Design Thinking for Social Innovation

Tullio Siragusa

Design Thinking for Social Innovation. Social innovation is a means to develop and implement innovative and effective solutions to solve environmental or social issues. . The Four Phases of Design Thinking for Social Innovation.

Social Innovation - the What, Why and How


When thinking of innovation, we usually think of new technologies developed by companies as engines for their own growth. However, there is more than that to innovation. Today we’ll dive deeper into social innovation and show how it can serve your business.


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Inspiration from the social innovation frontlines against COVID-19


These social enterprises in Bangladesh, supported by the TRANSFORM initiative using the Exago solution, are combining local knowledge and experience working together with others to create much-needed solutions to the current COVID-19 crisis.

What Is Corporate Social Innovation? Understanding the New Driver of Change


Nowadays, you hear terms like “corporate social responsibility” (CSR) a lot. A good corporate image is now reflected in the environmental and social issues a company corresponds with. The need for a socially appropriate goals and actions of a corporation has given rise to corporate social innovation where companies form partnerships with NGOs. What Is Social Innovation? At the same time, it should aim to build new social relationships.

Digital social innovation: the argument for healthcare

Board of Innovation

Harnessing digital technologies to improve healthcare and focus innovation towards more social ends. The post Digital social innovation: the argument for healthcare appeared first on Board of Innovation. All Social Impact Life sciences

Social innovation, a world of challenges and opportunities


Incremental innovation, we’ve seen, promotes not only trust and collaboration but also calculated risk-taking. Yet innovation also takes shape in radical, disruptive, social frameworks, and by building the adequate organisational competencies. Social innovation. The post Social innovation, a world of challenges and opportunities appeared first on Blog Insights business transformation innovation-results social innovation

Borderlander – A New Kind of Social Innovator


A key trait of every innovator is cultivating a diverse network of people that she / he can tap into for insights and perspective. She cares about inviting more cultural brokers and bridge builders into the public, private, and social sectors to help individuals and communities flourish. We’re talking about Borderlanders, border crossers, fronterizos – a new kind of social innovator. entrepreneurship Innovation Podcast podcast social innovation

Unilever pledges £40 million to social innovation using the Exago software


In partnership with the UK’s Department for International Development, the multinational Unilever has pledged £40 million to support social enterprises through the joint initiative TRANSFORM. To invite ideas and collaboration to further catalyse impact, they have chosen Exago’s open innovation management software. The post Unilever pledges £40 million to social innovation using the Exago software appeared first on Exago.

Social innovation


This is where social innovation comes into play to make sure that it happens. Just about everything that can affect how a society operates, such as education, working conditions, health issues, and much more, fall under the umbrella of social innovation. The idea is that a number of different entities, be it government, private, or public, can collaborate to develop and innovate new ideas. The post Social innovation appeared first on HunchBuzz.

Systems Change in Social Innovation Education

The Inovo Group

While this is an article about education for social innovation, it is supremely relevant to the education and practice of any corporate innovator in today’s world. Its central thesis is that we need to start thinking of innovation as a way to change complex systems rather than just attempting to ‘solve problems’, and teaching as such. Inner work : This includes the development of self-awareness and social/emotional intelligence, fostering empathy as an innovator.

Social innovation and open innovation, 2 sides of the same coin

Rapid Innovation in digital time

Her professional thesis examined the link between open innovation and corporate social responsibility within large companies. 1) Hi Charlotte, could you explain the topic of your recollection, … Continue reading → Engagement Innovation Charlotte Peleszezak CSR Open Innovation social innovation tech for goodCharlotte Peleszezak is graduated in International business law and entrepreneurship from HEC Paris.

What is Social Innovation?


social innovation. Social innovation is the general concept of getting new ideas from across different groups, organizations or cultures. It is that kind of innovation that aims to go beyond norms, traditions, ethnicities and races. Social innovation can be a simple strategy or it can be a very wide encompassing concept or group of ideas rolled into one theory. Different Forms of Social Innovation. The post What is Social Innovation?

The Triple Bottom Line Framework

Innovation Excellence

Innovation Social Innovation Idea Management sustainability Sustainable InnovationGUEST POST from Dainora Jocuite Money, money, money. It wasn’t so long ago that it was always sunny in the rich man’s world.

