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5 Examples of Companies Innovating with Crowdsourcing


There is an abundance of options available to organizations when it comes to crowdsourcing - that is, putting tasks or questions out to a large group for their input. Innovation Insights

Munich Re offers a real clarity to their innovating future

Paul Hobcraft

The most impressive presentation I reviewed in 2017 was the one from Munich Re, held on 21st November 2017 under their investor day event.

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Executing Collaborative Innovation - The Hamburger Style


Often I read articles or books about top-down vs. bottom-up innovation and why one approach would be better than the other. After spending more than seven years in the collaborative innovation space, I would advise going hamburger style! Ideation & Collaboration

Employee Creativity and Idea Management Platforms


The post Employee Creativity and Idea Management Platforms appeared first on Ideanote. Idea Management emplooyee motivation employee engagement employee ideas

Three Keys to Accelerating Innovation through Connecting and Collaborating Outside your Organization

Speaker: Gordon Vala-Webb, Author, Speaker and Consultant, Building Smarter Organizations

From his upcoming book, Building Smarter Organizations, Gordon will do a deep dive into connecting and collaborating with those outside your organization to accelerate innovation. Gordon will provide practical strategies to connecting and working with the "nearside" of suppliers, partners and alumni in order to accelerate innovation.

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Skillset vs. Mindset

Idea Champions

Yesterday, as one of my clients introduced me to a roomful of people attending a leadership development programs, something she said caught my attention: Innovation skills. That's what she was telling the 41 business leaders of the future they were going to learn from me. Yes, it was true.

The Middle Manager as Translator

Michael Roberto

Source: [link] Middle managers often are bombarded with information from above and below in organizations. They must share directives and plans with the people working on the front lines of the organization.

5 top tips for choosing an online crowdsourcing platform


If you’ve decided to set up an online community, one of your initial questions will be “which platform do I use?”. Over the last 6 years there’s been a mushrooming of viable platforms. Crowdicity , OI Engine , Dub , Chaordix , and QMarkets are just some of the options out there. We’ve used some of these to deliver projects for Ford , Swinton Insurance , Cystic Fibrosis Trust , and the International Committee of the Red Cross among others.

Defining and Demystifying Retail Experience Futures


It's that time of year, following the holiday excess many of our waistlines are looking a little fuller and our email inboxes are full of newsletters, including 2018 predictions and the key trends to consider. Trend Alert

Building A Collaborative Innovation Playbook

Speaker: Greg Satell, Innovation Advisor, Speaker and Author

From his newly released book, Greg Satell has researched how people and organizations successfully innovate. We are excited to have Greg join us for a session that will draw upon these insights and provide a playbook for how to define the right innovation strategies for your organization to overcome the specific challenges that your organization faces and dramatically improve your innovation effectiveness.

The 70-20-10 Rule

Digital Tonto

Innovation isn't just about coming up with new ideas, but also managing resources wisely Related posts: The 30 Years Rule – Innovation Takes A Lot Longer Than You Think. How to Manage. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]].

Overall Innovation Program Health


IdeaScale’s new reporting dashboard has been adopted by numerous organizations so far, but we wanted to take the opportunity to highlight some of the reasons customers have started making decisions with the new reporting dashboard. The short answer? The IdeaScale reporting dashboard offers you a snapshot of your overall innovation program health so that you can make choices on where your innovation program needs to be improved.

Reaching Your Goals: The Value of an "Emergency Reserve"

Michael Roberto

What are some techniques for helping individuals achieve their goals? Wharton Professor Marissa Sharif has conducting some useful research on this topic. She argues for the value of establishing an "emergency reserve" when setting objectives. Consider one experiment that she conducted. She examined how people performed when setting goals for how steps they would walk each day.

Innovation doesn’t need to be the next Us vs Them battle


The world seems to get more polarised every day. In all facets of life, collectively we focus on the extremes setting up an ‘Us v. Them’ battle that is self-defeating and ultimately unproductive. Rather than looking for commonality, as humans we seem determined to see only the differences.

A Strategic Approach to Open Innovation

Speaker: Jeffrey Phillips, Senior Consultant, OVO Innovation

This action-packed session examined the critical questions you should ask as you establish an open innovation framework: which technologies or ideas? Which partners and how many? Which methods? By taking a strategic approach to open innovation, you’ll find the right ideas or partners more effectively, and you’ll accelerate new products to market more quickly. This was a great session you don’t want to miss.

Everybody Should Be Pursuing A Grand Challenge — Here’s Why:

Digital Tonto

While incremental improvements can improve performance along an established trajectory, by solving a fundamental problem you can change the game entirely. Related posts: Innovation Needs To Shift. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]].

IdeaScale’s Top 5 Emerging Trends for 2018


We get to learn a lot from our customers. They share the campaigns that they’re launching, they tell us what they’re interested in learning, and they tell us how others are responding to the same problems that they have.


