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Innovation Management in 2023: Culture & Talent


You can have the best innovation strategy in the world, but you won't get far without a supportive culture across the organization and the right talent within your innovation teams. When it comes to creating or changing a culture of innovation, what works? What's needed to build high-performing innovation teams?

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Typology for Innovative Organizations

Open Innovation EU

A Typology for Innovative Organizations. The model describes organizational typologies based on cultures of innovation. This model is drawn upon a combination of Quinn & Cameron’s values framework (2011) and Nagji and Tuff’s innovation ambition framework (2012). Figure 1: Typology for Innovative Organizations.


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The dos and don'ts of innovation shared by 10 global leaders


Easily the first lesson in the innovation handbook, asking “why” and “what-if” will set the ball rolling. Changing your mindset and creating solutions from the ground up while balancing competing commitments are essential to foster innovation. I think, that's the right attitude for CEO of a startup.”

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Top 10 must-read books on Innovation


Clayton Christensen and Michael Raynor followed up by publishing “ The Innovator's Solution ,” where they tell companies how to become disruptors themselves using carefully researched and formulated guidelines. Let’s call them more-than-honorable mentions in this list. Our other must-reads include: Thinkertoys.