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Making Brainstorming Work

Rmukesh Gupta

One of the meta skills that organisations will need to develop if they are to flex their innovation muscle is the ability to do great brainstorming sessions. Top Reasons why brainstorming sessions fail: Too Less or Too Many people involved in the session.

Fast Company’s Brainstorming Fail

Gregg Fraley

Fast Company Article “Brainstorming is Dumb” Misses the Point. Brainstorming, Done Properly, Is Not a Tool, It’s A Multi-Step Process. And yet another major publication publishes a misleading article about brainstormingBrainstorming is Dumb.

Get 12x More Ideas Than Brainstorming

Innovation Excellence

Recognizing that ideas, especially high-quality ideas, are critical to innovation’s success, first Doug Hall and then my team at Innovate2Grow Experts developed an idea generating process that consistently delivers at least 12 X more ideas than brainstorming.

Why Leaders Shouldn't Lead Brainstorming Sessions

Idea Champions

Here's one of the dirty little secrets of corporate brainstorm sessions: When they are led by upper management, department heads, or project leaders, they usually get manipulated. That's why brainstorm facilitators need to remain neutral. High Velocity Brainstorming.

The Buyer's Guide to Innovation Management Software

brainstorming), and product hackathons. THE BUYER’S GUIDE. TO INNOVATION. MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS THE BUYER’S GUIDE TO INNOVATION MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS 2 1 2016 Gartner CIO Agenda Report 2 The Forrester Wave™: Innovation Management Solutions, Q2 2016 In less than a decade, innovation.

Why Train People to Become Masterful Brainstorm Facilitators

Idea Champions

Why train people to become brainstorm facilitators? Our brainstorm website. Brainstorm facilitation training. from Mitch Ditkoff. What our clients say

BRAINSTORMING: The Power of Three

Idea Champions

Every brainstorm session you will ever facilitate or attend, like any good movie you will ever see, can be divided into three parts: the beginning, the middle, and the end. What you actually do in the middle phase of your brainstorming session is up to you.

25 Reasons Why Brainstorming Sessions Fail in Your Company

Idea Champions

Whenever I ask my clients to tell me about the quality of their company's brainstorming sessions, they usually roll their eyes and grumble, noting several of the phenomena below. Our brainstorming website. In Defense of Brainstorming.

How to Brainstorm Better


Toy inventor Brendan Boyle talks about key concepts for making brainstorming sessions more effective, like including those adept at the technique and bringing together divergent and convergent thinkers. Videos brainstorm divergent thinking ideation innovation tool inspiration skills management techniques

How Can You Make Your Next Brainstorming Session Rock

Rmukesh Gupta

Start your brainstorming session by playing a game that requires creativity. Ideation and brainstorming is very serious business. You will get the most out of your brainstorming sessions if you have identify and involve a coach or a moderator. Prime for Creativity.

A Sneak Preview Into the Art and Science of Brainstorming

Idea Champions

Brainstorming, in most companies, is broken. About our brainstorm facilitation training. In case you think brainstorming is a waste of timeOr, if not broken, breaking. Or, if not breaking, highly impaired.

Brainstorming with an expert, Matt Nelson


In this installment of “Brainstorming with an [innovation] expert” we invite Matt Nelson from Hyundai. Every company I’ve seen use DesignThinker creates their own “special sauce”, from the naming of the process phases to the helper terms that aid in brainstorming.

The Three Keys to Becoming a Masterful Brainstorm Facilitator

Idea Champions

As a former student of the martial arts, I have noticed a curious phenomenon in corporate America that is becoming increasingly troubling to me -- especially among "creatives" who aspire to become masterful brainstorm facilitators. Debrief with other brainstorm facilitators in your company.

Brainstorming vs. Question-Storming?

Michael Roberto

And that's where question storming complements traditional brainstorming," he says. brainstorming question-storming questionsI read a terrific article by Stephanie Vozza in Fast Company this week. The article focuses on the notion of asking great questions. She argues that the best leaders ask good questions so as to enhance their learning and engage more effectively in meetings.


