Tue.Jul 27, 2021

IdeaScale Integration With MS Teams Helps Streamline the Idea-Sharing Process


IdeaScale now has a Teams integration that makes it simple to submit ideas straight from your chat. Here’s how it works.

East meets West in understanding Innovation Cultural Orientation

Paul Hobcraft

East and West- the different meeting points in understanding. I lived for about fifteen years in Asia and the before, and in the in-between period, I travelled around the region a fair amount.


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Startup Unidos: Innovation Beyond Borders


Last week I had the pleasure of chatting with Stephanie Bermudez , founder and CEO of Startup Unidos. She is a game-changer, and I believe you will learn a lot from our conversation. Startup Unidos sees challenges at the border as opportunities to address social and environmental justice.

Using Banking-as-a-Service To Capitalize On Trends In Financial Services

Innovation 360 Group

More and more banking consumers are leaving their traditional providers behind to satisfy. The post Using Banking-as-a-Service To Capitalize On Trends In Financial Services appeared first on Innovation360. Finnovate Show

Professional Development Your Employees Actually Want

Did you know? Language learning is a proven PD tool that many employees already want, whether their organization is multilingual or not. In this eBook, you’ll learn how language learning makes employees more productive, reduces turnover, and more.

‘Innovation Agility: It's Not Just An Acquisition Problem. It's A Mindset Change’



Agile 52

What Type Of Business Should You Start

The Human Factor

Image source. When you start to think about the idea of starting a company, you won’t always know exactly what you want to do. Sometimes, it just starts with a nugget. You have a rough idea of what you want to do but you’re not really sure what kind of business you want to go for.