Extend your market making more profit with Social Innovations

Innovation 360

Joseph Schumpeter , the guru of innovation, addressed the process of innovation with his theory of creative destruction and his definition of entrepreneurs as people who combined existing elements in new ways to create a new product or service. The term is used in many ways and related to innovations such as microcredit and internet based distance learning as well as social entrepreneurship. There is also a new book published on the subject, Social Innovation, Inc.

Handwashing solution supported by TRANSFORM scales to Bangladesh


For every challenge there is a solution, and in these uncertain times, social innovators are making an impact and facing COVID-19 head on. Blog crisis management open-innovation social innovation

People-Centric Technology Empowers Communities

Tullio Siragusa

People-Centric Technology Empowers Communities. Software in modern times has not only enabled better functions for businesses but also become a great equalizer for communities.

Data Innovation in Manufacturing Requires Integration

Tullio Siragusa

Data Innovation in Manufacturing Requires Integration. Cloud is a technology for various industries to bring innovation. Manufacturing industries deal in creating or producing goods with various machines, technological tools, labor, and equipment.

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Génération2: The Social Good Accelerator

Innovation Excellence

Génération2 is a cooperative of advisors, working to increase and guide corporation, and social innovators’ partnerships, from Philanthropy to more business oriented solutions. Build Capability Culture & Values Innovation Social Innovation CSR Generation2 Jeanne Bretecher social innovation tech for good

Career Innovation Through Continuous Learning Platforms

Tullio Siragusa

Career Innovation Through Continuous Learning Platforms. Digitization of learning platforms has brought innovation to education. Education is the core of all innovation and innovation in technology can also be brought through education.

innovationHUB 2018 places innovation at the center of corporate and social innovation


Main points: – innovationHUB 2018 highlighted the central importance of innovating with clients and analyzed the state of innovation in Spain with COTEC and Fundación I+E. ideas4all Innovation’s 3rd annual Innovation Awards awarded prizes to companies like Zurich Insurance, KPMG or RTVE for their innovation programs. When market players are included, resources are gained for innovation” , Marrón highlighted in this respect.

Social Innovation Index 2016 [Infographic]

Innovation Excellence

The Social Innovation Index 2016 measures global capacity for social innovation. Infographic Innovation Technology

Ten Questions to Answer Before Using Social Tools for Product Innovation

Innovation Excellence

Social media is incredibly effective for conveying marketing messages and for receiving rapid customer feedback. The effectiveness of social media for outbound marketing activities, i.e. getting the news out about new products offerings, and interacting with customers, is well known. But social media is also a tool for inbound marketing – for understanding the customer.

Design Thinking Applied to M&A Integration

Tullio Siragusa

Design Thinking is an innovative way to perceive people’s needs and approach problems. Design Thinking Applied to M&A Integration. Merging companies is complicated. However, if merging is done right, it might lead to competitive advantages.

The Hyper-personalization Data and Privacy Debate?-?Solved

Tullio Siragusa

While traditional marketing uses traditional media like magazines and newspapers, digital marketing uses digital media, such as social media or websites. The Hyper-personalization Data and Privacy Debate?-?Solved. Solved. The Internet is an essential part of our life.

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Unlocking Innovation with Data, Creativity, and Automation

Tullio Siragusa

Unlocking Innovation with Data, Creativity, and Automation. For some, it may be through hard work and determination, while others may find success through innovation with creativity, data, and automation. To innovate, you must be creative.

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Innovating for Success after COVID19

Innovation Excellence

We will beat the COVID19 virus, and innovation will play a key role in that victory. Nothing spurs innovation like a crisis, or a war, and we are in the middle of. Innovation Social Innovation COVID19 crisis innovation agility Innovation Psychology

Design Thinking Can Help Grow Sales

Tullio Siragusa

Specifically, Design Thinking is the way of using various techniques and tools to come up with innovative solutions centered around solving the problems that impact people most. . Design Thinking Can Help Grow Sales.

Design Thinking Applied to Re-Organizations

Tullio Siragusa

Reorganizing a company to solve complex problems, introduce innovation, improve business operations, and identify market opportunities requires design. Design Thinking can be used as a tool to transform or reorganize a company to identify innovative solutions to current problems.

Engineering the Future from Astronomy to Augmented Reality

Tullio Siragusa

Furthermore, the industry aims to create a socially acceptable pair of glasses with an augmented reality device. There is a role of social acceptability that has not been determined yet and cannot be defined at this moment, as it relates to privacy laws and augmented reality.

