Successful product management is more than building a product: you’re also building a team.

Working with cross-functional teams can appear chaotic, especially if your goals differ! It can be challenging to figure out how to communicate with team members and stakeholders. However, with some forethought and insights, you can build a successful product management team—one that collaborates to create a product that truly delights your customers.

Learning Objectives

  • Using both quantitative and qualitative data to get stakeholder buy-in on decisions around scenarios to solve for, determining priorities and informing the roadmap
  • Why empathy is not only critical for developing software for users that addresses their market problems, but is equally important in empowering those in engineering, user research, and design to produce the best outcomes to meet user needs
  • Communicate, communicate, communicate! Discover why communication is so critical to the success of the team, in keeping leadership informed, and to maintaining a healthy relationship with customers

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June 21, 2023 at 11:00 am PT, 2:00 pm ET, 7:00 pm GMT

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