Idea Champions

Whenever I ask clients to describe the quality of their brainstorm sessions, they usually role their eyes, shake their head, and use words like "suck", "boring", or "pitiful." Email info@ideachampions with "Brainstorm Poll" in the subject line. Brainstorming game changer.

In Defense of Brainstorming

Idea Champions

In the past few years I have noticed a curious trend in the media -- one I can no longer ignore -- and that is the appearance of seriously derisive articles about brainstorming by self-declared pundits and free lance writers. or poorly facilitated brainstorming sessions don't work.

The 60-Minute Brainstorm Training

Idea Champions

Which is why we are now, via our collaboration with GenieCast , offering a 60-minute version of our 3-day brainstorming facilitation training. Well this the 60-minute Brainstorm Facilitator -- a simple way to upgrade your ideation skills quickly. Our brainstorm website

When Is the Right Time for Brainstorming in Strategic Planning?


When is the right time for brainstorming in strategic planning , or really any other type of planning for that matter? Brainstorming CAN make sense throughout a strategic planning process. The Right Time for Brainstorming in Strategic Planning.

13 Great Questions to Choose from for your next Management Meeting

Destination Innovation

You should brainstorm strategic and innovative options. Here are some questions which I use in corporate brainstorm meetings. Follow the rules of brainstorming and tackle one or two of these questions.

Putting Brainstorming in its place

OVO Innovation

I'm happy to climb up on a soapbox again to talk about one of the most common scapegoats for innovation, the act of brainstorming. So I rise today to neither praise nor bury brainstorming, but to place it in its proper context. The Purpose of Brainstorming Brainstorming is a technique that allows individuals or small groups to generate ideas. Brainstorming is a group technique to generate, socialize and evaluate ideas. Why so much hate for brainstorming?

The 10 Personas of an Effective Brainstorm Facilitator

Idea Champions

You have participated in more than a few brainstorm sessions in your life. There's a ton of reasons why most brainstorming sessions under-deliver, but the main reason -- the Mount Olympus of reasons (drum roll, please.) is the brainstorm facilitator. High Velocity Brainstorming.

8 Fluffy Buzzwords you should NEVER use in your corporate innovation brainstorm

Board of Innovation

The post 8 Fluffy Buzzwords you should NEVER use in your corporate innovation brainstorm appeared first on Board of Innovation. Innovation brainstorm BuzzwordsAs an innovation consultant at Board of Innovation, I’ve guided my share Ideation sessions by now. The results that come out of these sessions can be astounding. Quirky twists of the brain turned into tangible and valuable ideas. Rule #1 of course being: don’t judge ideas in the creativity phase. (No

Tips for structured team brainstorming by the keyboard


The team brainstorming session has started. Ideanote Team brainstormingImagine that you are an young employee in a large company. You are part of a sales team which consists mostly of young people.

As the Manager, should you be present in the Brainstorm meeting?

Destination Innovation

With you there, it is very hard for your team to switch from normal meeting mode to creative brainstorm mode. Use brainstorm methods which depersonalise the ideas and encourage radical thinking. I facilitated a brainstorm meeting for a marine engineering company.

Brainstorming with an expert, Richard Ahern


Welcome to the second part of our new “Brainstorming with…” series, where we interview two sets of people – the innovation challenge winners and the product developers and innovation experts that sponsor the challenges. Betterific business Brainstorming with

Brainstorming Revisited

Idea Champions

Idea Champions brainstorming sessions are not like most brainstorming sessions. Brainstorm, not shitstorm. Brainstorming illustration: Gaping VoidThe good news? What our clients say.

The tools & templates used in a 3 day ideation brainstorm. (Part 1)

Board of Innovation

Recently I guided a 3 day ideation brainstorm for NGA at their HQ in London. The post The tools & templates used in a 3 day ideation brainstorm. This is the first 3-day workshop of 2 sessions to explore & develop new opportunities for this global HR service provider. 8500 employees, +$850M turnover). In this post I’ll describe what tools we used to end up with a first selection of 13 concepts. Of course I. Read More.


