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Yoda’s Best Advice for Innovation


Or do not. There is no try.” Yoda’s famous advice is absolute. Yoda doesn’t leave much room for failure. But what Yoda is really talking about is commitment. Innovation happens only when we put all our effort into it, which is something demonstrated throughout the history of innovation.

Four Principles of Values-Based Leadership

Michael Roberto

Several weeks ago, I had the privilege (for the second time) of hearing former Baxter CEO and current Kellogg Professor Harry Kraemer discuss values-based leadership. Kraemer offers four principles for leaders to consider, as they try to lead with purpose, conviction, and integrity.

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5 Things to Hate about a Strategic Planning Process


I’ve been remiss in sharing updates about the strategic planning process I’ve been participating in for a non-profit organization. The initial article on the strategic planning process promised updates on my first time participating in someone else’s strategic planning process in many years.

Every Business Today Needs To Prepare For An AI-Driven World. Here’s How:

Digital Tonto

We need to focus less on where value is shifting from and more on where value is shifting to Related posts: 4 Ways Every Business Needs To Use Artificial Intelligence. 3 Keys to The Future of. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]].

Three Keys to Accelerating Innovation through Connecting and Collaborating Outside your Organization

Speaker: Gordon Vala-Webb, Author, Speaker and Consultant, Building Smarter Organizations

From his upcoming book, Building Smarter Organizations, Gordon will do a deep dive into connecting and collaborating with those outside your organization to accelerate innovation. Gordon will provide practical strategies to connecting and working with the "nearside" of suppliers, partners and alumni in order to accelerate innovation.

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How to Know Who Has the Right Skills for the Job


Hiring is a deeply imperfect process that probably has as many misses as hits. You’ve probably seen it in action: a new hire looks perfect on the paper and interviews well but has mediocre performance or clashes with co-workers constantly. Finding the person with the right skills is hard, but there are ways to pick more of the right candidates for a job. Organization & Culture

How to Execute on Ideas


As we’ve discussed before , once you’ve arrived at a clear decision, it is critical to act on the decision. A common pitfall at this point is inaction. Too many ideas reach decision, only to lay fallow without action.

Why Open Innovation Makes Sense


Innovation is something that most organizations want to master so that they can survive in our increasingly ‘VUCA’ world. Innovating well is increasingly challenging however. A recent study from the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research highlighted the difficulties organizations face in the modern world.

Everything You Need to Know About Brainstorm Facilitation

Idea Champions

Voila! Here are 13 of Idea Champion's brief, upbeat, entertaining videos on the art and science of brainstorm facilitation. Our brainstorming website. What our clients say. A sampling of case studies

Building A Collaborative Innovation Playbook

Speaker: Greg Satell, Innovation Advisor, Speaker and Author

From his newly released book, Greg Satell has researched how people and organizations successfully innovate. We are excited to have Greg join us for a session that will draw upon these insights and provide a playbook for how to define the right innovation strategies for your organization to overcome the specific challenges that your organization faces and dramatically improve your innovation effectiveness.

Shared innovation language accelerates innovation

OVO Innovation

I was leading an innovation workshop recently with a company that invited in some of its customers to talk about the future. We were interested in getting feedback from key B2B customers about the future of the industry, where things were heading and what strategies and programs my customer should begin to put in place.

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Attention Residue and Innovation

Innovation Excellence

I recently came across Sophie Leroy’s academic paper, “Why is it so hard to do my work?

Make It Easy

Mike Shipulski

When you push, you make it easy for people resist. When you break trail, you make it easy for them to follow. Efficiency is overrated, especially when it interferes with effectiveness. Make it easy for effectiveness to carry the day.

A Vital Change Management Strategy Role: Sharing an Innovation Vocabulary


What are all the change management strategy roles a change agent plays? My answers to that question grew recently because of an experience with a client developing its future vision. We were working with an organization on its future vision while facilitating its strategic planning process.

A Strategic Approach to Open Innovation

Speaker: Jeffrey Phillips, Senior Consultant, OVO Innovation

This action-packed session examined the critical questions you should ask as you establish an open innovation framework: which technologies or ideas? Which partners and how many? Which methods? By taking a strategic approach to open innovation, you’ll find the right ideas or partners more effectively, and you’ll accelerate new products to market more quickly. This was a great session you don’t want to miss.

On Being a Better Listener

Idea Champions

Good article from Fast Company on the emotional intelligence required to be a better listener. If you want to innovate, listen more. 24 quotes on good communication. Non-judgmental listening

Solving the Innovation Learning Problem

Innovation Excellence

Most of us know that organizational innovation involves making serious and significant change, yet what most of us are challenged by is how change impacts on, and disrupts four-core human structures: cognition, emotion, body and will.

Innovation Sighting: Partial Subtraction for Better Beer Drinking

Innovation in Practice

The football season is into full swing. And, no doubt, countless beer drinkers experience the ever so frustrating tension of keeping a clear line of sight for that key play of the game without missing a gulp of their favorite brew.

