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How to Frame a Problem Using a Challenge Map

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Continue reading → Innovation Processes & Tools Strategy challenge map challenge mapping Consulting denovo framing idea generation ideation Map Template Mapping problem Problem Framing Question toolsDaniel Nolan shows how Challenge Mapping is a simple yet powerful tool to properly frame a question.

Unleash Wild and Wacky to Get Bigger Ideas

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This is another in a series of articles about how you can consistently generate at least 12 X more ideas than brainstorming. At Innovate2Grow Experts we call this process Quantum Idea Generation.

The Risk of Not Innovating

Gregg Fraley

You won’t have a pipeline of ideas and nascent products and services. Creative Problem Solving (CPS) Entrepreneurial Guerilla Innovation Idea Generation Innovation Intrapreneurship assessments business growth Creativity culture Gibson Insurance Gregg Fraley innovation process innovation projects insurance riskFor more detail, read my post over at Gibson. Learn as you go!

Know Your Brain Type and Get More Ideas

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This is another article about Quantum Idea Generation a process proven to generate at least 12 X more ideas than brainstorming. In previous articles, I've addressed the first two of four Quantum Idea Generation elements – diversity and stimulus.

The Buyer's Guide to Innovation Management Software

the enterprise: Introduction Automation: The solution must go beyond simply sourcing ideas from the crowd. also leverage the crowd to take part in the idea selection process, reducing the need to build a. large innovation team to review ideas manually. intervention for ideas to advance from one stage to the next and it should automatically route. of ideas. Where?

Dance Your Challenge

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We stopped the music and jammed ideas for cleaning products, and wow, did the ideas fly. Give yourself a chance “ Creative Problem Solving (CPS) Creativity and Self-Expression Idea Generation Improvisation Inspirational body work Creativity dance Gary Schwartz Harry Wayne Casey improv Innovation KC and the Sunshine Band self-expression Viola SpolinShake Your Booty.

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Projects Are How Innovation Happens

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Having beers and kicking ideas around are not innovation. Idea Campaigns are not innovation. If you want proof of this idea that it’s all about projects just see what Min Basadur , Edwards Demming , and Joseph Juran say about how to innovate and change and improvement in organizational culture. Projects, Projects, Projects. are Not Innovation.  Lean is not innovation.

Seven Essentials of an Effective Innovation Project Manager

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It’s not a new idea but it’s one more companies should consider. Or when you have an idea that would open a whole new market and set your companies future for years to come. Outsourcing innovation project management might be the most strategic money you spend this year. It sure beats doing nothing. See my Seven Essentials for hiring below. often hear resources.

Powerful Stimulus Contributes to 12 X More Ideas

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Richard Haasnoot presents another in a series of articles about how you can consistently generate at least 12 X more ideas than brainstorming Continue reading → People & Skills Processes & Tools R&D Uncategorized marketing Arizona State University ASU brainstorming ideation Podcast Quantum Idea Generating Videocast

Upgrade Your Innovation Program with Crowdsourcing Best Practices

Whatever you want to call it, communities are forming around companies, ideas, projects, start- ups, nonprofits, and people. the idea lifecycle. Coca-Cola used co-creation to generate a series of ads from their customers and. generate real-time traffic reports and information. But here’s the deal: How do we find the one out of 1,000 ideas that is really. should.

10 Elements of an Innovation Mandate

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Finds an opportunity area, then the team jams ideas and even does some feasibility and research to polish up a Pitch. Management had an idea for another kind of innovation project entirely, something more strategic, or, something more tactical. Management vomiting on the ideas. You get the idea. Getting a Mandate to Innovate is Key. That’s a good thing. Say No.

Five Magic Imagination Guidelines

Gregg Fraley

It occurs to me that most people have the desire, deep down, to use their imagination more — but have no idea how. If you ask your imagination for ideas or visions once a year it’s a bit like that faucet in the back of the house you never use. Ask your imagination for images, ideas, and suggestions for the challenge you have in mind. Here’s how. Let it be.

Sterilite is back for another Idea Generation Campaign!


Sterilite ran their first idea generation campaign around storage bins. They generated a whopping 146 unique ideas, and 18% of those ideas were considered “actionable and innovative” by the Sterilite team. They are now back for seconds! Our Sterilite Mobility Challenge was launched yesterday to great fanfare. Grand Prize Winner: $350. Runner Up: $50.

The winners of the Lipstick Idea Generation Competition Revealed


Our Lipstick innovation and idea generation competition  wrapped up a couple weeks ago and we want to give a quick recap. 66 Ideas.  A whopping 38%  of them  were deemed innovative and actionable by the sponsoring brand. They are actively researching a number of the ideas submitted and have already committed to a second crowdsourced innovation competition ! Get in there and submit your ideas to make storage more mobile. Let’s get down to business. Great job Betterific community! Grand Prize winner ($400): Kathy Russell. Stay tuned.  .