Passion and executive commitment tap the well of ideas

OVO Innovation

I had the opportunity recently to lead some training workshops with a midwestern company that is a leader in its field, but recognized it needed to do more to stay ahead of the competition. Frankly, sometimes leading innovation training feels like going through the motions - we innovators talk about innovation methods and tools, and the attendees listen politely then go back and do whatever it is they do day to day, and not much innovation happens.

How to map costs for your innovation path to growth


In our economic environment, connecting innovation and strategic cost-cutting becomes relevant for all companies, both incumbent and challengers. The post How to map costs for your innovation path to growth appeared first on Exago.

6 Keys to Making Collaborative Innovation Successful

Speaker: Soren Kaplan, Founder of InnovationPoint

We are excited to launch the Collaborative Innovation Webinar Series with Dr. Soren Kaplan. His just released book, "The Invisible Advantage," provides actionable insights into how any organization can create a culture of innovation, an environment that promotes freethinking, an entrepreneurial spirit, and sustainable value creation at all levels and across all functions. By registering for the webinar, you will get a free excerpt from his book.

Thank Heavens for Leaders who can Change their Minds

Destination Innovation

Why do we find it so hard to change our minds? Why are we so critical of people who do change their minds? Stalin. John Adair, the leadership expert, says that the most important (and often the most difficult) sentence for a leader to utter is, ’I admit that I was wrong.’

Personal Learning Pathways

Innovation Excellence

My mind has been swirling around the significant changes taking place around learning. Not just in the time we have available, suggested recently as 25 minutes per week to stop and learn but in the variety of ways we can learn. Clearly, many of these are digital to construct, so as to apply the more.

A Deeper Look at the Psychology of Innovation


Anyone can think innovatively! It’s easy to assume that the great innovators of history are nothing more than geniuses who win the intellectual lottery. But really, innovation is about psychology, not IQ.

The Hawaii False Alert: Is It Really Human Error?

Michael Roberto

Source: Don Norman has written an outstanding article for Fast Company about the false alert that caused panic in Hawaii over the weekend. In the aftermath of the incident, we heard that "human error" caused the false alert to be transmitted widely to citizens of the state.


The Leadership of Open Innovation

Speaker: Paul Sloane, Director, Destination Innovation

Paul Sloane is a well-known author and speaker on open innovation. In this session, Paul takes us through examples of successful open innovation programs to explore the breadth of what open innovation can be for organizations and the value it can bring. This was a great session you don’t want to miss.

Why Is IoT Hot Now?

Linda Bernardi

In 2001, my startup in Cambridge and several others started the IoT movement via RFID and devices on the net. My first white paper on this topic was called “IoD, Internet of Devices.” ” At the same time, colleagues at MIT AutoID Center, were propagating IoT.


Strategic Thinking Exercise – 18 Ideas to Re-imagine a Threatened Business Model


Before an impending purge of The Wall Street Journal back issues in my office, I reviewed an article from a late December 2017 issue: The New Age of Bespoke Travel.

4 Things About Innovation And Creativity That We Can Still Learn From Albert Einstein

Innovation Excellence

When we think of Albert Einstein, we inevitably conjure up images of the icon rather than the man. We see Einstein with his wild hair and his tongue sticking out or Einstein as a playful old man, riding a bicycle. We remember his cheerful confidence and his easy comfort with his own genius.


Next-Generation Mobility Stratifies OEMs

Corporate Innovation

Early last November Waymo announced that while it will continue its tests in Washington, California, and Texas, it was ready to start ferrying consumers in its fleet of driverless minivans in Chandler, a suburb of Phoenix, Arizona.

Models, Strategies and Tactics for Accelerating Innovation through Collaboration Outside the Organization

Speaker: Paul Campbell, VP of Innovation, Schneider Electric

We are excited to have Paul Campbell, an expert in corporate entrepreneurship, covering some of the strategies and tactics he has repeatedly used to transform corporate innovation programs. In this session, Paul shares his experience innovating in new and adjacent markets through a deft deployment of open innovation, business accelerators, venturing, M&A, R&D, business development and strategy team leadership.

2018 Trends: read, then what?

Board of Innovation

Read More. The post 2018 Trends: read, then what? appeared first on Board of Innovation. Trends How Might We Tools trends

The Connection Between Great Leaders and Idea Management


The post The Connection Between Great Leaders and Idea Management appeared first on Ideanote. Idea Management

4-Step Formula for Idea Magnets and Teams to Encourage Each Other


At the church we attend on Sundays, they recite the rosary beginning thirty minutes before each mass. For the 7 a.m. Mass, there are few people present for the start, especially when there is snow on the ground. Cyndi and I arrived yesterday as the snow was flying and rosary was just starting.

6 Ways to Grow Your Curiosity

Innovation Excellence

Holding a curious mindset is a great starting point when you’re leading your team or organization. If you’re in a truly new space, you won’t always know the answers. Your team won’t either. You’re going to venture into the unknown together. Curiosity is a great way to lead that charge.” –Tim

Creating a Culture of Innovation — Validating Success with Numbers

Developing a culture of innovation internally leads to higher employee engagement, empowerment of your employees to assist on solving some of your most vital problems, an effective method for capturing their ideas and acting on them and finally, an increase in costsavings.