The lost innovation pathway

Paul Hobcraft

I was recently working through a set of older presentation files today and came across this extract concerning innovation again and thought I must share this. Are we making real progress in our innovation activities? The Innovation Pathway. Innovation touches everything.

Linking sense of innovating purpose

Paul Hobcraft

Linking innovation needs constant evolving and recognizing. I have been working through my innovative points of focus, those that have, for me, my innovating purpose that needs constant referencing back and adapting to the future needs of innovation.

Agile 130

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Accelerating Clean Energy Innovation

Paul Hobcraft

“Without a major acceleration in clean energy innovation, reaching net-zero emissions by 2050 will not be possible.” The role of innovation has a crucial one to play. What does this all mean for innovation? The big innovation needs of the Energy Transition.

Innovation Ecosystems: The future of Open Innovation

Idea to Value

For the past decade or so, one of the most popular ideas in innovation has been around Open Innovation. This is the practice of innovating and co-creation in collaboration with people outside of your company. Innovation ecosystems open innovation

The Leadership of Open Innovation

Speaker: Paul Sloane, Director, Destination Innovation

Paul Sloane is a well-known author and speaker on open innovation. In this session, Paul takes us through examples of successful open innovation programs to explore the breadth of what open innovation can be for organizations and the value it can bring. This was a great session you don’t want to miss.

The trough of innovation disillusionment

Paul Hobcraft

Should innovation be this boring? You get this increasing sense that the ‘fizz’ has gone out of the innovation bubbly, we are seemingly in a trough of innovation disillusionment. The innovation party presently feels a little flat. Has the fizz gone from innovation?

Innovations linkages to Strategy is vitally important

Paul Hobcraft

as a conversation between us, where we emphasise the important linkage between innovation and strategy. Our first conversation called the Fundamental building blocks for innovation success (13 minutes), links here , introduces the series and the areas of our focus.

The Cascading Innovation Effect.

Paul Hobcraft

We need to think about a choice-cascade integrative model for innovation. Often we fail to understand our role in contributing to innovation; we need a cascading effect. It is where we fit understanding and fresh knowledge within the innovation web. Visual source; [link].

The Accidental Innovation

Destination Innovation

Innovators are open-minded and quick to learn from failure. The post The Accidental Innovation appeared first on Destination Innovation. History of Innovation Innovation Examples & Lessons accidental innovation invention tebag thomas sullivan

Applying innovation thinking to Affordability versus Sustainability

Paul Hobcraft

So if you are voting for a continuance of affordability expecting an abundant world, then our innovation stays locked into incremental improvements to keep forcing the price down and demand up. Sustainable innovation needs to shift our thinking.

The Critically Important Innovation Narrative

Paul Hobcraft

A story has limited value; for me, it is the more powerful narrative that drives innovation, inspiring and gaining identification in multiple ways. So defining stories and narratives, you see the growing potential of having a good narrative for your innovation activities.

A Strategic Approach to Open Innovation

Speaker: Jeffrey Phillips, Senior Consultant, OVO Innovation

This action-packed session examined the critical questions you should ask as you establish an open innovation framework: which technologies or ideas? Which partners and how many? Which methods? By taking a strategic approach to open innovation, you’ll find the right ideas or partners more effectively, and you’ll accelerate new products to market more quickly. This was a great session you don’t want to miss.

Tackling Societal Challenges through innovation ecosystem application

Paul Hobcraft

Perhaps why innovation feels somewhat flat (well for me) is our organizations and societies are utterly failing to allow us all to step up in innovation to tackle those huge societal issues; those massive, growing problems that are swirling all around us.

China the story of innovation and disruption.

Paul Hobcraft

Much of the innovative disruptions seem so obvious; you wonder why we were not doing these before. Many of these are defined today as marketplaces, where innovation has pushed the boundaries and stretched thinking to combine aspects of multiple transactions into connected and seamless ones.

Building the use of the innovation work mat as a compelling business case

Paul Hobcraft

The Executive Innovation Work Mat as a compelling business case. In this video conversation of around 13 minutes , we explore why the leadership of organizations needs to get deeply involved in the innovation activity. This makes innovation central to this CORE need.

