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Managing With A Soul

Digital Tonto

All Posts Management LeadershipThe truth is that an organization doesn't find its soul by looking inside itself, but by finding its place in the world. Related posts: The Efficiency Paradox. Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]].

To Manage for Innovation is to Manage for Progress not Stability


To manage for innovation is to manage for growth. Many leaders believe they manage for growth , they don’t; they manage for stability. CEO’s must manage for both stability and growth ; not an easy task by any stretch but it has to be done. The technologies that enabled this change emerged largely in Western Europe. Why there  and not, say, in China?

A Model for Dual Corporate Innovation Management

Tim Kastelle

This suggests following a dual approach for balanced corporate innovation management. In the following, I will outline a model that attempts to help organizations implement a dual approach to innovation management. This model Therefore, it’s titled  a model for integrative innovation management. Essential premises for balanced and sustainable innovation management   .

Innovation Requires Ambidextrous Management

Innovation Excellence

For quite some time, I've been advocating the idea that successful and sustainable corporate innovation management systems should be based on the following cornerstones.

Models, Strategies and Tactics for Accelerating Innovation through Collaboration Outside the Organization

Speaker: Paul Campbell, VP of Innovation, Schneider Electric

In this session, Paul will share his approach at Schneider Electric where he has applied world-class innovation management models that have allowed Schneider to create new revenue streams by forming startup partnerships. In this session, you will learn: How to find opportunities to collaborate outside the organization to accelerate innovation. March 9, 2017, 11 AM PST, 2 PM EST, 7 PM GMT

5 Things I Learned From Managing People

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Management is not about building and executing plans, but the art of guiding teams through plans going awry. Related posts: 6 Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before I Started Managing People. Managing. [[ This is a content summary only. All Posts Management LeadershipVisit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]].

Using Agile Product Portfolio Management

Innovation Excellence

Product managers and organizational leaders turn to portfolio management after they have two or more products to simultaneously manage. Traditional product portfolio management is the discipline and framework for applying your two most precious organizational resources—your people and your money—to get the greatest value out of your product investment. The.

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How does innovation management help in digital transformation?


In a new report by HYPE and MWD Advisors, we looked at the role that innovation management programs can play in helping companies to make this transformation. The power of digital disruption is so immense that it now sits on the top priority list for almost every executive. On the flip side, as GE is demonstrating , the opportunity for growth is equally immense. Digital Innovation

4 Things Managers Need To Know About Data

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Today’s managers need to take care to prepare their data so that it reflects reality, understand what types of analysis to apply, derive. [[ This is a content summary only. All Posts ManagementThe truth is that it’s not enough to be “data driven.” Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]].

Six Keys to Making Collaborative Innovation Successful – Webinar and Book

Speaker: Soren Kaplan, Founder of InnovationPoint

Intuit’s monthly “customer office hours” provide all employees, from the software engineer to the HR manager to the financial analyst, with the. have a way to sign up, service, and help members manage their mem- berships from their phones. Management Association, USA Today, Strategy & Leadership, and The International. special, incidental, consequential, or other damages.

Change Agents and the Future of Change Management

Braden Kelley

Recently I was identified in a mini research study as one of the top Key Opinion Leaders in change management on Twitter by Maven7, and they were curious about some of my opinions about organizational change, and asked me these … Continue reading → Change best practices change agents change management future Interviews Trends

Keep Innovation Management Simple

Innovation Excellence

Innovation management is also a process; a means of getting the right product to the right people at the right time. Yet all too often innovation management doesn’t work well.  It can be uncoordinated, out of sequence, either cutting corners or over-engineered.  Innovation Management R&D Strategy Creativity growth Innovation Management Leadership

A Model for Dual Corporate Innovation Management

Innovation Excellence

Along with the case made in my previous post, this suggests following a dual approach to balanced corporate innovation management. As rightly pointed out by Tim Kastelle recently, it’s imperative to distinguish discovery from execution when it comes to startup and innovation activities – bearing in mind that both purposes are complementary and equally important. Along

Project Management Techniques – 21 Articles to Better Manage Projects


The Brainzooming blog wasn’t originally focused on project management techniques. Implementing innovation in organizations reluctant to embrace the changes needed to survive and grow requires what we’ve come to call “strategic project management.” ” These skills go well beyond a project manager checking off items on a to-do list. Change Management.