Yes, The Inmates Really Do Run The Asylum

Digital Tonto

It's leadership's job to help them run it effectively. Related posts: Why The Lunatics Really Do Run The Asylum. Leaders Must Do More Than Inspire—We Must Shape Networks. The Efficiency Paradox. How. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]].

6 Keys to Making Collaborative Innovation Successful

Speaker: Soren Kaplan, Founder of InnovationPoint

We are excited to launch the Collaborative Innovation Webinar Series with Dr. Soren Kaplan. His just released book, "The Invisible Advantage," provides actionable insights into how any organization can create a culture of innovation, an environment that promotes freethinking, an entrepreneurial spirit, and sustainable value creation at all levels and across all functions. By registering for the webinar, you will get a free excerpt from his book.

1 Way to Spice Up Strategy with Surprising Strategic Planning Questions


Looking for ways to spice up your organization’s strategic planning process before you lock into the same old strategy ideas shaped by your senior team’s conventional wisdom? Try asking surprising strategic planning questions to push your leadership team toward new thinking.

Age Diversity and Innovation Teams

Innovation Excellence

There are lot’s of ways to increase diversity, but should this include age? Are we better of with younger, passionate teams that challenge the status quo, or more mature teams that leverage broader experience and expertise? Or are these both stereotypes, and age doesn’t really matter.

Innovation and Indigenous Wisdom

Idea Champions

Here's a wonderfully, innovative project happening in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico -- a groundbreaking event being planned for the coming summer that celebrates the indigenous wisdom of the Americas. Click here for the just launched GoFundMe campaign by the Founder of the project, Evelyne Pouget.

Don’t “Fiddle” with the Crowd – Ask it Better Questions Instead


As the examples of successful use of crowdsourcing to address complex technical, business and social issues grow in numbers, so do the instances of failed crowdsourcing campaigns. To make crowdsourcing a widely recognized idea-generating and problem-solving tool, it’s imperative to understand the reasons of why this tool can fail or underperform

The Leadership of Open Innovation

Speaker: Paul Sloane, Director, Destination Innovation

Paul Sloane is a well-known author and speaker on open innovation. In this session, Paul takes us through examples of successful open innovation programs to explore the breadth of what open innovation can be for organizations and the value it can bring. This was a great session you don’t want to miss.

Innovation Lesson From Firefox Quantum


I’ve been a loyal Firefox user since version 0.4, back when an open source browser was a novelty. Thanks for Mozilla, today there are a handful of open source browsers in the market. Since then, many things have changed; including Firefox. Yesterday, Firefox 57 or Quantum was released.

What Appears to be Strategy Often is Not

Innovation Excellence

I regularly engage in hansei (reflection) after each of my facilitation engagements. It’s a simple learning mechanism, essentially an after-action process of asking: what I expected to happen (my hypothesis if you will), what actually happened, and what explains the gap, if there is one.

10 Cues to Identify Strategic Themes in Your Ideas


Emma Alvarez Gibson and I were talking about identifying strategic themes within tens or hundreds of ideas from a strategic planning workshop or from thousands of comments within a survey.

15 Practices of Innovation Leaders for Creating Cultures of Innovation


Darin Eich at Innovation Training has just posted an excellent new article about creating a culture of innovation within one’s company - check it out here! Creative Leadership

Models, Strategies and Tactics for Accelerating Innovation through Collaboration Outside the Organization

Speaker: Paul Campbell, VP of Innovation, Schneider Electric

We are excited to have Paul Campbell, an expert in corporate entrepreneurship, covering some of the strategies and tactics he has repeatedly used to transform corporate innovation programs. In this session, Paul shares his experience innovating in new and adjacent markets through a deft deployment of open innovation, business accelerators, venturing, M&A, R&D, business development and strategy team leadership.

3 Steps to Outsmart Corporate Innovation Failure Rates


Corporate innovation teams are notorious for being money sinks and run the risk of being financial drains to organizations. If you’ve ever been down the path of setting up a corporate innovation program from scratch, you’ll likely hear through the advice of others or through your own (tough) lessons learned that failure rates are high. Working With Startups Open Innovation Team management Business Development Pilot Testing

4 Easy Ways to Retain Your Top Talent

Innovation Excellence

The biggest challenge and greatest reward come from keeping the best people. Here’s how… Creating a world-class team is tough enough but keeping the team together, especially when you’re growing a company, is one of the greatest challenges you will face.

Law of Unintended Consequences

Michael Roberto

Organizations and people within them respond to incentives. They just don't always respond the way that we would like them to do so. We might have a policy designed with the best of intentions, but it may have serious uintended consequences. Take, for example, this article from yesterday's Wall Street Journal. It reports on a new study published in the JAMA: Cardiology.

6 Benefits of Ongoing Employee Development


In many organizations, work is pretty consistent and predictable: go into the office, perform your tasks, and go home. Many people spend years doing their jobs without much advancement or ongoing career development. Organization & Culture

Data From 3.5 Million Employees Shows How Innovation Really Works

Analysis of how 3.5 million employees using Spigit ideate proves innovation is a science, and can be measured.