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The benefits of using an Idea Management Platform


We previously talked about 5 benefits of using an Idea Management Platform. What is an Idea Management Platform? An Idea Management Platform makes your work easier and declutters your workspace. Idea Management creates a transparent and inclusive culture.

The 3 Most Common Questions about Idea Management Software


Here are the three most common questions about idea management software that I encounter each day: 1. We encourage them to project into the future to consider their plan for executing on ideas. Best Practice configure idea management launch moderation questions set up sso

What we’ve learned about the idea management challenge


Most managers (86%, to be precise) believe transformation in their companies is imperative to guarantee unrelenting success. The post What we’ve learned about the idea management challenge appeared first on Blog Insights Efficiency engagement idea management software sustainabilityThe clock is ticking. However, one in five companies has failed in its innovation attempts, and three in five have not yet made any effort in this area.

Why you should consider an Idea Management Platform


5 benefits of using an Idea Management Platform. Why is an idea management platform important? Naturally, there is more than just a few benefits of idea management platforms. Idea Management platforms discover actionable solutions.

The State of Crowdsourced Innovation in 2016: Multi-Industry Benchmark Study.


Ford Claims Great Results from Idea Management!


With the rapid advance of new technologies, existing companies, and upcoming start-ups are battling to stay ahead of the game, discover new ideas and remain relevant. More than 4,000 first-time inventors have submitted ideas since January 2015.”.

The Creative Process And How Idea Management Solutions Fit In


And most people know that innovation is more than just an idea. Innovation means having a new concept which is an answer for a need or a solution to a problem, and successfully transforming the idea into a solution which will lead to market success. Don’t go with the first idea.

What Is Idea Management Anyway?


Her work had asked her, and her colleagues, to come up with some new ideas towards a project they had commissioned. When I mentioned ‘Idea Management’ to her, her eyes went blank. So what is Idea Management? The idea itself. What is Innovation Management?

Expert Interview Series: B.J. Shannon of TINYpulse About the Role Employee Feedback Plays in Idea Management


If a business owner or manager were to say to you, “I don’t need a software program to spot a burned-out employee,” how would you respond? We talk with so many managers and business owners, and almost invariably they say that the most terrifying words they can hear from an employee are, “Here’s my two weeks’ notice.” Shannon of TINYpulse About the Role Employee Feedback Plays in Idea Management appeared first on IdeaScale.

3 recurring ingredients in highly effective idea management


Part II – Reflections based on talks with more than 100 Danish directors in the top 200 companies. Since founding Ideanote in October 2015, we have talked to 100 Danish directors in some of our nation’s top companies.

Overcoming the Fuzzy Front-End With Idea Management Software


As a front-end innovator, you need far more than great new ideas. What Defines a Good Idea? Many ideas have potential, but including all of them in your planning can make your front ends chaotic, fuzzy and directionless. Comprehensive Tools for Evaluating Ideas.

The 3 Benefits Of Using Idea Management Software


Why use Idea Management Software? Idea Management can often seem like a big concept, with many definitions on what it actually is, and how it works spanning the internet. Idea Management is more than just a concept, it is the beginning to greater success for your company.

How to mobilise the right audiences for innovation challenges


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What’s your ultimate innovation challenge?


When developing your idea management programme, the way you identify, frame and share your challenges with your community is key to your initiatives’ success. Blog Insights engagement idea management software initiative-success innovation management innovation-results innovation-tips

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Idea Management Software Streamlines Open Innovation


Idea Management Software Streamlines Open Innovation. “Open innovation is a paradigm that assumes that firms can and should use external ideas as well as internal ideas, and internal and external paths to market, as the firms look to advance their technology.” Harvesting, managing and sorting through 1,000s of ideas to find the diamonds in the rough is a daunting process. Idea Management Software Streamlines Open Innovation.

Getting idea management to work: Interview with Wazoku CEO Simon Hill


In my latest exclusive interview, I speak to Simon Hill, voted Guardian Small Business Leader of the Year and CEO of Wazoku on what it takes to get idea management systems to actually deliver results. Blog articles Idea Management Innovation Management interview Simon Hill video Wazok

Better looking and more clever than ever, this is our Fox Edition


idea management software release is a major leap forward from the previous versions. With a brand new homepage look and feel, it offers additional idea review gates and a more comprehensive evaluation process, as well as more effective communication mechanisms. Exago’s 3.6

How the Kindling Team Uses Idea Management


A major challenge I regularly face in marketing Kindling is explaining the seemingly simple concept of "ideas" as they feature in idea management. When we say "ideas," we don't just mean major new product concepts or earth-shaking strategy innovations—Kindling is useful for managing ideas on any scale and from a huge array of sources. Account Management.

It’s our anniversary, but you’re the one getting the gift!