Google’s Insights into Successful Teams and Managers

Braden Kelley

A little over five years ago I created an evolution of a Gary Hamel framework from The Future of Management that I titled The Innovator’s Framework and included in my popular first book Stoking Your Innovation Bonfire. Recently Google recently … Continue reading → Change collaboration Leadership Management Google Innovation managers success teams

The Buyer's Guide to Innovation Management Software

MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS THE BUYER’S GUIDE TO INNOVATION MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS 2 1 2016 Gartner CIO Agenda Report 2 The Forrester Wave™: Innovation Management Solutions, Q2 2016 In less than a decade, innovation. management has evolved from a little- known IT practice to one of the most. management solution. innovation management solutions. THE BUYER’S GUIDE.

Traditional vs Agile Project Management for Innovators

Innovation Excellence

Which is the superior approach to project management, Waterfall or Agile? After talking with an expert on project management, I learned that’s not the right question. Leadership Management Technology agile Product Management Project managementFurther, Waterfall and Agile.

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The Big Change Management Lie

Innovation Excellence

Continue reading → Change Leadership Management Psychology change management change planning Change Planning Canvas Change Planning Toolkit Change Resistance people toolsThe idea that people always resist change is a lie, and it is extremely damaging to organization's seeking to increase their organizational agility.

Conference Wrapup – Change Management 2015

Braden Kelley

Recently I had the opportunity to attend the Association of Change Management Professionals’ (ACMP®) annual conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, titled appropriately Change Management 2015. The event represented a convening of nearly 1,000 change management professionals from around the globe, … Continue reading → Change agile agile development agile project management change management Conferences events project management

Innovation Requires Dedicated Management

Integrative Innovation

For quite some time, I’ve been advocating the idea that successful and sustainable corporate innovation management systems should be based on the following cornerstones : Organizational ambidexterity : Sustainable innovation management is required to account for organizational ambidexterity , i.e. optimizing existing businesses and developing new businesses have to be driven in parallel. Failing

Crowdsourcing To Innovate Products

However, in the world of business, traditional company managers have been slow to embrace. Product managers express a variety of concerns with crowdsourcing, including. Product managers should become acquainted with. Secondly, successful product managers. Secondly, successful product managers use crowdsourcing to get ideas to improve existing. Individuals and.

Sorting Through the Management Tools and Trends


We all are caught up in handling and understanding different management tools. The numbers are accelerating, and if anything it's adding more confusion to the pile we already have. So let’s see if we can help here, step back a little from your favourite tool and look at this just a little more deeply. How do we pick through all the tools, let alone keep up with all the new ones emerging?

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Middle Managers as Engines of Change

Innovation Excellence

Change ManagementThe captain may be in the bridge, but is the engine room operating on all cylinders?  Last week I wrote about the importance of leadership and change. Nothing happens until the top leadership says so. Leaders have this organisational power because they choose the incentive systems, the values and behaviours that create cultural norms. But when.

Innovation Must Be Managed

Tim Kastelle

Someone recently tweeted this about innovation: Perhaps some confusion about “innovation”: if it can be predictably produced/managed, is it truly innovative? And, if you are a manager and you have someone who is particularly good at synthesis, promote her as fast as you possibly can.). hear this a lot. And it’s always wrong. Here is why.

Indian Management Cover Story: Hatching success?

Faisal Hoque

The post Indian Management Cover Story: Hatching success? Entrepreneurship homepage-recent India Indian Management Narendra Modi Prime Minister Small Businesses startupsAccording to a recent report, there are presently more than 48 million small businesses in India, almost double the number of small companies in the US (28 million).

How to Use Crowdsourcing for Product Development

However, in the world of business, traditional company managers have been slow to embrace. Product managers express a variety of concerns with crowdsourcing, including. Product managers should become acquainted with. Secondly, successful product managers. Secondly, successful product managers use crowdsourcing to get ideas to improve existing. Individuals and.

Green management performance

Norbert Bol

In the January 2017 issue of the Journal of Cleaner Production there is a study that has investigated the relationship between green management and the performance of Italian firms. The study shows that the relationship between green management and performance is U-shaped. The U-shaped performance makes clear that green initiatives can lead to a lower performance if there is not a comprehensive environmental management system. The study shows that green firms, with more advanced environmental management, have a higher performance. Norbert Bol. Literature. 2017).

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Constructing Innovation as Value Management

Paul Hobcraft

There is increasing emphasis on thinking through new business models, combining design thinking, lean management, customer development, prototyping, experimenting outside the lab, collaborating with clients, finding different partners, the different exploitation of research techniques are all breaking out in different forms and combinations. It fuels the growth and fires the imagination.

