7 Important Creative Thinking Skills


We were on a call with an extended creative team generating ideas for client videos. During breaks, I found myself jotting down examples of important creative thinking skills the team was exhibiting. 7 Important Creative Thinking Skills.

Creative Thinking Skills – Protecting Yourself from Creative Thinking Challenges


Sometimes creative thinking challenges come from inside your own head. In many organizations, however, substantial creative thinking challenges come from leaders and cultures that may say they want new thinking, but seem to do everything they can to scuttle creativity.

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3 Conditions for Explosive Creative Thinking Skills


3 Conditions for Explosive Creative Thinking Skills. Reflecting on grain elevators led me to consider explosive creative thinking skills , and the parallels between the two. Creativity Goes Boom! In the Midwest, where I grew up, grain elevators are a common sight.

Breaking the Barriers to Creative Thinking

Innovation in Practice

What holds people back from being creative? Do you not have a budget for doing creative work? They appear to be strict boundaries that seem to limit your ability to be creative. Surprisingly, constraints are not a barrier to creativity. Now that’s creative.

Creative Thinking Exercise – Rethinking Shrimp


Sometimes you think you know best, only to find later that you have absolutely NO clue. As an example, I wrote some time back about the “Shrimp” creative thinking exercise we included during a creative thinking workshop for a regulated financial services company.

Creative Thinking Skills for Sales – A Workshop Approach


We’re with a client today, delivering a strategic and creative thinking skills for sales workshop. As an outgrowth of the workshop, here is a strategic and creative thinking skills compilation comprised of articles that support the Brainzooming workshop we’re delivering.

Creative Thinking Skills – 8 New Questions for Breakthrough Ideas


Short story: If you want big ideas, ask the big questions, which is what extreme creativity is all about ! Keeping with the eight theme, here are eight new questions from the Brainzooming R&D Lab to boost your creative thinking skills.

Creative Thinking Skills – 10 Ideas for Stimulating Extreme Team Creativity


We’re developing a strategic thinking webinar for a client on cultivating and sustaining creativity among its salesforce. Part of the creative thinking skills content will come via our Idea Magnets material. Giving “One” for Team Creativity.

Creative Thinking and a Day of Creative Self-Talk


That conversation, and a related one on creative thinking and what is funny got me reflecting on a day in my life and the creative thinking and creative self-talk that goes on behind the scenes. Some of the creative self-talk is not particularly beneficial.

Cuisine vs. Food: Why Specificity Makes or Breaks a Creative Thinking Workshop


Chuck is the owner of Brilliance Activator , which helps leaders uncork the creative genius of their teams to improve products and processes, delight customers, and grow profits. Why Specificity Makes or Breaks a Creative Thinking Workshop by Chuck Dymer.

Creative Thinking Skills – How to handle an 8-foot door and a 23-foot task?


Adrian has incredible creative thinking skills. How was I so sure about his creative thinking skills ? He applied his creative thinking skills and came up with a solution that was pure extreme creativity.

Creative Thinking Skills – 5 Quick Tips on Extreme Creativity


We turn to extreme creativity questions to help clients imagine big ideas. It is all part of not ASKING for big ideas ; we use big questions that enhance peoples’ natural creative thinking skills. 5 Quick Tips on Extreme Creativity and Creative Thinking Skills.

Creative Thinking Skills – 9 Fundamentals to Turn Talk into Strategy


9 Creative Thinking Skills to Turn Talk into Strategy. Remember that although these creative thinking skills are presented sequentially, they may be used in any order. There may also be equally important creative thinking skills not included on the list.

1 Startling Way Creative Thinking Exercises Constrain New Ideas


Delivering a creative thinking workshop , I was eavesdropping on conversations at five tables full of attendees. One group was starting to use one of our creative thinking exercises. They should inspire, not limit thinking.

Creative Thinking – We All Have Our “Pizza Meeting” Weak Spots


What’s a “pizza meeting,” and what does it have to do with creative thinking? Back in the Fortune 500 days, we facilitated so many strategic planning workshop sessions we gave up renting creativity-oriented offsite locations.

Creative Thinking Skills and Place with Chuck Dymer at The IdeaLoft


Chuck has been an incredible influence on my career, especially as it comes to creative thinking skills. Chuck was the first person I heard deliver an in-depth presentation on creative thinking skills. Creative Thinking Skills and Place with Chuck Dymer.

Creative Thinking Skills – 19 Articles on Creative Wave Making


Creative wave makers display both the creative thinking skills and the boldness to improve ideas and situations in dramatic, unexpected ways. Some people are born as creative wave makers. Being More of a Creative Wave Maker Yourself.

5 Ideas When an Uber-Positive Boss Crushes Creative Thinking


We’ve certainly covered the heck out of how bad bosses , toxic cultures , and negative comments can crush creative thinking and creativity. Suppose a team is charged with doing the creative thinking to generate new ideas for an initiative.

3 Creative Thinking Skills Ideas from Gas Can 2016


Last Friday’s Gas Can Creative Conference sponsored by AAF-KC (American Advertising Federation – Kansas City) was a half-empty gas can, at best. While there were a few presentations and ideas to stimulate our creative thinking skills, there were far too few for an all-day event.

7 Expectations from Creative Thinking Workshop Training


What are your expectations from a creative thinking workshop? That is the first question I ask the audience at a Brainzooming creative thinking workshop. 7 Expectations from Creative Thinking Workshop Training. What’s the life cycle of creative ideas?