As part of our eight-year anniversary celebrations, we’ve decided to give an amazing gift: one free idea management programme (software and services) for a whole year, starting January 2016. Blog Exago idea management software innovation-resultsCould it be you? The winner will be able to: Use. Read More. The post It’s our anniversary, but you’re the one getting the gift! appeared first on

Exago featured in Gartner’s ‘Market Guide for Innovation Management’


Gartner’s 2016 ‘Market Guide for Innovation Management’ features Exago as one of the companies with more traction and visibility in the innovation management industry. The post Exago featured in Gartner’s ‘Market Guide for Innovation Management’ appeared first on

A Model for Dual Corporate Innovation Management

Tim Kastelle

This suggests following a dual approach for balanced corporate innovation management. In the following, I will outline a model that attempts to help organizations implement a dual approach to innovation management. Premise 1 : Innovation management follows a balanced portfolio approach.

Challenge configuration has never been this easy


Creating and editing challenges for your innovation management initiative just became easier with our Idea Market 3.5 Blog Software idea management softwarerelease.

Get Social with Your Innovation

Braden Kelley

If your organization is struggling to sustain its innovation efforts, then I hope you will do the following things. Find the purpose and passion that everyone can rally around.

Enabling Collaboration to Improve Employee Engagement


Talerngrsi is targeting the idea of how people can either be fully immersed in their jobs, making them want to ‘live to work’, while others are only completing duties in order to get their pay at the end of the week so they are, ‘working to live’. Related posts: Employee Feedback Ideas.

How strong is your corporate culture?


A guide to employee retention through Idea Management. Reading this article gives you an idea of what employees look for in a job. It also gives you insight into how to offer them what they want through front-end idea management.

The One Big Reason Every Business Needs To Embrace Complexity

Innovation Excellence

By honing internal processes, optimizing the supply chain and reducing product inventories, managers could improve margins and create a sustainable competitive advantage. Leadership Strategy complexity confusion ideas managing complexity Marketplace Networking value

What Is Employee Driven Innovation


Every company is made up of a team of people, ranging from senior management to front of line staff. When it comes to thinking outside the box, it is often hard to come up with new ideas when you are faced with the same information and tasks everyday. What Is Idea Management Anyway?

8 Advantages of Using Cloud-based Software Services


At Ideanote, we have dedicated programmers and product developers, working solely on improving the value for you, and creating better features for your idea management. Ideas often come by anytime, anywhere. Full visibility of their collaborations and ideas increase quality.

Collaborative Innovation – Hamburger Style


Collaborative Innovation bottom-up campaign team collaborative innovation communication crowdvoting executive sponsor idea management ideation ideation contests innovation champions open innovation question suggestion box synergy top-down workshopOften I read articles or books about top-down vs. bottom-up innovation and why one approach would be better than the other. After spending more than five years in the collaborative innovation space, I would advise going hamburger style!

The 4 Pillars of a Successful Ideation Program

Innovation Excellence

We found 10 useful insights that lead to better ideas that impact the bottom line.

Fighting for your audience? Take on the right incentives


Blog Insights communication engagement idea management software innovation management participationYour customers will always be glad to share with you insights on how to improve your product.

11 Unexpected Facts about Managing Employee Idea Programs

Innovation Excellence

From analysing over 20 research papers on suggestion systems (read more about our research in the Employee Suggestion Box: 10 Factors that Separate Failures from High Performers ), we've uncovered 11 unexpected facts about managing employee idea programs.

Harnessing the Power of Innovation and Crowdsourcing Software

Robert Brands

Innovation & Crowdsourcing Software to Unleash the Power of Your Network and Enable Open Innovation and Idea Implementation Even the most egalitarian, Kumbaya-progressive companies often forget. [[ This is a content summary only. General IDEA MANAGEMENT INSPIRE & INITIATE NO RISK.

A Model for Dual Corporate Innovation Management

Innovation Excellence

Along with the case made in my previous post, this suggests following a dual approach to balanced corporate innovation management.

Supporting Innovation with Autonomy and Accountability


However, without a structured management system in place, experimentation can go awry and great ideas risk falling by the wayside. Organization & Culture accountability autonomy failure hierarchy HR idea management innovation culture leadership project teams talent management teamwork top-downInnovation tends to thrive in an environment where there are less bureaucratic restraints and an appetite for calculated risk.

Making Innovation More of a Science And Less of an Art


Column & Opinion best practice enterprise innovation event failure idea management innovation standardization innovation strategy lean model research science startup

Barrier Buster: Clearing the Way for Breakthrough Ideas


Often, managers are required to play the role of a barrier buster to ensure the team’s creativity delivers bottom line results for the business. Adjusting policies, procedures, and organization practices to facilitate new idea implementation.

The first of 3 key success factors of innovation management


The post The first of 3 key success factors of innovation management appeared first on Blog Insights engagement idea management software innovation management innovation-results

The Innovation 'Function'


“Innovation” is often discussed in terms of the “idea” as the product and the formation of that idea as somehow unique and ineffable …. In that vision of the “innovation funnel” the idea is at the end… the goal. Breakthrough ideas can and do come from anyone.

Top 10 Innovation Links of the Week: 12.4.15


Lean Innovation Management – Making Corporate Innovation Work. Business author and expert Jeff Degraff provides a few ideas in this article. Is your idea engine running on high-octane partnerships?

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