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4 Ways to Use Google Analytics in IdeaScale


As you may already know, it’s pretty easy to integrate Google Analytics with IdeaScale (seriously, we’re talking data insights that are basically 2-3 clicks away). But maybe you don’t yet know what sorts of things you might want to look at in Google Analytics.

Context Matters in Successful Innovation

OVO Innovation

I think we often over complicate the work of innovation, because we believe it cannot be simple and straightforward. After all, how can an activity that can disrupt an industry, create compelling new products or services and reap significant riches be simple? To drive all of this change, certainly innovation must be difficult and complex, right? Consultants often benefit from this assumption that innovation is difficult or unusual.

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Should You Have an Innovation Department?


In my previous post I highlighted a report from The European Academic Network for Open Innovation into the skills shortage many organizations face when trying to innovate successfully. One potential solution to this challenge is to build a dedicated department whose primary remit is to innovate. You can then do everything necessary to ensure that the personnel within that department have the skills required. Innovation Insights

The Dark Side of Board of Director Mentoring Relationships

Michael Roberto

Joann Lublin wrote a Wall Street Journal article this week titled, "Boards Try Buddy System to Get Newcomers Up to Speed." Lublin describes how some boards have assigned mentors to new directors, so that experienced board members can help newcomers assimilate to the culture of the group. Lublin offers the example of Carol Martz mentoring new director Amy Chang at Cisco Systems. She explains, More boards are pairing new members like Ms. Chang with seasoned mentors like Ms.

Technology Scouting: Why It Works – A Harvard Business Review Published Study Perspective

Technology scouting can increase the rate and potential for meaningful innovation. A recent study conducted by the Harvard Business Review makes the case for technology scouting. Research shows that connecting with a wide range of external resources increases the rate of, and potential for, meaningful innovation.

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Finally – An Idea Platform That Isn’t Terrible

Your Ideas are Terrible

Back in 2012, we noticed a lot of corporations were deploying idea platforms. Curious about their effectiveness, we studied dozens of attempts to launch idea crowdsourcing platforms and uncovered many reasons why a majority of idea platforms fail to produce expected results.

Removing the Roadblocks to Corporate Innovation – When Theory Meets Practice

Steve Blank

Innovation theory and innovation in practice are radically different. Here are some simple tools to get your company’s innovation pipeline through the obstacles it will encounter.

Lego’s Innovation Lessons

Innovation Excellence

In strange and disappointing news, Lego announced that it was facing dire sales projections, with growth slowing from over 25% per year to low single digits. Strange, when just a few years ago Lego was on top of the world, with great new toys, Lego kits, Lego Robots and the Lego movies. Case Study education Entertainment Innovation Management Profiles of Innovators growth growth strategy risk Toy Industry Toys

A is for Online Community Facilitation


Facilitating online communities is an essential art. If you’ve invested in a platform and the time it takes to gather and prepare a great community, whether your innovation community project is internal or external, you need to make sure someone is keeping it bubbling along and being in touch with everything that’s happening on there. Here are my Top 5 Tips, all alliterated awesomely… 1) Acknowledge, Appreciate.

2017 Business Innovation Report

Spigit’s 2017 Business Innovation Report is an in-depth look at why and how the biggest brands in the world tap into the collective intelligence of their employees, customers, and partners to solve business challenges.

2017 Daniel Burrus Scholarship Award Winners Announced

Daniel Burrus

As many of you know, I spent my early career teaching and I have a deep passion for lifelong learning and creating a life of dreams fulfilled. I tell my audiences that “I want to create a widely diversified portfolio of unforgettable memories” and I encourage others to do the same.