Sorting through our Innovation Management Tools

Paul Hobcraft

We all are caught up in handling and understanding different management tools. There are management tools that have become ‘enshrined’ in organizations and many of the executives become settled on the ones they have bothered to learn or seemingly do the job. Tracking the trends on Management Tools. Yet there are signs of tool management change. No tool is a cure-all.

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Convince Management to Support Innovation: 8 Brilliant Reads


Having trouble convincing your management teams to support corporate innovation? Convincing management to support corporate innovation can feel like an uphill battle. Corporate Innovation Innovation Teams Innovation ManagementIf so, you're not alone. Corporate innovation is a delicate balancing act.

An Introduction to Open Innovation

that it had become a substance that only the rich could manageably afford. management, and healthcare services exponentially. Your Company's Culture? | MIT Sloan Management. Review."  MIT Sloan Management Review. Management Review, 19 Mar. 
AN INTRODUCTION TO OPEN INNOVATION. quantities, it was causing unrest among the population. In an age of conquest, it was.

Create a Communications Plan for Idea Management


As part of our HunchBuzz offering, we are often asked on how to put together a Communications Plan when launching and maintaining an Idea Management Platform. So how does a communication plan support idea management? With communication working hand in hand with innovation, creating a communication plan can improve any idea management initiative within an organisation.

Two Factors For Change Management Success

Innovation Excellence

Innovation best practices change management Customers Grit improvement relationships success Warren BuffettLong-term thinking is a vital element of effective change leadership. For change to pay off, a leader must have grit and a desire to see change through to the end. The forces pulling you to.

The Future of Change Management

Innovation Excellence

2016) and recently I was identified in a mini research study as one of the top Key Opinion Leaders in change management on Twitter by Maven7, and they were curious about some of my opinions on organizational change, and asked me these two questions. I'm super excited about my upcoming new book Charting Change (Feb. Continue reading → Change Innovation Interviews

How Product Managers and Innovators Can Speak with GRAVITAS

Innovation Excellence

Innovation Presentations influence Innovation Management Product Management product managers speakingHave you ever wondered why some people earn attention and respect when they speak, and others don’t? Such people are said to have gravitas. With gravitas, you can express yourself clearly and with the passion and confidence to persuade, influence and engage listeners.

Upgrade Your Innovation Program with Crowdsourcing Best Practices

Innovation Management. community managers and innovation experts shouldn’t try and understand their network, they. 
BEFORE YOU BEGIN. CROWDSOURCING BEST PRACTICES. Community Engagement. Voice of the Customer. Crowdsourcing. Whatever you want to call it, communities are forming around companies, ideas, projects, start- ups, nonprofits, and people. Which is not to say that. should.

11 Unexpected Facts about Managing Employee Idea Programs

Innovation Excellence

From analysing over 20 research papers on suggestion systems (read more about our research in the Employee Suggestion Box: 10 Factors that Separate Failures from High Performers ), we've uncovered 11 unexpected facts about managing employee idea programs. Continue reading → Innovation Management Strategy employee idea program idea management program

The State of Innovation Management in 2015 Just Released

Paul Hobcraft

In a just released “State of Innovation Management” that I have authored and kindly provided by HYPE for free, I believe you will find something of interest that you missed during a busy year, coming to a close. You’ll gain a valuable and quick insight into critical aspects that innovation managers and CINO’s should be aware of. link]. link]. link].

Interview Gijs Van Wulfen: How to get your managers to listen to your ideas

Idea to Value

I speak with Gijs Van Wulfen, Linkedin innovation Influencer, on what it takes to execute innovation, and how to get your managers to listen to your ideas. By this I mean that it consists of either a speech or afternoon workshop in which a team is told how Apple has been successful, or how 3M manages their list of ideas, or how JFK challenged a nation to aim for the moon.

The One Question Your Managers Should Be Asking To Spark Innovation


A May 2016 survey of 170 large companies with revenues greater than $1 billion found that 82.4 percent have implemented lean startup methodologies to some extent. Another 9.4 percent of companies are exploring implementing programs. The overwhelming desire of large organizations to be “more startup like" is unsurprising. Corporate Innovation

The State of Crowdsourced Innovation in 2016: Multi-Industry Benchmark Study.

managers report results to C-level executives according to data from Innovation. As the leader in innovation management software, we tasked ourselves to surface. As the leader in innovation management software, Spigit conducted an. management and adopting best practices from their peers. Manager Survey METHODOLOGY Innovation. management is a third. clarity.