Innovation 2015 or Five Lame Excuses?

Gregg Fraley

Creative Problem Solving (CPS) Humor Idea Generation Idea Management Innovation Inspirational Open Innovation CPS Creativity design thinking Five Lame Excuses to Delay Innovation Front End of Innovation Gregg Fraley Innovation 2015 innovation culture innovation methodolgy innovation planning Jimmy Olsen Jimmy Olsen''s Blues Kiln KILN''s FuseTrail Kryptonite Lean Lois Lane Spin Doctors Superman

The State of Crowdsourced Innovation in 2016: Multi-Industry Benchmark Study.

INNOVATION CONTENTS THEME 2: [EXECUTIVE SPONSORSHIP] THEME 3: [EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT] THEME 4: [IMPLEMENTING IDEAS] THEME 5: [MEASURING IMPACT] THEME 1: [INNOVATION] EXECUTIVE SUMMARY CONCLUSION METHODOLOGY +. innovation programs or real revenue-generating products that came out of these. to develop new ideas, open new markets, and drive operational efficiency. ideas.

How to Use Diversity to Get Really Big Ideas

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Richard Haasnoot zeros on on of four elements of Quantum Idea Generation – diversity Continue reading → Creativity Innovation Diversity ideas

Applying the Four Lenses of Innovation


Well, it provides an understanding to the thinking patterns that lead innovators to their big ideas. By emulating these thinking patterns Rowan suggests you can really teach people the skills to improve all of our creative abilities for idea generation and imaginative problem-solving. This is a book well worth obtaining and working through. Research Innovation Processes

You have a great idea, it just needs a little more work


Initially, I decided to research and write about idea selection for this post. There are many books on idea generation, creativity, and innovation management or techniques, but nothing concrete was recommended dealing with this specific area. However, I quickly fell down the rabbit hole. This finding is indeed strange, as it is just as important […

 Interview with Marc Randolph, co-founder of Netflix [Book Review]

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Manuel Kaiser interview Netflix co-founder Marc Randolph about his new book, and how innovative firms generate new ideas and develop successful business models. Continue reading → Book Review Business Models Digital Disruption Innovation Interviews Management Strategy book Disruptive Innovation Entrepreneurship idea generation ideas Innovation Management Netflix Open Innovatio

Innovation Strategy Power Tools

Gregg Fraley

What trends and ideas outside our industry might we adapt to innovate? Doing Mash-Ups with creative consumers leads to interesting, and yes, out-of-the-box ideas. Challenge Mapping & IdeaKeg. Do you want to cut through the clutter when it comes to innovation strategy? Are you sorting through plans for year-end strategy and ideation sessions?

How and Why You Want to Strip Great Ideas of their Identity

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Drew Boyd shares examples and strategies for boosting creative output and idea generation in the workplace. Continue reading → Build Capability Innovation Leadership People & Skills Processes & Tools collaboration Creativite Output ideation Innovation Teams Workplace Innovation

To accelerate innovation, focus on culture

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Intent focus on the unimportant In an effort to be seen doing something, when innovation is a priority most organizations will respond with alacrity, gathering teams to conduct idea generation. There will be hack-a-thons, crowdsourcing, open innovation, encouragement of "wild ideas", pizza parties and a host of other short term activities leading to a small subset of interesting ideas. Therefore, everyone focuses like crazy on the idea generation, safe in the knowledge that they won't be called on to actually attempt to implement them.

Small “i” Insights or Large “I” Insights Yield Different Innovation

Gregg Fraley

Qualitative Consumer Verbatims Lead Directly to New and Improved Ideas. ” That would lead to ideas for training, or more tellers, or efficiency processes, essentially improvement ideas. ” These higher order problem frames could lead to an idea like the ATM, a disruptive innovation. World’s first ATM at Charring Cross in London, 1968.

Three principles to help you generate better ideas

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Recently I've stumbled upon another historical artifact that illuminates idea generation. The booklet is entitled A Technique for Producing Ideas , and it offers great philosophical insight into how to improve your skill at generating ideas. First, he suggests that every new idea is simply a combination of existing elements. Second he suggests that the ability to make good combinations is based on the ability to see relationships and understand how concepts and ideas are interlinked. This is why expertise can be dangerous when generating ideas.

Colorado Innovation Training

Gregg Fraley

It’s a course for innovation project managers, consultants, intrapreneurs, and entrepreneurs who want to have more productive strategy, idea generation, and innovation action plans. A brief post to make sure you know about the upcoming Denver, CO public course in Advanced Innovation Facilitation.  This is a high value training. It’s partially sponsored so the price is much lower than usual. Here’s a page with details. It’s next week Starting Wednesday February 1, continuing on Feb 2, finishing at noon on Feb. Register through CRC here. 773-251-8567.

