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The Creative Process

Rmukesh Gupta

Today, I came across two extremely creative ideas, that made me think about creativity and how do we get creative ideas. What follows is my take on how we become and stay creative. First, lets look at the creative ideas that inspired this post.

Storytelling and the Creative Process

Idea Champions

Two minutes on what it takes to really do creative work. This is bleeping brilliant. Not only WHAT its says, but HOW it's presented. Inspiring. Truthful. And in your face like a fresh arctic wind off a lake you've been waiting too long to sail on.

The Creative Process And How Idea Management Solutions Fit In


But there are a lot of different opinions on the questions of whether creativity can be forced, and if large companies can grow ideas. Creativity was just there and I learned a lot about it even without knowing. The principles of creativity.

Subtraction: The Simplest, Most Common Path to Innovation There Is


Hauptly deconstructs the process of innovation into its most fundamental steps. Finally, once the series of tasks from intention to outcome is understood, simply start removing steps until you reach the simplest possible process.

6 Keys to Making Collaborative Innovation Successful

Speaker: Soren Kaplan, Founder of InnovationPoint

The only defensible competitive advantage resides underneath the products, services, business processes, technologies, and business models we deliver to the. tuned processes, two-by-two matrices, or rigid business-planning templates. innovation process.

Perfect Harmony: MBA and MFA Mindsets

Innovation Excellence

Business needs to bridge two universes together: the scientific process taught in schools that offer a Master of Business Administration degree and the creative process taught in Master of Fine Arts degree programs.

5 Things I’ve Learned About Creativity

Innovation Excellence

As a publishing CEO, I felt it was important to steer clear of the creative process. When business side people start inserting themselves into creative work, it usually leads to trouble. So I focused on supporting other people’s creativity rather than pursuing my own. Creativity Art authors Books business creativity Learning writingI never planned to be a writer. In fact, it was something I actively avoided.

FOLLOW YOUR MUSE: One-On-One Support for People with Big Ideas

Idea Champions

If you are in the process of conjuring up a new product, service, or business and want some help turning your big ideas into reality, I can help. I am a life long student of the creative process and a lifelong catalyst of genius. The deck of creativity cards I invented.

5 Must-Watch TED Talks to Inspire Your Innovation Team

IdeaScale These talks can inspire innovation. Open innovation can be a tricky business. Innovation can be elusive, and sometimes your team needs a push to get back in the zone.

Creative Strength Training


Creativity: a highly sought-after skill which can be illusive in times of need. Whether you’re a professional artist, dancer, comedian, scientist, inventor or entrepreneur, you will experience the highs and lows, inspiration, frustration, self-criticism, doubt, and problem solving within your personal creative process. Book Reviews Column & Opinion book review coaching creativity feedback innovation training inspiration skills management

2017 New Year's Resolution: Be More Creative

Innovation in Practice

Many people believe they’re not creative. So a natural question may be: why bother trying to be more creative? Well, there are lots of reasons - good reasons - to increase your creative skills. And it doesn’t matter where you are on the creativity scale.

Picasso on the Act of Creation

Idea Champions

All it means it that you are deeply immersed in the often very challenging process of creating something new. Stories about the creative process.

Will Artificial Creativity Trump Human Creativity?

Rmukesh Gupta

Artificial Creativity on the Rise. While that seems to be a long way away (maybe no long enough), the question that remains to be answered is the following: What is the Future of Creativity.

Inside the mind of a creative genius: Werner Herzog

Idea to Value

Werner Herzog is regarded as one of our greatest living film directors, and recently gave an intimate insight into his thought processes when creating some of his masterpieces. And how did you approach such a process? Do you like insights into creativity like this?


Idea Champions

If you're a creative person regularly involved with starting new projects -- the kind unlikely to get results overnight -- here's a simple practice to save you from the all-too-familiar phenomenon of depressing yourself by focusing on the cup being half empty.

The benefits of using an Idea Management Platform


It is a digital tool that facilitates problem-solving by involving multiple departments of a company into the process. Involving customers in your innovation process is by far the smartest thing you can do. Why not give them the best experience by involving them in the process?

The High Art of Designing Scaffolding


Often, the most difficult part of any creative process is just getting started; preparing for the tasks at hand by putting the necessary structures in place that will bring the project to fruition.

Boosting creativity and innovation

Norbert Bol

Boosting creativity and innovation. When we want to boost creativity and innovation in an organization, there is not only a need for creative people but there is also the need for an organization supporting an innovative culture (see also the blog: Innovation is built on the desire for success ). A recent study towards the personal factors of creativity and innovation (da Costa et al., Personal factors of creativity: A second order meta-analysis.

Strategic Thinking Exercise – Switch the Characters Around


Brainzooming - All Posts Creativity Innovation Insights Strategic Thinking Tools strategic thinking exerciseWant to try something to get a particularly new and insightful look at a situation? Here’s how it works.

Artificial creativity (A.C.): Can a computer be creative? It’s scarily close

Idea to Value

In 2013, I wrote a breakthrough article on the nascent examples of computers beginning to generate ideas in a way similar to human creativity. Here I revisit the article with all-new evidence showing how close we are to artificial creativity. Creativity artificial creativity IBM Watso

Ten Simple Ways to Establish a User Friendly Ideation Process

Idea Champions

The countless ways in which your company's "ideation process" routinely springs leaks. Highly creative people have a tendency to avoid "process" like the plague, turning a blind eye to anything that requires them to pay attention to an "organized approach".