How to and Why Be Genuine as a Leader

Tullio Siragusa

How to and Why Be Genuine as a Leader. There is a significant difference between leadership and management. Leaders inspire and work in an upside-down pyramid fashion, while managers are often seeking to be on the top of the pyramid with everyone else beneath.

An Innovation Lexicon


Innovation means different things to different people. Sometimes it’s hard to have a good conversation about innovation, because people understand the concept in very different ways. Let’s start with a general definition that states “Innovation is something new and useful ” incorporates both the concepts of novelty and value. The way we think about innovation has changed over time. Others define innovation as entrepreneurship – starting a new business.

Improve Customer Success with Design Thinking

Tullio Siragusa

Design Thinking is an innovative way to perceive people’s needs and approach problems. As designers unveil or identify problems, they can bring about innovative solutions. Design Thinking assists organizations to lead with innovation.”. Innovative Ways to Look at Problems.

Innovation Strategies in a Post-Pandemic World

Innovators Alliance

Our guest blogger this month is Soren Kaplan, the Co-Founder & Chief Marketing and Content Officer of, one of Innovators Alliance’s sponsors. This acceleration into the future has opened up new opportunities, inviting creative minds to innovate innovation itself.

Emerging Trends in Design Thinking Innovation

Tullio Siragusa

Emerging Trends in Design Thinking Innovation. As designers unveil or identify issues, they can bring about innovative solutions. Furthermore, Design Thinking assists organizations to lead with innovation. . Using an iterative approach more often leads to innovative solutions. .

Get Social with Your Innovation

Braden Kelley

If your organization is struggling to sustain its innovation efforts, then I hope you will do the following things. Create the flexibility necessary to deal with the constant change that … Continue reading → collaboration Innovation Leadership Social Innovation Idea Management ideas innovation leadership Innovation Management innovation teams innovative thinking Insights Management Nine Innovation Roles organizational psychology passion Psychology Social

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Authentic Leaders Delight in the Success of Others

Tullio Siragusa

Authentic Leaders Delight in the Success of Others. The cornerstone to growing as a company is teamwork. Teamwork is about getting excited for our peers’ wins and helping them win. Authentic leaders primary focus is caring for others and championing their success.

Crowdsolving in Action: From Wikipedia to Firefox

Innovation Excellence

Build Capability Innovation People & Skills Processes & Tools Social Innovation Technology Academic Research Crowdsolving Crowdsourcing internet problem solving research social innovation technologyFrom restaurant reviews in Yelp to traffic information in Google Maps, crowd-sourced information has become more and more integrated into the websites, apps and other technologies that we use every day.

Turning Reverse Engineering of Business Goals into Strategies

Tullio Siragusa

In business it can be a creative process on how to bring about new change, and innovation. Therefore, every organization can drive innovation from a blend of data, process, output, and outcomes. Turning Reverse Engineering of Business Goals into Strategies.

Gain Better User Adoption the Design Thinking Way

Tullio Siragusa

As designers unveil or identify issues, they can bring about innovative solutions. Furthermore, Design Thinking assists organizations to lead with innovation. Using an iterative approach more often leads to innovative solutions. Gain Better User Adoption the Design Thinking Way.

Social Innovation: Innovation for the Good of Us All

Bill Fischer

So says28-year-old Cloudera founder, early Facebook veteranand one of Bloomberg BusinessWeek's "Best Young Tech Entrepreneurs" in 2010, Jeff Hammerbacher, in a refreshing insight about the present state of innovation. "The best minds of my generation are thinking about how to make people click ads.That sucks."

Recession Proof Your Business the Design Thinking Way

Tullio Siragusa

In the present economic situation, when your business is surrounded by instability, pandemics, and disruption, planning to innovate business strategies or prepare for recessions is prudent and wise. As designers unveil or identify issues, they can bring about innovative solutions.

The Eco Lux Trend – Is Your Brand Missing Out?

Innovation Excellence

Innovation marketing Product Innovation Social Innovation Strategy Sustainability Trends product innovation social innovation sustainabilityLike it or lump it, the “eco” market is not going anywhere. 66% of global consumers say they are willing to pay more for sustainable brands (Bain & Company). Despite global economic instability, last year the luxury market grew by 5% to an estimated €1.2 trillion globally (Bain).

Innovation Indicted Long Live Innovation!

Innovation Excellence

Innovation is value free. Continue reading → Creativity Innovation culture social innovationPutting it to good rather than evil or unfair use is a matter of human choice.