Confronting Your Darwin Effect through Innovation

Paul Hobcraft

Confronting Your Darwin Effect through innovation. I have been working away, call it my labour of love, with plenty of frustrating moments but have “pushed on” through sheer determination, on my thinking through the ‘harnessing’ of the dynamics within innovation.

Getting back to the Future about Innovation

Paul Hobcraft

Paul Hobcraft and Jeffrey Phillips in conversations around innovation. In this series, planned to be only of 10 to 15-minute conversations, we are picking up on many of the fundamental building blocks of innovation. Jeffery and I go back within the innovation space a long way.

6 Keys to Making Collaborative Innovation Successful

Speaker: Soren Kaplan, Founder of InnovationPoint

We are excited to launch the Collaborative Innovation Webinar Series with Dr. Soren Kaplan. His just released book, "The Invisible Advantage," provides actionable insights into how any organization can create a culture of innovation, an environment that promotes freethinking, an entrepreneurial spirit, and sustainable value creation at all levels and across all functions. By registering for the webinar, you will get a free excerpt from his book.

The critical interplay among innovation, business models and change

Paul Hobcraft

The critical interplay among innovation, business models and change. One such collaboration was around the interplay of innovation with business models and change. It describes some important observations we often forget when innovating. The dynamics of innovation and change.

Change 176

Building the Innovation Business Case

Paul Hobcraft

The building always the Innovation Business Case offers a unique approach to tackle one of the real problem areas within innovation- making the case compelling. One of the toughest aspects within Innovation is making the Business Case.

Why we should focus on Innovation Governance

Paul Hobcraft

I am working with Jeffrey Phillips , a long-term collaborator on “all things concerning innovation.” ” We have just had our third short conversation of a five-part series on Innovation Governance. Why we should focus on Innovation Governance?

Setting the right innovation challenge

Paul Hobcraft

They rightly state it becomes an important aspect is to challenge the existing and find new innovative ways to solve decarbonization issues across many tough areas. Atos offers its first international student competition dedicated to technological innovation. Image Atos [link].

Three Keys to Accelerating Innovation through Connecting and Collaborating Outside your Organization

Speaker: Gordon Vala-Webb, Author, Speaker and Consultant, Building Smarter Organizations

From his upcoming book, Building Smarter Organizations, Gordon will do a deep dive into connecting and collaborating with those outside your organization to accelerate innovation. Gordon will provide practical strategies to connecting and working with the "nearside" of suppliers, partners and alumni in order to accelerate innovation.

Providing the glue in the common language, communications, and context needed for successful innovation

Paul Hobcraft

We explore why each factor is essential to innovation in the videos we’ve created. Convergence & Divergence – The opening outline of our discussion to the series seeking the need for alignment through the Executive Innovation Work Mat.

Defining Innovation Capital

Paul Hobcraft

My definition of what makes up innovation capital: “Innovation capital is the sum of all that promotes the development and changes required for achieving innovation outcomes, within one organization or its broader networked environment, for marketplace advantage”.

Fitness Landscape Dynamics for Innovation

Paul Hobcraft

Innovation is not so easy, there are so many dependencies that you need to work through.The importance of recognizing innovation needs a systematic approach becomes clear when you begin to work through all the needs and issues to understand and translate. Fitness Landscape Dynamics.

Sustainability will increasingly come through innovation ecosystem designs

Paul Hobcraft

Making Sustainability central to our future innovation capability building will be through the adoption of taking on a new open ecosystem approach. Building the capacity to innovate in more open, ecosystem ways strengthens the business pathway to a sustainable future.

Design 186

6 Ways to Create a Successful Innovation Program

Whether you’re just getting started or have an established innovation program, how do you ensure it delivers on its goals on an ongoing basis? Download this ebook to learn the 6 essential building blocks of a great innovation program, from winning a sponsorship to choosing the right software.