5 Questions to Move Creative Thinking into Action


Short Story: Look for specifics and things that people can actually do or perform to move creative thinking into action. How do you move from creative thinking into action? They also wanted a sense of when and why you should think creatively.

Creative Thinking Exercises for Sales – Easy as ABC


I’ll be presenting on social media super models , followed by a VERY QUICK creative thinking exercises for sales presentation. The creative thinking exercises for sales content is a different take on both familiar and some new creative thinking topics.

Why Use a Creative Thinking Technique?

Idea Champions

If you have ever jump started your car in the winter with a pair of jumper cables you already know why it makes sense to use a creative thinking technique: to spark your ability to arrive at your preferred destination.

Creative Thinking Exercises – 8 Ideas to Lower Your Creative Stakes


What if you are a person that freezes up when you think you need to come up with or implement a creative idea ? What if your fear of being wrong is so great that you can’t even start implementing creative ideas that are just for you for fear you’ll goof something up?

Creative Thinking – 13 Unexpected Benefits of a Strategic Thinking Workshop


Last week, we presented a creative and strategic thinking workshop for a Brainzooming reader who leads the national sales division of a global industrial manufacturer. We integrated the Brainzooming strategic thinking workshop into their annual sales meeting.



Based in Athens, GA, but a true global traveler, Alan’s mission is to travel the world to help spark the increased development of Creative Thinking everywhere he can in every way he can. Here is Alan’s take on pushing beyond a single answer to embrace excessive creative thinking! EXCESSIVE CREATIVE THINKING by Alan Black. So, what might EXCESSIVE CREATIVE THINKING be? Brainzooming - All Posts Creativity Guest author

Don’t Miss It! 45 Experts in Boosting Creative Thinking Skills – All FREE!


How are you boosting your creative thinking skills in dramatic ways for 2017 and beyond? It features forty-five creativity and innovation experts! The Innovation and Creativity Summit 2017 is a virtual event running from this coming Sunday through the following Sunday. Your FREE registration includes access to at least forty-five all-new interviews with global creativity and innovation experts. Paul Sloane – Author of Think like an Innovator.

Creative Thinking Skills – 12 Things Working and 6 Not Working in Odd Times


Creative Thinking Skills – Some Working, Some Not Working. Amid the odd times, it’s no surprise my creative thinking skills have varied widely the past few months. Intense cardio exercise usually clears the creative cob webs, but that’s been sputtering.

15 Creative Thinking Skills to Turn Junk Ideas into Treasures


I also push my creative thinking skills and look through newspaper or magazine articles to inspire ideas. 15 Creative Thinking Skills to Turn Junk Ideas into Treasures. Have a creative partner to stimulate ideas.

Creative Thinking – 5 Ideas for How to Make Money from Your Passion


I had a Twitter question from Charles Westscott about creativity and how to make money from your passion. Brainzooming how to get paid as a creative is my struggle. 5 Ideas for How to Make Money from Your Passion and Creativity.

Creative Thinking Skills – A Simple Way to Boost Creativity


We were working with a client and sharing the value of our extreme creativity strategic exercises to boost creative thinking skills. It’s the same with inspiring creative ideas. a clean sheet of paper) provides little creative inspiration.

Creative Thinking Exercises – 2 Ways to Create Innovation Workshop Inspiration


They requested a follow-up innovation workshop to inspire bigger, further out thinking. We brought two specific inspirations to the innovation workshop: extreme and analogy-based creative thinking exercises. It may be that the new thinking isn’t big enough.

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The 4 Lenses of Innovation: a power tool for creative thinking [video]

Innovation Excellence

Have you ever wondered where big, breakthrough ideas come from? How do innovators manage to spot the opportunities for industry revolution that everyone else seems to miss?

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Five Tips for Cultivating Creative Thinking on Your Team


Creativity is the great untapped resource on any team. How do you bring out the creativity of your team? With some smart thinking and careful decisions, you can bring out the best in your team. Creativity is encouraged, or discouraged, by leadership.

Creative Thinking – My Vital Source of Creative Inspiration


I used to think creative inspiration came from inside. As a result, the pressure for inspiration and creative thinking was always dependent on me. What did I need to do to trigger creative thinking? God provides all the needed creative inspiration.

Inbound 2017 – 14 Ideas on Creative Thinking Skills, Branding, and Leadership


Creative Thinking Skills. ” – Brené Brown on hurdles that stand between an idea and celebrated creativity. If you’re going to do video, you “need to think like a film editor.” We are back from the Inbound 2017 conference sponsored by Hubspot.

Struggling to Be Creative? Think of Creativity as Exploring an Amusement Park


Struggling to be creative? Think about reigniting your creativity as a day at an amusement park. All the ways you have been creative up until now are the amusement park rides. You’ll have your creativity back! Related posts Creative Thinking Right Now?

Creative Thinking – 31 Excuses Why a Creative Outlet Isn’t Working


Ever felt as if your main creative outlet just isn’t working anymore ? I’m WAY off my creative thinking game when it comes to putting pen to paper and fingers to keyboard. 31 Excuses Why a Creative Outlet Isn’t Working. Wow, maybe my creativity is fine.

Idea Magnets and their Creative Thinking Formulas – Michael Stipe


Are you too comfortable to generate new creative ideas? Would inventing something to make you nervous align with your creative thinking formula and attract more creative ideas? Thinking that what I have been doing is growing old.

9 Ways to Never Suffer from a Lack of New Business Ideas Again


In place of only recycling ideas, try these nine strategic thinking questions and creative thinking paths. You don’t need all nine strategic thinking questions in very situation where you are expected to quickly develop new business ideas. Extreme Creativity.

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