Seven Steps to a More Creative Organization

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Second, how do you ensure that the creative ideas generated are relevant to your business? First, how do you bring diverse knowledge and insights into the organization to create these unexpected connections? Third, how do you support a business process that seems fuzzy and turn it into reproducible steps that invite broad contribution?

Get a Grip on Innovation — 10 Questions, 20 Minutes

Gregg Fraley

Were there any ideas or projects that seemed interesting but weren’t done due to perceived risk? Were there ideas or projects that seemed interesting but weren’t done due to lack of resources? By cycle I mean conceiving of a project to innovate, forming a team, creating something new or different, and putting the idea into a queue for actual implementation.

Interview Gijs Van Wulfen: How to get your managers to listen to your ideas

Idea to Value

I speak with Gijs Van Wulfen, Linkedin innovation Influencer, on what it takes to execute innovation, and how to get your managers to listen to your ideas. By this I mean that it consists of either a speech or afternoon workshop in which a team is told how Apple has been successful, or how 3M manages their list of ideas, or how JFK challenged a nation to aim for the moon.

Innovate Innovation Policy

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Let me be clear, Gilder’s thinking is a mixed bag of ideas, some of which I enthusiastically endorse, others not at all. Why a Hostile Immigration Policy is Stupid. Who remembers George Gilder? He’s a relevant person to recall at this moment in time. George Gilder said in 1995: “Without immigration over the last 50 years, I would estimate that U.S. He said that in 1995.

The Catalyst Network: Expanding the Reach and Impact of your Innovation Team


Enter Innovation Catalysts: natural champions who are believers, idea generators, problem solvers, mentors and sponsors in your organization. Creative Leadership creative leadership employee engagement employee network idea management innovation networks leadership problem solving thought-leader

Get 12x More Ideas Than Brainstorming

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Innovation will only be as successful as the number of high-quality ideas available to inspire, inform, and guide the process. Recognizing that ideas, especially high-quality ideas, are critical to innovation’s success, first Doug Hall and then my team at Innovate2Grow Experts developed an idea generating process that consistently delivers at least 12 X more ideas than brainstorming.

Why should we embrace Everyday design thinking


Idea generation is great for coming up with novel ideas, and everyday design thinking can help you understand its usefulness. There is value in enabling design thinking during your everyday routine, especially if you have contact with potential or current clients in your position. This combination helps lower the risk that you are creating the […].

How to Facilitate Breakthrough Brainstorming Sessions for Your Clients in Three Hours or Less

Idea Champions

Even though you're an idea-generating machine, facilitating sessions that bring out brilliance in others is not your forte. And to raise the stakes even higher, your client wants more than just "ideas". Your client wants remarkable, actionable ideas and wants the session to be highly engaging, energizing, and worth their precious time. Idea Champions can teach you how

The Special People That Believe in You

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Companies don’t need more ideas, they need ideas that are more meaningful. Companies have plenty ideas because they measure and track the number of new ideas generated. Meaningful ideas are, by definition, understood by a few and misunderstood by the rest. It’s lonely to advance an idea that most don’t understand.

Innovation Facilitator Tool Kit

Gregg Fraley

Many have links to where you can source the materials. I’m assuming the facilitator is a hands-on project leader who facilitates meetings, such as idea generation or strategy sessions. I did not take into consideration travel via plane or car. I am sometimes asked what a Facilitator should have in their kit bag. The items are below in bold. Let me know what I left out! Fun Tak.

Brainstorming with an expert, Matt Nelson


In the interview below, you’ll get a tremendous window into the world of innovation and product development.  In Matt’s explanation of “how an idea becomes a product” you’ll notice that idea generation is the fourth stage of the process. MW: Where do you think good ideas come from? Idea Generation. Problem Restatement.

The future innovation core lies at the edge.

Paul Hobcraft

The combination effect is changing the starting point of innovation, it is not beginning in idea generation found inside the building, and it is discovery found outside brought in, to then turn into potentially commercial ideas. Boundaries seem to be continually pushed in business, nothing seemingly stands still, yet many things stay caught up in not being changed.

Innovation needs Time, Talent and Temperment

OVO Innovation

The idea I'd like you to contemplate until my return is that we are all making innovation far too complicated, and we need to stop dressing up the activity with lots of talking points and stop working ourselves and our management into a tizzy about commitments and investments. Time to do an effective job generating ideas and solutions. It does not start and end with idea generation. I'm about to leave for a well-deserved vacation, but I wanted to leave you, gentle readers, with a parting shot to contemplate before I go. Of course all of these are important.

Fast Company’s Brainstorming Fail

Gregg Fraley

For results in idea generation you need a system, a framework, and a wide, deep chest of tools. How can you generate great ideas with a more systemic approach to “brainstorming”? If you don’t care about the wonky aspects where I write the article Fast Company should have published, skip directly to the headline below, A System to Get Great Ideas. .