Great Innovators Quiz

Destination Innovation

Test your knowledge of great thinkers and innovators with this short quiz. Contact me for the answers or you can find them in this book, Think Like an Innovator. The post Great Innovators Quiz appeared first on Destination Innovation.

System 165

Where do Innovative Ideas Come From?

Destination Innovation

This is an innovative but derivative idea. We need lots of innovative ideas to solve today’s problems. The post Where do Innovative Ideas Come From? appeared first on Destination Innovation.

Mapping Out Your Innovating Way Forward

Paul Hobcraft

Mapping any innovation journey can be complicated. There is a fairly detailed journey needed to be undertaken for mapping out your future direction of innovation. Let’s get straight into it, and the process and sequence needed within any innovation journey.

Leadership Alignment Work Mat for making Innovation fully connected.

Paul Hobcraft

It brings innovation together, a unifying point for the activity and momentum of innovation to become central to the core of the business, in its future investment and value impact. ’s and senior executives play a vital role in the success or failure of innovation.

Navigating the VUCA World With Innovation Coaching

Speaker: Janet Sernack, Founder and CEO of ImagineNation

Join the founder and CEO of ImagineNationTM, Janet Sernack, to understand how developing an innovation coaching skill set can help lead the way in supporting people through the exponential change and disruption in our VUCA world.

Connecting innovating value comes from Ecosystem thinking

Paul Hobcraft

The innovative design has become paramount to these new offerings. The need for radical innovation changes the present position. The chances for greater, more radical innovation to grow the business comes from exploring mutual opportunities to capture new economic value.

Energy technology needs more rapid innovation cycles

Paul Hobcraft

That is an awful lot of innovation to get us to a clean energy transition from where we are today. As anyone knows the more you explore innovation and what it is trying to resolve, the more complex it becomes. Accelerating Innovation through rapid innovation adoption cycles.

Human-centred innovation in a digital world.

Paul Hobcraft

Having people at the centre of designs enables more intelligent, rapid and lasting innovation. Applying human-centred innovation. Siemens provided a three-day event showcasing their hardware and software solutions and many other technology innovations.

East meets West in understanding Innovation Cultural Orientation

Paul Hobcraft

I recall I wrote one of my first posting entries for this site, entitled “ The Yin and Yang of Innovation ” ( [link] ) and talked about the ‘fluidness’ in innovation that makes it hard to manage. East and West- the different meeting points in understanding.

Mixpanel's Guide to Product Metrics

Whether you build or market products, tracking the right metrics is crucial to innovation. Use this guide to help you decide what metrics are most important for your product and business.

Building an Agile & Innovative Organization

Idea to Value

In recent years, more and more companies have realized the need for innovation as they’ve seen businesses all around them, and perhaps even their own business, being disrupted. What makes an organization innovative? So, what is it exactly that makes an organization innovative and agile?

Agile 243

Our innovation era: creative destruction or destructive creation- which?

Paul Hobcraft

I keep coming back to the dilemma often faced in innovation- do we practice “creative destruction” or “destructive creation? The shift has emphasized the role of destruction rather than creation in driving innovation activity.

11 female innovation leaders share their definition of innovation

Idea to Value

I spoke to 11 of the world’s leading female innovation experts to get their definition of “innovation” The variety in their responses may surprise you. In 2016, I wrote the article What is innovation? I asked them all: What is your definition of “innovation”?

The Cascading Innovation Effect.

Paul Hobcraft

We need to think about a choice-cascade integrative model for innovation. Often we fail to understand our role in contributing to innovation; we need a cascading effect. It is where we fit understanding and fresh knowledge within the innovation web. Visual source; [link].

How to Design Strong Experiments

Speaker: Franziska Beeler, Head of Cloud Academy, and Tendayi Viki, Associate Partner, Strategyzer

When testing new business and product ideas, choosing the right experiment is just the beginning. After we have chosen our experiment, it’s important that we spend some time designing it well. Join Tendayi Viki, corporate innovation expert and associate partner at Strategyzer, and Franziska Beeler, Head of Cloud Academy at Strategyzer, as they walk us through the three key elements that help you design stronger experiments and come away with the evidence you need to advance your idea.