20 Easy Ways to Spark Innovation

Idea Champions

Immersed in their own creative process, they lose perspective, with only the sound of their thoughts for company. Many forward-thinking organizations, these days, are launching all kinds of initiatives to crank up innovation.

The Real Value of Confusion

Idea Champions

In fact, it's often a necessary part of the creative process. And, besides, even while our conscious mind is telling us we're confused, our subconscious mind is processing a mile a minute to come up with some amazing solutions.

Striving for the innovation balance: between exploring and exploiting.

Paul Hobcraft

All these are challenging our existing organizations systems, structures and processes and it is a growing process of understanding that will emerge to form these new ways of operating, far more reliant on technology, rapidly available and adaptive systems and flexible thinking and design.

Ten Simple Ways to Establish a User Friendly Ideation Process

Idea Champions

The countless ways in which your company's "ideation process" routinely springs leaks. Highly creative people have a tendency to avoid "process" like the plague, turning a blind eye to anything that requires them to pay attention to an "organized approach".

Why Financial Organizations Must Fight Digital Disruption with Digital Disruption


Banks are opening up to the idea of looking outside of their normal creative processes, by using external sources such as crowdsourcing with customers for their next disruptive technology.

Best Among What I Read Today – 6th May 2016

Rmukesh Gupta

Why Man Creates: This video talks about the creative process and seeks to understand Man’s need to create something and explores the creative process itself. I read a lot and on diverse topics.

10 Ways to Help Left Brainers Tap Into Their Creativity

Idea Champions

Do not lose heart, oh facilitators of the creative process. Diffuse the fear of ambiguity by continually clarifying the process. Most left-brain-dominant people hate open-ended processes and anything that smacks of ambiguity.

Pixar, Artists, Founders and Corporate Innovation

Steve Blank

—– In a recent workshop with a large company focused on the Innovation@50x process, I mentioned that founders and intraprenuers operate more like artists than accountants – on day one they see something no one else does. The process is akin to pitching a VC firm.

When Dogs Spark Big Ideas

Idea Champions

A curious kind of creativity portal is opening up right before my eyes. "OK!" At that time, I simply followed my hunch that the porcelain dog, was, somehow, part of the creative process. The creative mind plays with the object it loves.".

Practice and Persistence

Rmukesh Gupta

To every creative person, every entrepreneur, everyone who creates something out of nothing and needs an audience. I came across a video essay created by Adam Westbrook on the creative process. This post is dedicated to every single artist that exists in the world today.

Video 16

Ten Simple Ways to Establish a User Friendly Ideation Process

Idea Champions

The countless ways in which your company's "ideation process" routinely springs leaks. Highly creative people have a tendency to avoid "process" like the plague, turning a blind eye to anything that requires them to pay attention to an "organized approach".

Find a Sparring Partner If You Want To Innovate

Michael Roberto

At other times in the creative process, they engage in healthy dissent and debate. I’ve found that pairs can also play a key role in the innovation process at established organizations. brainstorming conflict creativity innovation judgmentIn Harvard Business Review this month , Professor Roberto Verganti of Politecnico di Milano argues that innovation isn't about ideation and deferring judgment.

Podcast #007 David Burkus (video) – How successful companies encourage innovation in their teams

Idea to Value

In today’s episode of the Idea to Value Podcast, we talk about the following: The difference between how academics talk about creativity compared to individuals who are trying to innovate (03:00). The Myths of Creativity, and “the stories we tell ourselves are true even when they are not true” (03:55). Everyone has the potential to increase their creativity (04:55). David’s creative process (14:45).

In Defense of Brainstorming

Idea Champions

The anti-brainstorming forces are also fond of asserting that creativity is stifled in a brainstorming session. To claim that creativity will invariably be stifled in a brainstorming session is like saying that creativity will invariably be stifled in a marriage.

Segmentation is Killing Your Brand: Five Reasons To Find Your Unicorn Customer

Innovation in Practice

The creative process will become easier, and everything the brand does will be more thoroughly informed by this one anchoring concept. by Deb Gabor. A store is a place you go to buy stuff, usually out of convenience or habit.

10 Ways to Improve Your Company's Broken Ideation Process

Idea Champions

Which is why I just deleted the first four compelling, context-setting paragraphs to this blog post and will now simply cut to the chase: Your company's "ideation process" is either non-existent, seriously flawed, or a joke. Well, this phenomenon also applies to a company's ideation process.

A Cool, New Way to Capture Ideas

Idea Champions

If so, you are likely to be intrigued by Chuck Frey's newly published guide about how to set up EVERNOTE as a way support a complete, end-to-end creative process. If you are reading this blog, I am 95 percent certain you value the power of BIG IDEAS.

The Mystery of Innovation

Technology Created

After all, innovation is at its root a creative process, incomprehensible to some extent, an art as opposed to a science. So we’re encouraged to see everything as a confluence of systems and processes and gears and formulas.

Good Business Is the Best Art

Innovation in Practice

Understand the creative and emotional impact of everything you do when it comes to your brand and learn how to create experiences, messages, stories, systems, services, and products that express the essence of that artistic vision. "Being good in business is the most fascinating kind of art.