a Successful Innovation Program

to work differently, with innovation as part of its DNA.” - via Forrester report The Downside Of Digital Labs 6 WAYS TO CREATE A SUCCESSFUL INNOVATION PROGRAM | 3 5 In the beginning, achieving quick wins is important, but the. stakeholders to solve a problem.”. - via Gartner’s 2016 report The Practices That Deliver the Biggest Bang for Your Bimodal Bucktechnology industry. decades.

Is Innovation Capital important to us?

Paul Hobcraft

We find it extremely difficult to report clearly on the makeup of our innovating capital and where we should focus in their development. Chromosomes hidden assets for innovation Innovation capital innovation stock intellectual capital investing in innovation reporting value adding assets unique innovation capabilities Value creative framework for innovationNeed any help?

To Innovate or Not? From Spurgeon to the Bloomberg Innovation Index

Innovation Excellence

Build Capability Innovation Innovation Perspectives Bloomberg Innovation Index reports sustainability technology“Let the lion out of the cage”, a quote by Charles Spurgeon (1834-1892), could apply to innovation… Ideas can be shackled. If an idea cannot be heard, explained, elaborated, even debated; it is at a disadvantage. Unable to move forward, it can’t be free and realize its potential.

Leaders agree: Creativity will be 3rd most important work skill by 2020

Idea to Value

According to a new report from the World Economic Forum, it is clear that creativity at work is going to be one of the most important and in-demand skills in the next 5 years. This comes from a new Forum report, The Future of Jobs , which took input from an extensive survey of CHROs and other senior talent and strategy executives from a total of 371 leading global employers, representing more than 13 million employees. The In fact, it is going to be the third most important skill overall. Critical Thinking. Creativity. People Management. Coordinating with others. Negotiation.

Why I have a problem with the Global Innovation Index

Idea to Value

First of all, I want to congratulate these institutions and the hundreds of collaborators who work on not only the report, but also compiling the thousands of data points to make the comparative analysis possible. For example, the trend for the 2016 report was “Winning with Global Innovation” , and it showed how R&D is becoming more open and geographically diverse.

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