Idea Champions

Every brainstorm session you will ever facilitate or attend, like any good movie you will ever see, can be divided into three parts: the beginning, the middle, and the end. What you actually do in the middle phase of your brainstorming session is up to you.

How to Keep Small Group Brainstorming On Track

Idea Champions

If you only have a little while for a brainstorming session, you, as facilitator, of course, want to "cut to the chase" and get people ideating, but THEIR need usually involves something else, something more immediate that needs expression and an audience. Brainstorm facilitation training.

Got a big decision to make? Try the Three by Three method.

Destination Innovation

Brainstorming and Ideation Management Self Improvement choice decision leadership management method option three by threeLet’s say you are faced with a tough problem. You have wrestled with it for a while and now you have to make a decision.

Need to Lead Breakthrough Brainstorm Sessions for Your Clients?

Idea Champions

Mitch strengthened our ability to lead brainstorm sessions, ensuring that we are asking the most valuable questions, creating the proper environment, and building an agenda of techniques that will best elicit our clients' insights and ideas. On leading brainstorm sessions for your clients.

5 Industries with the Most Innovative Companies


Innovative ideas can come from nothing, or from a long process of brainstorming and debate, but it always seems like some industries are consistently coming out with the best new products and processes, while others lag far behind. Have you ever wondered where great ideas come from?

How to Facilitate Breakthrough Brainstorming Sessions for Your Clients in Three Hours or Less

Idea Champions

Here's the deal: You are one of the creatives in a high flying PR, Marketing, or Communications company and have been asked by one of your clients to lead an upcoming brainstorming session.

Want to Upgrade Your Company's Brainstorming Sessions?

Idea Champions

"We found Idea Champions in a desparate search for brainstorm facilitation training and haven't looked back. Brainstorm Facilitation Training.

Learn to Lead Breakthrough Brainstorming Sessions from the Leader in the Field

Idea Champions

If you need to radically upgrade your ability to facilitate kick-ass brainstorm sessions -- either internally , for your own company, or externally for clients looking to you to work some magic, look no further. Brainstorm or Shitstorm? Happy brainstorming clients.

Why You Need to Defer Judgment During the Ideation Phase of a Brainstorming Session

Idea Champions

Big thanks to Val Vadeboncoeur, Idea Champions' Director of Training, for this timely article on the importance of deferring evaluation during the ideation phase of a brainstorming session. The same goes for the creative act of brainstorming. High Velocity Brainstorming.

What pisses off creative people more than anything else

Idea to Value

brainstorming innovationEveryone who has a naturally creative spark knows the dreaded feeling. The moment you realise that you’re actually being discouraged from having ideas because other people think they’re a waste of time. Have you ever experienced this: Your boss, manager or CEO decides that they need to come up with some new ideas for something. […]. Originally published at What pisses off creative people more than anything else.

Create your own Corporate Miracle Garden

Destination Innovation

Your corporate Miracle Garden could be used by individuals who want somewhere for serious contemplation or by groups for a creative brainstorm meeting. Brainstorming and Ideation Innovation Examples & Lessons creativity desert dubai flowers mall miracel garden miracle staid culture

13 Smart Questions for your Management Meetings

Innovation Excellence

You should brainstorm strategic and innovative options. Consumer Innovation Creativity Innovation Management Processes & Tools Sales Strategy Training 13 smart Brainstorm ideas Leadership Meetings offsite questions Strategic

BIG IDEA: Enter Our Brainstorm Training Raffle Before March 1st

Idea Champions

Here goes: In ten days, we are going to raffle off our one-day Brainstorm Facilitation training, at a 65% discount, So instead of paying the usual $6,000 fee, each of our three winners will pay only $2,000 (plus expenses).